YouTube Tuesday – Groovi Snowflakes…

YouTube Tuesday – Groovi Snowflakes…

Hi there!
Apologies for posting so late!
YouTube Tuesday, and we have here what I think is a real endorsement of Groovi potential.
When you look at the detail in these Snowflake Plates, you really get the picture. Literally.

These two plates will give you hours of pleasure – of that Iā€™m sure.
Combine them with the Groovi Plate Starter Kit,
and off you go!
See you tomorrow.
Mindful Wednesday and a 1/2 price Canvas Sale….
Love and hugs,

41 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Groovi Snowflakes…

  1. Love it! Just completed my butterfly in the vine plate. Added colour and have done some white shading. I am soooo happy with it! Great products give great results. Definitely fast becoming a Groovi addict!…………………………………… Hmmmmmmm that's another Clarity wagon I've fallen off šŸ˜‰ XX

    1. Hi Brenda how do you fancy zentangling this months clarity stencil in the clarity /stamp stencil club I could give it ago too don't know if your in the club Donna we could all do it together at our own pace hugs xxx

    2. In the club……….no its just the way I'm sitting!

      Oh you mean the Clarity club, yes I'm gold. Good idea to use the club stencil, all together. Are you in Brenda????? Do I have to get my sad owlet face on?????? Xx

    3. I can hear it now….. I'm Donna and I'm a Clarity Craftaholic! And a gold one to boot! Lol your artwork sounds amazing Donna xxx

    4. Hi Barbara, thanks for this youtube, I've ordered these plates, I'll watch it tomorrow. I'm going to make Groovi christmas cards for this year's :-). Love Brenda xx

      Hi Donna, I did the zentangle designs last night. Still don't 'get' it but I'll do the cowboy boots with you. I don't need to get it to follow your instructions ;-). You sound happy this evening, glad you're getting a wee break from the sadnessbz šŸ™‚ xx

    5. Hi Sheila, thanks for offering, sorry I don't feel like zentangling the stencil, but Donna seems totally up for it, so you can still share it with her. My head doesn't 'get' zentangle, might be too busy and too abstract for my Asperger's. Sorry. Hope you're managing to do a wee bit craft today xx

    6. Hi Sheila, was thinking, if you guys wanted I could still sort of join in – doing the outlines and then I could just colour in with different colour combos whatever section you guys were zentangling? xx

  2. Hi Barbara
    Amazing detail on the snowflakes and the font on the relatives and calendar plates is just perfect. I have to get tumbler dryer sheets. It looks as if they do help with the gliding of the tool.
    Hugs from Chris x

  3. Hi Barb,
    Great video today( as always!) really looking forward to my snowflakes and Joy,Peace,Noel plates to arrive so that I can play some more. The little rings and straight line are a very clever inclusion. Would love to see your finished card as well. Looking forward to tomorrow and half price offer. Love Alisonxxx

  4. I cannot wait for next week seeing you and having a ball at the retreat. I also know, I will be bankrupt by the end – so many lovely groovi things to buy – I hope you have plenty of stock!!
    Lots of good wishes – I am really excited – the days to then will fly by.!
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  5. Hi Barbara
    Oh this is lovely. Think I will play the you tube video on the TV tomorrow when hubby is around as I'm sure he will be interested ( he keeps missing Your sell out shows!) and may suggest he buys them for me if I hint enough! It's such a long time until Christmas otherwise!. šŸ™‚
    Thank you for sharing
    Love Diane xxx

  6. The snowflake plates are on my wish list! I got tumble dryer sheets just for my groovi plates, so now anything groovi is associated with a strong "linen fresh" smell for me!

  7. Hello Barbara

    Never apologise for the lateness of your blog. We all appreciate that you botber to do it.

    Love tbese new plates, they are on my list ready for my next order.


  8. Lovely Barbara! I've been doing a Groovi card this afternoon and it's so good to be able to personalise them so easily! However I must remember I'm working backwards!! I also tired a bit of shading today ! Really pleased with the outcome. X

  9. Sorry I am a day late Barbara, I received my snowflake groovi plates yesterday so will be having a play, I love the groovi's, fabulous, want more and more designs please, yes I know you are busy designing more haha.

    Enjoy Wednesday, stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  10. Hello Barb, great you tube video, showing the fab snowflakes, these would make gorgeous personalised Christmas cards. Have a great day, will be keeping an eye on the Blog today to see what you have thought up for us. Bx

  11. Love the Groovi plates – I take mine to work to relax with at lunch time – fit in an envelope file and I find a quiet room – sure people think I am working .

    When are the colouring books out – just looked at a large selection that are on the market now and know yours will be the best jx

  12. Great project Barbara, although I'm still not sure I have the patience for Groovi-ing! Mind you, I wasn't sure the gelliplate was for me, and now I just love it! … watch this space, Susan x

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