Gelli Plate Tadaa!!

Gelli Plate Tadaa!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Here’s a little project from the TV last time.
Been saving it for a day when I was too busy being on holiday to blog.
And today is just such a day.
We are off to Santa Fé, so with the 7 hour time difference
here’s one I did earlier!
Ok, so lets get ready, set and go!
Decide on the colours you want to go with, I have chosen some quite bright colours because I know that when I transfer them onto the Gelli Plate, they will tone right down
Next we are going to squidge out each of the colours onto the Clarity Blending Mat and then using the Mini Blending Tools spread each colour out so that you get an even coverage on the foam
Position Jo’s Bubbles stencil onto the Gelli Plate apply the lightest colour over all the Bubbles onto the Gelli Plate. When you do this, it will look like there is nothing on the Gelli Plate – you will be surprised!
Take the next colour, Cranberry and apply around the edges of the Bubbles to add some shading – don’t forget you still won’t be able to see it clearly so don’t get to carried away! Repeat with the final colour, Stonewashed. 
You can see from the stencil that by adding the Cranberry, you now have a nice orange colour and by adding the Stonewashed, you have a nice green colour
Now you can remove the stencil and put it safely to one side as we will come back to that in a moment. Can you see the nice soft subtle shades of colour on the Gelli Plate? It helps if you put a piece of white scrap paper underneath.
Next take a piece of the 7″x7″ Gelli Card and place carefully on to the Gelli Plate, lining it up with the Mega Plate. Then apply pressure over the piece of card – some people find it easy to use a clean brayer. 
Lift the piece of card off and put to one side.
wipe the Gelli Plate clean.
Now let’s go back to the stencil we put safely to one side. Flip the stencil over and place it inky side down onto the Gelli Plate – lets go a bit off the chart and put it on at an angle! Now gently rub the stencil with your hand. You might find it easier to lay a piece of scrap paper over it and then rub. Next we can lift off the stencil and apply another piece of Gelli Card to the Gelli Plate like we did with the first one.
Take one of the Wee Folks folks from Set 1 – we have lots of other sets, but felt this one was great for just saying Thank You – arms stretched out to give you a great big hug! As you can see I have stamped him/her into the largest bubble using the Plum Archival and then used Thank You from the Wedding Stationery Set and curved it slightly to follow the circular theme. 
To finish it off, trim back and using a ruler and Promarker, 
go around the edge
Can you guess from the picture below which is the first print and which is the second print?
This was the first print, colour inside the bubbles,
and this was the second print, colour outside the bubbles.
Here are the links to the ingredients….
6×6 Gelli Plate(special offer)
Very easy. Great fun.
Which one do you like best?
much love,

61 thoughts on “Gelli Plate Tadaa!!

  1. Love this stencil it arrived yesterday in my clarity parcel as I bought the mega mount too so might give this ago when settled back in my bungalow love the colours enjoy the rest of your time away crafting hugs xxx

  2. They are both beautiful Barbara and it goes to show that although you can't see much colour on the gelli plate it is there as the colour on the second has transferred beautifully from the stencil itself. x

  3. Both great designs, but I think I prefer the one with the ink outside – it just kind of fades away at the edges. Glad you have some reserves of blogs so you can really enjoy your holiday. Off to my craft room to try to finish off my challenge entry! Susan x

  4. Love it and it fits perfectly with my desire to save every bit of ink rather than washing it away. It is a favourite stencil too. I just might get that out tonight, while I am still deciding on my challenge offering for this month (see, I am procraftinating again – yes, that is how I spell that word). Glad you are having a good time on your trip. Make the most of every second. xxx Maggie

  5. Love this stencil Barbara I hope I can get it at the big craft show in bolton next week. Love the card you have done. Stay safe you three love to all of you God bless June horrocks xxxxx

  6. I am always amazed how much colour comes off onto the card when there looks so little of it. I think I like the coloured bubble best hmm or is it the other one. This is a great stencil for a scrapbook page along with the wee stamps.Thank you for telling us about your fabulous adventure this week.

  7. Oooooo that's a tough one, I like them both! I like that one is solid and the other is coloured on the background. Have been playing with sprays and paints in my art journal today, was very careful to get the worktop covered, all my stencils ready, even put on a apron! Then got busy with my inky sprays. Bet you can't guess what I hadn't even considered! Yep you guessed it my hands! I now have multi coloured fingers, hands and arms (think I leaned on the craft mat!). Honestly it never entered my head to put gloves on, but to be honest I don't care! At least I look like I've been doing something creative! Oh and the craft sheet…………..wasn't quite big enough either so I now have a craft mat shaped inked outline in bubblegum pink on my kitchen worktop, any ideas how I can get it off would be greatly appreciated!!! Xxx

    1. Bicarbonate of soda, will work a treat. Spray surface with plain water, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on and leave for a few hours, then simply wipe away ;-). It's not harsh, you can use it on fabric, everything really. I've even used it on my hands, rubbing it into damp hands when like you, got multi-coloured inky fingers!! It's good for cleaning ovens too, with not much effort required 🙂 xx
      (got to go get some food, before I get even more jittery, be back to make my comment in a bit)

    2. p.s. quite a thick layer of bicarb and if it looks really dry then give it another wee spritz on top, so it looks kind of damp. You can leave it on overnight if the stains aren't budging. If all else fails you could spray the rest of the bunker with inks, and set a new trend of funky multi-coloured kitchen bunkers!!! 😉 xx

    3. Thank you, Maggie, I have a bottle with about three drops in, so will clean a corner! XX
      Brenda this may be a silly question but is baking powder the same thing as bicarbonate soda????

    4. No, baking powder won't work, it does contain bicarbonate of soda but for cleaning it needs to be the product 'bicarbonate of soda'. I think it's called baking soda in some parts of the world. I know it's confusing. Bicarbonate of soda is another leavening ingredient used in baking. And don't put anything hot on the stain, that will heat set it and it will be far harder to remove. xx

    5. I know it's too late this time, but what I do when spritzing, flicking, or anything else that is highly unlikely to remain contained, I put a huge piece of plastic on the floor, make sure not wearing anything good, slippers off, mat down in the middle of the sheet of plastic, card on top and spray etc. until my heart's content. But, remember to check the soles of your socks and any four legged friends feet before stepping off the plastic…. I've found it the best solution so far. I kept huge plastic covers, like when I got a new mattress, knew they'd come in use at some point!!! But you can buy big rolls of the thin stuff for decorating really cheap. Just make sure you use more than one thickness, mmm wonder why I'm advising you of that……

      Wow, what a brilliant birthday treat, must have been an amazing day. I didn't even know there was a real platform 9 3/4 nor a cable car across the Thames. Wonder how many kids end up in casualty with concussion running into the wall!!!! Sorry, but it did make me laugh, your sisters abandoning you at the underground station. So your sister is still trying to get rid of you then, the crocs didn't work, so now she's trying to lose you!!!! Ever felt not wanted!!!! It's all right Donna, I /we still want you xx

  8. Hi Barb
    Saw you demo this on C&C and loved it then. Jo's bubbles is one of my favourite stencils as well as the flower one that matches. Such a clever, simple card. Glad you're enjoying your break, love Alison xx

  9. Hello Barb, love both images, have different pro's and con's, great colour combo. Have a great time in Santa Fe. Take care and travel safely. Bx

  10. Love them both Barbara great combo Jo's bubbles and the wee folk my favourite is the wee fairies. Have a great time in Santa Fe will look forwards to your pics..take care you three amigos..xx

  11. Hi Barbara, these are great, simple, quick, but very effective, thank you. I like both, well being honest I looked at both and thought "there's something not quite right, more on the white bubble version but the other a bit too". I know what it was now – you've totally brainwashed me into everything being grounded and you chose to not ground the wee man this time!!!! Now I've got that worked out, I like both versions 🙂

    Well, as predicted, feeling a lot more ill and struggling today. But still managed to find a smile, on top of what lovely people here have been saying to me. I stopped to look out my bedroom window at the patch of garden that's blooming the best at this time of year – it was the tall pale purple, blended from dark at the bottom to pale at the top, tulips swaying in the breeze that caught my eye and made me stop to take it in. The tall purple tulips swaying in the breeze with the tall mauve alliums here and there, just bursting out from their buds, standing proud trying to resist the breeze. All against the backdrop of the fluttering large pale pink clematis flowers dotted along the trellised fence. Nature is so beautiful, so spectacular and so amazingly perfect. And then a lady walks past the fence, stops and back tracks and has a good look through between the slats. I start to freak, oh no what if she sees me at the window, so I hide away out of sight, oh no what's she doing, waited a few moments and then checked to see if she'd gone, she's gone, relief. And then I get to thinking, and the smile and nice feelings return. Remembering what the good people I used to have supporting me, what they used to say to me, people stop to look, comment, ask about specific plants, because they like what they see, and my gardens give them pleasure. So this lady was doing just that, probably looking at the same purple tulips swaying about that I was, the same flowers that my next door neighbour stopped me to comment on when I was out there the other day. 🙂 My neighbour is always telling me she loves to look at my gardens, gets pleasure from them, loves that there is always something somewhere flowering (from late winter through to the next early winter). She likes to stop and tell me which she is enjoying at that time, and will often ask about it.

    Wonder if you'll be coming back to your house with another wee damaged object /arty thing looking for a loving home 😉 Love Brenda xx

    Thank you Donna, Alison, Mrs B and Susan for your lovely replies :-). Yes I'm on my own, but not totally now I have here and all the lovely folk on here. Glad I could make you smile /laugh 🙂
    And thank you for making me smile /laugh, and feel better inside too, for caring 🙂 I'm sooo not used to people saying good things about me, and all the special things that have been said to me here in the last couple of days, well that's unheard of… xx

    Donna, are you going to share with us what your birthday treat in London was? xx

    1. Hello Brenda,

      I haven't 'spoken' to you before but I always read your posts. You have a very eloquent/descriptive way of talking. From your description of your garden I can see it in my mind's eye.


    2. My sisters took me to London and we went up the Shard, across the Thames on the cable car, to the Sherlock Holmes museam, to Kings Cross so I could go to platform 9 34 and then to see the stage show 'Wicked'. We also had a meal so I was thoroughly spoilt! Lots of mind photos! Xx

    3. They also lost me on the underground! And I can't navigate myself on the underground if my life depended on it! They thought it was hilarious, said my face was a picture as the doors closed with me on the wrong side. Mild moment of panic, and then I was laughing, had some funny looks as being happy on the London underground isnt a normal thing! I got on the next train and found them waiting at the the next station! Xx

    4. Beautiful description of your garden Brenda. Enjoy the compliments. I adore tulips they look quite majestic like little crowns. Hope you soon feeling better. xx

    5. Wee piece of advice for Emma on Tuesday re your harness. Make sure you give your son plenty of warning if you need a wee, it's going to be nigh on impossible for him to disentangle you from one of those harnesses if your stood doing your pee, pee dance (but it does make very funny pictures in my head)!!!!! But most of all enjoy and make plenty of mind photos alongside the real ones. I'm really looking forward to hearing all about it, very best of luck love Brenda xx

    6. Hi Brenda
      Your garden sounds lovely, I love tulips, alliums and clematis , I would have stopped to look too! Just think, not only are you getting pleasure from your garden but lots of other people are too with out you knowing it. What a lovely person you are for helping others to smile. Thanks for the bicarbonate tip, I always keep a pot for keeping my fridge clean. Take care
      Love Diane xxx

    7. Hi Brenda. your garden sounds beautiful. It made the lady that was walking past stop and have a good look. I bet it made her day. Such a shame that you couldn't stay at the window and enjoy the happy look on her face that you gave her, maybe next time? Take care x

    8. Thank you Barbara, that means a lot to me. 🙂 I'm glad you enjoy the conversations Donna and I have too. 🙂 I'll enjoy winding her up even more now (but don’t tell her I said that!!!!!) 😉 xx

      Thank you Diane and Mrs B :-). It's not totally altruistic you know 😉 I get good feelings from seeing /knowing that I've managed to make another human being smile /laugh /feel better for even the smallest moment of time. That's huge and amazing to me, that I've managed to influence another person to feel better, no matter how momentary that may be. There's too much badness and negativity and putting people down in the world, I'm just trying, in my own wee way, to put a tiny bit on the other, positive, side of the scales 🙂 And I love to share, and it's far better to share good stuff than it is bad xx

  12. Hello Barbara

    I am pleased to hear you are still having a great time and thank you for taking the time to blog. I watched this on the day and am very pleased you have blogged it. Both of the cards are lovely and I can't choose between them.


  13. Well my collection of clarity stamps is starting to grow , have the fairies and have Jo's bubbles . Have never tried the gelli plate ,my wish list is growing by leaps and bounds .,enjoy reading everyone's comments and hope that Brenda will arrive and stay in a good safe place in mind and body . Take care . Joy now jan

  14. Love that no ink is wasted by using these techniques. I think that it will work well for many of my stencils.
    Loving all the comments from everyone too. We are certainly becoming a wee community on here and together we support each other with our positive thoughts, lifting us out of of dark times.

  15. Hi Barbara this is a gorgeous card. I love the technique and I will be trying it with my Gelli plate. The word recognition on my Kindle just changed Gelli into Hello weird. Enjoy your trip. Hugs Jackie

  16. Hi Barbara
    Love this, must get the bubbles stencil it keeps calling me, along with the wee folk! Loved your cardinal yesterday too and your make do with what you've got, just shows us how to look at things differently. Enjoy your holiday.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Hi Barbara. Have a great time in Santa Fe. This looks quite simple but so effective. Can't choose one over the other though, love them both. Take care xx

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