YouTube Tuesday – Gelli Plate Memories and a Super Sale!

YouTube Tuesday – Gelli Plate Memories and a Super Sale!

YouTube Tuesday.
Well, as you watch this easy little technique using a Gelli Plate,
we are somewhere in America, making memories…

So letโ€™s have a little sale, to celebrate!

Word Chains.
We have lots of them, and I am designing a new collection for Christmas!

They are wonderful for cardmakers, scrapbookers and anybody arty really.

Hereโ€™s the chain I used:
Remountable Tree Rows Clear Stamp Set + Clarity Masks

How about a special offer on the 6″x6″ Gelli Plate I used too?

6 x 6 Inch Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate

or if you already have the Gelli Plate,
why not get the matching Megamount at this special price?

And these fab Distress Markers are finally back in town too.
All 49 pens for a knock down price,
but only for this week.

and don’t forget a…
much love,

33 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Gelli Plate Memories and a Super Sale!

  1. Hi Barb, totally exhausted but can't sleep, one of them nights! So thought I'd check out here and you've posted Youtube Tuesday already, yay :-). I'm going to cuddle up and watch your demo, that should do the trick in settling me down enough, while implanting some more arty techniques and ideas into my head:-) Thank you. And thank you for such generous offers too, I think I'll need to give them a miss this time but I'm sure there will be plenty of other customers snapping them up ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you're still having the best time ever, love Brenda xx night night

  2. Thank you Barbara, I enjoyed that, my arty fix, my wee chuckle at your funny bit and my wee music fix – I find your music good music, makes me feel a wee bit better inside and I look forward to the music nearly as much as you demoing ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    1. Aye Dot, widnae be sae bad if I got paid to be up most of the nicht, eh!!!! I'm used tae it by noo, nae point stressing oot aboot it. Took me a lang time tae learn that though!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous! Great tutorial video. I had a chuckle when you were looking for the ruler – happens to me all of the time. I just think someone is playing games with me! I really must get the trees, I love them. I actually thought I had them, and went to try the card you did recently with the fresco paints only to find that I haven't got them after all. Off to the website to purchase them now. Thanks Barb, love Alison xx

  4. Great video tutorial and a lovely way to start the day, especially listening to the birds tweeting in the background on this wet day in the UK. I've already got the word chains but what a great offer for those that don't have them yet. Glad you found the ruler! Like your foam backed Clarity mat too. Not seen that before. Fab idea for stamping. Have a fun day in the U S of A xx

  5. Wow Barbara all the lovely offers got some of the word chains in my Christmas box last year ,I bought the trees stamps they are brilliant to use might just treat myself to a mega mount as a going home present fabulous you tube as always have another happy day fill it with lots of memories xxx

  6. Hello Barb, super video, great techniques, have some of the word chains, the distress markers, both gelli plates, so until I get the trees and masks will have to try with something else. So glad you are making memories, it is the one thing nobody can take away. Take care. Bx

  7. Great backgrounds. Lovely card. I do love the word chains, I think those and the wee folk are essentials. Alas I will not yet be venturing into the gelli world just yet, I have self imposed claritystamp shopping embargo on at the moment. Any guesses why? LOL

  8. Thank you for the brilliant tutorial Barbara thank you for the brill deals hope you dave and Steve are ok and making fab memories stay safe love always June horrocks xxxxxx

  9. Great demo, loved the part where you start calling for your ruler……………mine never comes back to me either, although I call for my scissors too and they are just as disobedient!! Hope you American travels are going well. XX

    1. Well I go further than that, I ask Daisy where my lost item is, she just gives me one of her looks, so then I tell her to "help me find it then"!!!! I'm up for a wee bit colouring in of teapot malarkey!!! I saw you are suggesting the wee bits the same as we've done and in the same colours. I've also come up with another 3 bits that I've worked out colours for, not been totally idol while waiting on my eyes to work better!!!! But I've got my head sorted now to doing your bit first, nae worries, so happy to do your suggestion. Are we doing exactly same i.e. yellow background, blue circles, pink swirly bits? The stormy sea will need to be same, it's all blue!!! Unless we want to make it a stormy sea on another planet and colour it purple?!!!!! And go bright with the top bits too?!!!! Told you, it's going to look like an explosion in the B&Q paint aisle!!!! (who me emoticon!!!!) Being up most of the night is good for me eh (sarcastic emoticon!!!!!)!!!!!! Your decision – on the teapot I'm meaning!!!!! xx

    2. Yep same colours then it will go together nicely. Glad to hear you have been planning our next bits, Will get my pencils at the ready and hopefully not loose any Phoebe isn't much help at finding things either! Xx

  10. Enjoyed this demo. I especially enjoyed the ruler hunt, it's my scissors that wander away and take ages to return. Five or so years ago, maybe longer, I 'tidied away' my one finger sharp crafting knife so that my then small granddaughter wouldn't find it. Unfortunately I can't find or remember where I put it and haven't found it yet. Mischievous these crafting knives!

  11. Lurrrvly card! Thank you Barbara… I've just made my interpretation of this card, using the large leaf from the funky flowers set. Also great for colouring in. Great deals too… I'd like to ask a question if I may… There are 4 sets of word chains that I still need.. Nos 1, 2, 10 and 12. Would it be possible to mix and match the sets above please, to take advantage of the offer? (Can't wait for the Christmas sets too!)

  12. Hi Barbara. It certainly looks like you are having a great time, so many different sights from a stunning man made piece of art by the street artist to breathtaking natural scenery, my thanks for sharing. Love your tutorials too of course. I will be watching todays video tomorrow as I am falling asleep now. Take care xx

  13. Lovely video, especially the poly bag and ink on gelli plate bit. The offers are really generous, I've been thinking of a mega mount for a while now.
    Hope you're still enjoying the trip.

  14. Hi Barbara great artwork and video, you had me roaring with laughter at the missing ruler! Was this one that Dave filmed? Thank you for sharing that great poly bag technique that looks fun! The offers are great too will wait to see what the birthday bunny brings but I've got my eye on a megamount!
    Hope your trip is going well, love to you all. From Diane xxx

  15. Those tree stamps really are calling to me, but I've spent my crafty pennies already for this month renewing my club memberships and ordering some other "essentials" – maybe next time…. Great tutorial – I will be taking plastic bags up into my craftroom pdq! Susan x

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