Birthday Boy.

Birthday Boy.

Hello there.
Thanks for dropping in. It’s late Friday night, and we’ve just got back to the B&B, after a lovely evening in Balsall Common, to celebrate Dave’s birthday.
Jim came all the way from Kent, to drop off a load of stock we had sold out of. What a guy!
The NEC was very busy today, and it was great to see so many friends and familiar faces again.
We do have a lovely team on the stand here, too. I love working with these people.
Heather is the best stocker upper in the business. She is the Stock Boss. Want to know what we’ve got? Ask Heather. Want to know where it is? Ask Heather.
And young Chloe is her brilliant assistant. Back at base, this young lady is she who coordinates and runs the entire Clarity Stamp and Stencil Club. Impressed? She is a very bright young woman, believe you me.
At the till, we have the delightful Jayne, Chloe’s Mum. Now back at base this switched on lady is in charge of all TV despatch. That, my friends, is a hell of a job. She is responsible for every single box and envelope that goes up to Create & Craft. And that’s a lot.
Elaine is our good friend from Halifax. She has been on the Clarity Design Team since its beginning, and is one hell of a knowledgable crafter and great cardmaker.
Maria Simms. What can I tell you? On the stand she is a brilliant demonstrator, happily shares her extensive knowledge and entertains nonstop. At home near Liverpool, she runs Claritystampers Northwest. Probably one of the best, most charismatic teachers you will ever meet. Want to join an amazing Clarity Group in the North-West? Find Maria.
And my Dave? Birthday Boy. Well, he’s just an all round good egg, a great peacemaker and the rock. Who else would spend every blinking birthday at the NEC for the love of a woman?
Back at base, he runs the business with me, and I wouldn’t want to do it without him.
At the Stand, I just know that everything is as it should be, that the customers are in good hands, that they are sure of a warm and sincere welcome. There is a lot to be said for that. It also means I can concentrate on chatting to our visitors and entertaining them.
Here’s a little demo I did today, using shaving foam through a stencil, and the brilliant man with the brolly. And by the way, Jim who drove the stock up, designed him. What a team, eh!
I can’t add links to the website from this ‘ere Ipad, but you will find everything I am using on our website!


Sorry it’s not a step by step, but it’s pretty impossible on an Ipad from a B&B near the NEC!!
Pop in tomorrow night and I will try and post my makings from the day!
Thank you if you visited us today!
Love Barbara x

49 thoughts on “Birthday Boy.

  1. I cannot believe you have found the time to blog with all that you are doing at the NEC. Thank you for introducing your wonderful team to us all. They truly are brilliant and so patient with us customers, and a fantastic back up for you. I am sorry Jim had to drive all the way but glad that Clarity are doing so well. I just hope there will be something left for Sunday. Meanwhile, have a good night's sleep. I love those planets you have created from Jo's Bubbles. Beautiful! xxx

  2. What a fantastic team you have yourself included so dedicated even finding the time to blog too ,I received my stamp and stencil club envelope today wow it's brilliant what a lovley stamp and stencil stunning the inspiration is fabulous along with the news letter thank you for including a little insight into clarity life xxx

  3. Happy Birthday Dave! Thanks for posting on such a busy day. Bubble stencil is lovely and they look like planets with the shaving foam. Have a good weekend at the NEC x x x

  4. Hi Barbara glad to hear today has gone well for you. Happy Birthday Dave, hope you have has a great day. Thank you for sharing the lovely bubble planet card today, it looks fabulous. Thank you also for introducing the team, it's lovely you have family members and good friends around you, hope Jim gets home safe and sound. Love the new design club stamp that came today and good to hear you are spending some time in Spain and you are going to meet Jane. I've been reading her blog since you sent us over to read it, what an inspirational lady she is. Take care of yourself and have a great day tomorrow. Love Diane xxxxx

  5. I'm so impressed that you managed a post on such a day. I wanted to check before heading off to bed and there is was. Looks like you're all having a great time and so well deserved. Happy Birthday to Dave.

  6. The sky at night springs to mind with the shaving foam through the bubble stencil. I must give that a try. Great to see some of the team behind Clarity. Happy Birthday Dave. Hope the next two days are good for you at the NEC. Wish I was coming.

  7. You have a marvellous team Barbara, lovely meeting them yesterday & they were all so helpful as always. What a fab card today love the shaving foam thro the stencil, must try it. Glad you had another good day & a fun evening to celebrate Dave's birthday.xx

  8. Happy Birthday Dave 🙂 and hope the rest of the show goes as well. Love the shaving foam through that stencil and this months design stamp and stencil are just magic. Thank you. Lx

  9. Happy Birthday Dave. What a great group of people, and and how lovely of you to show the faces and explain what they do. I received my new Stamp Club stamp today, and now when I open my envelope I will think of Chloe keeping track of it all. What a lovely stamp too, and I will look forward to using it. Have another good day tomorrow. x

  10. Hope daves birthday was great sure he had lots of birthday wishes hugs, love the bible stencil recieved mine this week hope to play with is over weekend well will Monday as planed play day, just like to say thanks for this months stamp and stencil love them both fantastic they are also on list to play with. Two more busy days then home I'm sure you will be ready for your break hugs xx

  11. Hi Barbara and slightly belated Happy Birthday to Dave

    I remember last years blog of your birthday – what a star you are Mr Dave!!! Looks like a fantastic day and evening with fun and laughter and in excellent company

    The artwork, it looks like marbles with the shaving foam pushed through and momentarily took me back to my childhood when marbles were the in thing to have … Wonder what happened to them .. Elf and Safety likely wouldn't allow them these days! I can also see mysterious planets in there too…very sci fy! But the man with his brolly works really well!

    Today myself and Sally-Ann Haynes are off to do the Nottingham workshop, but stand by cos we are heading your way tomorrow! I have never done the NEC show so am really looking forward to it

    Much Love
    kim xx

  12. Thank you for your birthday wishes. Off we go again NEC Saturday, always a pretty manic day !
    So I think a Full English iBreakfast is in order this morning , And finally thanks Barb for being you.

  13. Can't get to the NEC this year, so will have to settle for playing with the stunning stamp and stencil that atrrived yesterday (thank you Chloe). Belated Happy Birthday to Dave. Brilliant work Barbara, I thought of a planet theme too xx

  14. Looks like brolly man is among the planets. Epic! You have the most amazing team Barbara as I can only say positive things about all of them. I've met all these folks now; apart from Jim but I've spoken to him on the phone a fair few times, and every single time I've been treated with respect, politeness, but also a warmth and kindness that I've never found elsewhere. It's more than feeling like a valued customer, I feel like you all care about me, the person and my well being. Something I've not found anywhere else and something that would not exist in a company unless it came from the top. So, three cheers for you and Team Clarity and three cheers for Dave, the birthday boy, your rock! Xx

  15. Fab artwork, fab Clarity team , it's all about team work, love it. Glad you had a good birthday Dave. Have a cracking saturday everybody at the NEC, hopefully I'll make it next year 🙂 xx

  16. With a bit of delay, Happy Birthday Dave. Last year I gave you a big kiss……But this year I can't manage to come and join the fun at the NEC. Am ever so sad. I bet you have great time and lovely visitors, at the end you're the best company around. Enjoy the rest of your week-end.
    Laurence xx

  17. Hi Barb, this is fabulous artwork, and love the brolly man stamp. Belated birthday wishes Dave, hope you had an awesome day. I received my NDC envelope when I got back from a work trip last night, and my first reaction was OH WOW. Love it. Thank you to all the Clarity team involved in running, doing sending, packing etc. Have a great Saturday at the NEC, I am very jealous of all those going, wish I could be there. Maybe next year. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara and of course Dave and the team. So glad you managed to celebrate Dave's birthday last night. The colours in the bubbles look fab. Hope today goes well for you all. xx

  19. Happy Birthday Dave! What a guy! It was fantastic to see the busy team doing what they do best… Love you all xxx. I hope Saturday goes really well and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again on Sunday xxxx.

  20. So glad to hear that the show is going well. Happy Birthday to Dave, what a guy! It's good to see that even after a very busy day at the NEC you could still celebrate in style AND do your daily blog!!! You're amazing! Take care and don't over do things.x
    PS. love the new bubble stencil and the lovely colours you've created with the shaving foam.

  21. Hi Barbara. Soundslike day 2 was as good as the first. It's lovely to see some of the team. As the saying goes "There is no I in team!" and because of your appreciation of their input Clarity is the special company that it is : ) Take care.

  22. Fabulous design – I love the effect of the shaving foam through that stencil (which I have just added to my shopping list!). Happy Birthday to Dave for yesterday. The good thing about having a birthday at the NEC is that he can 'celebrate' for four days! Have another good day. x

  23. Blogging and doibg the NEC – what a woman. So gutted not to be going this year. What a great team you have got there too. I can certainly vouch for Maria's classes up norf! She is a fab teacher and we have such a laugh. Next class is next week – I will take my camera and then post a pic of our little group. Enjoy today and Sunday and may your sales be many. Xxc

  24. Had a fantastic day at the NEC on Thursday. It was great meeting you and the team at last and watching superb dems by you and Maria. Happy Birthday yesterday to Dave too. What a guy! Spending a lovely day today playing with my Clarity stash. Yay! Great card yesterday by the way… Bubble love. xxx

  25. Hope Dave had a lovely Birthday yesterday, even though he was at NEC. Got my NDC stamp and stencil this morning so a real treat before my visit tomorrow. Hope you got some goodies left. Thankyou for still blogging you must be shattered even though you have an amazing team. xx

  26. Morning Barbara, Dave hope you enjoyed your meal and resting those tired feet. Happy Birthday. Barbara, they are the most fantastic team each and every one of them. Hope you have wonderful days Saturday and Sunday and find some time for a little rest after that. xxx

  27. I am glad you managed a celebration for Dave's birthday inspite of the busy day! What an awesome team you have and we all reap the rewards – thank you so much! I received this months stamp and stencil clubs yesterday – the are so fabulous! I love them, thank you! Have a brilliant day! xxx

  28. Lovely seeing you at NEC yesterday. It was my birthday Tuesday and my treat is always to come to NEC to play and shop. Sorry Jayne I had finished my Doritos when we spoke, what a lovely lady and Maria was wonderful and patient doing her demos. You have a chest of treasures, Barbara but I 'm sure you deserve them all.

  29. Happy birthday Dave. It is always lovely to see you at Glasgow. I hope you did get time to celebrate. Missed my cuddle from Maria but Jo and Heather are so lovely, they made me feel at home…had a great chat with Heather about her new knee pads lol. You certainly do have a wonderful team. Missed you too but I do understand that you can't be everywhere at once, you have a business to run. I also understand about long distance travel…not good for back or neck…I have a degenerative condition in my spine and neck which inhibits me from traveling too far and I have to have a companion with me as I can lose the feeling in my feet…then I just fall over lol. I think that you and your group are such inspirational people . Hugs to the birthday boy xxxx

  30. Well done to all of you – team effort all round to keep the wheels on the track! Love the photos and this piece of artwork too – Hope Dave had more than tea in his cup to celebrate his birthday?!! Can't wait for my club stamp and stencil to arrive as everyone else has theirs – must be a disadvantage of living so far north, or being at the end of the alphabet…Still can't complain as the sun is shining, the sky is blue and today I have time to craft!!! Susan x

  31. I wish I was able to be at the NEC Barbara. I know it means a lot of work for you and your team, so I hope it all makes sense at the end of the day, with sales that keep the bank manager happy. Hope you have comfy shoes on too.

  32. Hi Barb,
    Love this, the stencil and brolly man set are on my list for the next order later this month. You do know that I wish my life away don't you, until I can order the next lot of fabulous things.
    You look as though you enjoyed Dave's birthday celebrations, and I hope you all had a restful night, ready for today's onslaught.
    Got my Club stencil and stamp, and they are great, so I'll be playing later when I've finished the ironing. But my youngest granddaughter is having a sleepover tonight (coming at 4pm) so I think I'll play now and iron later!!!
    Thanks Barb, it's lovely to see the faces and get a write up of your team. As others have said, they do a grand job and whenever I speak to anyone on the 'phone, they are super kind and efficient.
    Have another little celebration for Dave tonight – he deserves it!! xx

  33. You all look like you are having a jolly old time there…what a team to be with!
    Glad you had a good birthday Dave and that Jim brought the extra stock rather than you having to dash home and back!
    Barbara that card looks amazing …the bubbles resemble planets done with the shaving foam!
    Hope the weekend goes well and sorry I can't be there! Love to you all! XXXX

  34. Belated Happy Birthday to Dave! It was also my birthday yesterday ( what can I say? All the best people have a birthday on 7th November!) I think I probably had an easier day than Dave but I'm glad you were able to celebrate his day. Wish I could see you at the NEC but unfortunately not possible. Hope you had a good day today and the same tomorrow.
    love Gayle x

  35. love the saying from this set. it is so true. and that stencil is a great one. awesome colours in that shaving foam. it was great to see you yesterday and also the birthday boy.take care, hugs xx

  36. It was really good chatting to you & Maria yesterday, fab demos & a great team! Thanks also for the tip on cleaning stamps – mine are looking like new again 😄 Glad Dave had a good birthday & hope you all have a great day tomorrow xx

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