Birds in the trees….

Birds in the trees….

Thanks for stopping by.
It’s a beautiful sunny day here in New Mexico.
The guys are working on the yard 

and the house,

so I thought I would slope off to make a card.
I don’t know whether you recall, but back in January,
 Dave and I came to the CHA and launched Clarity in America.
Well, we came via the house, so I left everything I had used on the TV shows – all the stamps, ink pads, brushes, stencils etc. here.
Left most of it in the fridge,
because you do out here in the desert!
And let’s face it: the American fridges are big enough to store all your crafting goodies AND your dirty laundry if you want to!!!
So let’s take a look at this card…
I decided to use the Bouquet Flower stamps
and the Cardinal Birds stamps, which come with masks, too.
The challenge was that I haven’t got a craft knife,
so had to work with card sizes I had.
Also, no coloured card for backing, but whatever.
We work with what we have, don’t we.
Made an ink pad to create a floral border, using 
Cut n Dry Felt and Bottled Distres Reinkers
Stamp the bouquet onto the Cut n Dry felt with Black Archival ink,
and then paint it roughly, using the inks.
You see. Here, I am using the second stamp in the bouquet kit, 
and the flowers are now painted.
Very cool.
Anyway, decided to try stamping 2 layers at the same time,
to make a border.
So I used A5 and A6 Theuva Card, 
because that was all I had sizewise.
But then I found a little tag in a bag, the one I was writing the names of the inks on,
so that was great for the third layer, the centrepiece.
Enter the large finch…
Mask him off, and stamp around him too.
Mmm. Now if I were at home, it would be easy to layer up these elements on black card cut 1/4″ larger.
That would also hide the little gap you get when you stamp onto two or three layers of card.
Double or Triple stamping as it’s called, is easiest when you can hide the edge of the lower layer with a layer of contrasting card.
But I had a Sharpie Pen. So that’ll do…
Needs to be bolder, so stick the centre piece down and 
drag the big fat Sharpie pen around the edge freehand.
Only had double-sided adhesive sheets with me, so they worked.
Wish I hadn’t gone through his head with the thin line now…
Scissors out!
Pencils to colour in the bird,
needs to be more vibrant – 
so out with the paintbrush and the reinker inks. 
Use them like water colour paints.

Busy, but fresh, and perfect for this place.
You see birds like this in the trees all the time!!
The reinkers are excellent, and we have a great price on the set.
Decided to stick to the original 48 colours.
Pretty comprehensive, don’t you agree?
Got to go to Albuquerque and get more paint for Dave 
and some strimmer string for Steve.
As long as they’re in the mood and the zone, 
I am more than happy to oblige!!!!
Must dash, said the Mexican…
lots of love,

50 thoughts on “Birds in the trees….

  1. Love this Barbara. I bought those flower stamps from Janet at the last Clarity east workshop, think I need some distresser inks now… Where does the shopping list end?!

  2. Bright and colourful and really like the triple look – just perfect for your location.
    We have just watched back to back episodes of a series on Netfilx – Breaking Bad – all set in Alburuerque….one compelling series….all about drugs I might add ….. but did show a lot of the scenery and the desert and the reservations…. I do hope it was more fiction than fact though…maybe a place I might visits in some time to come – one to put on the bucket list!!!

    Much love to you all

    Kim xx

  3. Really beautiful Barbara! He's a very regal looking bird!
    Hope you're feeling all rested and relaxed. We have sun here today but it really wouldn't matter if we didn't….my day would be bright anyway as I've been to Maria's workshop…great way to start my weeks holiday! Love and hugs to you all xxx

  4. Fabulous card Barbara…. I envy your sunshine…. Am off up to Ben Nevis on Monday, ten foot of snow at the top…. As I said to Jo…I only have little legs lol
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday xxxxxx

    1. Oh Emma, that's nae use! My trick with wee legs through snow drifts, get the taller ones to go first and take small steps then I jumped from hole to hole!!!! Best of luck, I'll be willing you on for your climb on Tuesday. Love Brenda xx

    2. Best of luck for Monday Emma – we drove past the Ben today on the way home to Inverness, but couldn't see the snow at the top because of the low cloud! I was quite inspired by all the walkers that we saw on the West Highland Way – might have to get my walking boots out once we're over the summer rush! X

    3. Aww thank you Dot, Brenda and Susan. X you made me laugh and smile. All packed and then son brings out the harness I am to wear…… Now that is going to be a laugh!!!! Hugs to all and thank you again for the warm wishes xxxxxx

    1. Stamped and cut out another piece to stick over the original bit that Barbara drew a line through by mistake, I think (had enough practise at this technique myself!!!!!) xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and thinking of me ,it's lovely to be home I have reclined in my sofa chair I have been to bed for a well earned sleep the staff at the hotel bought us a beautiful orchid and a lovely card all signed and some pomegranate tea bags they know I like ,it's been a daunting experience especially been so Poorly that I wouldn't want to repeat but in a good way I've met some lovely people who have looked after me and my partner/full time carer but yes it wonderful to be home hugs xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, very summery, lovely, thank you. Been a lovely day here, sunny for most of the day, very little breeze, birds all happily singing 🙂

    I don’t think I’d want to confuse sweaty socks with the cheese!!! Yes we do work with what we have, but there will be a lot of ladies on here who wish to keep that a secret from their other half!!! 😉 I was just thinking about making my own inkpads this afternoon, and that led onto me thinking about ‘I wonder if’ – making wee inkpads from liquid watercolour /waterbased paints, for using with the brushes, to extend the colour range /match the project, so there's no risk the card gets flooded /over inked, mm wonder why I think along those lines!!!!! Barbara, like you say, make do with what you have, you could tear card or paper and go for the distressed torn look!!! That’s weird 2d birds you have in New Mexico, but very obliging of it to sit still in front of a piece of artwork for you!!!!

    Inside I'm feeling a bit more like myself this evening, and even managed a little craft, not proper craft, but bits of prep for new more arty things, a couple of variations on some of you ideas Barbara :-). And I drew a wee teddy at the beginning of the week, not done anything with it yet but I do know what I'm going to do with it, if I'm brave enough! Nicola and one of her colleagues have told me it makes them smile, they think it's cute, but should I believe that, they're not exactly going to tell me how rubbish it is are they!!! That's pretty much all I've done craft wise all week!

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Here's my wee story I said this afternoon I'd tell you
      Be careful what you wish for!!!!! Four and a half years I’ve been here, four and half years of patiently filling the birdfeeder. Patiently watching and listening for any signs of wee birds being enticed to come investigate. Then eagerly watching and waiting to see if those that did stop thought the free accommodation and fayre were of a high enough standard for them to take up residence, and not just use me as a free motorway service station and Travelodge!!! So earlier this week I thought my patience had finally paid off. Daisy was at the window, very intently watching something, doing a different to norm bird chatter, so I went to see what new thing had got her attention. 2 Coaltits, flying back and forward between the feeder and the bushes next to my gable end and a sparrow yanking chunks of my hanging basket liners, filling her beak (yeah bird gender rules seem to be the same as human ones for this, although they do have it sussed re the males making all the effort in trying to win over the females!!!) with a mound about half the size of her body then flying off in the direction of the bushes, or maybe a bit further afield. That got me enthusiastic, a hive of activity. And then – wait a minute, yanking chunks off my liners, that’s fine and amusing while it’s the extra bits hanging over the edges, what if they take too much, to below the soil level, all the soil pours out and my tomato plants die! Now not so enthusiastic and amused!!!! So I kept a look out, and saw not much more taken, so that’s fine then, nests must be lined , my tomato plants safe, everyone happy, and I’ll have happy wee sparrows and hopefully their babies feeding and playing in my garden over the summer. So out I went to do my garden yesterday, thinking my only worry re the hanging baskets was to check the tomato plants as they didn’t look too healthy, I think the frost has got them a wee bit, but there seems to be bits of new growth so hopefully they’ll still be fine. Was feeling ok about that, then thought I’ll check the other basket, the only one I can’t see from the window, see if they’ve taken any liner from that one too! Turned around and the cheeky wee monkeys have literally taken half the liner away! The only basket they’ve done this to, now how did they know that was the only one I couldn’t see from my window, and therefore they could happily take as much as they wanted without being caught!!!! Fortunately I had lined the liners with plastic – I’m like you Barbara with all your contingency plans for what if!!! So no soil pouring out yet, but very little protection and half a liner and even what’s left of it is a bit shredded!!!! So, definitely not so amused and enthusiastic now! Not only have they decided to take me up on the offer of free accommodation and fayre but they are happily helping themselves to the fixtures and fittings too to fill their own homes with!!!!! But (as you say Barbara) I have a plan!!! I didn’t have time yesterday to do anything about it, but on Wednesday I’m going to cut up one of the spare ones (yes another what if, that’s paid off!!!) and do a patch up job. And I’ll keep the ripped up ones for laying out next year so they can have as much as they want and hopefully leave the basket ones alone! But, knowing sparrows, that won’t be in their plan for next year, they’ll get stuck into the new ones first!!!! Now all I need to do is try and find the receipt for the liners, for the name and size for ordering more, and for that I need to remember which website I ordered them from and a rough idea of when, I think I’m going to be looking for a loooong time!!! And what of the Coaltits, seems they were just emptying the feeder to fill their larders (they bury seed for what ifs!!!) as the tit family of birds do!!!!

      And Barbara make sure you buy plenty paint, strimmer string, and anything else Dave and Steve could possible need 😉 And please clone them and sell them at Clarity, I'll be first in the queue to buy one!!!! 😉 xx

    2. That's my girl Brenda that's the wee stories we love about you keep them coming and as for the help your getting I to my last breath will fight for all the help my Grandaughter can get as you say it is not a lot and you have to fight to let people understand and with your help and understanding I'm getting to know what the future brings and I for one will do my best to try and change this take care my friend…Dot..xx

    3. Dot, I wish I had had someone like you in my life, I would have had a far better chance in life and I very much doubt I would have ended up in the state and awful situation that I am in now. Your wee granddaughter being diagnosed in childhood, and with you, her family's love and care and support, and the support and help she'll receive from organisations, she's got the best of chance of fulfilling her potential and being the best she can be and having the best life possible for her, and that's all any of us can ask for /hope to achieve, no matter what lot in life we are given. xx

    4. Hi Brenda, just got in from a Birthday treat in London. Just wanted to let you know I read your posts from yesterday and today. Glad to hear you find comfort on this blog, like you I look forward to reading Barbara's blog and the comments every day. Please don't worry about writing what you feel, think you need someone to chat too so why not on here. Keep swimming Brenda xxx

    5. HivBrenda, just read your posts and you have made me smile with the sparrows' antics! I used to haves a bird feeder on the shed that had a thatched roof – I say had because the birds decided that the thatch would line the nests well! Also last year my husband made a strawberry planter out of a water butt by cutting holes around the sides. Went to water the strawberries one day and found that one lot of sparrows had made their nest right in the middle of the top layer! Didn't have the heart to water the strawberries after that in case I drowned all the chicks! Love Alison xx

    6. Hi Brenda. Thank you for sharing your garden birds antics with us. They are such fun to watch, aren't they. I had to laugh when you told us that they had taken so much from the hanging basket that is out of your view. I bet the look on your face was so funny : ) Take care x

    7. Hi Brenda – you're sounding so much more positive today, I'm really pleased you're feeling better and managed some crafting! Love the little birdie stories – they are so cheeky stealing nest material from the basket you can't see!! We have a baby blackbird who always appears the minute we step into the garden with leftovers for the bird table – sometimes he hops up and down on the fence if we're a bit late, and it's so funny! X

  6. Hi Barbara
    Fabulous cheerful colours and I do like that background. I bought the cardinal set from you at The NEC And I have a card in mind now for a bird lover. The cardinal is lovely but as I have mentioned before those little garden birds are my favourites . Keep those boys hard at it and enjoy the rest of your stay.
    X Chris

  7. Amazing what you can create with what you have to hand – I love the layered stamping effect too! That's such a cool technique making your own ink pad. I have a couple that I've done and they always make such bright and simple cards. x

  8. Hi Barbara it just goes to show what you can do with limited supplies. This is beautiful! Am enjoying reading about your adventures. Enjoy the rest of your break and keep those boys working!!

  9. Hi Barbara limitied supplies is what I work with to but if they are Clarity supplies then you know they will do the job I to like Chris above think the garden birds are one off the the best you have done.
    Take care I just love coming here you probably don't know how much your blog means to me but let me tell you Please do not stop….xxx

  10. Great card Barbara using only what you have to hand. I like the layered look and have used it a few times. Glad to see the guys are occupied, though I hope they get a little rest too. Hugs xx

  11. Great card, I do love those sharpie pen borders, they really do look like a black mats. I also love those inny and outy stamps but to get them to work together, now that is another matter altogether, and i'm far from mastering that.

  12. Hi Barbara this is a fantastic card. It is amazing what you have done with limited resources. I love how you have created the black layers that will save me a fortune in black card. Hugs Jackie

  13. This cardinal and the pretty flowery backgrounds is beautiful Barbara and full of the hot spicy colours and definitely complementary to places like New Mexico. You did so well with what you had available and it is good for us to work with limited supplies sometimes. It's a bit like trying to make imaginative meals when you haven't been shopping and the cupboards are nearly bare .lol. Nice to see the chaps hard at it around the house and garden, they mustn't work too hard though, it is a holiday after all. x

  14. Beautiful card love the layering. Hope you got everything you needed while visiting the shops. How lovely to have a home in the sun, you get over there more! Xx

  15. Hello Barb, such a beautiful and vibrant card. The cardinal stamps are on my wish list. Great to see what you can achieve with limited supplies. Love the picture of the bird in the tree, looks just like yours- lol. Hope the boys managed to get all their jobs done and stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. Take care, hope you are all relaxing as well. Bx

  16. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely piece of art. It might be busy as you say but it is really fresh and summery I think. Pleased to see you have got the right idea – Dave and Steve working and you crafting! Can I just say a big thank you to all at Clarity- I ordered my remount able tree rows on 19th May as I said I would and they arrived on 22nd – how's that for a quick turnaround! Love Alison xx

  17. Hi Barbara. What a beautiful picture. I really must have a go at this ink pad technique. It just goes to show that you don't always need lots of items to create a lovely card.
    I hope you managed to get more paint etc. for Dave and Steve along with a few cool beers too no doubt as a reward for their hard work : ) Have a great day. Take care x

  18. Hi Barbara Dave and Steve looks very hot for the boys I hope you took them cold drinks barb. I love the card so beautiful and summery you managed brill with your limited goodies from the fridge. Take care all of you love June horrocks xxxx

  19. Hi Barbara,
    your card demo comes right in time for me. I got this flower stamp and now I have an idea for using it as a frame.
    Thanks and have a lot of fun in New Mexico
    Rolf xxx

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