Spain Jane here we come xx

Spain Jane here we come xx

Hello there.
Friday’s Blog a private peek.
Well, we’re off to sunny Spain early today.
Granada, Córdoba and so on. A real mini adventure.
There’s a certain somebody I want to spend a few hours with, and there’s no time like now. Today. This afternoon.
But let Jane tell you herself; 
nobody can string sentences together like this lady.
We’ve known each other for a long time, but never met.
It’s time we did, said Jane. And so we shall.
much love,

51 thoughts on “Spain Jane here we come xx

  1. Emotional for all of you…. have a wonderful mini break – got to be better than the weather outside right now Barbara…. have a good flight and I think you need to give Jane a hug from all of us who have read her journey.
    Much love and safe journey to you and Dave xx

  2. Have a wonderful time in Spain and with Jane, your presence will be so special to her, I did not know about Jane only just read some of her blog through your link, so touching and so sad, I can only guess, without going through all her pages, that she has the dreaded 'C'. She comes across as a very lovely, strong defiant Lady and I send her love.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Barbara, have a great time in Spain, give Jane a huge hug from me…she is a very brave and special lady xxx I am also a fellow cancer sufferer, in remission, and I feel for her and her family and friends xxx God Bless you all….Marcia

  4. Enjoy your trip to Spain – we will be treading in your footsteps early next year to escape the worst of the Scottish winter! Love the Alhambra Palace, and my sis-in-law tells me Picasso's house in Malaga is also a must see. If you get time go to the caves at Nerja – they are just like a cathedral inside! Have been following Jane's blog so I hope you enjoy some precious time together. Susan x

  5. Hi Barbara hopefully you are well on your way by now and nearly with Jane. Such an amazing lady, your time together will be very special to both of you. Safe journey, big hugs to you and Jane and have a fantastic holiday. Take care love Diane xxxx

  6. Hope you have safe flight give Jane our love a wonderful lady from what have read and is going through hard time but sounds so on top of what is going on enjoy life as best as she can at this time I'm sure we'll enjoy your visit live and hugs all around and enjoy your break xxx

  7. Barb, enjoy your time with Mum and I truly hope she's up for the visit and finds the strength to stay awake for her time with you…she has been hanging on for this visit. I wish I could be there with you all but I will be there in spirit, I'm devastated for her that she won't be able to have the crafting time with you that she so very much wanted. A quiet chat will be just as enjoyable at this stage. Please give her a huge hug from me if you read this whilst you are there and tell her not a day goes by when I don't ache for her and miss her. Love to you all and thank you for everything you have done for our family! xxx

    1. Nice of you to pop in at this difficult time for you. Through her blog your mum has touched more people than she will ever know. My thought are with you and your dad at this time. Please pop in again sometime xx

    2. Hi Nic, I've only recently discovered your Mum's blog and journey through Barbara. Any words I thought to say felt very inadequate and maybe an intrusion so decided it best to make no comment. I'm new to commenting and special lady Barbara and all the lovely people on here have been so kind and caring and supportive which is helping me a lot in many ways. So I just wanted to let you know that I too do feel very much for you all and you are all in my thoughts, just in case in some very small way knowing this helps you too xx

    3. Hi Nic it was lovely to read your post to Barbara. Your mum has mentioned you and your family in her blog so many times, it's like we know you. I know how hard it must be for you being so far away from your mum, you sound so like her so you are very brave too. Sending you a huge hug. Your mum has been such an inspiration to so many with her fabulous blog, what a fantastic woman. I'm sure you are as proud of her as she is of you. Stay strong, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Diane xxxx

  8. Have a wonderful break in Spain Barbara. I too had not read Jane's Journal before today but looking back through I can see what a special lady she is in the way she has handled illness and over a long period of time too, and it is very sad but uplifting at the same time, if that makes sense! Anyway enjoy your time with that special lady. x

  9. Hi Barbara. Have just read Jane s blog via your link. We have so much to be grateful for.she appears to have a strong character that is helping her,but I felt sad nevertheless, and I'm sure you will pass on all the best wishes to her and her family from all who follow your blog. Enjoy your much needed and deserved holiday. X

  10. I have been following Janes blog for a while and have been very moved by her strength and determination. A lesson to us all to be grateful for what we have!! I know from her blog she has been looking forward to your visit and it was lovely to read her daughters comment on here today. Give her our best wishes from a very wet England and I hope the sun shines on you both while you are together. Enjoy your much deserved break x

  11. Hello Barb, well one amazing woman meets another face to face. I hope and pray that your visit together is as special as both of you are. I have been following Jane's blog for a while now, and I will always admire her fortitude and strength, as I admire your perseverance and determination. Bless you both, and may Jane have a special time with you. Hope you and Dave get some "us" time, and enjoy your break. To Nic and Stephen, may God give you the strength to endure through a very difficult time. And to everyone struggling with anything, may you all be blessed and find a silver lining. Hugs Bx

  12. Hope Jane manages to stay awake for long enough to enjoy your visit. I hope you give each other strength and both receive the benefits of meeting after such a long relationship! Take care all, Jan x

  13. Hi Barb,
    I am so pleased that you are able to visit Jane. I read her blog today and was very deeply moved by her story. She is very inspirational and also very brave to write about everything so honestly. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. Love Alison xx

  14. I'm sure your visit will give Jane a boost to her spirits. Her blog is very moving, she sounds such a great person. Enjoy your break and let Jane know that all of your followers are thinking of her. Pat x

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