A Butterfly got caught in the net!

A Butterfly got caught in the net!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday blog is always blue, right?
So I decided to lose myself in the groove this evening.
Late night last night;
early start this morning!
Lots of thinking, action, planning, listening.
So what better way to wind down and clear the head
than get in the groove and stay there for an hour or so…
I’ve been itching to try this new netting Groovi Plate!
And I am DELIGHTED with the result.
Just exactly as I had hoped.
Here’s where I went this evening…
First I embossed the Butterfly and its circle,

Then I swopped the Butterfly Plate 
for the new Nested Circles Plate.
I wanted to see whether the circles sat together right.
Added a second circle inside the Butterfly circle.

Swopped the Circles for the Nested Squares.
I KNEW these would prove invaluable.
A dream to use!

So now I had prepped the area ready for the netting….

Love this look!

I wanted to make the dots at the joins larger, 
so out with the soft mat
and the larger ball tool from the Starter Kit.

Spot on!

Next, I used the nested squares to emboss lines into the frames…
See what I mean?

I am sticking to playing with all the endless possibilities tonight.
I find that working out things like this are both fun and rewarding.
And I want fun and rewarding this evening!
When I want challenging, I can move into the world of pricking.
Hahahahaha! I really must come up with another term for that!

The lines in the round frame around the Butterfly 
were a little more taxing…

The dots in the corners were simples.

A little whitework/embossing on the butterfly, 
to make her stand out a little.

Always working from behind on the soft mat, 
with light feather strokes.
Reading that again slowly…
Do you know, if you had a saucy mind like me, 
you could really wonder what this is all about! 

pressing on, a light teal colour Spectrum Noir Pencil first.

Added a little blue too.
It being Blue Blog Thursday n all…
Check out the back.
I have just blended the two colours by laying down the teal, like so:
then shading into the teal with the contrasting colour.

If you struggle getting a lovely blend, 
then I would suggest you get the Blending Solution 
and the Paper stumps.
 Simply dip a paper stump in the solution, 
and using light circular motions where the two colours meet, 
blend them into one another.
Works a treat.
That’ll do for this evening.
I want to go for a walk with Dave and get some fresh air.

So I hope you got something from that little demo?

I certainly did.
Love and hugs,

79 thoughts on “A Butterfly got caught in the net!

  1. This is stunning! Can't wait for my orders to arrive so I can have a go! Enjoy your walk Barb, lovely evening for it. Thanks for sharing. Lots of love Jilly xx

  2. Beautiful work, love the nesting plates and have been playing with the butterfly myself today during my lunch break which sadly lasts only half and hour, it goes quickly when I just read but today seemed to fly by.

  3. Stunning! Great to see how these plates work together. I am going to add colour to my next Groovi project as I think it looks so lovely. Enjoy your walk. XX

    1. Better thanks, every day gets a little easier. Some days are still hard but I am getting back into my craft room so that is helping keep me busy. How are you now ? XX

    2. So pleased your crafting is helping just take each day the hurt will subside but the memories will always remaine .
      I crafted a little today which always helps me get through each day big hugs xxx

    3. Donna, it has taken me a long time to get back into my craft room and I am not fully there yet. Hence, I have crafting stuff all over the house which really needs to go back into its proper place. Strange little things catch me out and upset me, and probably always will, but the length of time I dwell on the sadness gets less. I am learning to cope with it, not forget or get over, but to cope. Crafting gave me something positive to focus on. Barbara once said to me that if you can learn to fool others, in the end you begin to fool yourself and your mind can start to deal with things again – not quite her words, but I am sure you know what I mean. You will learn to cope in your own time, there are no rules. xxx Maggie

    4. Thanks Maggie, that makes so much sense, as I feel like that at times. I put on my smile and try to join in the fun but inside I feel so sad. Not quite fooling myself yet, but it is getting easier. Xx

    1. Hi Barbara, this is very pretty and love the colours and shading you've done, thank you for sharing. Glad you're having some down time with Dave, hope you both enjoyed your walk. You did make me chuckle!!! Nicola was telling me today her essay (from senior level up they all have to do a post grad course in autism), her essay is going to be on Mindfulness. She already knew of it before I started telling her about your blogs but I'd like to think you've put the seed in her mind, she's keen for me to copy all your non crafting Mindfulness blogs to her. See, your Mindfulness movement, it's not only helping us and those who have people to pass it onto, it's now going to help in the service I am with. Hopefully the conclusions from Nicola's essay will be put into practice, added into the worker's training days so that all service users can benefit from Mindfulness. Thank you 🙂 love Brenda xx

      Hi Donna, yes we did get out for a couple of hours. A bus of kids and adults emptied out as we arrived at the country park, must have been a summer holiday activity group or something. But we were heading for the walks and they were heading for the adventure playground, so once we got passed that was fine :-). It was really good to get out for a wee break from everything and the sun even popped out occasionally to say hello! We had a good time, I got a few photos of wild flowers and grasses, haven't had that chance for over a year. And I've got lots of pictures in my head of our time, if I can manage to hold onto them. I was naturally drawn to look at the tree trunks, grasses etc. Often when I'm stressed /not doing too well I'm too elsewhere in my head, Barbara's Mindfulness is maybe seeping in in the background without me being aware :-).

      The downside of today was learning that the top level of the service, like the HQ of all UK branches is looking into funding as in how /where to charge more for support. Rather than doing it as a general small increase in hourly charge, for some warped reason they're looking at charging on a tier system, the ones where the traveling time features largest in the service will get charged the most! Nicola knows no more than this and unfortunately as my service stands now I'm highly likely to be lumped into the highest travel cost group. I got really distressed, but it's separate in my head to my good time out with Nicola so it's not a problem, it had been brewing in me already. Anyway, Nicola had said that for services that were supposed to get more but were at present, for whatever reason, wasn't getting that, the part that they are missing out on will be taken into account. So I sat and worked it out and emailed it to Nicola it – going on what my service should be, what I can and am prepared to pay for, the times I would pay for bigger amounts of hours in one go i.e. only one lot of staff travelling for bigger amounts of hours should surely outweigh the times they would be travelling here for the short visits. I don't know, that's my logic, they don't have any of that and Nicola is saying she is not sure all of it will be taken into account for me, why not, it’s what it’s supposed to be if they supplied the appropriate workers, and it’s what’s happening for others! So all distressed and scared again. I just hate being me soo much, stuck in this impossible situation with no one to turn to, no way out and it all only getting worse and more and more bleak, and totally reliant on what I can pay for a human being to supposedly help and support me, wouldn't be so bad if they actually did what they are paid to do for the money I am charged! So another who know how long of constant fearing what's going to happen to me! I didn't even get the chance to take a breath from the constant fearing since the election of yesterday's budget! This is no way to exist, but what do I do, there literally is nothing I can do, I'm stuck in this totally for as long as I'm alive!

    2. Anyway back to good stuff. We talked about the Groovi stuff and worked out which extra plates I'm getting. This is a proper massive treat thing, we're viewing it as money that was left over from last years budgeted support money and that I so deserve a treat. I'm getting borders and 2 of the frames and the snowflakes ones. The dilemma with the other design ones was that I'd like one of the two in the sets. But if Barbara is going to show us how to use stamps instead for designs then I can go down that route, and I'll maybe be able to buy a set occasionally. Just got to put in my order, I'll do it tomorrow. I've got some parchment so I'll practise on that, so won't be wasting the good stuff. I've got tumble dryer sheets in my craft stash. Donna, what tape are you using to hold the parchment in place? Can you use de-tacked masking tape, or is this clear stuff something special that you have to use?

      I think I've prepared the craft room for tomorrow – moving out stuff for the wee one so she doesn't hurt herself or damage anything, hoovered (why does predictive text not like hoovered?). Now all I've got to do is get up at 8.30am! What do you reckon my chances of that are, even with Nicola making my phone ring a few rings to wake me up!!! xx

    3. I am glad you are getting a treat and I am sure you will get so much pleasure and relaxation from the Groovi plates. By the way, I have found that you do not need to de-tack masking tape for the parchment. If you do, then it does not stick down at all. Brenda, I was so sad to read that you hated being you. No-one should be made to feel that way. From reading your posts, I know you are a generous and lovely person and lovely people should feel love and not hate. I am lucky in being able to get out and about by myself even though it is often a real struggle. I hope you can focus on the beauty of those trees you saw, think about the texture of the bark and leaves and their shapes. That is the kind of thing that does help me. Take care of yourself, Brenda, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. That is the act of a kind and lovely person. xxx Maggie

    4. Hello Brenda good you managed to get out and think of the lovely things you mannaged to see and photograph ,hope you manage to get your groovi order in so you can groovi along with us all ,thinking of you big bear hugs xxx

    5. Sorry! Went to bed and my tablet ran out of juice! That's the trouble with mobile devices, remembering to charge them!
      Really glad you got out for a walk and some nature time! It must have been hard after such a long time indoors but I'm glad you felt able to do it.
      I am sad that you can't get the help you need, because of cuts and all down to money! Sometimes I dispair about what is happening to people. I wish I could do something for you. Sending hugs Donna xx

    6. Thank you all for your kind words. Crying/hurting even more now because you're all so lovely and caring to me 🙂 This increase thing wouldn't be so bad if they were just puttig up the hourly rate a little for everyone, it's the fact that they're looking into trying to single out some to charge only them a lot more and not the rest, for the same service, and that they're not even going to take everything into account! It's pretty much singling out those that already have the least and charging only them a lot more! That's so wrong. Look at the man hours being spent trying to work out this for each of over 200 service users, time we're all paying for, just so they can penalise the have nots even further! From what I see there's man hour wastage in the organisation, they should sort themselves out instead of trying to ttack the most vulnerable of their service users! And who knows how long it's going to take, especially with the services like mine where hours per visit is pretty much ad hoc depending on what's happening at the time! And then add into the equation that I'm supoosed to be having all these trips, days out, afternoons out, workman days, which would go in my favour, they're the reason I'm not, and that's not being taken into account!. On the positive side I've had great time plang with a happy wee bundle of fun and catching up with her mummy 🙂 xx (I'll clear up the mess later!!!)

  4. That is just beautiful. I love these new plates and have been playing with the decal edged squares. Perfect and so easily extended or shrunk or twisted, or whatever you want. Glad you are off for a walk on a lovely evening to smell the flowers, Enjoy yourselves. xxxx Maggie

  5. Wow Barbara
    What a beautiful card this would make. I already have the Butterfly plate so i can now see where you were going with the squares and circle plates. I do think i will need a couple of these as i get going. But first i need the colouring pencils thats another order comming.

    You make it all look so easy. Best wishes Lynn x

  6. All I can say is wow – wonderful blog. I am struggling with the "groovi" – obviously challenged you must be thinking. Must be something to do with the "Black Dog" that has descended on me. Perhaps Crowborough will lift my spirits.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Anne, I am sure that a few minutes in Crowborough will put things right for you, and I hope you will come to love the Groovi plate even half as much as I do. Hope to see you down there, even if we are not on the same sessions. xxx Maggie

  7. What can I say Barbara? Absolutely beautiful! You have inspired me to get out all my parchment tools and start parching again but using stamps as a starting point. Thank you.
    Gayle x

  8. Hi Barbara
    Oh you are naughty Barbara, yes I had a good chuckle at your innuendoes! Lol. Beautiful artwork today, I do love that butterfly and the way you have blended the colours. I invested in some blending solution and the paper stumps the other day but haven't played yet. Hope you had a lovely walk after your busy day.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Is it just me or does this look like a beautiful fairy with butterfly wings in flight? Doesn't really matter as this is just stunning. Well done Barb xxxxx

  10. Wow Barbara stunning my wish list for the groovi plates and boarders is getting longer you showcase them fabulously enjoy your walk hugs xxx

  11. Truly beautiful , Barb and an humerous blog. Those framer plates look very useful. They'd make the stroking more even and you could get a good rhythm going!! Do you realise that on the launch show with Nigel you said that we "should always slip it in from behind". I nearly fell of my chair. But you and Nigel just carried on without so much as a titter as you swapped over the plate in your Groovi mate. Now I always have a giggle when I'm getting into the groove! Hope you had a lovely walk with Dave xx

  12. This is wonderful Barbara and the way you put it all together with the lovely blues which show up beautifully and the blending gives such a pretty finish. Hope you had a lovely walk this evening with Dave. x

  13. A brilliant 'share' and thank you for doing so. Just as well I intend to bring at large suitcase down to Crowborough!!! It will be filled with Groovi 'tectonic' plates to add to those I already have. Can't wait to experiment. Must master the colouring, though – got the kit but not the time! ;~}

  14. That is such a beautiful butterfly Barbara. I am longing to have a go at 'getting in the groove' but my budget says 'no' at the moment! It will be worth the wait though! Such a lovely evening for a walk, hope you enjoyed it x

  15. Beautiful butterfly. I love this groovi system. I've been parchment crafting for several years. Went to classes and even became a member of the guild. I have always struggled with the white pen drawing though, and the groovi plate has solved that problem in one go. Thank you Barbara and the clarity designers

  16. Wow that is stunning. Need them all lol. Hope you had a lovely walk with Dave, I've been for a little bike ride , just 24 miles along the Yorkshire Coast. , beautiful evening xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    That butterfly is beautiful. Mine is winging it's way to me together with lots of lovely Groovi essentials. I have cleared the decks in readiness, except for my Gelli Plate which I have been playing with today. You do make such lovely projects.
    I hope you enjoyed your walk.
    X Cris

  18. After a really long day, I knew that this Groovi art would de- stress and de-clutter the mind Barbara, and didn't it turn out beautifully! For me it's usually music that does it, Then a lovely walk, albeit a short one….halfway along we remembered a very important call had to be made !,,, Oh the joys of business. xx

  19. Stunning artwork. I do love that netting plate; so elegant. For someone aiming to make parchment craft more easy and accessible you are getting such impressive results so soon.

  20. Hi Barbara, I really luv the Groovies and have a few now and just waiting for more to come after your show. I started parching a few weeks before you launched the Groovies and oops have had problems pressing too hard and going right through it, annoying when you've done quite a bit of the design. So I cant thank you enough as I've not gone through once since using the plate and mate, and so pleased with the results as well.Looking forward to seeing you at Crowborough and excited to know what we'll be doing over the 2 days. Crafty hugs Pamxx

  21. It's beautiful Barbara. Your shading looks perfect and the colouring is wonderful. Seems to me that it won't be long until you master the pricking and cutting!
    I love the way you find pieces to emboss from different plates and I'm looking forward to my parcel arriving.

  22. I love the new Groovi Plates, can't wait to get my hands on them. I love what you created here Barbara (especially the teal with the blue) I love how your mind works….so creative! You thought I was going to say Saucy didn't you!! lol. You are bringing so many people together on this journey and I think that you and your team at Clarity should be highly commended for it. Hugs Emma xx

  23. Hello Barb, wow this is stunningly beautiful, love the 2 blues together. Looking through the comments just shows that you have started a new crafting revolution. Hope you enjoyed your walk with Dave. Take care. Bx

  24. Hi Barb,
    Just beautiful! The teal and blue work so well together and I love the way you have blended them together. Mine never seems to be as smooth, must try the solution and paper stumps. The new plates give a fantastic result – I'm so looking forward to my deckle squares and snowflakes arriving. Thank you again for this ingenious piece of kit! Love Alison xx
    Ps hope you had a lovely walk with Dave last night.

  25. What a beautiful butterfly. Well done Barbara for yet more inspiration. It was a beautiful evening for a walk however I spent a little time in my rather neglected garden. My refuge. xx

  26. It sure is another beauty Barbara. Thank you as always for your great blog, it's always a pleasure to read, even though I don't always comment 🙂
    Take care and have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend. Love & hugs, Carole xxx

  27. Wow Barbara, that is absolutely gorgeous, you look as though you've been doing parchmentcraft for years.

    I love the new Groovis and I wondered if it would it be possible to turn any of the new Groovi designs into stamps, stencils or masks that we could use too?

    Hope you both had a lovely calm eveningxxx

  28. Thanks to your ingenious products I've started on my own Groovi journey into parchment land. I tried parchment in the past but could never get a good result and abandoned it years ago. Now what I make looks elegant every time. I can't wait for the next plates to arrive and see what glorious pieces are now possible, with your helping hand, for me to make. Thanks Barbara, Maria and all the team

  29. that was great. was there a plate that you didn't use by any chance? the 2 blues work brilliantly together. loved it and i'm not a parchment affecionado, hugs xx

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