Running round like a headless chicken…

Running round like a headless chicken…

Hi there.
Hope you had a good day?
Bit late I know. Run around day.
Friday’s blog a private peek, right?

Got caught up in Tunbridge Wells with Gracie. 
The sun was shining, it was Friday afternoon,
folks were sitting outside the coffee shops and pubs.
it was actually really lovely!
Do you ever think,
“where was I this time last week?”
Well, this time last week, I was in Houston Texas, 
boarding a plane bound for London, 
getting all excited about meeting Grace. 
A week later, we’re packing her suitcase and off she goes again.
Ah well.
The good news is she is happy and healthy.
I was up early this morning, 
prepping the last of the projects for Sunday, before she got up.
Lovely Dee sent me the ready cooked chickens;
err I mean coloured in!
she knew I was clucking and running round like a headless one!
So all I had to do was sort out a backdrop….
There was paint everywhere!
The canvas involved quite a lot of splatting,
because I was trying to create the illusion of flowers!
Well, I had flowers all over the floor and up my jeans!
But hey.
I know. It looks like a well loved paint pot.
Well, it’s not.
Have faith. It’ll be great when it’s done!
Maybe I can blog this piece step by step tomorrow, 
just in case we don’t have time to do it on Sunday.
Tune in on Sunday to see the performance!
I’m thinking I may just bring one I did earlier!
Don’t think Dean could cope with a paint splatting session, 
do you ?? Especially after last month.
And anyway, I treated myself to this really nice dress in Santa Fé, which I would like to wear.
Trouble is, it is sleeveless, and I’ve got this thing about my arms.
I always cover them up because they are so white. 
Work that one out!
If they ever saw the light of day they would think I’d hired them out to somebody else for the day! 
Same goes for the legs,
but let’s face it, we could be wearing Pyjama bottoms on TV – nobody would be any the wiser.
Be a lot easier to wash the paint out of….
lots of love,

283 thoughts on “Running round like a headless chicken…

  1. Oh Barbara you do make me laugh! Fake tan maybe? I'm sure you will look fine in your new dress!! This time last week was sat eating lasagne with friends , this week on my own but had lasagne! Go figure!
    Looking forward to Sunday
    Much love

  2. Looking forward to Sunday. You are so funny! You always look a million dollars when you present – such lovely outfits. As for arms – well! At my age, I have to have sleeves – I think Dean said "flapping in the wind". I wish I looked as good as you. Having an "old" moment surrounded by young pretty things. Anyway – roll on Sunday and seeing you and the demos – don't let Dean talk too much! famous last words. Then I am off to one of your favourite haunts – Hunstanton and Heacham. Long walks on the beach and a time to destress, and practise your mindfullness.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  3. Barbara you make me smile your blog is such a tonic your wonderful looking forward to Sunday's show especially with dean your such a brilliant pair safe journey to grace heading home xxx

  4. Definitely think a "one I did earlier" might be best if you are with Dean and Nigel. Can just imagine the fun and games if you started splattering paint around and cover then in 'flowers'. It does look effective though. I like the look of Dee's colourful ready cooked chickens and it's got me wondering what other new things you have for us.
    Glad you've managed a catch up with Grace, even if it was brief. I can also sympathise with your white arms and sleeveless dress. Do you have a bolero jacket or else get a moisturiser with fake tan in it as it is less obvious. I'm sure you'll look fine as you are though and I look forward to seeing your new dress. Looking forward to Sunday,
    Jeanette xx

    1. Ok just wrote a message and lost it only for a load of Greek to come up! Must be something to do with being in Crete? Was trying to think what I was doing last Friday and can only think I was pottering – it was easy when I was at work as that was the simple answer. I was probably thinking I'd better start packing formthismholiday! I like your flowers! Especially asmtheynare all over the floor as well! I see you have chickens – we are listening to chickens on and off all day there must be some next to this villa but can't see them only hear them! Not bothering us there are a lot of lovely bird noises,around here. Looking forward to Sunday! Xx

  5. Hi Barbara, glad you got to spend time with Grace, I am writing this in Washington DC so will miss your show on Sunday, arriving home late afternoon. I have had a busy few weeks, I retired two weeks ago ….. Hooray and have been busy ever since, trip to the USA to celebrate. It has rained since we arrived!! 5 days in New York and 3 in Washington. We ve had great fun and I claim now to have more time for crafting which has been neglected of late. So far I ve been busier than ever.
    Love the blog and your latest cards which I have caught up with today. I m sure the show on Sunday will be great as ever x x x x x

    1. I've been retired 4 now Hilary and I don't know where the time has gone . Like you I'm looking forward to,more crafty time! Hope you've had a lovely time. We are in Crete for two weeks! X

  6. Everything will come together in time, it always does. Dean and loads of paint, erm don't think so , could be funny though. I understand the arm thing, I don't like showing mine off now and all the dresses seem to be sleeveless also made for women who are six foot tall, Good luck with the show. x

  7. The blending of colours on the chickens is perfect. Really looking forward to the show as it is the first time for ages I shall actually be able to watch it live, fingers crossed.

  8. This time last week – same place, & doing the same thing…..waiting for my home-cooked fish & chips, yum yum! I know it's late, but it is Friday.
    Showcase your new dress Barbara, along with the new Clarity range…..I'm sure all will be winners…..I hope C&C have oiled the squeaky table (actually, that's a lie, I hope it still squeaks!!)..
    Hope Grace is back in the US safe & sound,
    Love & hugs, Carole xxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Those Chickens look very interesting and please do a splashy session with Dean. Don't wear your new dress though ,but go for it girl!
    X Chris

  10. Hi Barbara
    Love the flowers, yes I can see a wild flower meadow there and the chickens from Dee are fab too. I'm looking forward to Sunday, especially if you're with Dean! I'm tempted to say go for it with the paint but I can hear the laughter in my head from both of you! Glad to hear you had a good time with Grace – that week has flown by! I know what you mean about arms, there are some lovely short sleeve cardigans about at the moment, sometimes I think blow it, there are worst sights out there than me!!!
    Take care and enjoy your last day with Grace.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. I love the picture Barbara the coulours are beautiful I am looking forward to Sunday. God bless grace safe journey love to dave see you Sunday barb xxxxxx June horrocks xxxxx

  12. Hi Barbara, hope everything is all prepped now and you're managing some chill time before bed. I love this background with the splattered flowers, you showed us a similar one once before. Must add it to my to try list, I like making messy backgrounds. I do that, or used to do that, been ding it for many years, when I had been allowed a good thing, I'd think what was I doing this time last week etc. and picture in my head what /where etc. Don't suppose your new dress is suitable for a wee capped sleeve top underneath, that would maybe help you feel less self conscious about your arms. And if you are wearing it, please remember not to wipe your inky hands on it!!!! I got my picture from nowt much finished. What am I supposed to do with it now, put it in the bucket, that's a very alien concept to my head, spend all that time and effort making it just to throw it in the bin. Unfortunately I don't have anything like your artistic talents so it's not something I'd be wanting to display!!!! I got all the junk put away too, wish that meant I had a cleared floor!!!! Take care, and hope you're not feeling it too hard that Grace is on her way back to New York already, love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda we might never be as good as Barbara but we can have fun trying with her help .. hope your ok today and Donna to bet she's been oot clubbing again..take care…xx

    2. Hi, I haven't been able to comment as I have been at the hospital sitting with my Dad. Very poorly at the moment so I will be here when I can. Sorry Brenda but our colouring may have to be put on hold for a couple of days. XX

    3. Oh Donna, that sounds not good at all. I knew there must be something really wrong to stop you commenting here, been thinking about you. There's no way you need to be saying sorry about the colouring in, I would be upset if you were trying to do it instead of giving your dad your full attention. Just you focus on your dad for as long as you need to but still pop in here, even if your just reading, you need a wee outlet /breather to keep you going. I'll be thinking of you and willing your dad back to better health. And Donna, pleeeease remember to look after you too, you'll be no good to your dad or the rest of your family if you end up sick too. Love and huge bear hugs from me xx

  13. What fabulous chickens. I think you'd look great in a sack especially as it's your artwork we're really looking at! Looking forward to Sunday and seeing you and Dean covered in paint. Such fun! xx Margaret Col.

  14. I love the chickens and look forward to seeing more on Sunday. You always dress beautifully Barbara and I would love to see Dean's face if you got a brush and started flicking paint on to canvas as he would probably end up standing about ten feet away. It is always a fun show when you two are together but just don't get out the shrink plastic! x

  15. Take some shower caps and a couple of aprons and go for it! I would love to see you and Dean flicking paint at one another – oops, I mean at a canvas! Wishing Grace a safe journey back to NYC, and you a safe and speedy journey up to Peterborough, Susan x

  16. Can't wait for Sunday, i'd love to see you splashing paint around, especially if it landed Dean's way. He's so pristine, although I could imagine it descending into chaos. Wishing gracie a safe trip. xx

  17. Hello Barb, love the little peek you have given us, looking forward to Sunday, and I think a little bit of paint splattering would not go amiss. I am sure you could wear the dress with a little shrug top over it. I hope Grace has a safe trip home. Take care. Bx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Love the finished piece. Those chickens of Dee's are fabulous and as for the background – brilliant, does look like flowers. I would really have loved to see you do this with Dean! I know just what you mean about arms too! I'm going to my cousin's wedding next weekend and have bought a gorgeous dress – only problem it's sleeveless! I have a lovely pashmina with embroidered flowers that exactly match the colour of the dress but I've also bought a short sleeved cardigan to wear at the reception where I can't really sit with a shawl round me all the time. The things e have to do when we are getting on! Hit 60 a couple of weeks ago and now just feel old!! Good luck tomorrow , I'm sure it will be brilliant as ever.
    Got my June envelope yesterday and can I just say how brilliant the stamp and stencils are. I won't say what they are in case I spoil it for other people.. Love Alison xx

  19. Hi Barbara,
    Loving the chickens and great background definitely looks like a field of flowers maybe a wee you tuby of the background would be great you can wear an old shirt o Dave's.
    And don't you worry about how you look on telly you always look fabulous take care …..x

  20. Barbara, you do make me smile 🙂 love your blogs :). Chicken stamp looks great and live the background ( I think a paint splashing session with Deano tomorrow would be fun – lol) ! Sadly I won't be able to watch as I'm currently at a health spa ( or is it "convalescence"? In German it's called " Kur" or "REHA")because of my bad back and leg probs and as I 'll only leave here on 16th I won't be able to come to your Open Day on 13th either. 🙁 Really upset about it as I was looking forward to coming over and join my friend Carol for a fun day at the Open Day and now I can't! 🙁 Hopefully I can at least watch the repeat of your show . would hate to miss it!

    Anyway, glad to read you had some mum & daughter quality time with Grace! Have a great show tomorrow. Alles Liebe Heidi xx

  21. Definitely think a "one I did earlier" might be best if you are with Dean and Nigel. Can just imagine the fun and games if you started splattering paint around and cover then in 'flowers'. It does look effective though. I like the look of Dee's colourful ready cooked chickens and it's got me wondering what other new things you have for us.
    Glad you've managed a catch up with Grace, even if it was brief. I can also sympathise with your white arms and sleeveless dress. Do you have a bolero jacket or else get a moisturiser with fake tan in it as it is less obvious. I'm sure you'll look fine as you are though and I look forward to seeing your new dress. Looking forward to Sunday,
    Jeanette xx

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