Homeward bound…

Homeward bound…

One more day of sand and sea,
Diving into Laurie Lee.
What a writer, traveller, man !
Escape into his world while we still can.
Tomorrow we bid farewell to dear Jane,
It will be a while before we meet again.
I’m happy to be coming home too;
Get back in the groove – so much to do!
I have missed my stamps, pens and ink
Much more than you would ever think!
It’s time to sleep in our own comfy bed
And then put down on paper what’s stored in my head.
But the magical Spain of Laurie Lee?
I can take it back to Blighty with me.

36 thoughts on “Homeward bound…

  1. Enjoy your time with the amazing Jane and have a safe journey home. You sound rested and raring to go again. So now I am still on the edge of the cliff hanging on to find out what happened next after yesterdays blog, or have I missed it? Night sift can do that to me!

  2. I love Laurie Lees books and somewhere have a very ancient (1970's) cassette tape of a Christmas radio programme where he talks about the birth of his child and that first Christmas as a family after trying for so many years. It's a very moving piece.

  3. Hi Barb,
    It's great that you've both had such a good time, seen some amazing sights, and enjoyed yourselves royally, but – after your visit to Jane, which I'm sure will lift both her and your spirits – It'll be good to welcome you back home. Have a safe journey xx

  4. It's been really interesting reading your adventures this week. Have a safe journey home now that you are refreshed.
    We lost our Mom last month but hopefully Dad, who is 90 tomorrow, will be up for a return visit to the beautiful and welcoming Costa del sol, for a small holiday in the spring, with his three adoring daughters. Happy days yet to come.

  5. Did not know you were a fan of Laurie Lee. I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago, when I was staying at the gorgeous Cotswold home of the show jumper, Pat Smythe. She was hosting the village fete and Laurie Lee came to open the even, as he lived just down the road in Slad. I am glad you have both had such a good time in the sun, seeing so much beauty and I hope it will be enough to keep you both going through the winter. xx Maggie

  6. Hi Barb,

    Have loved reading about your exploits with week. I'm so glad that you and Dave have had such a good time – you both deserve it. Hope all goes well with Jane tomorrow and that you have a safe journey home. xx

  7. It has been lovely following your journey this week. Kind of you to share. So looking forward to seeing all your new ideas turn into stamps and stencils. Hope you find Jane well enough to enjoy your visit. Have a safe journey home, bit grey here though. xx

  8. Hi Barb Thank you for sharing your holiday, not being able to travel, you put lovely pictures in my head look forward to seeing all your coming projects.
    Crafty hugs
    Pauline B

  9. Hi Barb and Dave, it has been great sharing your holiday with you. Hope it gave you lots of me time. This poem is lovely, how I wish I had an ounce of your talent Barb. Give Jane a gentle hug from us tomorrow please. And have a safe trip home, can't wait to see the inspiration you are bringing back. Bx

  10. I have enjoyed reading about your travels and glad to see that both you and Dave have managed to find time for yourselves and relax away from the strains and stresses of your very busy life.

    I hope your visit with Jane tomorrow will be filled with lots of laughter and that you have a safe journey home.

  11. Thank you for giving us a peek into your holiday. Looking forward to seeing what you will bring to your creativity with the inspiration that you have found in Spain. Safe journey home x

  12. I thought your holidays last longer…
    I like being in holidays for one or two weeks. What is longer as two weeks is to much for me.
    So you and Dave have a safe flight back
    Rolf xxx

  13. Love the poem! You are so multi-talented!! Enjoy your last day and I hope you find Jane in good spirits tomorrow – please say a fond farewell from her blog friends too. Susan x

  14. Give our love to Jane has been wonderful sharing your visit to here and your time in Spain save trip home will be glad to have you back home no place like home And of cause your own bed lots love Joy xxx

  15. Hi Barbara, thank you for very generously sharing your holiday with us. Love your poem. Having Asperger's I really struggle with poetry, most of it being totally meaningless to me, but not yours :-). You sound rested and batteries recharged. Hope you have a safe journey home. Love Brenda xx

  16. Holiday nearly over but you sound in good spirits.Lovely that you & Dave have had time to relax & enjoy your surroundings. Give Jane our love & have a safe journey home.xxp

  17. And it will be lovely to have you back – can't wait to see whats stored in your head!
    You must wish Jane farewell from the extended Clarity family – one day we will all meet up……..
    Much Love
    Kim x

  18. Glad your trip has set you up and means you will return to Clarity with renewed energy and enthusiasm Barbara. Hope you have another good visit with Jane and a safe journey home. x

  19. Hi Barb,
    Great to hear that you have renewed your energy. Love the poem. Hope your visit to Jane goes well – give her a gentle hug from me too. Have a safe journey home. Love Alison xx

  20. Hi Barbara. Now you are sharing your poetry with us you talented lady. It certainly sounds like you are relaxed and refreshed. Have a lovely time with Jane and Stephen, please give them my love. Have a safe journey home. Take care.

  21. Hi Barbara what a great poem, thank you for sharing your wonderful holiday with us. Enjoy your time with Jane and have a safe journey home . Love Diane xxxx

  22. Barb I just spoke to Dad and he updated me on everything. I'm glad (albeit envious) that you had another visit with Mum – the deterioration must have been noticeable since you last saw her. I miss her already! Have a safe trip back to England and I'm sure we will touch base soon. Thank you for everything. xx

    1. Hi Nic. Your Mum is a fabulous woman. And your Dad is a good man. Both spoke about you and were happy to hear you and I are in contact. I promised your Mum I would, so that's a deal! X till next week. Xx

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