A Canvas Board covered with Scrap. I said SCRAP!!!

A Canvas Board covered with Scrap. I said SCRAP!!!

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in today.
I spent a quiet and very pleasant afternoon 
fiddling around in my artroom,
being creative.
Decided to set myself a challenge 
and use an old scrap to make a canvas.
You’ve got to admit, it doesn’t get much scrappier than this!!
Continues undeterred…

Decides to wrap the A4 scrap around the A5 canvas.
(Say that three times fast when you’ve had a sherry!)

Got to be glued. Mod Podge is great for that.
Slaps it on the A5 canvas board,
and in the time it takes to say Enchilada,

she has flipped it, flattened it with a brayer,

turned it, added a little more Mod Podge round the edges, 

wrapped it, trimmed it,

and flapped it.

Now squint and what can YOU see?
The ocean? Moody skies?
Have another sherry!

Let’s get in a Hot-air balloon and fly away to sunny climes…
We have a beautiful stamp
Stamp the balloon in something not as harsh as black.
How about Watering Can?
Rats. It got lost in the clouds and I missed a bit in the middle too.
Never fear! Gray is here!!!
Stamp it onto copy paper too.

Attach a piece of double-sided adhesive sheet to the back

Colour in the balloon with Spectrum Noir pencils.
I picked a couple of colours out of the background sky.

Cut out with my insanely expensive German scissors.


Some Squeezed Lemonade ink on a make up sponge will tone down the balloon; 
it looks way too freshly washed!
And some Spun Sugar in the sky will add a cool stain.
See how it stains the paper but wipes off the acrylic paint?
Love it when it works!

Now for the compass in the corner.
If you buy the balloon, we will send you the compass as a gift.

Time to seal the deal with more Mod Podge.
It could do with a couple of layers, but I really have to crack on.
I have got SOOO MUCH TO DO!!!!!!
I can’t be standing round here, waiting for glue to dry!!!

So now comes the million dollar decision.
White A4 Mountboard?

or Black?

Or really dark grey?
Little Black Dress mixed with Slate Fresco paint.

Attach with a sheet of that A6 double-sided adhesive.

I think the darker frame canvas board sets it off better, don’t you?

I do enjoy making canvases.
Especially mounting a small one on a larger one.
Check out our website.
We have a very very comprehensive collection of sizes.
Square boards and A sizes.
i.e. A6, A5, A4 and A3.
You can buy the individual sizes, 
or you can treat yourself to a lovely free felt bag, 
filled with 3 of each size!
I’ll blacken the edges of the backdrop later.
But now I really must start thinking about the week ahead. 
New beginnings.
New plans.
So much to do.
Life will never be long enough.
much love and hugs,

52 thoughts on “A Canvas Board covered with Scrap. I said SCRAP!!!

  1. Hi Barbara, Loved this demo using scraps.
    Well looking forward to thursday and you new venture, i have given my friend this info and there it is another new fan .
    Wishing you all the best for Thursday will be watching before going out to meet a friend.
    Keep up all the good work, and best wishes to Dave hope he is getting a little better now.
    Dont do to much the both of you i am sure all your team will be great as well.
    Kind Wishes
    Lynn xx

  2. Yes definitely the darker background. That scrap was perfect just looked as if it was intended to be like that,. Got to get my shopping done early Thursday so I am back to watch your programme. xx

  3. Lovely! Oh to be in that balloon…floating, silently, softly up in the heavens.
    Back down to earth as you prepare for that big day, we're all so excited about the new channel…can't wait 😄 Fx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Your canvas is perfect. I like the dark backing canvas too. Not long now before the launch of Hochanda. I hope all goes well for all concerned.
    X Chris

  5. Scraps brilliant love the canvas still laughing after watching your of takes absolutely brilliant all best for this week will be on free view ready and waiting hugs Joy xxx

  6. Evening Barb and Dave, I too love the darker background…and a perfect way to use scraps…
    The canvas boards are great and I find they make wonderful gifts..have a lovely weekend….and I am so looking forward to the week ahead…hugs…xx

  7. Bought the balloon stamp at the Retreat as I'd had a flash of inspiration – can't remember what it is now -c'est la vie – but your brilliant canvas has given me food for thought as how to use acrylic prints I made last week sans brayer, using a flexi ruler. Hmm – different BUT now workable, so thank you so much.
    Have fun planning The Launch but remember to rest that neck from time to time. ;~}

  8. What an exciting week to follow Barbara and I know you will be brilliant! I love the way that scrap turned into a masterpiece and the balloon stamp is gorgeous sailing through the air. I think the black with that touch of slate makes the perfect backdrop too. x

  9. Amazing, absolutely amazing. thank you for your good wishes for our anniversary. What a disaster. Supposed to be raving it up in London at Ronnie Scotts. No – came down with some gastric bug on Friday and have just surfaced to cheer myself up looking at my daily fix – even when ill, I cannot miss it. Hopefully things will get better – I know they will in time. Just one of those crazy things.
    Thank you again.
    Best wishes and hugs
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Oh Anne how disappointing for you – isn't it typical that it was this weekend you became ill. I do hope you can celebrate at a later date, it's not quite the same toasting eachother in dyrolite is it! Love and hugs to you both xxx

  10. That's just fabulous – the dark background really makes the colours so vibrant. Good luck with all your preparation, and I look forward to watching the recording when I get back from my trip to London to see my baby sister (who is turning 50!!!) Susan x

  11. I love using mop up sheets and that kind of thing, and this one is just perfect, Barbara. Mounting the second balloon really makes it all pop and brings it to life. I am into canvasses in a big way at the moment (could be some Christmas presents in that) so it is a good thing I stocked up at the Retreat. You said some time ago that mounting a piece of work on a canvas instead of a card would immediately raise the price we could achieve. Your words have been proved to be so right, so thank you. Good luck (not that you need it) with your new venture with Hochanda. xxx Maggie

  12. Wow how can this have been made from scrap? You are so talented and clever you see things I just don't see. Good luck with the planning. Enjoy the rest of the evening. Hugs Jackie

  13. I loved doing the canvas work at The Retreat and love this idea of using scraps. Love stamping too on canvas and being able to add the stamped image with modge pod get is perfect. Good luck this week! Will be watching! X

  14. Beautiful canvas and frame. The balloon is such a lovely, whimsical image and the colouring is perfect. I shall indeed be flying up, up and away this week, to Italy and the sun, I hope.
    Sadly I shall miss you on Thursday, but I hope there will be a chance to catch up. Good luck to all. Carol x

  15. It's so amazing what you fetch out of your scraps I like the one on the white background have a lovely time preparing for Thursday I do hope I can record it xxx

  16. It's like alchemy! There's something very satisfying about something beautiful made out of scrap, it's like you've beaten the system somehow. I love how you show us the process, including the bits that don't quite work first time – and the ways to get around it!

    Hope things aren't too frantic getting ready for Thursday, and you call in the support and help you need. Looking forward to seeing how the new channel does things!

  17. Hi Barbara
    Wow this is amazing! How many of us would have thrown this piece of scrap away last year but now know to keep it just in case ( and how many partners can't understand keeping scraps of paper! Lol). The balloon stamp sits perfectly on this background, it just looks beautiful and you really show us that posh stamping paper is lovely but copy paper works just as well. You are so generous sharing your talents but not saying we have to buy your products to achieve the results as so many do, just giving us ideas and letting us run with them. Of course as we know many of us do buy your lovely things (Stand up and take a bow Donna and Sheilah!) , but it's great to think you inspire someone without a huge craft budget to gave a go. Good luck with your prep for Thursday , I've got a friend visiting so will be recording for later. I hope you and Dave have had a lovely weekend together. Love and hugs to you both.
    Diane xxx

    Brenda hope you are ok, we had very hot weather yesterday and dreadful thunderstorms overnight and rain today, I hope you've had better weather up there and gave managed to get some craft time today xxx

    1. Hi Barbara me again – sorry! Can I just say happy belated first birthday to baby Evie ( no longer a baby!). I've just had a look back at last year because I thought she was born around late august. I hope Dave has been well enough to join in celebrations although they must all have been so worried about him too. Gosh – where has that year gone. I hope all is well with that special little family too. Xxx

    2. No, no, Diane I am a changed character…………………..OK I admit it, I'm at the wrong end of the month and my purse now only contains the odd moth! But can you guess what Tuesday is????? Xx

    3. Let me guess …… Pay day or your birthday? Either way I think it's 'let's get more Clerity stuff day' 🙂 . I think we need a Clarity code on the web orders or paper orders that says don't deliver Saturday partner at home (ddspah). The last two orders I've put in have both come on Saturday. Could have got away with this weeks but we went out early and for once hubby had his keys in his hand and the postman had been early! He just smiled and winked as he handed the packet to me! Do let me know how you are going to fall off the wagon this time Donna. I've put some cushions down for you xxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    I really love this piece of artwork produced from a piece of scrap! I have to say that your scraps are far better than mine, all mine are good for is the bin!!
    Really looking forward to Thursday but I do hope that you don't wear yourself out preparing for this new venture. Hope your neck is better today. Love, Alison xxx

  19. Hi Barbara, this is amazing, thank you for sharing. It's really good to see the steps of how you enhanced what you saw in your scrap. My shaving foam session stash the other week would have been ideal for doing this kind of thing that's what I wanted, if only I hadn't added in the red! I was just practising with food colours and the pink was pretty rubbish so added a touch of red. Lovely vibrant mostly busy pieces, but not a clue what I can do with them!!! I hope you are not worrying too much about Thursday, good luck with your prep, and maybe think about an easel or drawing board to help your neck. I have a box easel and even though I'm only using it for colouring in, drawing, Groovi type stuff, it does make a huge difference to the back and neck problems I was getting. Love Brenda xx

    Thank you for all your messages yesterday and this evening. Don't suppose anyone has a spare good samaritan they can send my way, they'd need to be very intelligent and know the system as the person they'd be dealing with is an extremely manipulative dictator type! xx

  20. Hi Barb, such a super piece of art, love it against the black, just perfect. I would love to dig in your scrap bin, if that is what you have in it. Good luck with all the planning and the launch, but at the same time, rest your neck. Hope Dave is much better. Have a great day everyone and hugs to all that need them. Bx

  21. Wow wow wow, I wish I had scrap bits like that. I am loving doing th canvasses after learning at he retreat, still learning but loving it. Love this lovely piece of artwork. Can't wait for Thursday

  22. Amazing what YOU achieve with a scrap – not so sure I would, but I'll have to give it a try, I bought the whole bag full of canvases when you had that last offer! (But no balloon as yet, LOL).

  23. Love love love this. You and your scraps – must learn not to throw mine away! Lol. I agree with Maggie, the added decoupaged balloon and colours really do make it pop! Love the dark mount too – really sets it off. Wishing you the very best of everything with Hochanda – you really do deserve it. Hugs for Dave! xxxxx

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