A Magical Burst of Colour.

A Magical Burst of Colour.

Thanks for dropping in.
This week’s blogging has been a little erratic, I know.
Sorry, but I have been delighting in the moment. 
You know, when you really ought to be sensible and leave the party, but you’re having so much fun you think 
“Sod it”, 
and carry on dancing.
I did do a project for you yesterday, so here it is today!
It’s no masterpiece, but I really like the effect.
Sam showed me. It’s really effective and easy.
Spritz a line of water onto a craft mat.
Lightly Puff a couple of Color Burst powder colours 
along the waterline.
Special Clarity Price.

Take a piece of our 7″x7″ White Gelli Card
(aka good absorbent white card),
bend it so that the centre hits the line of paint splash,
and rock to and fro, left to right.

Great starting place for a landscape.
I know what you’re thinking. 
“She’s lost it”
She lost it years ago!

Still a bit of ink left.
Spritzed again with a little water.

Mmm…which to use…

What do YOU think?

Spoilt for choice!

So there I was in the garden, merrily spritzing away, 
taking pics on my Ipad,
when suddenly – 
A thermometer appeared on the screen, saying, 
Oh My God!
Had I fried my Ipad ???
It was very, very hot to touch.
So I did as I was told for once,
and lo! It came back to life.
Didn’t know that happened, did you?
But then how could you know that living in England ?
Short of putting it in the Aga, 
or slipping it under my T-shirt during one of my personal summers….

But I digress…
going with the softer option.

But which stamp?
There is one stamp which makes ANY background make sense:
I LOVE this boy.
click here to buy.

Now to find a suitable Word Chain.
They are, for me, the other stamps which always work.
Next Sunday, July 5th, when I’m back on the TV,
you may be pleased to hear we will be launching 
a pair of NEW Christmas Word Chains.
Oh. And a pair of NEW Christmas Wee Folk !
Anyway, back to the art.
Add a couple of birds from the Birdhouse set
Nearly done.
Now I need a background piece.
But all I have here is white card and paint.
Fresco Paints rock!

Funny how an inky line splat can make such a fantastic backdrop.

But talking of backdrops, let’s not forget the bigger picture.

Who needs a picture frame when you have this in the background?

Wow. Either my Ipad’s developed a mind of its own,
or the Ipad fairy has been along to help.

much love,

PS The lucky winner of last week’s £40 rollover prize is….
Check back later.
I have to write all the names on pieces of paper first!

66 thoughts on “A Magical Burst of Colour.

  1. Great idea and such fun! Lovely card – clean, simple and magical! Fried iPad, oh my goodness! You're obviously having a great time Barbara glad you are enjoying yourself. Happy days everyone!

  2. Beautiful Background, Barbara,
    and as you wrote the boy with the birds fits to any background…
    Happy holidays… the summer is coming back here as well.
    Rolf xxx

  3. Gorgeous Barbara and a great way to make a background using powder paint….now I wonder if it will work with Brushos ? I'll have to play when I get chance.
    Just so you know my daughter,and Son in Laws iPhones have got overheated like your iPad but it's fine once it's cooled down it doesn't seem to have any lasting effect (they live in Canada )
    Hope yours is ok too
    Jackie x

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this, being of a painter orogin, it brought out all my painty craftiness, am going to hunt out my supplies and get on it !! Glad you're having such a whale of a time. and I am in envy of that beautiful home too. Magical !!

  5. Hello Barbara

    Never apologise for erratic blogging, we are just very grateful that you take the time. Whatever or wherever you are.

    Love today's offering. Very clever.


  6. Hello Barbara

    Never apologise for erratic blogging, we are just very grateful that you take the time. Whatever or wherever you are.

    Love today's offering. Very clever.


  7. Hello Barbara no worries you deserve a break we would miss you if you didn't blog but wouldn't mind would worry if you disappeared for to long that some thing was wrong. Just love the look of were your staying think my dream type property and beautiful country garden enjoy your last day lots love to you all Joy xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    There's no need to apologise – I'm just pleased that you seem to be very relaxed and enjoying yourself. I'm grateful that you take the time out of your break to blog anyway.
    Love the artwork today seems very easy to do! Looking forward to the new products too. Love Alison xx

  9. Wow Barbara beautiful art work so simple but so effective
    Don't appoligies your supposed to be on a retreat we are so luck to hear from you each day
    Big crafting hugs to all xxx

  10. My phone gets so hot here in Virginia beach , it was 100 F the other day . When I see you art work I could buy everything ( guess that's the idea ) not a bad one . Thank goodness my hubby doesn't notice . Joy now Jan

    1. Hi Janice wow!! 100F still going about here in my jacket in Bonnie Scotland hope as long as your happy don't think hubby will mind it's so lovely to hear from you on here
      and that you love Clarity in the USA like we do…xx

    2. I'm fairly new at stamping and just love watching and reading Barbara's blog . Having fun discovering my Hidden ( really hidden) talent . When I make a card I get very excited that it looks half way decent . Thank God we have air comditioningI here . So nice to hear from you.

  11. Hi Barbara, you do sound like you are having the best time, happy for you all. Good artwork too, very arty, thanks for sharing. I think I'd be able to do this using watered down watercolours /inks painted onto the craft mat. Send some sun up our way on your return, it's muggy, breezy and dull /wet up here and hasn't shifted for ages. Yep, the ipad fairy definitely been giving you a wee present there!!! When I clicked to go to yesterday's post, I thought I'd been redirected to an advertisement for a remake of the Brady Bunch!!! Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, feeling better today, apart from a really stiff neck! Must have slept the wrong way. Its been sunny and muggy down here today but we are due some showers. Put my order in yesterday for my groovi starter kit and the plates! Can't wait to have a play. Xx

    2. Glad to hear it :-). Not your stiff neck though!!!! That'll be all that looking at the night sky for the aurora borealis! I've not done anything about ordering any Groovi stuff yet. You can let me know how you get on, how easy you think it is to use for muscles that tire very quickly doing repeated actions especially if pressure is required. Hope you manage to enjoy yourself this evening. Give your step dad an IOU and make him something special at the weekend. Did you manage to print off your rose bowl yet? What have you got planned for occupying yourself this weekend? xx

    3. Oooo hadn't thought of that! Suppose it could be 'star gazers neck!' I will let you know what its like when I give it a try, I would assume you don't need lots of pressure to make the lines as it would tear the parchment but I will test it out. This weekend I need to shop for my step dads birthday which is on Sunday, so I will have to get my thinking cap on for a present.
      Have printed my rose bowl so ready to start when you are feeling able, I think there are a few people ready to join the P.P.P gang or for Dot it will be the P.M.P gang! Xx

    4. Hi Donna glad you ordered your groovi and plates ,hi brenda the groovi is brilliant you will be able to use it ,you do as much as you want to you don't have to Finnish it all at once if you feel tired just put it down you don't need to use pressure ive only used the plates that have come with the starter kit but I found it so good I sent for the meadow and butterfly plates too haven't used them yet as had to go for my eye test which was due and found out I've got the start of caract in my left eye so just picked up my new glasses today with the new left lense so going to enjoy playing with my groovi over weekend treat yourself you won't regret it as it opens up a new way to craft especially with the fatigue and pain problems we suffer with the c.f.s. /m.e. / & fibromyalgia ,get your order in from clarity towers before Barbara gets on the t.v.on 5 July as it will be sold out again .got my rose bowl downloaded ready to colour xxx

    5. Sorry to hear you've got a cataract starting, hope it doesn't progress to you needing your lens replaced. Are you on commission, encouraging us all to buy the Groovi stuff!!!!!! 😉 I probably will end up getting it but it's a considered purchase for me so I just need to take my time and make sure, especially as I have so much craft stuff all still waiting to be used xx

    6. Hi Brenda yes they have changed my left lens already as eye test picked up on I could not see out of my left eye and was using my right to compensate ,
      No not on commission just know how much it has helped me ,I've got that much clarity craft stuff I've have bought the felt clarity bags to keep it all in got 3 felt bags up to now all full plus lots of clarity folders for my stamps and stencils oh yes I've definitely got the clarity bug .get it for my birthday Christmas Easter clarity days what am I like ,xxx

    7. Good one Donna …Hi Brenda think the Groovi will be good for us on our nightshifts
      we will get tips to from our Donna and Sheila and our CAA addicts on here …I just love this blog so cheers me up thanks Barbara ….xx Dot

    8. Hi, my name is Brenda and I'm fighting the withdrawal symptoms since my last purchase!!! And counting down the days to the next club envelope… xx

    9. Hi Dorothy, Donna ,Brenda , I'm a member of the CAA welcome to any others this blog is the best tonic anyone can have I also have spent this week in the members clarity sale big crafting hugs to all xxx

  12. Yep it's hot down here in Loire too, hit 33 degrees here today and I feel cooked! Had a lovely 2 weeks but back to Blighty tomorrow. There is something about holidays and sun that inspires you to just try something new. Have had lots of fun with watercolours this holiday, and the sudden realisation that all the things you've taught us work with watercolours! Of course not news to most people but certainly to me, putting water onto watercolour blotting and lifting with damp brush removes colour, adding shade gives depth and grounding, so what if you can't draw use tracing paper, revolutionary! I can do watercolours, at least enough so recognisable. Had so much fun and that it thanks to you Barbara, would never have even tried before. So hope your trip has been as inspirational, enjoy and thank you. Karen

  13. Just lovely – I'm really into those abstract painty backgrounds at the moment! I know what you mean about the weather Brenda – we had a little glimpse of sun earlier, and it's supposed to come back later, but it's just grim at the moment here too!!! Susan x

  14. Hi Barbara
    Beautiful artwork today and such a beautiful setting. I do love this stamp it goes with anything. Haha love your I pad telling you it's hot, my husbands has done that too, when their work phones did it when they first got them they thought it was a joke! They soon learnt not to put them on the dashboard in the sun!
    Thank you for sharing, now off you go back to the party, we can wait.
    Have fun
    Love Diane xxxx

  15. This is gorgeous Barbara and a great idea for making a background and will certainly try with what I have to hand. That is one beautiful looking house and am glad you have had a great week away with your wonderful team. x

  16. Love the background, one for later. Thought it was funny about the ipad overheating. No as you say not much chance of that happening here at the moment. Lovely cottage glad you are having such a fantastic time.

  17. Hello Barb, what a fab background, and I have just been to the PO to collect my parcel, I am over the moon it has arrived! This weekend will be inky and messy – well I hope so anyway! Love the story about the IPAD, don't have one, but work with technology, so know anything is possible. Love the cottage photo. Hope you are all still enjoying yourselves. B

  18. Oooooo stealing this idea for a very quick card for my step dads retirement! Which was today, and we ate supposed to be meeting for drinks at 7pm opps, let's hope it dries quick. Xx

  19. Hello Barbara. I too love that stamp and use it over and over again. That and the bird tree. You were inspired when you drew them. Love this watery effect so off to have a play. Special birthday card for a friend needed and this may be the answer. Enjoy that beautiful place. xx Margaret Col.

  20. Hi Barbara
    Those powders are fantastic and I love that technique. I must give it a try. Looking forward to the TV show. Lucky you to be staying in that lovely French property. Enjoy the rest of your stay.
    X Chris

  21. Lovely effect! You'd better watch your ipad next week when temps here are supposed to rise! I didn't know it could do that either!

    My groovi mate plate came yesterday and I'm about to get started so don't disturb me! and my NDC envelope – good job I rang up to ask whether it had been sent out yet cos my membership had just run out !!!! It arrived the next day – what service!

  22. Hi Barbara
    I also love this stamp one of my favourites.
    Looking forward to seeing the new word chain stamps and wee folk and I'm sure you also said that you'll be bringing new groovi plates,I'm going to have to sweeten my partner up with plenty of cake so I can buy the lot.
    You all looked as if you had a great time last night.

  23. Oh, this is so lovely. So simple yet beautiful – truly magical.

    I got to have a play with my gelli plate today as little one had a rare day time sleep! Made some backgrounds and framed plaques for journalling in the baby scrapbook. All my colours are quite muted – I'm feeling the need for some vibrancy! I'll have to get creative with other items on my stash, or go shopping!

    And just the sight of that cottage makes me feel relaxed – enjoy your break!

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