Know when to say no.

Know when to say no.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Will you forgive me if I donโ€™t stay long?
You see, our friends here in France,
the people who own the heavenly place we are staying at,
fired up their bread oven for us,
and we all made fresh pizza and brioches in the garden
this afternoon.
Words fail me.
It was and is magical.
Their generosity of spirit and joie de vivre is unbelievable.

Hereโ€™s my effort!
They are out there singing and dancing now,
Alain has got his bagpipes out, and Dave has got his guitar out,
and I just cannot and do not want to miss the experience.
So today, it being Mindful Wednesday too,
I would prefer to spend my evening with the others.
I came in the house quickly just to say hi,
and let you know I will come back tomorrow with a 
nice Mindful blog and a project too!
But it takes time and thought to blog properly, 
so I will see you tomorrow.

66 thoughts on “Know when to say no.

  1. Sounds fabulous Barbara. It's been raining here , but looking on the bright side it's good for the plant life so can't complain too much. All good in my little world and I'm blessed xx enjoy the evening of song and dance x

  2. Hi Barbara
    Love the idea of baking in a traditional oven outside. It all looks delicious. I am so pleased to see you relaxed and enjoying times with good friends.
    X Chris

    1. Hello Donna read your comments from yesterday's blog ,
      Take each step in each day knowing that your in our thoughts, we never forget the ones we loose but as time passes by it gets easier to cope it might take a long time but the hurt and pain fades and the memories are always there big hugs xxx

    2. Donna, would it help you any to start colouring in our rose bowls? I'll do my best with my eyes and rubbish body, might just take a wee bit longer for me to finish each bit of 'homework', but I'm up for it if it will help.
      I was looking at wee intro videos of a few new possible workers (at last). One guy used to be a landscape gardener ๐Ÿ™‚ It better work out as him being my worker, I'm in desperate need of his skills to sort out the landscaping /drive /patio/painting/wobbly handrails….. That would just be perfect. Wouldn't mind paying for extra support hours for those jobs, I'd have to pay for a workman to do at least some of it anyway, and I'd get the time to get my parts of the gardening up to scratch. Keep everything crossed folks! And I've found a seller on eBay who seems to be a good one, who sells all sorts of seeds, so I think I've solved my getting new plants dilemma, and I get a bigger choice and can gradually revamp some of the bits I'm not too happy with, and for not much cost. I can only do it a wee bit at a time as I don't have a cold frame or greenhouse so I germinate everything indoors n the front windowsills so it's very limiting as to how much I can grow in a year on top of the regulars. Too late for this year, but probably just as well since I'm struggling to catch up in the gardens anyway. I need a big fortress with monsters in the moat and dragons flying over head to keep everyone away so I can go out in my gardens on my own!!!! xx

    3. You are all so lovely, taking the time to cheer me up! It means so much XX

      That does sound promising with your worker Brenda, keeping everything crossed for you, although it does make typing tricky ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will get the rose bowl printed off tomorrow but we don't need to start it until you are up to it.
      I have been sitting in the garden till about 20 minutes ago trying to see a flash of the northern lights. The weather report said there was a chance to see it over Kent tonight. Something I would love to see, but apart from a very confused dog and a stiff neck no luck tonight. Xx

      Dot, good plan! Already one step ahead of you and have invited myself on holiday with my mum and step dad in August! They didn't mind though, so Phoebe and I will be spending a week in Wales, doing lots of walking and taking tons of pictures. Xx

    4. Hi Donna yes the holiday will be good for you, and it's a lovely place for walking and mindfulness! Brenda the new worker sounds just up your street so I hope it works out for you xxx

  3. Nae worries Barbara, you enjoy. Sounds like one of those impromptu times that turn out to be a magical special time and memory in your life. You make the most of it, soak it all up, take loads of mind photos, and I'll be happy with that ๐Ÿ™‚ Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda well done for sending in your tea pot and downloading the rose bowl are you doing the boots first or rose bowl ? Hugs from the owlet xxx

    2. Rose bowl first Sheila, which are you doing? xx

      It's ok Dot, once you get this bus cranked up, we'll have our turn in Barbara's garden after we've got all her orders sorted for her!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  4. How fabulous. Glad you are all having such a great time. Enjoy. I love impromptu evenings like that We actually had "shorts" weather here in Sussex today – hoorah at last a day of Summer.
    Hugs to you all.

  5. Glad you are all having fun. Quite right you should want to be part of it too – so off you go and get dancing like no-one can see! Lol

  6. Hello Barbara, what amazing fun you are all having. I had a craft dabble day at home today and it was wonderful to see people using your stencils and loving them as much as I do. Lunch in the garden too which made me feel very continental! Hope the evening is great and see you tomorrow. xx Margaret Col.

  7. Wow Barbara dedication to do your blog even though it's a quick one, enjoy this once in a lifetime special time memories for you all mindful day hugs xxx

  8. How lovely – and as it's Mindful Wednesday it's seems so right to really enjoy the moment and share the good times. Thank you for taking the time to blog and share your happiness.

  9. How fabulous! You are all having such a wonderful time! It makes me a little sad that I can't be with you all but hey ho! I'll be at the retreat in 4 weeks time and that brings a big grin to my face!
    Love and hugs to each one of you! Xxxx

  10. You go and enjoy yourself Barb. We're quite happy looking at your photos and wishing that we could be there with you in that beautiful place. What wonderful hosts you have. Your pizza looks very tasty but not so sure about a bagpipe guitar combo! Enjoy your evening. Jeanette xx

  11. How lovely to be able to make pizza in an outdoor oven and everybody having a good time! Enjoy the precious time in Brittany which will go all too quickly. x

  12. Hi Barbara. It sounds and looks like you are having a fantastic time. What yummy food, it always tastes even better when cooked in the open. Enjoy every minute : ) Take care xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you have had a perfect day – and to end it with pizza guitar and bagpipes, sounds like my daughters perfect evening! Enjoy the time chilling and relaxing with your gang of friends.
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Enjoy your day – you never know when something will hit you. Just spent 10 days of hell in hospital, with blocked Gall Bladder and Pancreatitis – Hope to get rid of bladder in about 6 weeks, never want that experience again.
    One min. I was OK, half an hour later, doubled over. So grab all the fun you can get. Life is too short.

    1. Let's hope they do it quickly as I feel for you as I had mine out in 1980/1981 when I was 23
      The pain is excruciating try not to eat anything with fats in like butter or crisps ect as it aggrivates its big hugs xxx

  15. I don't blame you…. if I was in a beautiful garden surrounded by good friends, music & pizza (like the artistic licence of the hexagonal shape on the traditional round design) then I wouldn't be blogging either ! Enjoy & savour

  16. Well Barbara – this blog was truly an example of mindfulness! Enjoying the experience of baking and eating your pizza, and dancing and singing with your friends in a lovely setting is what it's all about!!! Live in the moment and enjoy, Susan x

  17. Hope you enjoyed your pizza! I am truly hooked onto the new groovi plate! I could never get the hang of parchment before but this makes it so easy. Apart from spectrum noir pencils, can I use promarkers and chameleon pens?

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