One man’s weed is another man’s flower…

One man’s weed is another man’s flower…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
I can’t stay long either;
I have still got quite a lot to do for the TV Show on Sunday,
and I was hoping to spend the day with Grace tomorrow,
before she heads over to my parents on Saturday,
en route to Heathrow.
Ah well.
A week was what we planned,
and a week was what we got!
So here we are, being mindful,
concentrating on the task at hand
focussing on Thursday’s blog.
Which is blue, right?
Here’s a very traditional card, 
using the Shepherd’s Purse stampset.

Some see it as a weed.
Some think of it as a flower.
If this were growing in our garden, it would be safe!
Cut 3 panels out of an A5 piece of our coated black Claritycard.
Sand the edges of all 3 panels.

Stain the sanded areas, 
Special Offer on mat and tool..

Stamp the Shepherd’s Purses onto the cut to size panels, 
using Versamark.
and heat emboss.

Time for composition.
And I don’t mean sit up straight!
What do we think?
Just the tall panel?

The tall one AND the little button tag?

Or shall we throw caution to the wind, and use the lot?

I think for once, I prefer the lot!

What think you?
Leave an uplifting comment below,
something positive,
a kind word.
And smile, it’s nearly the weekend!!!

much love,

122 thoughts on “One man’s weed is another man’s flower…

  1. for once I am reading your blog and my lappy so can comment – Why do plans with our faraway daughters always never seem to go smoothly? This is fabby and I love the trick with the black shiny card – must give that a go. Looking forward to the show but will have to record and catch up later xx

  2. Crackin! Love it! Need to go play! I'd have never thought of sanding down the black paper Dave talked my in to buying at the NEC back in March! Right, where did I put it?

    PS It was lovely to know Grace had been home to see you! Gosh, it's nearly a year ago since I saw her last!

  3. Beautiful card, Barbara, which fits very well:
    Here in Germany it´s a holiday today and we visited a garden fair in Hanau with high temperatures…
    No spring this year… immediately midsummer…

    Good luck for the TV show on sunday

  4. Hi Barbara
    I think it's a flower too. Hmmm yes I think go for it it looks good with 3 on and I like the backing paper you have used. Now where did I get the black card!
    Have a fabulous day with Grace tomorrow some serious mother and daughter time. My daughter has got her first a level tomorrow so the smile is in place, it's a bit fixed but I know she will want a cuddle before we leave home!
    Love Diane xxx

  5. I love this, I must get some detail white powder too. I have something growing in my garden that is very pretty and I have no idea if I planted it or it self seeded or what it is!

  6. Hi Barbara this is a gorgeous card I love the stamp and the design is amazing. Have a great day with Grace I know I like spending time with my daughter. I am so lucky that she lives close. We are going to the theatre together on Saturday. Hugs Jackie

  7. Beautiful ,as you say a flower or a weed ,all of it looks brilliant , a week with grace is like having a memory full off special times to look back on and your daughter will take the memories with her too so your never apart a few cuddles a few tears and lots of memories xxx

  8. Love the sanded and inked edges – and the colour of that background paper has taken me back to when I was 10 years old and bridesmaid for the first time for my cousin Cathy! Enjoy your last moments with Grace for this trip, and hope you can plan for the next visit together before she leaves. Beautiful stamp and beautiful flower in my book! Susan x

  9. Loved this effect so sorry your week with Grace is coming to an end time just goes to quick. Won't be long before she will be back or you got to her big hugs to you both xxx

  10. Hi Barbara, very elegant and classy, but then what else would it be coming from Barbara Gray, thank you for sharing. 🙂 Me personally, I'd choose the middle one, because my head doesn't do busy anything, overloads the circuits!!! But they all look good. I've just spent all afternoon until now working on my picture from nowt much. That's the longest time I've been able to settle and focus on a craft thing for quite a while. Is that positive enough for today? 🙂 Only a few wee quirky bits to add, maybe tomorrow, and job done! Except my head keeps telling me I'm mad, using all this quality time and energy on making something that's going right in the bin when finished, that's Asperger's for you!!!! I've just been trying to tell it to go away and leave me alone, I'm doing what I've been told to by Barbara! And I'll deal with that (Asperger's) part when it's finished!!!! Tell you something though, boy will I be glad to get rid of the pile of jumbled up rubbish strewn right across my craft room floor!!!! I'm sat here looking at it, and I'm going to have to tidy some up so I can get the door shut for the night!!! Hope you have a great day with Grace tomorrow, loads of mind photos, and filling up your memory vaults, love Brenda xx

    1. HI Brenda I'm glad you have had a good afternoon crafting and been focused on your crafty bits it does keep your mind of other stuff I find, even though Daisy will be giving you one of her whats all this stuff doing here mum looks….xx

    2. Hi Brenda well done with your crafting, it sounds like you were absorbed in it – that's mindfulness! Sounds like you have enjoyed yourself though. Hope Daisy has found a comfortable place to sit in amongst it all. Xxx

    3. Hi Brenda. I am so happy that you had a good time yesterday afternoon, doing what you enjoy. Tell the Asperger's to be quite, you are allowed to make things for no other reason than to enjoy it, even if you don't keep it : ) Take care x

    4. Thank you everyone :-). Had to go to bed early, feeling really unwell. But got myself up this afternoon and done wee bit more of my picture, didn't even notice the rain while working on it, and I have radar for rain, rain = not needing to water! Daisy was enjoying walking through /sitting on, stealing from, all the rubbish lying about in here without being told off!!! Seems that takes away the pleasure from doing it though as today, she's even walking round it all instead of through!!!! Stopped for some food, didn't realise the time, then going to try and finish the picture today. Not what I'm supposed to be doing today, but at least it's taken my mind of feeling so ill and sore and what the worker did on Wednesday, despite the bad flare up of my eczema to remind me!!!! Better go rescue this fly first – daisy catches them in her mouth and then takes them to the floor to play with, she never kills them, only wounds them, so I try to catch them from her and put them back out the window first xx
      p.s. hope you're ok Donna xx

  11. I have to agree on the whole lot – and love the blue around the edges – it really lifts it!
    Hope you managed to get done all you intended to spend that day with Grace – a cherished day xx
    Much love
    Kim xx

  12. Hope you are planning a spectacular day!!! Whatever you do it'll be marvellous as you're spending it with Grace!
    Loving the card! Love and hugs! Xxx

  13. Lovely and a little bit different! Just realised I will be able to watch on Sunday on the iPad on my sunbed in Crete!! So glad I put my brain in gear hubby wondered why I just gave a huge cry of delight! Enjoy your time with Grace xxx

  14. Love the simple one best ,,on my morning walks I pick weed flowers along the way and enjoy at home in a little vase . It's not what you look at its what you see ( Thoreau ) I believe . Joy now jan

  15. What a great idea using the sandpaper on the black card – love that effect….also agree with putting all three on the card, looks wonderful.
    I walk every lunchtime with a friend to get some fresh air and a break from our computer screens which we work at most of the day. It's great to get out (in all weather), and since I really got into crafting, I've become much more aware of my surroundings, the colours in the sky, the pretty plants and trees…..We'll be chatting away when we're out and all of a sudden I notice a pretty little wild flower or the fluffy clouds in the sky and we always stop to look – I think my friend thinks I've lost the plot sometimes, but I'm happy in my little world! lol xxx.

  16. Hi Barb,
    Gorgeous and I'm definitely with you using all 3 panels. Never would have thought of sanding and inking the black card! Enjoy your day tomorrow. Love Alison xx

  17. Love the white shepherd's purse on the black panels with the touch of lace really lovely and something I might even be able to do will have a go anyway enjoy your last day with your pretty little flower Grace…….Dot xx

  18. It's lovely Barbara and I too would never have thought of sanding the black card and then inking which gives it a great look and I love the shepherds purse stamped and white embossed. I think I like all three together too. Enjoy your day tomorrow with Grace and I know how fast the time goes when you have a lot of catching up to do, but hopefully it won't be too long before you get together again. x

  19. Simply beautiful and perfect. So glad it is the end of the week – enough said. So, so looking forward to Sunday – put off my holiday so I could watch. The family know not to disturb me on a Clarity day!! Thank you for all the lovely blogs – believe me they have kept me sane when I literally thought I was going into melt down. I think I am coming out of the tunnel, slowly but surely and by the end of Sunday's programme, there will be light.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  20. Love the idea of sanding black card. I agree with all 3 panels on the card. They look great. Enjoy the rest of the time with your daughter.

  21. I hope you manage to squeeze every second with Grace. Pretend that every minute is an hour and the day will be much longer to enjoy. I am usually less is more, but I have done two particular cards with this set and it is the "more" one that seems to appeal most. So I will agree with using the lot. I now need to get some more black paper/card as I have used up all the pack I bought at the NEC and then try sanding it. xxx Maggie

  22. I like all three. My garden is full of wild flowers, some might say weeds. Isn't nature wonderful. Nothing more pleasing than a bunch of wild flowers in a jam jar on the window sill.
    Have fun tomorrow,

  23. Me… I am a less is more so the second one for me. I love the idea of sanding back the black card, it looks fabulous. I wonder at times where you get your ideas from; you are exceptionally talented. I loved your blog yesterday and what another remarkable lady she is too. Building her own house, absolutely marvelous.
    I hope you never run out of ideas Barb because reading your blog is the last thing I do every night before I go sleep. Sleep well and I look forward to tomorrows little catchup…. Vxxx

  24. Hello Barb, such a gorgeous set of cards, I like all 3 variations. The stamp is super. Take it easy prepping for the show, I am sure you have it all planned, so can take a little time away to spend with Grace. Take care. Bx

  25. I like all three versions Barbara – which goes to show how versatile this stamp set is. I really do NEED it!!! Great idea to sand the edges of the card too. Have a lovely day with Grace. Hugs xx

  26. Hi Barbara. I am with you on flowers and plants. If you like them they stay, I don't care if they are officially flowers or weeds! Wild poppies and buttercups are just two that never get pulled up in my garden. I love the cards, I think no 2 is the favourite but it's a close one : ) I also love the sanded and coloured edges on the black card.
    I hope you had a lovely day with Grace. Take care x

  27. Amazing Barbara, I love the trick with the sanding. I hope you have time to spend the day with Grace, a week goes by too quickly doesn't it but start planning the next time straight away xxx

  28. I'm with you on this one Barb, sometimes less is more, but not this time ! Love it – and can't wait 'til Sunday. I'll have to record as I'm on Communion duty at church. Margaret x

  29. Inspirational Barbara! Love them all…. Have a fab time with Grace tomorrow. My daughter lives in Portugal and I miss her but we have wonderful mum daughter times when we meet up! Looking forward to Sunday's C&C. It will be fab as usual……:)

  30. Hi Barbara
    I am a little late visiting you today. That lovely stamp is definitely a flower. Love what you have done with it. Not long to the Sunday show and I am looking forward to seeing the new product. You will be wonderful as always
    X Chris

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