Mindful Wednesday – Making Mind-Photo Memories !

Mindful Wednesday – Making Mind-Photo Memories !

Hi there!
Greetings from the Grand Canyon.
Just got back to the hotel, after walking for no less than 8 hours.
These boots were made for walking, or what???
If you haven’t coloured in or zentangled our free download of cowboy boots from last Wednesday, 
please treat yourself to that hour of relaxation.
Then send me your masterpiece – I have a plan….
But back to today!
Yep, walked the South Rim – to Hermits Rest and back again.
Unbelievable, spectacular, beautiful, overwhelming.
Every time we turned the corner, there it was: 
another fantastic vista.
Wednesday’s blog is our mindful day though, right?
Well, believe it or not, 
I was really struggling to stay with these views and the Canyon to begin with.
The reason for my distraction? Worka and Hollick had stowed away in my carpet bag, and were playing mind games.
I made the fatal mistake of calling the office first thing, 
to make sure everything was ok.
Apart from the fact that it gave Wurka and Hollick the green light to climb on my back and enjoy the ride, several niggles back at base kept luring me away from my feet and where I was:
So I was trying to put into practice what we have been learning on Wednesdays, like focus on my feet, turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, and so on.
But try as I might, I just couldn’t seem to actually be part of where I was, if you know what I mean.
I was going through the motions, 
but my mind kept pinging back to England 
and the next TV show, bla bla…
the new product packaging, bla bla…
the landlord and his latest greedy games, bla bla…
Absolute rubbish it was.
Then I saw my brother ahead of me, sitting on a bench, alone.
This is Steve:
“Alright Steve?”
“Yeah yeah. I’ve just made my Grand Canyon Moment.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, when I am not enjoying what’s going on wherever I am, 
like at work, or what’s going on in my head sometimes, I have magic memories like this Grand Canyon moment, and I just switch the photo on in my mind, which I have just taken in my mind. I find it helps me handle situations, and snaps me out of a negative spin.”
Bingo. That was what I needed to snap me out of my work head and kick Wurka and Hollick into touch.
So I took myself off to a quiet place,
and made a photo moment in my mind.
And in so doing, I brought myself right to the place where I was.
By concentrating on making a photo memory, it automatically pinged me to where I was focussing.
Said a little prayer, 
said thank you for the amazing holiday,
and then – as if by magic – 
I was right where I was, free to soak up the sun, 
enjoy Dave and Steve,
and one of the wonders of the world.
So my brother taught me a valuable lesson,
which literally saved the day!
Who knows if or when I will pass by this way again, so I am grateful to have not let my wandering mind spoil it. 
AND I have a wonderful photo-mind memory to call on, 
should the need arise…

Please leave an uplifting message. 
Tell us how you stop your head dragging you away from where you are…

lots of love,

73 thoughts on “Mindful Wednesday – Making Mind-Photo Memories !

  1. Good morning Barbara,Dave and Steve the photos are beautiful. Steve I thank you …. Next time I have one of my horrible panic attacks I'm going to try your put myself somewhere nice and focus on that rather than the attack! Meanwhile enjoy your holiday x

    1. Hi Isobel. a dear friend suffers as you do with panic attacks and she has found that forcing herself to imagine herself sitting on a lovely hot beach just watching the sea flowing in and out really helps her. The ebb and flow of the water also help steady her breathing. The best thing is that she says it is getting easier each time and her attacks are getting less severe and further apart! Would that be a place you might like to go? Maybe try and give it a go if it is. I wish you well. Take care x

  2. Hello Barb, what stunning pictures, amazing views. And well done Steve on getting you back on track, something to use going forward in my life. I normally go into the garden if I can, or read a page or two of a book, but also my craft is such a release when I am stressed. Enjoy your holiday, lovely memories with very special guys. Bx

  3. Oh Barb, such a beautiful place – such a shame not to be able to fully enjoy it because of niggles

    If I want to 'turn my head off' I occupy my hands; make a teddy; paint; bake; chop wood etc. Or I go into 'Grandma's space ship and go wherever I want – or I 'furnish' inside the spaceship with wonderful inventions. Can Steve or Dave do cat's cradle?

  4. Hello Barbara

    How lovely that you and Steve have similar outlooks on life. You must be very close.

    I am really struggling at the moment. I try your mindfulness techniques but at the moment they are not working. The light at the end of the tunnel keeps going out.


    1. Keep trying, never give up, even if the light at the end of the tunnel is not the one you would like, never give up trying. And try Steve's technique, it will help you to escape in your head and feel better inside for a wee bit. Take care xx

  5. That sounds like a really powerful technique, I will definitely try Steves idea. The Grand Canyon is on my list of places to explore but your road trip sounds like such a daring thing to do. Maybe one day x

  6. Hello Barb. I once sang to the Grand Canyon as I found it so beautiful. Singing is so good for you and requires lots of concentration to do it properly and remembering a song keeps you in the right place. Give it a go. A special song for a special place can work magic. Enjoy your loved ones and the time you have and the adventures ahead! Xx Margaret Col.

  7. Sorry those naughty gremlins sneaked on to your holiday but glad Steve had the magic to banish them. I agree with Maggie C that singing can help focus you in the moment although it is not a popular choice with my friends.

  8. Hi Barbara. ..your beautiful post made me think of a poem that I love by
    William Henry Davies
    What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.
    No time to stand beneath the boughs
    And stare as long as sheep or cows.
    No time to see, in broad daylight,
    Streams full of stars, like skies at night.
    No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
    And watch her feet, how they can dance.
    No time to wait till her mouth can
    Enrich that smile her eyes began.
    A poor life this is if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.

    Thank you Barbara for taking the time
    to share this beautiful journey. …
    and for taking us with you
    Luv Rach 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel. Yes, this is a wonderful poem isn't it. We all need to take heed of it sometimes and just let ourselves be, don't we? Take care x

    2. Thank you so much for the poem Rachel, my Mum used to say it but I couldn't remember what it all was. I'm making a scrapbook of precious memories and photos of my Mum and now I can include this poem too x

  9. Stunning and amazing pictures, thank you for letting us travel with you, it brightens my day every day. My negative thought stupidly interrupted the whole weekend, which ruined the feat of finishing my craft room. It wasn't until I spoke to someone, who like you, put my mind back in the right mind set, that it went away. As my Mum always says 'Don't let the b*&^$rs get you down!!! We are all with you, Enjoy your time xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Awesome photos! The Grand Canyon is on my wish list to visit sometime. – it is just so spectacular. the only thing is I keep thinking of the Audweidersein Pet ( I hope I have got the spelling correct!) series where they moved the Transporter Bridge from Middlesbrough to go across the canyon! I'm pleased you managed to chase those two pesky critters away thanks to Steve's wonderful tip. I think I'll have to try that one. I usually either put Dark Side of the Moon by PinkFloyd on very loudly so that I can lose myself in that or go and do some craft- I'm loving working with the fresco paints as I find them so easy to use. I've now got a lovely collection of background papers in various colours. Love Alison xx

  11. What amazing photos Barbara. Maybe I can persuade my husband to visit the Grand Canyon – he recently said he did not want to!!!

    Banish the phone to your suitcase, those you left behind have to deal with anything that arises. You need a break from it all, and you have an amazing team back home.

    Think of your time with your brother when you were children and the good times to banish those gremlins and enjoy the rest of your trip. xx

  12. What amazing photos Barbara. Maybe I can persuade my husband to visit the Grand Canyon – he recently said he did not want to!!!

    Banish the phone to your suitcase, those you left behind have to deal with anything that arises. You need a break from it all, and you have an amazing team back home.

    Think of your time with your brother when you were children and the good times to banish those gremlins and enjoy the rest of your trip. xx

  13. Hi Barbara. Sorry to hear that Wurka and Hollick joined you for the beginning of the day but so glad that Steve was able to help you back to where you needed to be, enjoying Mother Nature's fabulous scenery at the Grand Canyon. I suffer big time with a phobia of heights so much as I would love to visit it I would be keeping well away from the edge : )
    I make myself think of our 3 gorgeous grand children all laughing and smiling. I have always said that a CD of babies laughing should be avaliable on prescription for anyone in a bad place as it is so hard not to smile and laugh along with that sound! I also find that singing along to some very loud rock music whilst driving helps.
    Where are we off to today, I love this mystery tour. thank you for taking us along on your travels. Take care x

  14. Work and gremlins have no place on holiday. Well done Steve for showing you a way out. If I need to clear my mind I like to find a quiet place and enjoy nature. Stunning pictures, thank you Barbara. Enjoy the rest of your holiday xx

  15. Breathtaking photos, Barbara.

    I get negative thoughts out of my head by looking who´s birthday is next and thinking about the card I will make. You can believe that helps
    Photos from holidays don´t work so well because I have to many in my mind…
    Was it Galapagos, Australia or China??? I know it´s a luxury problem as we say but it confuses me more than thinking about the next card I will make.

    Have beautiful days in the states

    Rolf xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    What a wonderfull place, you both need this holiday.
    You said what do i do when all things are catching up on me. I think i am in a garden full of wonder flowers and put myself in this garden with the sun shining close my eyes and i soon feel calm.
    Have a wonderfull time.
    Lynn xx

  17. When I need to escape the here & now, I close my eyes & imagine myself back in my most favourite place, my spiritual home (I believe) – Sennen Cove, in Cornwall……the most magical, peaceful & spiritual place, where the ocean breeze blows away all my troubles, cares & cobwebs; where all my senses are stimulated &, an extra perk this summer, nearby to where they will be filming series 2 of POLDARK!!! Win, win & extra win!
    Check out this beautiful place at sennen-cove.com

    Relax & enjoy the rest of your holiday, Barb – the other stuff can wait!

    Have a wonderful time, Liz M xxx

  18. I really envy you yesterday's trip – the most desired place I have in my mind to visit. I have hundreds of pics of the canyon, but nothing beats being there. As for my internal moment, after 15 years on my own, I have met a man who is everything to me. What more could I ask for at 68?

  19. Love the photos- fantastic. After a mind search I came to the conclusion that I have two special places. First I imagine sitting on the bench my brother and I bought and had placed where our parents ashes re scattered on L'epercurie, Sark, Channel islands. the bench is looking out over the sea, peaceful, wonderful and familiar. There are no cars, buses (well a tractor drawn oneish),
    Not many people follow that particular path. My parents lived on the island so it feels like home to me. The second one is when I'm in Tai Chi class staying out of the window towards Snowdonia completely lost in the vista, can't beat it, turns the world right way up again.

  20. Hi Barbara, what an amazing place, I would so love to travel and see all the wonderful places in the world but have only set outside the uk once and that was when I was 12! I'm afraid I lose my concentration all the time, sometimes I have to start a tv programme 3 times and still I don't hear the words because my mind is off doing it's own thing. Your brother speaks wise words and I'm going to try it and store some lovely memories to push out some of the sad ones so thankyou Steve, hope you all come back with a suitcase full of memories to pull out when you need them xxx

  21. Barbara enjoy each moment and memories make, don't worry over back home you Carnot change it it will be sorted when you get home it doesn't matter what matters today is today tomorrow is another day enjoy the wonderful views of the world your in now surround yourself with the beauty ,thank you for blogging the views you see as some of us crafters are to ill to do the traveling you do but we enjoy what you share with us so see how important you are to me big crafting hugs xxx

  22. Fantastic photos taking me back a few years when we spent some time in Sedona and drove to Flagstaff then through the desert onto North Rim forest territory (which very much reminded me of driving along Royal Deeside!) This was where we experienced the dreadful mile after mile of wilderness due to a forest fire, so reminiscent of your earlier photos but joy of joys, plant regeneration now visible in some areas. Got up at 03.00 to bag a place at the viewpoint to experience the sunrise and as there were many visitors, thought it would be busy. Well, no! I counted fourteen people altogether who had bothered to take in this awe-inspiring, once in a lifetime sight! Another thrill – on returning to our cabin, we came upon a hind and fawn happily grazing in the morning mist by the pathway, oblivious to us! Truly magical!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip while I revisit memories! ;~}

  23. Thank you for these gorgeous photos Barbara, this is a place I would love to visit and so glad that sitting and focussing on that wonderful view brought your mind back to where it should be, enjoying that fabulous holiday with your two wonderful companions, and just think how fit you must be getting with all that walking! If I get stressed I try to think about our trips to Australia and I think my favourite memory which I summon up would be walking on a nearly deserted beach in Queensland with the parrots chattering in the trees and the beautiful azure sea washing in and out and seeing two pelicans flying over, and this was the first time I had ever seen pelicans in real life so it was a breath taking scene for me. I think you should take in as much of the beauty of nature as you can at the time and store it for those times when life is not going so well, and to remind us of how lucky we are to have these memories to look back on. x

  24. Hi Barbara Dave & Steve wow the pictures are stunning take your breath away. Your team at home will take care of everything you taught them well rember.
    My lovely thought is being on the patio of my sons apartment in Tenerife the veiw is breathtaking so when im sat in my garden I take myself of to that magic place. Also I have a greatgrandson who is autistic non verbal but he can sing postman pat right through and only my 5year old darling can understand the words he try's to say but it's magic love you Barbara xxxxjune horrocks xx

  25. Hello Barbara, Well done for getting rid of those gremlins! And well done Steve for sharing such a wonderful idea! When I find myself going round and round and down and down that negative tunnel I go into my garden, or look at it through the window. It's surprising what beautiful things are around us all the time that we take for granted. I watch the birds at the bird tables, or look at the way the trees move in the breeze. It makes me glad to be alive and helps me to sort out the gremlins in my head. x

  26. It's not very often that I am lost for words but standing on the edge of a The Grand Canyon and gazing it size and beauty has rendered me totally speechless! Like your brother I have two 'snapshot' moments in my head which always bring a sense of calm when needed. I was lucky enough to stay overnight at The Canyon and watched both sunset and sunrise. Totally awesome and humbling experiences that I'll never forget. I do hope it'll be the same for you. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I'm totally jealous!

  27. Hi Barbara, I started feeling very sad when I was reading your blog today. Very sad not only because your amazing road trip was being spoiled by rubbish Wurka and Hollick but also because I know exactly 100% what was going on in your head and exactly how you were missing out on the amazing experience today is and should be for you, and exactly how you were feeling being so aware of all that but unable to do something about it. That’s me totally. My Asperger’s means I can’t switch off, can’t box things /put things away for a bit, and with a lifetime of worries and bad stuff there’s so many old and present and to come and maybe what ifs banging on the door and forcing themselves through. And then I read your light bulb moment. How amazing is Steve, but then we should have known that with him coming from the same mould as you 🙂 And now I feel happy, happy for you that you’ve cracked it, not only for today and the rest of your road trip, but for the rest of your life. Now you’ll be able to make the absolute most of every little bit of good /happy experiences and use them when times are tough for you. And happy for me too, why, well because what Steve does, is exactly what my deep inside me, the real me, the fighter, the trying to make the most of every little bit has been trying for many years to do but mostly unsuccessfully as I was not aware of the process I was trying to do, so I rarely cracked it. And then I’d be so sad after because of being so aware that yet one more of the rare opportunities I get in life was lost and gone for good, and I hadn’t managed to soak it up, and box it fully for memories and future times. Some times, quite often actually, the stresses of what I'm going through to have one of these good experiences means my stupid head blocks out huge chunks, so I have no memories at all of those bits. It's something my head has learned to do as a kid to protect me, that I have no control over, and I hate it as I'm missing out on good memories that I should have, and when good stuff don't happen that much it becomes hugely important! I struggle so much to get myself back to a good time in my head because when I can picture something, I can’t find the feelings so can’t connect to it. Now I know the process my head was trying to do I can make a conscious effort to make the most of it if I get allowed to experience anything non bad /good in the future. (trying very hard right now to not go there on all the past experiences I could be benefitting from right now if I had had these puzzle pieces) And I can let Nicola read your post too so she can not only help me and remind me to do it but she’ll be able to pass it on as a technique to help some of my fellow service users too. Being totally honest Barbara, I’m sitting here with tears running down my face, why, because you’ve no idea how huge a light bulb this is for me and how much I’m going to be able to benefit from doing this technique properly, and it's something that I think is achievable for me

    The answer for you has been there all the time, and if you hadn’t decided to be totally upfront about some of your gremlins and personal struggles, and embark on this Mindfulness journey with us, you may never have found it!

    A huge thank you to both you and Steve, and the biggest bear hug to both of you, to you for sharing and taking the risk to be honest and upfront and share and teach, and to Steve for giving me the missing pieces of the puzzle
    Love Brenda xx
    p.s. amazing scenery, it's so hard to comprehend how vast a vista you had in front of you, I guess you must have felt so tiny (and free?) sitting there taking it all in. (I do love that shirt, my kind of shirt and colours :-))

    1. Oh Brenda, I felt the same when reading today! How brilliant Steve is with his photo memory, and like you I had been doing this for years without really knowing I was doing it! I am going to try hard to do it more often. I have seen the Grand Canyon and it is an amazing place. Xx

  28. Loved seeing your photos of Grand Canyon. We saw it from a small plane – not a good idea, too much turbulance. Just seeing all your photos of where we were on holiday in USA stops my mind from working as I reminisce. Thank you.

  29. Wow its like a light bulb moment for me, photo memory! I have done this for years, just soak up an event, place, try and remember everything about it. I take hundreds of actual photos while on holiday but sometimes I put the camera down and just look at something trying to make it a memory just for me. Since you have started your mindfulness Wednesday I have been trying to find at least one positive in every day……………some days are easier than others! Great photos of the canyon, I have been there and it is such a vast and humbling place, I loved the colours of the cliffs and the quiet, the sounds of the birds, the stunning vistas! Watched a sunset and a sunrise while I was there, now that's a magical awe inspiring thing to do if you can, the colours change minute by minute, never have I wished I could paint more than I did that day! Thanks for the great blog jogging my memories! Xx

  30. Wow – those photos have taken me back to my mid 20s when I managed to do a trek down a trail into the canyon. Going down was fabulous, but coming back up I was petrified I would fall, and only managed to get up by my friend telling me to just concentrate on the next bolder 10 yards away, then the next one – guess that is staying in the moment big time!!! Glad you banished those gremlins in the end today – enjoy the rest of your trip one bolder at a time, Susan x

  31. Amazing photos Barb. I wish I could walk that far, hey walk would be good. Would I have walked that when my legs and back would let me? Who knows, its that old adage that you don't miss something until it has gone……. I do miss my legs and back working….. getting a blue badge isn't just for parking close to the shop……. it shows others that we cannot easily move. How do I escape my handicaps…. I craft and read craft blogs and soak up so much information, because it is one thing that I can do. Happy holiday Barb xxxx

  32. Barbara, much gratitude for you and Steve. I just discovered gelli plates last night and your wonderful blog this morning. The first thing I see on your blog is the Grand Canyon. I live only five and a half hours from there and unbelievably, have never been there! To live so close to something as breathtaking and not to have experienced it, is something I need to remedy. Steve's wonderful suggestion was just what I needed to hear this morning. What I try to do when those sour nagging thoughts keep on, is to just reach for a little better thought. And when I can reach that, then I reach for another better thought and then another one. However, sometimes those icky thoughts just like to lurk around so I try to head outside. And then I offer them up to source, be still and just breathe. That's when I discover the humming bird fluttering around and the butterfly dancing on the flowers, or a little bug making it's way on the rocks. Sometimes, those thoughts are pesky critters and then something steers you somewhere…..and you end up on a blog with a special message that you need to hear 🙂 Sending you lots of light and joy.

  33. Enjoy your moment Barbara and recall it when life gets busy. I can always take myself back to a beach on Rhodes where we go every September…breath in , close my eyes and I can be there. I am glad you are using all these techniques and that you are showing your blog friends that everyone has these lurking nasty thoughts some days….just keep them at bay. What gorgeous photos and a great brother x

  34. Fantastic images, although I don't don't climb mountains, I have been fortunate to the Alps, and the Rockies, however my favorite ranges are the Scottish highlands especially the west coast. Barbara your beautiful images reminded me of a verse or was it a Guide song from many years ago?

    God of the hills,
    Grant me the grace to back to the city,
    Strength to go back to my daily task without tiring,
    Strength to help my neighbour, who has no hills to remember!

    God of the Sea,
    Grant me the peacefulness,
    Peace to bring to a world of hurry and confusion,
    Grant me self- control for unexpected emergencies,
    Patience for the wearisome task, and content to do all things.
    God of the stars, may I take back the gift of friendship of love for all,
    fill me with a great tenderness,
    for the needy person at every turning.

    God of all earth
    Grant me that may remember,
    the laughter of sunny days
    and that I may live out the truth
    which Thou hast taught me.

    Try and relax and enjoy the rest of your wonderful trip.

  35. Hi Barbara
    What amazing photographs today, almost feel we are right with you on this trip. Wow you can tell you are brother and sister, both worriers but dealing with it which is good. I hope Dave is coping with the two of you! Put all those worries in your suitcase Barbara you don't need them on holiday, your fantastic team will sort them out and you will have a sudden moment of Clarity and will sort out your landlord once and for all ( who knows one of us may have a lottery win and buy your
    premises for you!) . How to I put my troubles behind me, I usually bake ( not good for the waste line but sooo good for stress) or sing loudly and dance around the living room and have a laugh with my family but place wise the beach and crashing waves or the garden and singing birds. Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's photos. Love to Dave and Steve too – will Steve start to comment on your blog too like Dave does?!!) love Diane xxx

  36. Oh wow oh wow oh wow! The photos are amazing today! Well actually all your holiday blogs have had beautiful photos on them but today….Wow!
    I'm glad you kicked those bad gremlins, Wurka and Hollick into touch! I hope they've gone for the rest of your holiday!
    I'm on holiday next week and although I won't have the stunning scenery to look at I intend to make next week a work free zone!!!! Have another wonderful day tomorrow! Can't wait to see what you get up to then! Love and hugs!!!! Xxxx

  37. Oh wow Barbara your photos are amazing. It must be such a fantastic place to be. I am so pleased that you were shown a way to snap out of your worrying. One tip to help with the mind photo might be to do a simple sketch of the view you are looking at. Years ago I was told you remember something better if you try to draw it. I think it is all the careful looking you need to do. I am not good at switching off so I shouldn't really try to give advice. Enjoy the rest of the trip. I am looking forward to tomorrow's post already. Hugs Jackie xxxx

  38. What beautiful views, so glad you got your mind back into the holiday mode. Everything will wait til you get back, refreshed. I envy you being able to walk for eight hours, I am lucky today to manage eight minutes. I have torn a ligament or cartilage in my knee, so annoying as I had just got over the last tear. Never mind it will repair eventually. I still have to do my boots they are on the list, want to get my challenge entry done first. xx

  39. truly awesome views. when something is really eating at me i really haven't found a way to switch it off. the only thing that i found helps is crafting but that is not always possible. enjoy your lovely meanderings, hugs xx

  40. I visualize my grandchildrens ( the cherubs ,I call them) faces and I put a smile on my face and I settle into that for awhile . It helps a lot . I sit and do a few deep breathes ,on the inspiration I say let and on the expiration I say go . Let , go let go ,let go . The Grand Canyon is a work of the Divine . And so it is ,amen joy now jan

  41. amazing pictures Barbara – as a graduate geologist this is one place I have always wanted to venture – so I appreciated your photos very much. I also sympathised with your wandering mind – it so hard sometimes not to be distracted by things and so very well done on using your brothers method – I will try it!!! Hugs rachel x

  42. Fantastic photos Barbara. I so want to go to the Grand Canyon – have been in Arizona twice and for various reasons never got the GC!!! Love the idea that Steve creates his 'moments' to recall at pressurised times.

    When troubled I recall the sea, it's rhythm, it's voice, it's colour. I also take time to pray a thank you for nature and the positive things in my life.

    I hope your gremlins have been kicked into touch for the rest of your holiday and that your Grand Canyon moment will stand you in good stead when you need it. Hugs x

  43. What a great holiday you're having.Thanks for sharing your awe-inspiring pictures. The nearest I've seen is a place in S. Africa known as God's window. It's the near-infinity of such vistas that put things into perspective. We and our worries are usually minor in the great scheme of things. My escape from negative thoughts is usually singing and crafting, or if I can't sleep – rare since I retired- I craft mentally; cards, clothes, Christmas decorations etc. Cute grandchildren help too.

  44. Hi Barbara
    What amazing photos. So glad Steve had WWOWs ( Wednesday's Words Of Wisdom ) for you. I have a special photo memory of a beach on an island off the south coast of Crete. The sand was millions of tiny shells and the sea as clear as crystal. I can't swim but my hubby held me and I just floated on my back. It was a special moment . I go there in my head when I feel the need to switch off. I hope Wurka & Hollick are back in their box now.
    Hugs from Chris x

  45. Awesome photos! I am so glad you managed to keep yourself there rather than travel back to work worries! I have trouble with worrying – especially during the night. When I do wake up worrying I imagine putting my worries in a box under the bed and leaving them there. It seems to work and by morning they don't seem so bad anyway! xxx

  46. Great photos intresting reading on the blog today i always think of blue skies and the lovely blue water of our favorit holiday place when things get too much.
    Glad your brother was able to put you in the right place hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. I learnt when i had a buisness it will all be there when you get back.

  47. I concentrate on someone or something. Else to look after. Just about to "Foster" a homeless Dog if we pass the home test. I do the photo moment thing mostly when I am by the sea or at a family do when everyone is in high spirits. Xx Like the photo of us lot on the sofa at the end of the Clarity Open Day that is a great moment. Xxx

  48. Thank you for these wonderful photographs, Barbara. Just being in such an awesome place must have lifted your spirits. Many years ago when I was drowning in problems and conflicts, my lovely wee mum told me something she had read that helped her: in your mind's eye, place each problem separately in a box and put it away (under the bed, in the cupboard, buried outside… wherever you like). Don't think about the box for a while. Then when you're ready, you are allowed to open the box and take out one – and only one – problem and think about it. Leave the rest in the box and put it back under the bed or buried in the garden. You're only allowed to look at one problem at a time. One at a time. (Reminds me of your blog!! 🙂 ) It often worked. Failing that, a hot bath and a good cry helped too. But I think your brother has probably helped you best of all, so god bless Steve! I hope you manage to shove your box of problems into a dark corner and take as many memory picture moments as you can and enjoy the rest of your wonderful trip.

  49. Hi Barbara well what amazing trip your having in years to come you Dave and Steve will recall these to mind and smile so keep making those memories and forget about work its Clarity it will always be the best with the best team. Sorry couldn't comment yesterday but like Janice above I was in the best place to forget all my worries I was with my Grandchildren…..xx

  50. My daughter, Bec, said to tell you she is setting up a self help group for those people who cannot leave their worries behind or take on the worries of others. A holiday is a time for you to spend time with those you love and make strong beautiful memories to keep you going when you do get back to work. No more phoning work while you are away. Trust your wonderful staff to keep things going well for you. Just sit in quiet, as you did on the side of that canyon, and allow the atmosphere of the place, past and present, wash away your worries and allow you to enjoy the present. Dave, hide the phones, and keep Barbara away from any phone. Enjoy the rest of your time away. xxx Maggie

  51. Just looking at the picture of you with your back to the camera staring at the view is calming. You should have that up in your craft room Barbara. So you can go back every time you look at it. Enjoy.

  52. What amazing photos, I like the way Steve thinks and I shall embrace it. I have a lovely memory of me and my old gsd, Amber , set on a grassy bank near Holbeck in Scarborough, looking out over the South Bay, thank you Steve for reminding me of a wonderful memory.

    I love to get absorbed in crafting, totally takes me away.

    Glad you're enjoying your holiday, I loving all the photos xx

  53. So many incredible places in the world. Great that you can stop, breath and take a snap shot. With a memory photo you can include a memory of the whole feeling. Those two trouble makers need a good talking to sometimes 🙂

  54. Such wonderful photos – thank you for sharing. I am going to try the photo memory idea so thank you to your brother for the idea. x

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