Two unwelcome Guests….

Two unwelcome Guests….

Happy Boxing Day!
Friday’s Blog a private peek?
Well, that’s it then.
Two weeks of chasing around,
Two days of eating far too much, 
and today, as always on a day of rest,
the gremlins woke up extra early in my head this morning 
and got me all fired up and worried about work and such.
They started with the list of people I forgot to send a card to 
and by the time they had flagged up the imminent trip to the States and lack of prep on my part, it was time to get up.
So here I sit, in my little artroom, trying to turn it round in my head and get a positive vibe going here!
It’s always the same.
As soon as I stop, give myself permission to do nothing, those two pesky little shits in my head start tapping on my cranium until I concede, and start moving around again. One’s actually called Wurka, and the other’s name is Hollick.
The only thing I can do is acquiesce.
Get up and get going.
So thank heaven for this blog! 
They actually think I am working now, and they’ve nodded off.
They aren’t easily tricked though, so I don’t have long.
Coffee and chocolate will wake them up, 
but chamomile tea and a long walk will calm them down.
Thing is, they’ve been with me for that long now, 
living rent-free in my head I might add, 
it’s quite difficult to evict them – especially at this time of year.
I do have a plan though. Shhh…..working on it…..
Tomorrow, if you fancy, we could do a little project together?
I shall be starting out with a Shaving foam piece, so if you have time today, you could have a go, and then tomorrow, we can crack on!
This is what you want to aim for:

All you need is the following:
Jo’s Bubbles Stencil
Shaving Foam
Distress Inks: pinks, blues and all sorts!
Low-tack masking tape.

Let me dig out a You Tube Video for you, if you aren’t sure how this works…

So instead of using the Clock stencil, 
I’ve just used the Jo’s Bubbles Stencil !

Then tomorrow, all you need in addition, is 
a Versamark ink pad, 
Clear Detail Embossing Powder
a heat gun.
Black Archival
a couple of Dye-based ink pads 
which match the colours you used in the Shaving Foam.
I used Distress Pads:
Tumbled Glass

Picked Raspberry 

Faded Jeans.

A couple of Clarity Brushes
Make-up sponges
Baby wipes
Oh! And the little round Blending tools for the edges.
Let’s get together tomorrow and have a bit of fun!!
I’ll blog early, so you have plenty of time….
Just like the old days in The Classroom on Telly. 
Cor, that was fun…
Oh dear. 
I’d better get my boots on and go for a walk over the forest!
Those pesky chappies are stirring again…
Lots of love,

45 thoughts on “Two unwelcome Guests….

  1. Now now Barbara – get those gremlins under control – we can't let them take over can we!!!
    A brisk walk in the cold should send them back in to hibernation and allow you time to focus!
    The states – come now Barbara – this is a walk in the park for you – you can do it – deep breaths and you will be fine – you were entitled to a few days off – time to relax and enjoy the family and food – even the gremlins cannot complain about that.
    So get those lists out – take control and you will be fine!
    Much love as ever dear Barbara

    Kim xx

  2. Hi Barbara, I think I have your gremlins cousins residing in my head!!!! Hope you can manage to make them sleep for the rest of the day so you can have a day for yourself to relax. If you ever manage to work out how to evict them let me know!!!!

    I'm up for your lesson tomorrow (although not early morning up!!!!), especially to do with shaving foam as I've yet to try this. Got the foam (that must have got the Tesco shoppers wondering!!!!) and your original big bubbles stencil which might do instead, if I mask some of it off. Might have a go this afternoon so it's ready, if I can get myself awake and going enough!!!

    I'm sure American crafter's will love you, your products and inspiration just as much as we all do 🙂 Hope we can watch these shows too, I tried to watch the preview one you did but it wouldn't let me.

    Take care
    Love Brenda xx

    1. p.s. I wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to blog over the Christmas period, it is very good of you to think of us when you are so busy, and to take that bit of time out of your family time to do it. Very much appreciated. It has made my Christmas less lonely xx

    2. That's funny Donna. If only, Nicola's the latest in trying hard to evict that one!!!
      All 4 people have said they really like my first bit of wall art I gave them and all were saying where they were going to hang it in their houses, and I'm still sat here worrying that I'm notgoodenuf!!! at it… xx

    3. I think the doubt gremlin is the biggest one for me too. I do have moments when I know I have made something that I am sure is good! Perhaps we just have to try and make that gremlin smaller bit by bit…………..

  3. Oh Barbara I can always guarantee a good laugh when I visit your blog. Your sense of humour is right up my street. I am travelling home from my holiday at Center Parcs tomorrow but hopefully will get some time to craft in the afternoon. I have my shaving foam and re-inkers at the ready so once I have unpacked and put a load of washing in I should get time to get to my craft room. Hope your walk in the cold sends your gremlins back into hibernation. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Barbara, you're a gem! Your writing is so funny but I guess it's not too funny being unable to relax. I'm sure your trip to US will go well, I hope you manage to see Grace whilst you're there. Pat x

  5. LMAO Barbara. If I can find some light I will join in with you, all the bulbs went in my craft room – no spares as they were only replaced two weeks ago. Miss the classroom days, but your YouTube Tuesday's certainly making up for that. Looking forward to the new year and hope that it is a great one for all. X

  6. What horrible little gremlins you have in your head, nasty little blighters when you have awarded yourself a day off. I'd love to join in with you tomorrow, but no bubbles stencil! I might see if I can substitute another one, I'll wait and see what you have in mind tomorrow. Keep the so and so's at bay today, if at all possible, and put your feet up for a few hours. Happy Boxing Day.

  7. I hope you have whipped those gremlins into shape with your walk so that you can relax a bit this afternoon. Thank you for taking time out to write your blog over the festivities your writing always makes me smile.
    Now just remember nice deep breaths and relax and all will be well for your trip to the states.
    Jackie x

  8. fancy giving them names as well! that sounds too familiar for comfort for me. if you ignore them and manage to get through the anxiety they provoke you will get rid of them. and i'm not joking. it's exposure and response prevention and i'm sure you can work out which is which……hugs xx

  9. You are really funny Barb love your humour. Gremlins be gone!!! Try to relax & think of nice things, like the the smell of old English roses & how they look or other things that mean something to you, whenever those gremlins start in your head. It does work if you keep practising. Looking forward to using the bubble stencil & shaving foam, will have to be the day after for me as travelling home tomorrow.

    1. Hi, I think Boxing Day is called this because in the old days the servants would be given a gift from their master the day after Christmas and it was called a 'Christmas Box' and the servants would also have this day off and go home and give Christmas boxes to their families. Hope that helps Brenda xx

  10. Fantastic! Got a birthday card to make. What a great excuse to get all my toys out and play…..shaving foam here I come! My gremlins are snoozer and muncher. They pretend they are my friends…..but they're NOT!

  11. Hi Barb,
    This really made me smile! I hope you had a lovely day yesterday and that by now those two pesky gremlins have gone ( at least for a while) I'm sure the tv in America will be fine – is there any way that we can watch it here? Looking forward to tomorrow's blog – already have by background done as I had the stencil, the shaving foam and the reinkers, so all set for tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us too. Love Alison xxx

  12. Love this shaving foam technique, never tire of the amazing results.

    You know what you need Barbara, a good list then see what can be delegated, bet it won't look so scary. You should also look into the practise of mindfulness, be kind to yourself xx

  13. Those pesky varmits have relations that live with me too! I have just got back from work, quite depressing. However as always your blog made me laugh. I will be with you tomorrow as I have all the ingredients. I have had lots of Clarity goodies for Christmas, including the foxes – they are awesome.
    Thank you again for a wonderful year of crafting along with you.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  14. I think we all have gremlins in our heads sometimes. I think mine are probably called later and tomorrow lol. I usually put things off and think of a million reasons not to do something. Anyway, hopefully your walk drove them away for a while. x

  15. Hi Barbara, so soory for you but on the same time so pleased that I am not the only one with rent-free tenants in my head. For the moment mine woke me very early to remind me all what I have to do to be able to open my new shop on the 9th January…… Hopefully, I keep busy during the day, so they go to sleep, but any minute where I am not busy, here they are again with their drums….
    Take care of yourself, and take deep breath.
    Laurence xx

  16. Sorry to hear about your pesky gremlins – I think we all have them. Would love to join you tomorrow though am unable to as I'm with my Mum and Dad. Will look in and see what you end up doing and will give it a go another day. Thanks for taking the time to blog over the last couple of days. xx

  17. Hello Barb, just tell Wurka and Hollick to go sit in a dark corner somewhere and leave you alone. I am looking forward to joining you at some point tomorrow. Thank you for all the ideas you give us. Take care and rest as well. Bx

  18. Pesky gremlins! Hope you managed to lose them during the day. Will give the shaving foam a try tomorrow as I love the swirly effects you create with yours. I think when I tried it I was a little too hesitant with the inks so mine came out a bit faint. Xx

  19. Whoa, very exited. I don't have this stencil but might be able to improvise. I got those gremlins too, sometimes they are just trying organise me when I am distracted by the things I want to do, like sleep or cram as much into a space that is far too small! I'm learning to trust that they have my best interests at heart.

  20. Will be able to join in tomorrow. Our visitors all gone now, so I have some quiet time. Looking forward to being able to sit at my desk and try out some of my new items. Hopefully rest my knee now as well and get rid of the pain which is gnawing at me like your gremlins. Hope you got a good walk, snowing here now. xx

  21. Hope Wurka got lost during the day, and was, perhaps, replaced by Alka, who goes well with Hollick. I had a good afternoon after visiting friends this morning and now have very inky fingers. Just about to brave the outside with the dogs to see how much white stuff has fallen tonight. Have a good day tomorrow. xxx Maggie

  22. Hi Barbara. Sorry to hear that you have those two baddies in your head. I have similar, not named them though! Write a list of what you HAVE to do, not what you think you Should do and then sit /lay somewhere quiet and try repeating over and over "Everything will work out fine, now I deserve to rest" when the little buggers appear, really concentrate and imagine yourself writing the words, feel the way you form the letters, how they flow together etc. and then say the sentence again. Do this over and over until Wurka and Hollick get pissed off and vanish! I do this and find it does work, at least for a while! Good luck. Take care x

  23. I hope you have them gremlins in check today. I'm looking forward to today's project, the colours on this so far are beautiful. the bubble stencil is so versatile! x

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