Brand new Peonies and Anniversaries on TV

Brand new Peonies and Anniversaries on TV

Hello and welcome to Blue Blog Thursday !
I was hoping to be able to use the free download from Yesterday’s blog, the beautiful teapot that our Melanie drew.
But if I am to follow my own instructions around calming the mind,
then I want to be in a less deadline-hectic space than today.
So let’s do something else;
let’s have a look at some rather lovely new stamps which are being aired on TV on Sunday morning, 9am – 11am.
Freesat 813 Virgin 748 Freeview 36 Sky 674
I combined some new Wedding line sentiments 
which our Jim designed,
with some new Peony Blooms
which our Julie Owens designed.
I am surrounded by talent!
First of all, walk the brayer over a piece of Gelli card,
using some Fresco Acrylic Chalk paints.
They are fab!
I used 

Stamp the Love & Cherish in Black Archival up from the base.
Stamp the Wedding in Black Archival up from the base.
Bend the 3rd line sentiment on the mount, and
stamp the Anniversary in Black Archival up from the base.
I have a plan!
Time to add the flowerheads…


Cover the peony heads up with their respective masks,
and using a Squeezed Lemonade Distress ink pad,
add yellow into the background behind the flowers.

You don’t realise how much this is adding to the background 
until you lift the masks.

Add a little Denim Adirondack, or any blue ink, 
to the lower area behind the flowerheads.
This will turn the yellow to green in that area.

You could even very lightly add some Slate, for added depth…

There we are.
I knew it would work!

Go round the edges with the yellow and a blending tool.

Line the outer edges with a Sharpie pen and a ruler.

Mount on a spritzy geli platey kinda background.

Time to go for a walk in the bluebells.
It being Blue Bell Thursday and all that…

Both of these sets of Claritystamps will be available on Sunday,
so be sure to tune in!

And wait until you see the large bouquet in the set,
which Julie designed.
It is wonderful. 

Much love,

55 thoughts on “Brand new Peonies and Anniversaries on TV

  1. Oh goodness, looks like I am going to be spending some cash. Love peonies, never last long but beautiful while in flower. This is beautiful, got some chalk paints but not used them yet. Reckon show will be another sellout. xx

  2. I love your wedding anniversary card Barbara, you have made my day, I never imagined in a million years that you would create something with one of my doodles. I'm looking forward to Sunday xxx

  3. Such a clever use of the stamps. And great use of colour…our Julie has designed some beautiful stamps and she certainly is very talented…I am really looking forward to the shows on Sunday….hope you have had a lovely walk among the bluebells….hugs…xxxx

  4. Ooh! These new stamps look very tasty. Can't wait to see the full bouquet. I use the other line sentiments a lot so I know the Wedding set will be worth getting to but will have to go on the wish lust for a few more months.
    Thank you for yesterday's download. It's very pretty. I've printed it off twice, ready for some chill time.
    The recorder is set ready for Sunday but hope to watch you on air. Love Jeanette xx

    1. Apologies, I didn't mean to lust (unless you are Aiden Turner aka Poldark of course). I meant to type "wish LIST".
      Also, congratulations to Julie on her lovely Peony design. X

  5. Hi Barbara, this is lovely, thank you. I've got a real peony, a herbaceous one, been struggling to get it to flower though. I've raised it up, can't really raise it any further in the ground so keeping my fingers crossed it will flower this year. Hope you enjoyed your walk. I remember walking through woodland beside a wee river with a carpet of bluebells all around when I was a kid :-). It was literally outside a great aunts door that we sometimes went to stay with :-). Her husband was a gardener on an estate and they lived in a cottage there. I'm still waiting on my elbow pain settling down a bit to try walking the brayer :-(, but would be daft to aggravate it more with something that can wait. I'm nearly finished what I was working on so I'm thinking of having a wee go at shaving foam backgrounds instead :-). Love Brenda xx

    1. Yep ok, I think I've clamed down my panic/fear about it that I woke up with today!!! Just got to get the page – out of reach of Daisy who was determined to sit on it, don't know if that's an endorsement or not!!! I was thinking pale yellow goes nice with aqua bluey type colour, but that might be better for the spaces in between, so maybe pink for the frondy bits? What do you think. (I thought you had written sprout!!! I better have my rubber at the ready too, if my eyesight is that blurry today!!! xx

    2. Ha Haaaa, when I typed it I had to look twice because I thought I had typed sprout too!! Pink sounds good and spookily enough I was thinking a yellow for the background space……………we are obviously on the same colouring wave length! I am going to sit down now with Phoebe and colour these bits. Let me know when you are done too, and Brenda……………..DON'T PANIC you can do it. XX

    3. Don't know what happened to what I just wrote, I'll try again! That's me done :-). I found the yellow quite tricky because it was making the black ink smear a bit. Which bit will we do next? xx

    4. Hi Donna thankyou for helping our Brenda I have a 10 yr old granddaughter with non verbal
      autism who I see every day all the commments Brenda makes is exactly the way it is even lol the jelly babies
      It gives gives me so much hope that some day she will find a place where she can go …as she is very competant on a computer and that some day in the future
      she will be able to interact with a friend to help her just like you…x
      Keep going Brenda I hope one day my wee gra daughter can be as articulate as you…

    5. Dot, just be you, keep your grand daughter feeling safe and secure and loved with gentle loving engagement /encouragement. Personally, I think that will mean a lot to your grand daughter even if she can't show you. Hopefully one day she'll be able to tell you for herself. She's lucky to have a granny like you 🙂 If there's ever anything I could help you understand or anything else you want to ask about having Asperger's /autism, please do ask, I'm happy to tell you if I can, love Brenda xx

    6. Well done Brenda you are doing really well. Keep going.
      I have worked with young autistic/asperger's children at school in the last few years Brenda but I have learnt so much more from you than I learnt on training courses. Thank you for being so open with us all. Take care love Diane xxx

    7. Hi Dot, thank you for your kind words, made me feel warm inside! I'm sure there will be lots of people willing to lend a helpful friendly hand to your grand daughter in the future. Chatting on a blog……….who would have thought it could be so rewarding! Xx

    8. Thank you Lynne and Diane 🙂

      Diane, what you say there means sooo much to me. I know I'm very fortunate to be able to communicate stuff, even if it's just – that makes me feel bad, I'm scared, I don't understand, I'm feeling locked in, even just aaagh help me. Even I can't comprehend how much more awful it is for those unfortunate people with autism who can't communicate on any level. I also have so much insight, unusually so for an autistic person, a big downside for me personally as it makes it an awful lot harder knowing just how much I do have to suffer compared to normal people and what I am missing out on in life too. So I decided God must have given me these abilities so I could speak out for my fellow sufferers who can't. So that's what I do, tell it as it is, try to help normal people understand what it is like, what things mean, possible ways to help etc. in the hope that other autistic people won't have to suffer so much and can be shown some understanding. So to hear that I have helped you to understand some things better for helping your wee bairns is braw 🙂 I didn't realise I was helping you and Dot too, I did on and off worry that maybe I should shut up about me, that I must be annoying people or making them fed up with me. But now I know I can help in a little way I'll carry on as I am 🙂 xx

  6. This is a beauty – looking forward to Sunday and I've told Peter that he'll have to watch James Martin's Best Bites on catch-up as I've reserved my place on the settee from 9 'til 11 🙂
    Can't wait to see all the new goodies. Hope you enjoyed your walk and have a lovely evening Barbara.
    Take care, Carole x

  7. Beautiful, flowers to add to my collection. Loving the background, have watched the Paper Artsy you tube videos after you started stocking the paint. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Xx

  8. Hi a Barb,
    Love the wedding anniversary card you've created. The line sentiments will be really useful as my cousin is getting married at the beginning of June and I've obviously got a card to make for it. The fresco paints are fabulous ,I really love them. Looking forward to the show on Sunday, set the recorder already. The peonies are gorgeous as well.
    Love Alison xx

  9. Absolutely stunning. Wish I could do the same……With French words…… The recorder is ready for Sunday as I will be in my shop on the time you'll be on TV, but will look at the show as soon as I am back home. Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us, and that to your stunning team for the gorgeous "work" they give us.
    Laurence xx

  10. Oh wow Barbara this is gorgeous an absolutely stunning card. I am loving the new stamps. On Sunday I will be tuning in. I am really enjoying your blog there is always something different. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  11. Love these stamps Barbara and the blue and yellow/green is lovely. I'm wondering if you can walk the brayer over card using acrylic paints and get a similar look. Must try it. x

  12. Great idea Barbara. Those stamps work really well together and give such a different look to Julie's gorgeous bouquet. I'm looking forward to seeing more on Sunday. x

  13. Hi Barbara
    Love today's card. I have my recorder set for Sunday. My hubby is out so I can watch live too. I have the peony stamps on my shopping list. Flowers are among my favourite subjects but those garden birds are still my number one. Well done Julie for your clever designs.
    X from Chris

  14. Lovely card. just need somebody to get married now. All my friends are cracking on a bit and have been married for years, just like me! May be I'll be able to adapt the stamps for something else, your stamps are really adaptable and love a change. Thank you again for the lovely design.

  15. Hi Barbara Love the way you have added flower heads to the word stems, this looks lovely. Julie your stamps are gorgeous, peonies are one of my favourite flowers, our 3 bushes in the front garden are shooting up ready to hopefully flower next month. Ours are pale pink and look so delicate. Thank you for sharing this artwork Barbara, I'm looking forward to the show on Sunday. Take care love Diane xxx

  16. I love peonies, I have looked for some peonie stamps too but never really liked any until this one. Simple but really catches the essence of the flower. I have friends visiting this weekend so will switch the video on as soon as they leave on Sunday. can't wait.

  17. Hello Barb, what an unusual card, great colours. Love the new line sentiments, looking forward to seeing all the new items on Sunday, and as hubs is working, I may get to watch in peace. Have a great day. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara. I love Wednesdays Mindfullness post. I bet that cuppa that you were mindfull of tasted so much better than any other that day, didn't it. And I will certainly be printing off the gorgeous teapot. I have never really stopped colouring in since I was a child. I just use better quality pens etc. now. It has always been a real relaxing thing for me. It is so good to hear that you are bringing out some colouring books, I can't wait for them to appear.
    Yesterdays card is great, the word lines are so easy to use and I love the new stamps. Take care xx

  19. Just lovely – the new stamps are just fabulous and work so well in this design! Haven't downloaded the teapot yet, but will do it this afternoon and get colouring hopefully once I've finished my baking for the day … raisin, bran and orange muffins today – yummy! Susan x

  20. Lovely card – very arty! Love the stamps too particularly the peony. Looking forward to Sunday too. My husband will be out so I will be sat cup of coffee in hand, glued to the TV for the morning. Good luck with the show. X

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