YouTube Tuesday – A Frame Of Mind

YouTube Tuesday – A Frame Of Mind

Hi there!
So glad you have popped in.
Here’s a short video, showing off ye old brayering technique .
There’s no harm in revisiting old skills.
Actually, it’s like putting on a comfortable pair of old shoes,
when you go back to your stash of skills and pull a golden oldie out of the bag.

Find step by step instructions for this project HERE:
Items Used:

much love ,

42 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – A Frame Of Mind

  1. You looked lovely. I was absolutely hypnotised by the video. It was totally awesome. I must get over my aversion, indeed fear of clarity card! So many end up in the wpb. Will get there sometime, some day, somewhere!
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  2. This is brilliant Barbara, thank you. Really enjoyed watching you, and my favourite (feel good) colour as a bonus :-). My head is working towards making art pieces instead of cards now, when I think of what arty compositions I want to try they get pictured /thought of as a piece of art, and that's all because of you, following you on here :-). The ducks are already on my need list, these trees are now added too, love them, and loads of down time outlining all those leaves, something I love to do too 🙂 I'm off to take advantage of your monthly offers and buy a new brayer so my older one can be relegated for paint :-). Hope today is a better one for you, love Brenda xx

    1. Sounds like you are full of arty ideas! That's great, I'm hoping to get into my craft room this weekend (if not sooner). I haven't done anything since coming home and my fingers are itching! XX

    2. Spooky, I've just left you a note at the same time! Yeah, cogs starting to move at last, if only my body would too!!! What's been going on for you? Not still catching up on washing I hope!!!! xx

    3. No, washing all done:) Been sorting out photos and holiday bits. Craft room needs a good tidy but I feel the need to get my head into something crafty so this weekend I have a date with my inks and stamps! Xx

  3. Another brilliant idea, Barbara. I already have all these stamps so will have to follow your video and see if mine looks as good as yours. The picture in the frame looked fantastic, great idea.
    Jane xx

  4. Hello Barbara

    What fantastic artwork! Love to watch you brayering as I don't feel I have quite mastered the technique yet. But omg drawing round those individual leaves! Wouldn't find it restful to begin with, must practise. Lol.


  5. Hello Barbara having problems with wifi in hotel so will try to watch you tube later it will be nice to revisit old skills hopefully we can return to our bungalow in about another 3 weeks fingers crossed xx

  6. What a beautiful picture Barbara. I love the idea of framing your work. I always sign mine, but on the back will have to pluck up courage and the sign the front instead. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Gayle x

  7. Hello Duckie, this is lovely, great composition. Great to see it take shape. The added pen work adds so much to the artwork, I will be trying this as I love to doodle. Thanks for another fantastic blog. XX

    1. Mm, sounds like you're going through a tough time just now. Yeah it is really hard to keep smiling through! I should know, I've had plenty to practise it with!!! Try to keep focused on your happy holiday memories and on here and craft when you get the chance to get back into it. Can't believe you've not done any since you got back, you must have massive withdrawal symptoms by now!!! Thinking about you xx

    2. Thank you, trying to keep positive and not worry what the future holds, need a time machine to just go a year down the road xx. I had my zentangle book on holiday so I doodled a few patterns, but now I'm home I have so many ideas I don't know where to start! Xx

  8. Really enjoyed those 20 mins. Always good to have a refresher on techniques but with an added twist with the pen. Great artwork but framing it made it look so much more valued. Loving the SOS idea. Thanks again. Jeanette x

  9. Wow! I really enjoyed your video tonight. Looks really great as a card, even better as a framed picture. Love doodling so will try this If I have a steady enough hand. Thank you Barbara. Amazing.xx

  10. Luv a Duck, that's a beauty. I've just watched the video , I had the sound muted and put the subtitles on it's hilarious you must watch it you won't believe some of the words I had to watch it

  11. Wow love the U Tube today its good to see the brayer out to play love it so much Have just ordered the stamps My hubby as just got a mount board cutter so he will be able to frame my picture its a great idea much love Pauline xx

  12. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin wie immer begeistert von deinem tollen Video. Die Idee mit dem Rahmen und es als Bild aufzuhängen finde ich wirklich super. Die Gestaltung gefällt mir sehr gut. Fasziniert war ich von den wenigen Strichen die der Gans so viel mehr Tiefe gegeben haben, Ich bewundere deine Kunst. Auch heute habe ich wieder viele wundervolle Tipps bekommen. Ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen, kreativen Tag. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  13. Hello Barb, such a lovely image, enjoyed the video, and you have inspired me to make some pictures of my own for the house, and maybe for my MIL who is in a care home. It has been a while since I played with my brayer, so will get it out again. Take care. Bx

  14. Hi Barbara, Wow, I thought the picture was 'stunning' before the addition of the Micron pen work, but after the pen work it was 'amazing',and then when you framed it, it was taken to 'another level' altogether.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Absolutely stunning, and what a difference the frame made to the finished artwork – no wonder you hung it on the wall! I finally had the courage to take a pen to one of my cards the other day, and I was really pleased with the results – thanks for taking us outside of our comfort zones sometimes, Susan x

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