No birds were harmed in the making of this art. How to embed a Bird Table…

No birds were harmed in the making of this art. How to embed a Bird Table…

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Bit drizzums out there today, 
so let’s do some artwork instead I say!!
Yesterday I really enjoyed stretching myself,
 and trying something new with card stitching.
Found a nice home for it in the inglenook, too.

But today I really must have a tidy up in here ….
It’s reached that beyond-a-joke stage again.

Strictly speaking, I could keep going in this mess for weeks,
but we are supposed to be filming the next reel of 
YouTube videos in here tomorrow.
 Before I turn into the White Tornado,
let’s do something easy and lovely,
to focus the mind and dispel all those demons, Barbara.
Route 1
Brayer a little Cheesecake Fresco paint over a little A6 canvas 
with a brayer.

 Drip a drop or drop a drip 
(which ever comes easier to you) 
of Taupe in the lower half of the canvas,
and brayer into the Cheesecake, to create a bleed.

Whilst the canvas is drying,
let’s use the Bird Table stencil 
and the birds which come with it, 
This stencil is in the 40% Spring Sale on our website.
Hurry though – Sale ends at midnight tonight. 
Instead of £4.99, it’s £2.99.
That’s a very good price for a double stencil actually.
And if you are in our Clarity Club, it’s even less!
Smother the pieces on one side 
with the Potting Soil Archival ink pad.
Put a sheet of copy paper underneath…

Then take the grey Archival, Watering Can
and add shadow up one edge or where you think.

Once the canvas board is dry,
lay the inky sides face down and arrange your  stencil pieces.

This is going through an embossing machine.
I used the following plates with an E-Bosser:
Copy Paper
Canvas board 
Stencil pieces in place.
Copy Paper

Through it goes and out the other side.
Peel off the stencils elements, which incidentally could easily go through again, 
and look delightful on the smooth BACK 
of the A6 Canvas board too.

Dry it with a heat gun, so you don’t lose the colour by blotting.

It looks so classy!
Because the image is actually embedded.
Can you see that?

Run the grey ink pad around the board edges.

I did a second one, went down a much more challenging path,
with ink pads and sanding blocks and all sorts. 
You see, because the images are recessed/debossed/embedded, 
albeit only slightly, 
you can sand around them beautifully. 

So there we are, two takes.
Little A6 & larger A5.
If you are  thinking of trying canvas boards,
we really do have a great selection at very competitive prices.
You can get a whole collection of 24 boards, 
3 x 8 different sizes 
in a beautiful FREE felt Portfolio

But now I really must go get a black sack 
and sort this mess out!
Whatever I’m doing today, the operative word is DOING.
Whether it’s art, cooking or cleaning, I just have to stay busy until this old washing machine head of mine stops its spin cycle.

Bad thoughts be banished!
Please leave an uplifting, positive comment.

much love,

64 thoughts on “No birds were harmed in the making of this art. How to embed a Bird Table…

  1. Put the washing machine on pause Barbara, you can always let it spin later lol xxx Lovely artwork as always, and a fabulous technique, thanks for sharing, enjoy your day, love and hugs xxx

  2. Love this picture. I am having a day with at my parents' house. We have got out my original spirograph set out and my 15 year old son and 6 year old niece are having so much fun creating patterns and even more patterns. Brings back happy memories of my child hood!

  3. Lovely canvases. I have the stencil and the boards already so I might give this a go today as I sorted my mess…I mean my creative disorder yesterday. Thank you for the inspiration once again Barbara. Hugs and have a good day xxx

  4. Lovely canvases. I have the stencil and the boards already so I might give this a go today as I sorted my mess…I mean my creative disorder yesterday. Thank you for the inspiration once again Barbara. Hugs and have a good day xxx

  5. I was so pleased to see your room gets into the same state as mine…I showed the picture to my other half, so he could see that it's not only me that gets in a mess…the one and only Barbara Gray also makes a mess….His answer was "she has an excuse, runs a business, is on TV and posts her blog every day". I wished I kept quite! He is so lucky I didn't have any spanners to hand…
    oh well…LOL x

  6. Hi Barbara, your room looks like the whole of our house did this week as we have been decorating. however, just finished cleaning and am thoroughly pleased with our new decor. Was worth it in the end. Gorgeous art work today. I may have to have a go at something similar. Enjoy your clear out and the rest of the day. Kind regards Joanne K x

  7. Hadn't thought of using a brayer on canvas – Barbara you may have just solved my problem!! My canvases sat in the cupboard for a couple of weeks before I was brave enough to try anything – then I used Fresco finish pains but with a brush and it was very patchy – and my shading wasn't improved by making a 'custom' mix of slate and chalk and not mixing it well enough before I used it – so that was even more patchy!! Ive put them all away for a few days whilst I have a go with the Gelli plate instead!! Hey ho!!

  8. Love the demo but not sure I dare try canvas board through my tempramental manual die cutting machine. I do have some canvas on a roll I might try with though, never thought of embossing canvas
    My crafty corner looks just as bad as your room so you're not alone. I however to not have a youtube video to make there lol. Just remember the blog you did a couple of weeks ago which said


    Hugs, Caron xx

  9. I loved your canvas , so glad a Professional like you have a messy craft-room lol. I finely had a bit of a tidy up yesterday , just waiting now to mess it up again,. lol..

  10. Loving these . I've got that stencil tucked away somewhere so must go look it out . Thanks Barbara your a wonderful inspiration to us all x

  11. At least you have a big space to make a mess in – I can't move in mine without tripping over something on the floor and as for desk space, well! I put something down and it's never there when I go to pick it up either! I've got the canvases in a wardrobe – where am I going to keep fresco paints….. xxx

  12. Awwwh forget the untidyness Barb, focus the camera on just you and the table in front of you. We don't mind, in fact who cares – the mess will be back again in no time at all. We won't tell and if we can all keep this subject of 'crafting mess' as unimportant then it leaves us to show off our final finished project to others leaving our conscience amongst the inks and stencils. That's happiness in itself.
    With you sharing your fab inspiration, your fab creations with your fab friends, that's what matters. OR get the boy scouts/girl guides to come in and help you

  13. What positively uplifting projects Barbara. Love them both. I am assuming they will go through a Grand Caliber too?? Good luck with your tidying – did mine last weekend and happy to say it still looks tidy too! lol.

  14. So sorry to hear that your washing machine head is back – maybe sorting the clutter will help you feel more back in control. I love that every day you bring new and varied inspiration and challenge to us all – love this piece, loved what you did yesterday, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you dream up tomorrow! If only I had a bottomless bank account that allowed me to keep up with you!!! Still, your fabulous sale offer means that next week I'll have a little Clarity parcel arriving which will let me try something new (or rather 4 something news) – thank you, Susan x

  15. Your demos really give life to stamps and stencils etc. that I didn't know I have to have. I'm glad the
    doing gave you a break from your spinning head. You could hire a studio and forget the mess! x

  16. Wow Barbara, you really are on top arty form :-). What a perfect spot for the masterpiece you created yesterday, it's just meant to be there :-). And today's two masterpieces, so classy, and so perfect, both of them. Beautiful. 3 pieces of brilliant art work for your walls in 24 hours! Wish I could make even one piece, but I'm building to that, sure won't be as good as any of yours though :-).

    Washing machine head be banished, don't let it win! Now if only it was as easy to do, eh!

    For once I can look around me in my craft room, and it doesn't look as bad as /worse than yours :-). Maybe that's because I've actually been doing wee bits of craft so got some stuff finished off instead of adding to the piles. And my number 5 is to tidy away once craft completed, so far so good, we'll see how long this lasts, let's just say I won't be holding my breath!!!! It's weird because any other room, I can't bear to see clutter, things not where they belong, must have a different head on when I enter my craft room!!!

    My turn for once, the sun has popped out to say hello this afternoon :-). And despite me not being able to get up until about 2.30pm!, I've got an extra hour of daylight this evening to look forward to, yay :-). Barbara, if you don't mind me saying (trying to return the support you give me /us), like you say, let it go and yesterday was yesterday, today's a new day. It's what I'm trying so hard to do after something serious was done to me a few days ago, otherwise they win and me /we lose, eh! And you can't have this time back, just got to try to make sure you have something good out of it, like your masterpieces today, and a tidy art room. Me, I'm kind of failing myself but still trying to get up/function when I can and trying to do a tiny bit of craft, so trying is a positive isn't it, even though it's actually failing, if you see what I mean!

    Hope you have a very tidy art room by now and no washing machine head 🙂
    Take care
    Love Brenda x
    p.s. probably another of my stupid questions, but what do you do so the canvas boards you sell can be hung on the wall, like yours are?

  17. Hi Barb,
    Was I relieved to see your craft Room! Mine is exactly the same ( or slightly worse if I'm truthful!) anyway you got your creative juices working extremely well and produced two little masters. Love them. I have the stencil and the canvas and am just waiting for a lovely parcel from Clarity containing my paints and then I can give this a go. Thank you for the inspiration. Love Alison xxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Fantastic, it looks great. Another technique to try, so much to do, so little time.
    And as for your craft room, I've lost a stamp on the floor of mine so there's just no option but to get down and dirty and find it!!!
    Maureen x

  19. Why do we let the clutter gather. Keep promising it won't happen again. Then it does. Good luck with your clear up. I'm off back to do more of mine. The trouble is I am itching to play with my clarity stash as I tidy it xx

  20. Hello

    Yet another technique to try
    and beautiful stencil to buy
    Perfect on this drizzly day
    To make those grey clouds roll away

    As always thanks for sharing Barb xxxxxxxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    I will try soon to do a canvas,as your very inspirational Barbara.So sorry your having such a downer day,hopefully as the day goes on you'll feel better.
    Love the ditty Jilly:)

  22. Art is about putting your heart and feelings onto paper, canvas, etc. To be able to do it to the fantastic level you do and have the courage to show it to the world is inspiring. Keep on exploring new boundaries and I for one will carry on learning and growing with you! Xx

  23. Tidying up now and then a bit is good I suppose but anyone with a pristine clean and tidy work room does not usually achieve the brilliant and beautiful results that you get from your spin cycle thoughts and ideas. You have a wonderfully positive affect on so many people and encourage them to be brave enough to try to tackle your projects and most get magnificently pleasing results. An uplifting comment you ask for, you are the angel of generosity because you not only produce incredible works of art but share exactly how you achieved them so that others can feel the pleasure of producing something worthwhile. We love you and your team – if you ever feel in the least downcast about anything just remember that we all love you.

  24. You know the old saying, if an untidy desk is the sign of an untidy mind, what does an empty desk suggest?? I presume this also applies to most crafters and their rooms. An area of productive chaos. I need to be able to hover, as my floor space is also receding!! Lovely inspirational artwork today. I did not comment on this previously but, I adore your foray into using threads to paint your picture Of your birds. Threads are just another medium to express yourself, another string to your bow. Ha ha x

  25. what a great idea embossing the canvas. it is so simple yet looks like it took s much work. brill.
    it's been awful all day here too. i am on-call this weekend so not conducive to crafting, however determined to give this a go some time this week.
    hope your head is clearer now. crafting usually helps me to focus and so my head gets a break, hugs xx

  26. Hi,
    I love your art room, it looks like you have been creative, the canvas idea is so cool, I must try it…. It looks awesome! Hope you had a fantastic day…

  27. What gorgeous canvases Barbara. I like the way you can emboss them – only hope I can do that with my embossing machine! Hope you have managed to banish those bad thoughts. Hugs xxx

  28. I say call in the troops and promise serve some hot tea and biscuits! There is Nothing like other people to help one feel a bit bet….. about the day or night!

  29. Again lovely artwork…anything with birds always lifts my spirit.
    Don't worry Barbara…"All shall be well , and all shall be well , and all manner of things …shall be well"
    God Bless xxxxRuth

  30. Dear Barbara, I've been thinking about all this since last night. You know, if it wasn't for you, and people like you, but especially you, who gives so much of your time and of you to inspire, encourage, teach, support, experiment and share, people like me would still be lying in bed /sitting, staring at the 4 walls, watching the clock tick past, waiting until it's time to go to sleep again! I'd have nothing to do, no purpose, nothing to talk about, nothing to get excited about, nothing to express who I am, nothing to achieve, nothing to get up for, nothing to share, nothing to join in on or be a part of, just lying /sitting day after day waiting to die basically. That's what you give me and people like me. I don't have the words to express how huge this is, how grateful I am, except it's more than you can ever know love Brenda xxxx

    1. Thank you so much Barbara, happy I could help, you really didn't deserve that. (I've added this into my story that I've written for you, in case it helps) Hope you have a good week 🙂 xx

  31. Hello. Lovely work reflecting your great talent and love of creating. We are happy to be treading behind you and we are all learning at our own pace. Demons be gone so that you can see your real worth to the crafting community. Xx Margaret Col.

  32. Hi Barbara love these pieces of artwork, I'm going to be brave one day and try a canvas. Oh this missing hour is playing havoc today, did you find it hiding in your craft room when you tidied? I hope you managed to resist playing and made a space for filming instead, mind you, would we mind seeing piles of stuff? Probably not, just makes us all feel at home!!!
    Take care, and don't forget to turn the washing machine off when you go to bed tonight!!
    Love Diane xxx

  33. Really lovely artwork, once I get a bigger embossing machine I shall be trying this out. You should see my crafty space, cor Bliley what a mess, must knuckle down and crack on x

  34. hi Barbara
    I do love your canvasses. I am saving up for the paints. I hope the tidying went well but I do like to see a well used craft space- makes me feel better about the state of mine ( every room in the house) I lose my mojo completely if all my craft products are out of sight . You are such a very busy lady and yet you still find time to share your talent with us. Sweet Dreams.
    Hugs from Chris X

  35. Two lovely canvasses Barbara and the idea of inking the stencil and then running it through the machine is great and the result fantastic. x

  36. Hello Barb, love this idea, must get my little canvasses out, be brave and give it a try, then maybe I can warrant buying the bigger sizes. Love yours the colours are great, very vintage. Hope the tidying wasn't too much effort, and that the spin cycle stopped and you got some rest. I need to do a tidy up too, but keep putting it off. Take care. Bx

  37. Morning Barbara I'm a bit late here as it's now Monday sorry I didn't get time yesterday.
    I love your canvasses I'm thinking maybe I need to have an on ltd ough I really don't think of myself as artistic. I'm sure by now you studio is looking beautifully tidy and organised all ready for filming. Have lots of fun and thank you for all your inspiration I am looking forward with eager anticipation to the next batch of videos
    Jackie x

  38. What beautiful canvases Barbara! They look fantastic on the wall. I wonder how many times you will say, "so that's where that went!" in your tidying session. (Or is that just me who does that? Another frequently heard comment is, "I'd forgotten I'd got that!")
    Gayle x

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