Hi there!
What a rainy Bank Holiday it is!
Don’t you feel sorry for all those poor country fairs and shows which are a complete washout?
I have done enough of them in my time. 
You know you’re in trouble when the tractors have to haul your van INTO the grounds BEFORE the show!!
So a quiet day today.
Just taking stock, and settling down to a normal 
working week again.
After all the excitement of the HOCHANDA launch,
I hope you don’t mind my just blogging one of the projects from Saturday’s Stamp show.
The Funky Foliage StampSet is very cool.

These fit brilliantly on the set of 5 ClarityMounts
Stamp it in Black Archival onto a piece of our Clarity Stencil Card (aka Gelli Card)
Use the long, single poppyhead to create a base.

Add Awesome, from Word Chain No. 9
You see, 
this is what you have to do if you are doing a live TV show!
Stagework, so that you can fast forward.
No wonder I can do it with my eyes shut by the time 
I’m on the box!

Using one of the Clarity Stencil Brushes
brush panels of Butterscotch
and Sailboat Blue into place.
The longer you do this, the more vibrant the colours will get.

You can use the Blending tools to intensify.
“I say, I say! Is that a marooarna plant?”
No idea. Can’t even spell it….
Let’s go check..
“By George, Mildred! I think you could be right!”
Moving on swiftly….
Let the ink dry a little.
Then lift off with water and a paint brush.
The best way is to paint the flowers and leaves with water, 
one at a time, allow the water to soak in, then blot.

Work your way through the poppy heads and leaves,
painting with water and blotting as you go.

Top Tip: Keep the paint brush clean.
Don’t lift the ink from one flower 
and then drop it off on the next one!

Black Sharpie Pen round the edge with a ruler.

Word of the weekend:
Spellcheck of the week: Marijuana
I read all the lovely uplifting words yesterday.
Now I have a direction for the next collection of Word Chains.
Thank you xxx

love and hugs,

74 thoughts on “AWESOME !!!!

  1. Loved your shows and your interaction with Lee, he really is fab (I do miss Deano working with you, but nice to have a change).

    I am pleased your new regular Sunday slot is at the end of the month, as most of them clashed with the lovely Janet's Clarity east workshops in Suffolk.

    The weather has been awful, but I haven't felt like disappearing into my craft room, i've been too busy chilling out watching fab craft shows 🙂


  2. MARVELOUS work Barb. You have soo deserved a relaxing weekend after the past few weeks but especially last week. I have used these stamps so much since they came out, they are one of my favorites but I have always wondered about the species of leaf, but hey it's all in the name of creativity! Trying to be patient for Catterick, it's like being a child waiting for Christmas, maybe I should make a Clarity event chuff chart that can be reused for all the upcoming events, now there's a thought! Well done to you, and your amazing team, we love you all. Dave remember to pace yourself! Look forward to seeing you in 13days! lots of love. xx

  3. Hi Barbara thank you for sharing. I haven't managed to see any of your shows yet they are safely recorded. We helped our daughter move yesterday and today we visited a close friend who is having cancer treatment. Sometimes life gets in the way of craft. You should see our hall it looks like a secondhand furniture store – kids. Enjoy the rest of today. Hugs Jackie

  4. It's nice and dry here for once! And we get the guys in to sort the insulation so there's noise and dust everywhere! Ah well looking forward to a week on the Norfolk Broads, in a boat. Still coming to terms with being diagnosed type 2 diabetic on top of all my other ails so a week away will do me good. Love to watch the wildlife so relaxing and restful. Usually do the canal barges but getting too old for the locks so it's back to the broads after 16 years. Barbara you and Dave should try a barge it's really restful . X

  5. Raining here too – husband cant play golf or ride his motorbike – so not letting me get on with crafting! I have Not been able to see your demos yet – we don't have TV recording facilities – but sure it was great – I was at Janets workshop on sunday and some had seen it Saturday and commented how relaxed it was – when are you next on ? – is it going to be regular slots ?

  6. Hello Barb, super cool artwork. I am scared to try the water in case I end with a botch job. It is bucketing here. Typical Bank Holiday. Looking forward to when you are on the tele again, or one of the great Clarity team. Take care. Bx

  7. Oooooooo I have these stamps, lovely artwork and Barbara you can do what you like it's your blog.
    I'm just catching up with watching the launch and the shows, you looked great. Hope the rest of your week is less hectic. Really looking forward to Scattering on the Sunday, great demos and catching up with crafty friends xx

  8. Hello Barbara, lovely and sunny here in Edinburgh (cat sitting for a few days). I got out for a bit today as I had been glued to the couch watching HOCHANDA (I did some groovi work too though)
    Where did I go… the lovely Stampers Grove craft shop in Edinburgh. I had won two tickets to the Ross Papercraft Show, so went to collect them…and of course spend a few pennies ( Well pounds)
    Can hardly believe that Catterick is nearly upon us!!! I have hotel booked, train tickets safely pinned up in my craft room beside my tickets for open days (yes plural, coming along on both days). Now I just have to fret about what to wear as I will be in close contact with a few people…got lots of hugs to give and to collect some too. Lol
    I enjoyed the shows at the weekend, such a pleasant atmosphere came through. It was a pleasure to watch and when the message came through that we couldn't see the full picture because of the banner being in the way and they removed it…..Well I think that was spot on. It all sounds very exciting for the future. I only ever watched the other channel when you were on but I will be watching this one from now on.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day and Barbara…..Thank You for being YOU. .Hugs xxx

  9. Great weekend of shows, the last Sunday at 2pm is so much better for me so I am super happy about that! Great use for these stamps, love the lifting technique and works really well on the gelli card. Got my crafty fingers itching watching you on your stamping and Groovi shows. Hope you manage a bit of down time with Dave this week. XX

    1. Hi Sheila, rainy day here so I have spent it cleaning 🙁 how dull! I am planning on a bit of craft later hopefully. Can't decide on something Groovi or something inky. What would you suggest? XX

  10. Wonderful demos at the weekend. Love these stamps, so useful. Like the idea of removing the colour with water. There certainly is enough if the wet stuff about today, my granddaughter has been competing in a horse show, I so hope she has a rosette to make it all worth while. As you say such a shame for all the events washed out today. Hope you getting some quiet time today. xx

  11. I got fed up with the hard sell on c&c, so was jubilant to see you on Hochanda. Your demos were absolutely fab.. even my husband sat with me watching and he's not a crafter! You have re ignited my enthusiasm for stamping so thank you. Will be watching from now on!

  12. I got fed up with the hard sell on c&c, so was jubilant to see you on Hochanda. Your demos were absolutely fab.. even my husband sat with me watching and he's not a crafter! You have re ignited my enthusiasm for stamping so thank you. Will be watching from now on!

  13. Loved these stamps when they came out and still love them. Your water trick is one of my favourites, a light bulb moment that I use time and time again, makes fantastic brick work when you just lift colour on one side, just wished I realised that it works on any water based ink or paint sooner, like shading trick absolutely essential. How I wish my art teacher could have explained things like this when I was younger instead of deciding I had no talent for art and ignoring me. What we need are more art teachers like you, encouraging us by sharing tips and tricks and allowing us to develop our own paths. Long may the art revolution that is Clarity rock and looking like Hochanda will become this too. Karen xxx.

    1. Ps forgot to say went to Stonor on Saturday, thought about you as there was a slate vase company there. Good job we went on Saturday, with all this rain, do d not feel that busy on what was the best day weather wise, so hope things picked up for them. K.

    2. Hi Karen, I went to Stonor as well on Saturday, glad we did as the weather was ok. We also saw the slate stand & I thought of Barbara. It was quiet though.
      I think we had the same art teacher as well! I'm so glad we have Barbara to show us different techniques now.

  14. I watched your demos / shows yesterday and loved them. You were brilliant and a joy to watch.

    I had to laugh at your comment re the leaf with the poppies – I had exactly the same thought as you were making the card on tv yesterday and wondered if you had got your 'drugs' mixed up as poppies = opium and not marijuana – still laughing (and I've not used either LOL)

  15. Hi, thank you Barbara, thank you everyone, for being so lovely and for leaving me lovely messages. I am reading them and they are getting through, love you all xxxxx

    1. Yet there Brenda, glad we are not writing in vain and you are reading our messages, they are all meant and just show we are thinking about you. You are doing well, stopping by most days, we'll be making you a badge soon. Keep well and keep the faith. Karen xxx BTW how's Daisy, my dotty greyhound Star has decided to get scared of everything at the minute, shaking like a leaf at any loud sounds, today it was someone falling in the swimming pool on telly. Wish I knew what was going on in her doggy brain, anyone know a good therapist. Hope Daisy doing well and keeping you good company. K.

    2. thank you all you lovely people love and hugs back xxxxxx
      Daisy is struggling a bit too now with me like this, trying to make sure she gets quality time but I lose focus so quickly

  16. Thanks for blogging this one it will save me watching it again ! I was half in and half out for this one due to hubby asking me about seals for the dishwasher …… the rubber type not the furry cute ones!

    Have a quieter week this week and hope Dave is feeling ok still. It all went well last week – as if it couldn't not! xxx

  17. Hi Barb, I hope things have settled down for you now and you can get some well earned ME time.

    I am enjoying my new telly, which the OH said he bought for me so I could watch you on Hochanda but he has never stopped playing with it so I think secretly it was a good excuse. Either way I am not complaining.

    I missed Saturday's show as I was at the Clarity East Midlands workshop and as it was our 2nd anniversary we had a bbq afterwards. So, I am pleased you have blogged one of your demos.

    I hope you and Dave have a restfull week…

  18. So glad you are having a relaxing, well at least less frantic day today as you have obviously been working flat out lately. I'm sure no one minds you show casing one of your demos – it's always nice to have a written reference for future use. Hope Dave is feeling a bit better and that you have a calmer week this week xxx

  19. This funky foliage stamp looks great with the butterscotch and sail boat blue inks and the water and tissue technique to remove the colour on the flowers and foliage makes them really stand out. I'm sure you are glad of a quiet day to get over the hectic time you have had lately and hope this coming week stays fairly quiet for you too. Hope Dave is continuing to feel better. x

  20. Thank you all for your kind comments and well wishes! Starting to feel a bit more like myself again.
    Sometimes we need a reminder ! I, or should I say we, really appreciate what has been said, and we are looking at our work / life balance…… p.s. No plants were harmed in the making of this blog.x

    1. Great to hear you are feeling on the up. If you need a hand with those new Groovi machines let me know! Come to think of it, Groovi, Groovi plate mate………………after todays blog we now know how you came up with those names! 😉 xx

    2. Lovely to hear you are feeling much more human again Dave but don't go overdoing it too soon and put yourself back to square one!
      Take care x

  21. Hi Barbara
    Happy Monday. Typical Bank Holiday weather here in Worcestershire. It hasn't stopped raining all day. A very good reason to get my stamps out. The stamps you used are so versatile. You worked well with Lee. I always liked him when he was on the other channel. I an enjoying Hochanda. Lots of different crafts showcased and a good relaxed atmosphere. I am looking forward to your next shows. Take time out for YOU. You have a brilliant team and they will be there to step into the breach if needed.
    Hugs from Chris x

  22. Have just spent a rainy Sunday having the best fun ever – playing with the Groovi plates that I was so sure "weren't my thing, but I'll try them…" Well, talk about famous last words. These are so great to use. I tried parchment once or twice and then gave up, but I've just managed to make a few lovely artworks with these plates, even on my knee! (because my craft space is such a mess there's no room left at the wee table). Barbara, could we have some with sea horses, and seashells etc? And daisies? And cats and dogs and frogs and pond lilies… and Groovi word chains too… oh there are so many possibilities! By the way, I love this demo you did, and I've always thought the marijuana leaf one of the most lovely out there, so great to see it on a stamp!

  23. Awesome is right for the blog and the shows. I have been "grooving" all afternoon and now need to clear up the mess.
    It certainly looks like marijana to me – had plenty of practise at looking at such a plant! Take that how you will!!! Hope the MOJ spies aren't watching.
    Best wishes and love
    Anne (Reading)

  24. Away for the week last week and managed to record your shows remotely on sky!! I was so amazed when I got home and It had worked.

    I finally caught up with all three yesterday. I think they are amazing, HOCHANDA is great and I completely agree with the comments about the hard sell on C and C and you are so right the products sell themselves once expertly demonstrated. (are we not all testament to that)!
    I thought you were the most relaxed I have seen you for ages, it was if you had come 'home' your enthusiasm and skills just shone through. Great show, so glad you are back every month with proper tutorials.

    Loved the hotel dining room walls too…. a perfect place for a wedding anniversary….. I have just got to convince the other half 🙂
    x x x x x

  25. Loved the shows Barbara and hope you and Dave are getting a chance to put your feet up now. Still got the Groovi from our workshop earlier this month and taking it to my Knit and Natter Group this week. I don't knit, so I will have fun playing with the Groovi instead and showing my friends what they are missing and what will be coming up on the next cards they order! Take care and love and best wishes from me and MIke xx Helen (Essex)

  26. Hi Barb,
    Hope you are having a bit of a relax today after the hectic few days you've had. I bought these stamps when they first came out and I love them. They make fabulous man cards ( always useful to know). Really liked the demo on TV that you've showcased for us today. Looking forward to Catterick now. Love Alison xxx

  27. Spent the day searching for my ApriI NDC envelope which arrived just before my holidays and realised last night was missing.Cue panic but breathe again, found it in pile of magazines I had put aside to read when I had time . Thank goodness for that

  28. Great to see your demo again gloved seeing to shows over weekend very wet here to relaxing day got bit of back ache so trying to rest it as back to having my youngest grandson Wednesday thee days this week then back to 2 days next week he is happy chappie but busy crawling everywhere hope your week is a slower pace hugs Joy xxx

  29. Really enjoyed your shows this weekend, HOCHANDA is a breath of fresh air, I've picked up loads of tips and enjoyed just watching uninterrupted demos from loads of people this week, yourself included of course, and never bothered to click onto a certain other Chanel once.

  30. Having had a good six hour session today doing exam analysis, sitting down to watch your groovi show was going to treat …. but my husband found some cricket he'd recorded so here I am up in bed having my creative fix by reading your blog instead. Loving Hochanda so far. Xx

  31. Hi Barbara
    Oh you do make me chuckle. Yep this stamp set is awesome, great for a mans card or cards for many occasions. Love the water removing ink technique, must give that a go. Thank you for sharing. The weather here has been dreadful – typical for a bank holiday but joy of joys the cricket was still on on the TV! …… And the cycling! Ho hum. At least hubby has enjoyed his day off:) .
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx
    Ps have you seen the Lego movie – the song 'everything is awesome' really gets stuck in your head! Xxx

  32. Love the technique and great to be revisiting stamps too – its very easy to forget the stamps and then a design with what to do with them – perhaps revisiting a stamp on a regular basis might be a runner???
    Glad you took an easy day…..the weather of course being the decider on that but it wasn't such a bad thing to do was it?!

    Much love as ever
    Kim x

  33. Hi Barbara. The poppies look beautiful. I hadn't looked at the leaf properly and wondered what you were on about for a moment. I havent watched all of your show yet so hadnt seen this demo. Glad you are getting time with Dave. Take care xx

  34. Glad your shows went well – sadly I missed them all as I was away, and now it seems Hochanda doesn't broadcast as far up as Inverness – well not on Freeview anyway! I'll have to see if my other TV will manage to pick up the signal, otherwise I might go into withdrawal. Great project today, and I'll have to try the ink lifting technique with my gelli card as it's really effective. Thanks, Susan x

  35. Hi Barbara – managed to catch both shows at the weekend – as always you did a fab job! Thanks for blogging this – I'd already got it marked down to try and now I don't have to stretch my tiny brain too hard remembering the steps!!

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