Friday the 13th unlucky? Not for yesterday’s Anagram winner!

Friday the 13th unlucky? Not for yesterday’s Anagram winner!

Hi there!
Friday 13th March.
Friday’s blog a private peek.
Sorry I’m so late, but had a smashing sunny day today, 
and only just got home.
As my Mother never fails to remind me 
in her oh-so-strong German accent on the same day every year,
Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, 
zis time 56 years ago
I voz having a hard day. 
Your Faza (aka Dad) voz viz za midvife…”
Then Dad takes over and tells me how he had to go and get the Hebammy (German Hebamme = widwife) on a Pushbike, 
and how they both cycled back to my Oma’s place 
in the middle of the night.
“and you arrived in time for breakfast.”
So today, what better way to spend my birthday 
than go for lunch with Mum and Dad.
It’s important to thank those who made me. Literally!
My brother joined in too, which was brilliant.
Now yesterday, we had a little Anagram competition, didn’t we.
If you missed yesterday’s blog, this was the task:
to work out what this picture said…

 So many of you got it! 
Thank you so much for joining in!!
I bet it put a smile on your face when you finally figured it out! 
I was laughing at all the Easy Peasy messages, 
which was adding to the frustration of those who hadn’t cracked it!

But hey! Don’t worry be happy!

As promised, this card containing £20 Gift Voucher 
is going to a lucky winner.
And the lucky winner is….
Scrolling scrolling…..

Super chuffed Ken’s name has popped up! 
He is a dear friend of mine from many, many years ago!
One of the nicest people you could wish to meet. 
And one of the best cardmakers, too.

Even if you didn’t win, thanks for joining in!

I have an idea.
Why not just park any worries for the whole weekend 
and give yourself permission to be happy?
For a whole two days. 
Just do what you fancy and let it go.
I am going to! 
I did today, and enjoyed it so much; 
just not worrying about business and kids and other people and money and crap which I really have no control over,
I have decided to do it all weekend.
Come on!!! Join in the revolution!

Start by enjoying these people from all around the world, 
singing Bobby McFerrin’s wonderful song…

Have a great weekend!
lots of love,

62 thoughts on “Friday the 13th unlucky? Not for yesterday’s Anagram winner!

  1. Glad you're not worrying and being happy – there's loads to be had if we look around! Carry on enjoying your birthday Barbara. Take care, Carole xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Barbara, Oh my, 10 years later than you my son in law popped out too. Not I hasten to add from your mother!!!!
    I'm pleased you all had a lovely day, you deserve it.
    Maureen xxx

  3. So Owl wrote…and this is what he wrote:
    Pooh looked on admiringly.
    "I'm just saying 'A Happy Birthday'," said Owl carelessly.
    "It's a nice long one," said Pooh, very much impressed by it.

  4. Happy Birthday Barbara, I am so pleased you enjoyed your day. I was born on Friday 13th of December in 1946. I am switching off for the weekend if I can.
    Birthday hugs
    Chris X

  5. Hope your having a wonderful day sounds like it happy birthday as song says do t worry be happy why do we ways worry instead of being happy enjoying what we got xxx

  6. I am reading 'Farewell to the Eastend' by Jennifer Worth (call the midwife) your description reminds me of the midwives in the book on their bikes. Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy birthday Barbara, hope you are being spoiled rotten, you deserve it. Glad to hear you are switching off for the weekend and doing what makes you happy. Me, well, Asperger's and not worrying just don't go together, and with this past week having been an extra bad one, not a chance! It's not even a one off and try to box it thing, unfortunately, it's going to impact on at least next week, no getting away from it 🙁 But, I'll try and think of what type of craft I really feel like doing and try to do some over the weekend, maybe a bit of sewing, if I'm well enough to get my machine out, or hand sewing, if my eyes are up to it – yeah body an extra big wreck just now!!!! Sorry this sounds like a big moan, it's not meant to be, it just is how it is (I do know people get fed up with people moaning about themselves, I try hard not to). Sorry.

    Congratulations Ken, and everyone who managed to solve the anagram.

    Something happy then to finish with, hmmm, will Daisy bringing me presents of her favourite toys every day to make me feel better do 🙂 She only does it when I'm not myself /struggling with something and I get this long loud upbeat story as she's bringing it to me, a story that is specific to this. I wish I knew what she was saying to me. I've been getting presents since she was a baby, but now it's saved for only when I'm not doing ok. When she was wee I'd get up in the morning and my slippers would have a wee toy inside them and she'd be sitting watching all proud of herself:-). It truly is her giving me presents as she never wants to play with the toy she brings me, it's for me, and it's always whichever is her favourite at that time, my wee pal 🙂 I'm off to give her a cuddle

    love Brenda xx

    1. Daisy sounds so cute. I also have a pussycat, he's been with me a little over a year, he's completely illegal as my landlord prohibits cats and dogs. Rabbits are okay for some reason, although i couldn't imagine a rabbit adapting to life on the tenth floor! LOL Hope next week is a better one.

    2. Hi, thank you Kroda Crafts and Donna. Rabbits would make far more mess /destruction than cats do, so that makes no sense to me either. Pets provide so much well being to people in need, far more than most people realise. I don't like it when people say not nice things about those struggling with very little income who have pets, or how can you love a pet like you would a human, it's not normal (some people do think like that!). It's the pet that makes it worthwhile getting up in the morning, the pet that helps the person have some sort of routine, and the pet that provides the unconditional love and companionship that many people don't get elsewhere, may never have had, me included!

      Yes Donna, I'm rather relieved Daisy doesn't like going out, I think I'd be overrun with furry presents, and if her treatment of insects is anything to go by they would be alive too!!! Glad Cleo grew out of that one xx

  8. Have a wonderful birthday. You share it with my Mum, another lovely person who brings happiness to all those around her and who despite being in her late 70's (sorry Mum) is a total computer whizz kid!

  9. Happy Birthday Barbara! Mine is tomorrow so I'm definitely on board with the revolution this weekend and intend to let myself be happy being with my lovely little girl and wonderful husband.
    Lovely piece of artwork by the way.

  10. Happy Birthday Barbara – glad you've had a fabulous day! It did make me laugh about your mum and the midwife – My mum always reminds me how I arrived in a blizzard, whilst my dad was stuck over in Holland working!!! I'm a really positive person, so usually manage to choose to be happy every day – did have a little weep today, but that was watching the Big Build programme, which I think is almost compulsory! Enjoy your weekend, Susan x

  11. Great mantra! Timeless song too. Reminds me of driving on a sunny day with the windows open and a bunch of friends all singing to their own tune and trying to whistle! LOL

    Sounds like you've had a fab day and i'm sure you've been worth every single second of that 'hard day'.

    Happy Birthday xxx

    We are the same age: a little bit to young for Woodstock but in the middle of Saturday Night Fever…
    Wo ist nur die Zeit geblieben???
    Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute, viel Gesundheit, Erfolg und Glück und alles, was Du Dir wünschst
    Rolf xxx

  13. Happy birthday Barbara glad you had a chill out days do weekend too ,ive been to hospital today from 12.30 till 5.45 was very well looked after such dedicated people ,so my weekend is going to be a rest weekend ,don't worry be happy ,happy weekend to all xxx

  14. Sounds like a great day. I'm glad you're determined to 'be happy' ( the apostrophe clinched it for me) I've just read your German Blog, gorgeous cards and I like the term neus Lebensjahr. Enjoy your weekend. Carol x

  15. Glad you are being happy. I have had à happy day too. I did some bulk craft supplies for messy church with a friend and then had lunch with her. Before I knew what the time was it was 3pm!!
    I then went over to Craft World at Hillington and had a lovely time shopping for a few new dies. I have spent a lovely happy evening playing with them creating lovely cards for some lovely people.
    Being happy and content with life is important. I am thankful for what I have, even though my kids drive me insane some days. Life is good and is made more beautiful by creating new things.

  16. Hi Barbara
    Happy Birthday, so pleased to hear you have had a lovely day with your mum and dad and your brother and the sun shone too! Enjoy your carefree weekend and make sure you spoil yourself.
    Congratulations Ken, enjoy spending your voucher. Had that song in my head all day yesterday! Oh no it's just crept back in !!!! Lol. Take care and have fun
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Happy Birthday Barbara and so glad you had a good day with your parents, and enjoy the rest of your weekend doing what you fancy. I enjoyed yesterday's post but could not work out that anagram, so congratulations to Ken, and the sentiment is one we should all take note of as we all need time out to enjoy ourselves sometimes. x

  18. Belated Birthday wishes Barbara, better late than never, been visiting my Son and family, you hadn't posted before we went. Glad you had a lovely day with your parents. You had better weather than us, rained nearly all day. Congratulations to Ken for winning the anagram prize too.xx

  19. Happy Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you had a good day today and have decided to have a happy weekend. I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true!
    You have made a big impact in my life. I really enjoy your blog and, especially, YouTube Tuesday! It feels like a visit with a friend. Thanks for all of your inspiration!
    …Raine Phoenix

  20. Hello Barb, belated Happy Birthday wishes, so glad you had a lovely day. I hope you do have a happy weekend and all your blog followers too. Well done Ken on winning the anagram prize. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  21. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Happy Birthday xx
    Been having nightmares about going into work today, but read your blog and decided to join the revolution. A day is only 24 hrs and I can mange what ever the day brings. Happiness always x

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