Playing the safe card…

Playing the safe card…

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in!
Have you looked at all the limericks 
about Mary the hairy fairy on yesterday’s blog ???
But I am so backed up (with work, she added quickly),
that I haven’t got time to read them all and enjoy them all until bedtime.
So Dave and I have made a date to have a limerick reading session and a blimming good giggle before we go to sleep. 
“Has it come to this?”
I think I heard Dave murmur as I left him in the kitchen….
Anyway, scrambling here, to prep for the TV on Sunday.
The problem is that my creative mojo has up and left me this week. Just done a runner.
Everything I have tried has been next door to wubbish, 
and those pesky little gits Wurka and Hollick 
have been having a fine old time in my head, 
smirking and tapping on my cranium, 
telling me I’m wubbish too.
And the louder they got, the wubbisher my work was!
Until finally, today, I had had enough.
It was time to either give up 
and go back to whatever it was I did before Clarity.
Or turn it round!
Quite by chance, 
whilst hunting for a bone folder in this chaos 
that I have created with my own fair hands,
I came across a couple of old projects I did on TV 
when I first started with Create & Craft. 
Must be 6 or 7 years ago now!
Oh boy! 
Do I remember the anguish and the fear of going on telly to do these little projects!
So today when I found them, I realised how far my own creative abilities have actually been stretched during those years.
I mean, the hands still get clammy and my nose starts dripping like a tap as soon as we go live,
but at least I don’t lie awake all night panicking, 
and tremble like a leaf. What a way to earn a crust!
Want to have a look?
They aren’t bad. I mean, I think they are ok.
In fact I really ought to get the brayer out again,
because that was quite a neat trick with the moonbeam.
Remember the reflection trick with the brayer?
And the screwed up paper for water?
Cor those were the days, eh.
The thing is, and this is how I turned it round in my head earlier,
I haven’t forgotten how to do those things;
I am just trying new things now, and sometimes those new things take some practise, just like these things did. 
If I wanted to play the safe and easy card, 
(forgive the pun)
I’d just get out my brayer and roll a landscape into place.
I remember reading back then on one of those toxic forums,
 that my work was boring and very samey. Maybe it was.
The last criticism I read was that my cards were too flat.
I didn’t even take that one seriously. 
A card that’s too flat? FFS.
Enough woffle.
Time to try again.
But if you see me get a brayer out on Sunday and do a moonbeam,
you know it didn’t go well!
much love,

93 thoughts on “Playing the safe card…

  1. It's lovely to see a bit of early Barbara! Those are two lovely designs. We all have a time when our mojo goes walk about (mine usually does it when I'm feeling tired) the good news is that it will come back again so sleep well and start fresh tomorrow. xx

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I don´t know the trick with the moonbeam because I didn´t know you at that time. Must be years ago. So a demo would be great ???
    Rolf xxx

    1. Yes please same for me, Rolfi some of Barbara's work was awesome, if she goes back to doing some of them I will be well pleased, as you get older some times you forget so it would bring back a lot of peoples mojo, which is still up to date, we just need a reminder

  3. Stunning, i would love to know how they have been done. I never tire of your work and feel inspired. Thank you for bringing wonderful products and great DT members with their workshops Janet), i shall be recording on Sunday as with Janet learning new techniques 🙂

  4. I wish I had your creativeness even when it's got up and gone! Your pieces are work of art! Give W & H a kick up the bum and keep calm and carry on! Even if you stand there and waffle which you won't I love listening to the way you present. It's like listening to a friend. Xx

    1. Couldn't have put it any better myself! GO BARBARA….you can do no wrong in my eyes….love it ALL!!!!!! Can't wait for the first Sunday of the month, wish you still did The Classroom…….xx

  5. Pleeeaaaasse can we see the moonbeam again? We all love the traditional Gray and this was my inspiration to "have a go". Still not up to standard, but could be getting there.

  6. Oh Barbara! I remember you demoing the moonbeam card at Harrogate so I bought a speedball brayer and the trees then went home and made my Christmas cards all like that….all 50 of them! The first one took me a while but by the end I think I had mastered the brayer! And old habits die hard! Every now and again its good to return to basics! So what I am saying is when mojo goes walkabout do what you do well and mojo seems to come back! Xxx

  7. Well I for one still haven't mastered the brayer so a refresher wouldn't go amiss! Sometimes revisiting the basics with the new knowledge and skills that have been collected along the way can yield amazing results so I'm looking forward to Sunday, brayer or not!

  8. I would love to see you demo the cards above!!!! They're amazing!!! I can't get on with my brayer I keep trying and trying but never seem to get it right!!!!!! It's so frustrating….
    And as for your cards being Flat!! your cards are as flat as my stomach and that baby hasn't been flat in years lol 😉
    Don't listen to the haters, it's generally a sign of jealousy, you have many awards that speak for themselves, I would love half of your skill and talent….

    Can't wait till Sunday to meet the new Wee Folk and to see what you have decided to demo.

    Oh, BTW have been playing with your chromo card today and various Inks etc, it's gorgeous! It's now my favourite "go to" card to buff with a blending tool and ink pads to create amazing backgrounds…….

    See you Sunday. ….

  9. Barbara, sorry to hear that your mojo has gone on it's hols. I just hate it when that happens but I am sure you will turn it round. Just think about people such as myself who would still be buying stamps but not having a clue what to do with them and wondering why they stamp sometimes but the next time you have a go you get a shadowed image ?? If it were not for you and the Classroom I probably would have given up on stamps and just stuck with paper kits. I love all the stamps I buy from you and others. The thing is Barbara you ARE bloody good at what you do and sometimes it is nice just to take a step back and do some things that you still love and they still look great in spite of what the critics say !! I owe you a lot, I learned loads from the classroom and it gave me the confidence to try new things and for that I will always be grateful to you …. Here's hoping your mojo returns pdq xxx

  10. Being a newbie who brought a brayer and is afraid to take it out of package and wishing I could creat something half as beautiful as these pictures I would feel like an artist .. You have no idea how it feels to be creatively challenged . Could barely draw stick people . Oh my goodness . Decided I need to let the creative side of my brain develope (a challenge at 68) but what the H—) what else do I have to do . You give me courage and inspiration because if not all your work turns out it's ok for me too .

  11. Sorry to say Barb but the moonbeams do it for me too. The old ones are the best ones is what they say and that is certainly true of this card. I would love to see it demoed again (I must have missed it first time round). Best remedy for walk about mojo is phone a friend and just have a good old gossip and giggle as only we girls know how. You'll be fine.xxxx

  12. Chill, breath, take a moment to look at all the cool stuff you can play with in your craft room. Do something you ferel comfortable with and the ideas will start dripping in I'm sure of it! Although if you get really stuck I know a great collection of you tube videos you can watch for inspiration 😉 I would love to wee the moonbeam as I haven't got a clue how you do it! Xx

  13. I thought I was rubbish today at work also. Running around on my hamster wheel for one of our District "Diva" Judges!! My confidence went to zero. But turned myself round and finished off the day with some compliments from the Judiciary!!
    Your work is absolutely brilliant. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Also you are the best teacher I have ever seen or heard. Come on – how can you say that about yourself? You have the best blog ever etc etc and all those awards. Also you have a fabulous team. Only wish I could work out FFS? Obviously not on your craft wave length yet – care to explain. If you make flat cards then someone needs to go to Specsavers! Anyone can stick bits of paper one on top of another and make it "unflat"! You give depth with one piece of card. Remember the squirrel – he popped off the page.
    Looking forward to Sunday but not tomorrow!
    Hope my comments are taken on board – tell Dave to give you a good shake! Put some sense in you for undermining yourself. Sorry hope this does not come over as too strongly
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  14. There is nothing wrong with your moon beams that's what got me started on stamping and the beautiful landscapes don't like using paperkitsknow love were you have talents and know canvases and so much more simple would be lovely what ever you do but for know in joy your giggles over the limericks and if want a good laughwithfriends on Saturday arrive early and join us for fun at clarity East Midlands same place we would love to see you both lots love joy xx

  15. I love the moonbeam , both cards are lovely and I'd love to see the moonbeam trick, not seen that one before so go for it. There's a well known saying if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. Your artwork and that of the DT is a constant source of inspiration, go and have a chinwag with your team and give yourself a break x

  16. Sorry to hear that you've had a challenging day. I have to say that I'd love you to demo the moonbeam card again, I never saw you do this and would love to know how you accomplished it! You create such beautiful works of art Barbara, inspiring us to try something different and push our own creativity. I'm sure your demos will be wonderful on Sunday, and like many others am looking forward to seeing them and what the DT have come up with. Hugs xx

  17. Aww Barbara, you do sound like you are in a very bad place just now. And that's making me feel so sad as the reality is you are soooo talented and clever at what you do as well as being such a lovely lady. Absolutely nothing you do is rubbish at all. I bet the stuff you throw in the bin is better than what I do! I can't believe these people would say such things about your artwork. It's only because they are inadequate and can't deal with that so they take it out on people who are better /have what they want, trying to bring you down to their level and take it away from you, just like any bullies. They're not worth even a thought. I think you need to be getting wurka and hollic back in line too!

    These older pieces of artwork are still just as amazing now as they were when you made them. Why don't you just do what feels comfortable and comforting for you for Sunday's show – give yourself a break. Go back to old techniques and enjoy revisiting them, we all will, and if I know you any (from watching you on the telly from day one), revisiting old techniques you'll still be bringing new ideas into them :-).

    And I've got a question about the brayering water in the second piece or artwork. Pleeeeeease can you tell me how I can get that without getting a line down the middle with what follows being paler. I load the brayer, I roll over a screwed up piece of paper, I roll over the piece of card where I want the water to be, I roll over it only once, and each time all I get is the first section, then a line, and the rest paler. I guess it's because I must have done a full revolution of the brayer and the line hits there and the paler section is because I'm onto the second revolution. But pleeeeease can you tell me what I am doing wrong as you don't get that in yours? Thank you.

    Barbara you're brilliant, pleeeease banish all that negative wubbish that's somehow crept in

    A huge bear hug from me
    love Brenda xx

    1. It's so simple! I've been trying to work that out for about 2 years now!!!!! Just as well I can laugh at myself, eh!!!!! Now if only I can remember what my idea was…. Ah well, I'll just need to come up with some new ones, on smaller pieces of card 😉
      Thank you 🙂
      take care xx

  18. Barbara your wonderful, how can we ever think your have mess up days like us ,you have taught me so much since I started my clarity stash it's so much fun reading your blog and trying out your crafting inspiration looking forward to Sunday's show as always xxx

  19. Oh Barbara I'm sure Sunday will be marvelous, and don't forget that there are probably hundreds of new viewers that have never seen you use a brayer, so it will be new to them.
    By the time you've read all the limericks you will feel better. I know I did last night! Xx

  20. Barbara! It was your brayering that first got me 'turned on' to Clarity Stamps. I bet that those who said your work was too flat were addicted to huge pyramid cards lol. I love what you do with your brayer and all the other tips and tricks you have shared with us. I agree with Lisapmac…if you can't say anything nice then..shut up!!! The cards you have shown may be old for you but they are certainly not outdated! And Billy Brayer is still a very useful bit of Kit! In fact I think you should do the moonbeam again! I recently did a card using the scrunched up copy paper for the water technique and people were amazed at the effect so in my book nothing is old – just not done it in a while (crafting wise that is). Looking forward to a quiet Sunday morning (hopefully hubby will be sleeping, poor soul is really ill) watching my favourite lady. You are the most generous of people in the crafting industry, sharing your knowledge and giving us support and encouragement. I may be rubbish at limerick's (hence no entry) but I most certainly can shout out about you and I know that there are hundreds out there who feel the same. Hugs xx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Loved the limericks yesterday. That moonbeam artwork is quite beautiful ( do one with some wee fairies please) I must be so naive but I get very upset when people are spiteful to others. I don't know why anyone wants to belittle or criticise, and it would be a very dull world if we were all the same. I know that heavily embellished cards are popular and lots of crafters make lovely cards
    from kits. Your art has lots of dimension created by clever stamping and masking and is easier to post. You will be brilliant on Sunday. Try to relax and rest as well. It can take a while to fully recover after such a nasty virus.
    Hugs from Chris

  22. I always look forward to your monthly shows on c&c, eagerly awaiting your fantastic demonstrations and I know I'm not the only one!!!!! I can't imagine fitting into a fortnight what you do in a day!! Mojos come and go and sometimes taking a step back shows us a path forward.
    Sending huge hugs and positivity xx

  23. you know it's not such a bad idea to go back to the brayer. there are new people all the time and they will be wowed. and then it doesn't do any harm to revisit old tricks for the rest of us. you created pieces of art with a brayer. and for those people who said your cards were samey….. well most probably it was because they couldn't muster the techniques…… i'd love to see you creating those moonbeams again. that work always mesmerized me and was what attracted me to clarity in the first place. i'm sure there are 100s that think the same.
    whatever you do i know it will be great, hugs xx

  24. I reckon it would be good to see that moonbeam, it is just stunning. We do not always need new, sometimes the old things become new all over again. As Theresa just said, there are new people joining us all the time and it is good for them to see the brayer in action, and for the rest of us, a refresher is good too. I am hoping to see this moonbeam on Sunday. xxxx Maggie PS A good moonbeam would be good for those wee fairies too.

  25. I agree with all the comments above, I too am quite new to the techniques used, the card with the trees is amazing, I can feel myself walking in the light of that moonbeam x

  26. I've not seen you do the moonbeam and would love it if you did!!! Yes, go back to basics for people like me, who joined midway in your journey.
    See you on Sunday!! Jan x

  27. Hi Barbara so sorry you feel your mojo has got up and gone, mine went a while ago but I don't have a two hour TV show on Sunday! Im sure you will be brilliant come Sunday _ Must admit I love the early brayer art, best wishes for Sunday.

  28. Yes, I'm a moonbeam kinda gal too! 🙂 but anything you demo will be great. Sorry you're having a crisis of confidence, Barbara. All I can say is I've been watching you pretty much since the beginning, when you were first on C&C and were very nervous and very human and utterly inspiring. Even then, your talent shone right through your nerves and brightened every show you were on. You were the only reason I kept watching C&C! Whatever you do on Sunday, you'll do it well. Go get 'em! 🙂 Kx

  29. Well, Barbara, I for one have a lot more faith in your mojo. It will suddenly come back and bite you on the shoulder and there you go again. Something new to amaze us with. And if not, then whatever you do, reminding us of old tricks or creating something wonderful on canvas, then you will be entertaining and informative. Hope you enjoy our silly attempts and have a right good laugh. I did! xx Margaret Col.

  30. Come on Barbara with all your following you must ignore stupid peoples negative comments. They don't know what they're on about. Your magnificent awards say it all. They're just jealous. You've only just got over flu and continued to work hard, looked after Dave, no wonder your mojos gone walkabout. I love your old projects as well as your new, we'd all benefit from revisiting some of them. As you've often said on C & C new people are joining all the time & they won't have seen a lot of your tricks and techniques, there's also people like me that forget them. The cards above are still brilliant they've passed the test of time. It's so easy to buy a kit and put it together, that's not really a skill, it's all thought out for you colourwise and everything. I'm not decrying people that do it that's how a lot of us start, but then you want something more challenging. There are days when I can't do any crafting because I feel I'm rubbish and its usually because I'm panicking because I've bought all these new stamps & stencils and can't remember how you've used them. Then after a few days I go in my craft room to do something simple and I'm ok again till the next time. Trouble is I'm doing it several times a month. Ha ha. Have a good laugh at the limericks tonight and think on all the lovely things we've said, not your critics. We all love you our ps sorry I've gone on a bit.

  31. Hello Barbara

    We can all be too hard and critical on ourselves. So what if you recycle a technique. It will be brand new to a lot of people and a nice reminder to the rest of us.

    You GO girl!


  32. FFS indeed Barbara!, those self absorbed bloody critics are just jealous! So you had better do a moon beam at some point on Sunday cos the old tricks are just as damn important as the new ones and never forget it! Look around at some of the stuff on sale.. I saw a plastic bobble maker on C& C, I mean WTF,… In my day it was cut out cardboard circles from a cereal packet! So don't you dare give up, new and old is what we want xx

    Much love
    Kim xxx

  33. I agree with a lot of the above comments. Some of us are still fairly new to brayering and all that involves and would welcome some more demos and advice. The moonbeam is stunning and I too would love to see how you did that.

  34. I really enjoyed those demos back in the day and would happily watch them again. Have I really been watching you on C&C that long lol. It's not nice to know that you got so stressed about them though.
    Boo to the critics who are clearly outnumbered by your customers, blog followers and what about all the complementary emails you get on your C&C shows and the awards!!!
    Sorry to hear you're crafty mojo isn't playing ball. Hopefully the limerick laughter therapy will help. Nothing like a good laugh, is there? Wish you all the best for Sunday Barbara. I'll be watching as usual x

  35. There are always new people who still want to see your early work and people who saw some of it but not all of it and people who would just like to see it again? Then there is me who would love to see a Moon beam trick because I haven't seen it and I have just tried a Sunbeam trick and it didn't work. So stop beating yourself up you are good at Art full stop!! Do what comes out naturally – note to self, listen to own advice! Xxxx Sam

  36. Barbara, whenever you happen to see some negative criticism, just remind yourself that it's just one person's opinion. We all have them, and occasionally somebody will voice their own opinion and it isn't something we really want to hear. But that's just one person. If the majority of opinions are in your favour, and like what you're doing, why worry? You can't please all of the people all of the time. You don't have to give us brand new techniques every time, it's good to revisit and revise. And think of all the people who are new to Clarity. Loosen up, let's have a trip down memory lane xx

  37. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear that the old mojo has gone on holiday! It happens to me all the time!! I don't know how you can doubt yourself and your ability – you have just won all those awards and every day we all look forward to your blog which cheers us up, teaches us new (& old) tricks and techniques, inspires us to be half as good as you and is basically just brilliant! I for one love the card with the moonbeam on it and certainly wouldn't mind seeing you demo it. Ignore those people who are so negative about your work – they obviously don't know what they are talking about – we all can't be wrong can we?! ! Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Love Alison xx

  38. I think that negative criticism comes from people who can't or won't try the craft for themselves. I find it quite hard to get anywhere near your perfection especially the early stuff. Just tell them to take a walk in ever decreasing circles. I'd love 'trip down memory lane', I love the early stuff because of its beautiful simplicity. I'm off on 'jollies' this weekend so I'll miss the telly so good luck.

  39. Hi Barbara Hopefully you are tucked up in bed by now and having a good laugh with Dave (that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean!!!). Oh Barbara, time time find a big strong box to stick work and Hollic in and then put a heavy book on top. You and a brayer stopped me in my tracks many moons ago and inspired me so much, I could spend all day watching what you create. I would love to see the moon beam as so many other people have said, it would be good to have a refresh of the old tricks. Have a walk in the sunshine tomorrow morning, have chocolate by your side and I'm sure life will look brighter in the morning. Ignore people who criticise , they can't work a brayer and produce fab art work like you. Sending you a big hug to help you on your way lovely lady. Take care. Love Diane xxx

  40. Well from all of these comments it's moonbeam 100 critics 0! I've had enough of today, absolutely rubbish day at work, why bother. So my treat a weekend of playing, rugby and Barbara on Sunday which will make my weekend perfect. If your mojo is being elusive, step forward the Clarity design team, even better than the A team. Those birds flying in formation know that the lead needs to be shared if they are all to make their destination, so take one or two of their ideas share those with us and hey presto demos sorted! The biggest failing a family company makes as it increases in size is for their leader to try to do everything as they had to do in the early days. There is no succession plan, no leader in waiting being trained to take over. Me thinks you need a Robin to your Batman, maybe even two or three. Then when you are less tired, look what crawls out the woodwork, your mono is back.

  41. I love that you're trying new things and sharing it all with us, but that doesn't mean that older stuff is not still beautiful and worth recreating. I still love getting a good result with my brayer, made all the easier now with your tips and the super blending mat.
    As for negative comments, well they're not the ones getting the awards, the TV opps in the US and German, and the following you've built up on e.g. this blog. Samey can be good too. How many people can recognise a Turner painting, a Mozart Opera or a Cath Kidson piece? Rather a lot, I think, because they have a recognisable style, it's their USP!
    Looking forward to Sunday, then the Open day, then the Retreat. x

  42. I had no interest in making cards at all, until I saw cards that you made. Don't ever think you're wubbish again! You're far more talented than anyone else I've ever seen using stamps, stencils, inks, the Gelli plate, masks, etc. I'm in the US, and catch your videos and appearances on the US version of Create & Craft every chance I get. You're not just someone who makes cards, you're a true artist who is able to get the maximum effect out of a minimum of tools. I'm always amazed and astonished at what you are able to accomplish, and would consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have even a tenth of your talent.

  43. I think these previous comments say it all Barbara, stuff the wubbish- you AIN'T. And so say all of us —yaeh, roll on Sunday, for more 'inspirationalbarb' xxxxx

  44. Those cards are amazing and would love to have you do a video tutorial on the moonbeam and the water techniques. I am very new to Barbara Grays talents, finding you for the first time on C&C USA. I search youtube for your tutorials now and watch them over and over.
    I will try to watch you on C&C uk on Sunday but there is a 7hr time difference for me and its not always easy to pick up a certain program and it can't be recorded or rerun. Usually the ones I am interested in end up being on at 3 or 4 am. So please will you consider doing a video for us newbies and those across the pond?

  45. Dear Barb, the mojo will be back, Wurka and Hollick will take a hike, and those critics, well they can just go do one! Sorry if that offends anyone, but I like so many others have learnt so much from you Barb, some of the best comments I have had were given for my flat cards, and they were nowhere near yours. Your techniques old and new are inspiring, and there seem to be many that have not seen them before, so I am sure theý will be a great item on Sundays show. I love watching your dvds when my mojo goes, there is always something that gives me a jump start. See you on Sunday then, and hope you and Dave enjoyed the limericks. Bx

  46. I had to reply today as I'm upset and annoyed on your behalf. Odious comments left by sad people who have nothing better to do with their time are not worth a second glance; unfortunately envy is an ugly human trait. They envy your talent, your ability, your success. Whilst they continue with their negative energy, we will enjoy your stint on Sunday whatever you choose to demonstrate.
    I, too, fall into the 'have not seen the moonbeam demo' category as I was living in the USA at the time thus it would be great if you could share how it's done. I've had brayers for years but haven't quite got over the fear of them and they linger still in their boxes, so perhaps I may just be tempted to have a go! Will be there, watching avidly.

  47. Morning Barb,

    Wow! Love these, I think I saw the one with the paper but I have never seen you do the moonbeam, that would be amazing if you could show that on Sunday lol! Its so atmospheric, beautiful, if not on you show then on here please!!!

    You will soon get moving again, you have been unwell Barb, think of it another way your body is telling you it needs to rest a while, this time next week you will be wondering what all the fuss is about lol!

    You have a great day/rest and I look forward to all your future wonderful creations.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  48. I don't think any of your work has ever been boring Barbara, and I love these samples!
    Your mojo will return in time , although I do know what you mean!!
    All will be well and your show will be a pleasure,

  49. Hi Barbara. Well, I am sad to hear that your mojo has taken a break, you have been ill and then looking after Dave so maybe it's trying to make you rest a bit more?
    I know you won't so I would love to see the moonbeam trick, either on here or on Sunday on the show. If I could make a card a piece of art that is "flat, boring and very samey" then I would be over the moon! Some people have very sad little narrow minded lives and they seem to get a kick out of trying to hurt others that have full happy lives. We all have the option to either smile or frown. You always go for the smile option and that then spreads to all around you. Don't ever let the b's grind you down Barbara, you are a good and very talented person. Enjoy the show, I will be waiting to see if the brayer comes out : ) Take care x

  50. If Any one of my attempts looked as great as your artwork I would be beaming like a moonbeam myself. Some people just don't recognise quality and just want bling bling bling or the latest New fad. Yours is the only show on C and C that is a non negotiable one for and I am still trying to find it my name on my tv planner as so far Clarity is not showing up so I am simply recording whatever is planned for your usual time. How very dare they?……

  51. Nothing wrong with those two cards Barbara, the scrunched up paper card was the first one I saw you demo, and you gave me your piece of artwork, which i still have. And its still stunning. I love the moonbeam card, would be very happy to see that demoed on Sunday. Nothing wrong with going back to some of your "old" stuff, a wee trip down memory lane does wonders and hey it can't be too bad, we all loved it then, and still love it and your new stuff now xxxxx

  52. The only programme i tune in for on CC is yours. Your magic shines through, flat and boring does not! You are such an inspiration to many, i only wish i could produce something that remotely resembles your work. I will be watching from Qatar, I'm not home till the end of March, so lets hope the internet holds out for 2 hours. You will be amazing as ever, don't doubt your creative skills ever, the moon beam card would be a joy to see again and again and again..

  53. Love these old techniques Barbara. Earlier this week I actually used the brayer & scrunched up copy paper to create water – it really is a brilliant technique & easy to do. Looking forward to your show. Pat x

  54. Go for it Barbara reading all the comments, it just reminds me of some of the things you have done to inspire us all, lets go back and start again as good for us all to remember, get W & H out the door, always new people who learn from you and us that have been with you a long while, it's good to remind of where we were and where we are going. Looking forward to Sunday, have a good day, POSITIVE gets us there in the end, may take a bit of time for the journey but with our good and wonderful leader we are all behind you

  55. Its lovely that you demo all your new ideas and techniques but I still love what you call the old ones. They were all little pieces of art that were so lovely in their own right. You obviously put yourself under so much pressure to constantly come up with new ideas but please remember we all appreciate whatever you demo.

  56. Don't listen to the naggers, when I first saw you on C@C I was blown away! I still am. Your old tv demo stuff still looks good to me. I didn't get the chance to do hairy Mary but whats wrong with a hairy fairy I say? Love Joan x

  57. You inspired me with the classroom shows and the brayer to start card making but I lacked the confidence to go near your techniques so I bought a kit instead. Seeing you on the last show reminded me and I bought a brayer and your fantastic DVD's and some stamps and am loving practicing all those fabulous landscapes and seascapes you did. All the new crafters will have missed seeing how fabulous they are and they too would be blown away like me. Also the images are not flat you can matte and layer them add flowers etc just like any other topper but these toppers are hand made and amazing. Keep inspiring us with your amazing talents. And maybe I will buy a jelli plate in the future xxx

  58. Loved seeing these ~ I think I managed to secure one of those trees and it is on it's way to me as I type! The thing is, not all of us have been here from the very beginning so it is good to show things done some time ago {I am one for a start} and if I can begin to do something that remotely resembles this piece I shall be a very happy bunny indeed ~~~Deb

  59. Do you know what, Barb? I still LOVE those brayered landscapes! And I'll never forget the first time I met you……my friend & I were just leaving Ally Pally (my first ever visit & boy, was I overwhelmed…& overspent) & you nabbed us as we were walking past & made the Willow Fairy card – we were mesmerised! You had a special offer with the brayer, DVD & postcards & I bought it – & even though my friend had earlier confiscated my credit card, she relented when we saw your wonderful work!! I went home, full of inspiration & sure I was going to create brayered masterpieces the very next day. Well, that didn't quite happen – you made it look so easy but, like most things, there was a technique to be learned…..4 years later I'd got it!!! Mainly from watching you on Create & Craft.

    So, never berate yourself or your early work – it was & still is WONDERFUL & you are still an inspiration to so many of us. And we all lose our mojo every now & then 🙂

    Looking forward to Sunday's programme – which WILL be AMAZING, as ever!

    ttfn, lots of love, Liz M xxx

    p.s. I love a moon, me – & if it ain't broke, don't fix it 🙂

  60. Hi Barb,
    Those that can, do – those that can't, carp – that's all I have to say.
    Hope you laughed yourselves silly in bed – George does regularly when he looks at me!
    See you on Sunday when you'll knock em dead, oh Brayer Queen of the Sarf (South).
    Maureen xx

  61. So sorry Mr Mojo has gone walkabout at the moment Barbara but you are so talented and should never doubt that! New ideas are basically old ideas rejigged a bit and it is always good to revisit earlier stuff because I never saw you do those, and I'm sure there are many others in the same boat. Your so called flat cards are never flat and certainly not boring because your wonderful artistry with inks pens and pencils brings everything to life, so banish those negative thoughts and lock them up and throw away the key. Sunday will be brilliant as usual! x

  62. Well Barbara – you too are human! Wish I still had my Anti-Gremlin mantra that I wrote in one of my coaching sessions when I was working full time for the NHS – kept it on my desk and read it everyday back then. Funny enough I haven't even thought about it for the last 3 years of being self employed until now!!!
    Your mojo will come back with bells on, and in the meantime we will just love to see you work your majic, be it old or new! I always remember you showing me how to do a row of ballerinas using different generations of ink – it was beautiful and a total revelation to me, so remember what is old hat to you will always be new and amazing for someone else.
    Ignore those with negative comments – people will always have different preferences in terms of presentation and style – personally I love how you take a blank piece of paper and create a work of art with a bit of ink or paint and little else!!! Good luck on Sunday, and I'll be glued to the TV whatever is on offer. Susan x

  63. I love seeing all your artwork – old and new, and often look back on your blog for inspiration and ideas.
    What sad people to be criticizing others artwork – I wonder what they could produce and how much better they feel it is than anyone else's? "Nowt as strange as folk" as the saying goes – and they certainly sound like the "strange kind!" If a kind word can't be spoken to others, then they shouldn't bother!
    Keep up the great work Barbara – I'll be in front of the telly sharp at 9 tomorrow. Looking forward to the show and half hoping that you will show us the moonbeam! 🙂
    Safe journey to the studio – see you tomorrow. Take care, Carole xxx

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