German Plum Crumble Cake is served!

German Plum Crumble Cake is served!

Hello there!
Thank you so much for popping in.
The turkey’s in the oven, 
The men have gone for a walk,
Mum has been keeping me company in the kitchen,
and my biggest issue this morning was trying to find something big enough to steam the broccoli in!
So life is good, and even the broccoli found a home!
So I have slipped out the back door up to my den, to chat to you and check that you ok.
Haven’t had the right head on to make paper art, so how about I share one of my all time favourite and best dessert recipes with you? 
It is my spin on a German Plum cake, 
which Mum handed down to me. 
It is so simple and so delicious!
All you need is 
1/2 pound butter, 
2 punnets of plums,
some plain flour, 
oh. and a secret ingredient….
Sieve and mix the flour and sugar in a bowl.
How much? About 8 heaped tablespoons of flour 
and 6 tablespoons of sugar.
Ta Daa!!!!

Cut the salted butter up into little squares,

and drop the squares into the flour sugar mix.
Hold one square back….

Most important: add a good pinch of salt to the mix. 
Eine Prise Salz as my Mum always reminds me…
Right. There’s no other way round this:
off with the rings on your fingers!
Put them in the cupboard out of the way, 
roll your sleeves up
and start making your crumble.
Just squish the butter lumps gently 
and coat them with the mix.
If you think its too oily, add some more flour and sugar.
I did! Then I decided I’d added too much flour, 
so added more butter.
It’s just like making a card really. 
You can add it but you can’t take it away!!!
Now use the butter paper to grease a large flat baking tray.

Make a base with some of the crumble mix.
I know. 
I’m rubbish at weights and amounts. 
If I say not too much, or just a little of it, does that help?

Spread it out and flatten it with any floured flat thing you can find.

How you arrive at this is up to you.
It’s YOUR creation!

See how much crumble is still left in the bowl? 

Now for the magic ingredient…
Quality Street???
Is she serious?!?

Aha! Bread Crumbs!
Believe it or not, 
my Mum and Dad periodically give me tins of breadcrumbs.
Isn’t that wonderful? I use them for breading cutlets, making this cake, all sorts!
So sprinkle a thin layer of breadrumbs over the crumble mix. This will stop the juice from the plums make the base all soggy.
Ok. Plums next.
These plums were not edible. 
They were so hard and unripe.
But believe you me, you can use ANY plums, old or new, 
and this cake tastes wonderful.
Cut them in half, get rid of the stone, 

and cut each half into 4 little crescent moons.
I leave them all attached.

Lay them in rows on the breadcrumb/crumble base.
Only takes about half an hour tops to do the lot…

Coffee and honeycomb break required

Assistant Dave required to hoover up crumble on floor, 
so that I don’t traipse it all over the house later!
Looking good!

Cover with the rest of the crumble.
This is usually where you wish 
you hadn’t used so much for the base….

 Half an hour in the middle of a hottish oven,
about gas mark 6,
or until it’s gold brown and bubbling.

Allow to get cold.

Then it slices and lifts out of the tray in neat beautiful slabs.
This will easily be enough for 12 people.
And tastes fantastic served with fresh cream.
Ask the family!

Give it a go.
Happy Christmas from all of us here.
lots of love,

52 thoughts on “German Plum Crumble Cake is served!

  1. Thank you for sharing your mums recipe Barb it looks lovely.
    I use my mums sweet pastry recipe for mince pies at xmas.
    I have my cousin here for xmas lunch as, at 65, he's had dementia for 3 years now. He's recently moved to a care home as his partner was finding it difficult to cope. Our mums were sisters and we were brought up together like brother and sister. (This meant we could go home when we had an argument!) haha happy times.
    He's enjoyed his Turkey lunch and he still knows us – for which I'm forever grateful.
    Enjoy your xmas time with your family xxxxx

  2. Hi Barbara, thank you for the lovely recipe will give it a go but not today. We are sitting here waiting for our dinner it smells great hopefully it will be great.
    Just taking time to ponder and be grateful for all we have received today and thinking of the less fortunate and pray they find solace somewhere today and everyday.
    Merry Christmas to all who pop by today and thank you Barbara for all your inspiration you so freely share with us all. Long may it continue. Love Bev xxx

    1. hi, a punnet of plums is maybe about 400g worth, it does vary from shop to shop though. And it will depend on the size of dish you use how many you need. Sorry, I guess this doesn't help much. But if you buy too many you can chop the rest up, put them in a pan with a little (couple of tablespoons or something) water and a little sugar, and cook it gently, giving it a stir on and off, until it reduces down. You can eat this with ice cream, cream or something or put it the freezer to use for another pudding. Hope this helps. Brenda xx

  3. Merry Christmas Barbara, and to all your family and all at Clarity, merry Christmas everyone on here, and happy holidays to anyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. I hope everyone is having the best time it’s possible for you to have.

    (this might be a 3, 4 parter, sorry)
    I wanted to tell you a very, very, very good story today. You see, yes I’ve been having an extra hard time off it for over a year now but in the middle of it all I also had the two most amazing days of my life as I got to go to the Commonwealth Games for two days. It’s a bit of a long story – isn’t it always with me!!!! That’s Asperger’s we don’t know the gist thing, so we need to say and write everything in full and usually need extra words /explanations to understand what’s written or being said to us too. Anyway, it all started when London won their bid to host the Olympics. I get an awful lot from watching some sports, especially athletics, athletes wear their hearts on their sleeves which means I can see and feel what they are thinking /feeling be that good or bad, something I am mostly shut out of in the world because I can’t see and/or interpret non verbal language and it’s not often people show big how they are feeling or what they are thinking. I’ve also had a desperate need for many years to experience what it is like to be part of the spectators who are all there for one purpose, gelling them together and the shouting and singing and cheering etc. So the person who was my main support person at that time told me she was going to do whatever it took to get me there, to allow me something this special to in a small way make up for what I have had to miss out in life and will never have. Unfortunately I didn’t get any of the tickets I tried for.

    So then she was encouraging me to try for the Commonwealth Games, yes it’s not as good as the Olympics because not all nations are allowed to attend but Glasgow is only 50 miles away so it made it more doable both for getting there and ruling out all the problems that having to stay away somewhere would create. I was starting to realise things weren’t as I was being led to believe with this person so was very reluctant to try for tickets as you can’t give them back or sell them on, and that would be the worst, getting tickets and not being able to go. Anyway she guaranteed and repeatedly reassured me she would be taking me if I got tickets and with her being very senior I let myself believe it. I put in for 5 different sessions and got allowed 4, the one I didn’t get was an add on anyway. I couldn’t believe my luck and everyone was so happy for me. This person started planning with me and building it up big. A month later was when it went wrong, huge stuff happened, was done, and without any warning or explanations I’m told I can’t go! (Still finding out the extent of what’s been going on and seemingly for far longer too) I had help from someone else in the service and between us we fought hard to get me allowed to in some way get to the Games. Months it went on, yes, no, yes but with no prep etc. I still wasn’t certain if I was getting to go the week before! I hadn’t been out anywhere for months, and the most people I had encountered for many years was a quiet shop situation! I used to have panic attacks in crowds. Never been out with Nicola and we’d known each other for only a few months. Nicola worked her magic at her end and talking with me on the phone, I wasn’t allowed her to visit, since she’s management, even for this. She got all the disabled parking sorted and plans for all my problems and what ifs, and managed to get here a few days before to work out how to get my wheelchair as comfortable as possible for me, I was going to be sitting in it for a very long time each of the days.

  4. So the Tuesday came, extremely early in the morning, both of us nervous, me far more so than Nicola and off we go with fingers crossed and me going “let’s do this”! Mountain biking first and then evening athletics. Me and Nicola just hit it off right away and I’ve got the connection thing huge with her. Nicola was amazing, the volunteers were amazing, both couldn’t have done any more. With me being in a wheelchair we got treated like VIPs everywhere and fast tracked everywhere, we had our own entrances, own lanes, plenty volunteers to help and checking we were ok, at one point the volunteers were stopping and parting the massive queues of people saying “VIPs coming through”!!!! Absolutely everything was totally amazing. Nicola said she could tell from the smile that never left my face that I was having a very good time. Because we had our own entrance and own wee section at the mountain bike there wasn’t much people, no crowds. It was good that this was first. One of the guys that used to help me had lent me his sun hat, telling me to wear it always and it was loose enough on me that I could pull it down over my eyes when I got scared. It worked really well, being in the wheelchair, with the hat on, the more scared I felt the lower down I pulled it, and I just trusted in Nicola totally, pushing my wheelchair, to get us where we were going. This guy had also told me that there will be too many people for my head to see each one as an individual person, that it would be like a sea instead, and he was right. Obviously we encountered huge crowds at Hampden for the athletics. Fortunately we were on the outskirts of it a lot of the time and the hat trick helped a lot, but also being in the chair, I’m quite little, so I tucked my arms in and that gave me a wee bit space and then mostly people were giving my chair a bit of space too, so arms tucked in, head down, hat down, everyone moving in the same direction, I concentrated on looking at the feet in front, which were always moving away from me as we were all going the same way and with my wee bit space round me, it felt like I was in a wee bubble in the middle of it. I didn’t dare look up, there’s no way I’d ever have coped with that, if I saw exactly the extent of the crowd we were in!!!!

  5. Hampden was the place I most wanted to be, it was so amazing. I was like a wee kid on Christmas morning. Because of the answers we’d given my wheelchair seats were right at the back of the stadium, behind everyone else. These were actually the not so good wheelchair seats, most were at the front right along the 100m track. But for me where I got was the best, I doubt I would have handled being at the front with everyone behind. Where I was I was on the edge of it all but could still feel it and feel a part of it all. When we entered the stadium me being in the chair I couldn’t see over the wall, and Nicola was busy trying to work out where we were sitting, so was pushing my chair forward a bit, then to the side then back a bit, like this. Every time she pushed it forward I was stretching up to see if I could see over the wall yet, I wanted to see the track so much, it went on like this and I got to the point of thinking if I don’t get to see soon I’m out this chair to have a look!!!! She got directions to our sitting place and it wasn’t until I was right up close to the wall that I got to see the track and field and wow! It all looks so much larger than life with the bright red and blue, nothing like it is on telly. And we weren’t too far away from the track either we could see everything, and we were near the finish line end too. Next thing was the ‘Hampden roar’, wasn’t sure how I’d handle that, with noise being a problem for me, the guy that lent me his hat also gave me ear plugs in case but no way was I going to use them!!!, I wanted to feel and hear it all, that’s why I was there! The noise was immense but not like anything I’d ever heard in my life, and it didn’t give me the bad feelings, every time it went round the stadium and was getting close to us you could feel it coming as well as hear it build and I’m not joking my smile just got bigger each time. The action was amazing too seeing it all in real life, and I saw Lynsey Sharp win her silver too. I went the days that Mo Farah was to be running, that would have been my ideal, seeing him, but he can’t help being ill, and it was all still so amazing, Usain Bolt was running too on the second of my days. My second day there was the Friday, a chance for my body to try to recover a little in between. Gymnastics finals and then more athletics. Amazing seeing what these gymnasts can do in real life.

  6. Getting to go back for a second day was amazing too, the occasional wee thing I’ve been allowed in the past has been once and with no idea when nor even if I’d ever get anything again. So being able to come home, feeling sad because that was half of it gone already but knowing what I was going back again on the Friday was a new pleasurable experience for me too. It was so weird looking at it on the telly, I’ve been there, I know how that looks, sounds, feels, that’s a new one for me too. I was proper happy, for the first time in my life, hand on heart, I had two days where i was proper happy. That’s massive, but also so sad for me because it’s taken 48 years of striving, doing my absolute best, trying to be my best for me and others and trying my hardest to make the most of everything no matter how small. One of them double edged things – I got to feel proper happy for two very long days and nobody can take that from me, I know I can now, but I have no idea if i will ever be allowed to do anything /go anywhere that I can feel proper happy again. I feel happy as much as possible, I like fun and to make people smile and laugh, but for me, at the same time as feeling happy there are still the bad feelings in the background. But the bad feelings all went those two days and all I felt was happy and part of it and belonging and sharing and maybe the excitement thing too, something else I thought I wasn’t capable of feeling. Nicola was amazing, there’s nothing at all I would have changed. And do you know what, Nicola says to me she had an amazing time too and that there was nothing she would have changed about me either. That’s massive for her to say that about me, and I know she means it, no one has ever said that about me before. I really want to do more things, I really want to feel that again and to share that with Nicola too, as it’s just so good with her and that makes the experience even more amazing for me. I don’t know if I ever will, we don’t know if she can, we need to get my support sorted first and me going out for afternoons with one of them and then Nicola can make a plan and see if we can have permission for her to do one off special things with me.

    I hope you don’t mind me writing so much, I’ve been desperate to share my amazing time with you and thought today the perfect time to do that. I better go and entertain daisy now, she’s got fed up plying on her own with her new toys, the catnip filled beaver and special treats has kept her busy for some time now. the 100 pom poms are lying waiting for me to start throwing for her to catch and chase! it may take some time!!!!! better now in the day time, normally her favourite time for this game is when I put the light off to go to sleep!!!! And pretending I’m sleeping doesn’t work, she just pounces on and off me until i oblige!!!!!

    Brilliant, i can try your recipe, crumble is something I’ve already worked out using oats and wheat alternative flours, and a wee bit bread will be fine. i’ve got plum cooked in the freezer but it looks like I’d be better with fresh ones so I’ll have a go next week after my shopping order has been. Thank you

    Merry Christmas
    Love Brenda xx

    1. I tried to get tickets to the Olympics and Glasgow but didn't manage either. I watched everthing i could over that summer and i can still remember it, being there must make those memories even more vivid. Sounds like you both had a great time. Glad you commented today as I wanted to wish you a happy Christmas and a happy new year!! Xx

    2. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you Maureen and Donna. That's really nice of you to say you are glad I had commented today Donna. (I had been worrying that I'd come on here today to find I'd been told off for writing so much!)
      Hope everyone has been having a lovely time
      Love Brenda xx

    3. Happy Christmas Brenda. You had an amazing time at the Commonwealth games! It was a pure dead brilliant time for Glasgow. Cherish your memories and draw strength from what you achieved by being there. The atmosphere in Glasgow during the summer was like nothing else. You have shared your experience very eloquently and I enjoyed reading all about it. Thank you for reminding me that Glasgow can be happy again. xx

    4. Happy Christmas Fiona. Thank you for your lovely comment. I know, the bin lorry tragedy, Glasgow must be such a sad place just now, it feels impossible to comprehend what, why, how, and only a year after the helicopter tragedy too. But I agree, Glaswegians will make Glasgow the happy friendly place it is again 🙂 Brenda xx

  7. This looks lovely Barbara and the family all look as though they enjoyed it so will give it a go as plums are yummy. Thank you for the recipe and hope you and the family enjoy the rest of the day. x

  8. Merry Christmas to you and the family Barbara. The dessert looks fab. I love plums but have never had a plum dessert. Will have to give it a try. Anyway enjoy the festivities and thanks for such a terrific blog xx

  9. Wow Barbara that looks and sounds delicious! Hubby had already said we must give it a go! He loves everything crumbly 😉
    We have not long finished our lovely Christmas dinner. I cheated with some bits this year but we all enjoyed it just the same – even the dog!
    I'm pleased to say that dad loved his Clarity-inspired gifts. Lovely to be able to make him something special this year. Thank you for inspiring me!
    Right, I'd best go and feed the dog her proper tea … she is suggesting that the extras weren't enough!
    Happy Christmas everybody!

  10. Think I have just lost my comment to cyber space. Trying again but I'll try to keep it short. Thank you for spending your precious time blogging for us on Christmas Day. Thank you also for your constant inspiration. The plum crumble cake looks delicious and your family seem to be enjoying it too. On my list to make, love plums. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas with your family.

  11. Hi Barb,
    I'll definitely try this crumble. Do you put any sugar on the plums???
    I hope you and your family have had a super day and send Happy Christmas wishes to all the Clarity staff.

  12. looks and sounds yummy. will try it out i think. you could use ground almonds instead of bread crumbs. the italians do that.
    my mum also does the same to butter the dish, using the wrapper from the butter. hope you have had a lovely christmas, hugs xx

  13. I wonder if you could use pears instead of plums. The neighbours planted a beautiful pear tree on the island in front of the houses in Geoff's memory and it had a bumper crops of hard little pears this year, some of which I still have. a little of my favourite spices, ginger and cinnamon, might go well. Thank you for sharing another of your lovely family recipes with us all. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break xxx Maggie

  14. Now that sounds like my type of pudding xxx does it matter what type of bread for the breadcrumbs?
    Yummy looking pud!
    Lovely to have handed down recipes they are the bestXX
    Thank you for sharing
    Much love
    Kim xx

  15. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks yummy. I initially got as far as reading about the Quality Street and then got distracted from reading further for a bit, so was left wondering how quality street worked in the recipe. All became clear that it was breadcrumbs when I returned later to finish reading! x

  16. Ooooh that sounds authentic and so good. I'll try that soon. Happy Boxing Day from our house to yours! I'm off to make a Turkey, Ham and Leek Pie now… Wish I had some plums; I'd have made your cake for pudding! Love Gill xxx

  17. Happy Christmas Barbara. Thanks for sharing a yummy looking pudding. I was waiting to see what you had in the Quality Street tin, didn't think of breadcrumbs though. Will have to give it a go (will make more crumble though as both me and our daughter are crumble lovers and could eat it on its own : )) I hope you are having a wonderful time and that you manage to get to put your feet up and relax. Take care.

  18. Hello Barb, wow this sounds delicious, nothing beats a good recipe handed down from Mum to daughter or son even (dont want to be accused of being sexist). Looks like you all had a very lovely family dinner. Take care. Bxx

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