YouTube Tuesday with a new Pod Stencil….

YouTube Tuesday with a new Pod Stencil….

Happy You Tube Tuesday!
Thanks for stopping by.
Here’s a quickie, showing off one of our new stencils.
This beautiful Chinese Lantern Stencil has been around a while:
But here’s a new development, and those of us who have gone to great lengths to separate out one or two of the pods in the past – a new stencil with just 2 pods!! You see, we  do listen!
Presenting the Lantern Pods
So without further ado, let’s just have a quick look at how to use texture paste with a stencil…

Items used:
Black Card
Make-up Sponges

(Margaret Col)
Don’t know if you felt it, 
but you got pulled out of a hat this morning!
Yesterday’s blog art work will be on its way to you 
as soon as you email me your mailing address!)

much love,

41 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday with a new Pod Stencil….

  1. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for another fab you tube Tuesday. This stencil is great – I love the multi one but just having a single one is stunning, especially on the black card. I think the grunge paste will go on my shopping list! Am I the only person who smiles at the names of the ink pads? They have such great names! Congratulations to Margaret on winning the art work – what a lovely treat. Have a great day today Barbara. Love Diane xxxx

  2. Morning, Barb. Isn't it a glorious sunny morning. The first load of washing is out on the line and the second lot in the machine. Well done to Maggie Col for winning that lovely artwork. There cannot be many companies who listen to their customers in the way that Clarity does. That is great having those two easily parted Chinese Lanterns to work with and that is definitely going on my wish list, and just might be progressed to the top of that list very rapidly. Simple, elegant, with just that contrast between the image and the black. Beautiful and you have just given me an idea for some new artwork for my newly tidied conservatory. Thank you for that one. xxxx

  3. Hello Barb, oh my, I have the multi stencil of the Chinese lanterns, but I think I need this one too, just wish I was as lucky as you to be able to have 2 of every stencil, so I don't have to wash and dry first. Love the image on the black, and the colours used are 2 of my favourites. Well done Maggie for winning that super artwork. Bx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous against the black card. The original Chinese Lantern stencil is one of my favourites, but this will be fantastic to go with it, when I only want to isolate one of the " lanterns" . Great video too. Thank you for everything you do for us. Well done to Maggie too. Off to start decorating again. I might get to have a play in about 2 weeks!! Love Alison xxx

  5. Hello Barbara,

    Thank you for showing that. I have all the gear but no idea as they say! Now I can follow you step by step.

    Enjoy your day. The sun is shining and all is good in the world (well, mine, anyway).

    Love, Roz.x

  6. Brilliant Barbara, I know what you mean when you say we try to separate, but this is going to be much easier, and we will get a better stem, will certainly save on masking tape as I have tried in the past, off to Ditchling Common this morning with Dad so now will order stencil and be ready for when it arrives. Thank you for such a good idea

    1. Got it this time dont know what went wrong just had blank screen ,but it worked this time ,know i know what to do with the grunge paste thank you Barbara that was brilliant .loved it xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    I love this and the video is super explanatory. I've seen you colour gunge paste before but I haven't tried it myself (the colouring) so feel inspired and will have a go this evening after meeting girl friend in town for lunch and then seeing to granddaughters after school. I've known my girlfriend (ha ha) for 56 years and was her bridesmaid 52 years ago!!
    Some girls, eh!! Love xx

  8. Well the original pod stencil is one of the few I don't have from the Clarity Collection, having seen the stencil with just the two pods, I think I will now have to go and invest in both.

  9. Hi Barbara,

    thanks for the video. This stencil is very beautiful together with the ginkgo stencil. I haven´t worked with the Grunge Paste yet. I did a lot with glitter paste which is easy to do and looks real good. But I never had the idea working with a white paste and colour it in with distress inks. Thought that wouldn´t work.
    So that´s for me like my grandma used to say:

    Man darf so alt sein wie eine Kuh, man lernt immer noch dazu!

    By the way your card, the leaves and the ink pads arrived yesterday. Thank you very much again. Your card is standing on a little white shelf now between chinese brushes;-))
    A little surprise is on its way to you. Be curious. I hope you´ll like it.

    All the best
    Rolf xxx

  10. I was browsing last night and saw this stencil. I wish it had slipped into my basket now! What a shame I may have to put in another order 😉 Lovely technique, I need to practice getting the paste on in one sweep. XX

  11. Great video, the new chinese lantern stencil as well as the old one is definitely on my wishlist now. Forgot to order some spreaders with my last order, any chance you'll have those at Catterick please? x

  12. Hi Barbara, so love Tuesday video time!!! Always feels special to watch you give us the pearls of wisdom!
    Love the new stencil Barbara!!!!! Keep em coming!!!
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  13. Another wonderful tutorial – must try to get over my fear of messy things like grunge paste, as the results are so effective and I do like texture! Congratulations to Maggie on winning your artwork. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  14. Oh my Barbara thank you so much. Email on way. I am so excited. This is lovely too of course, but not as good as my very own BG original. Yippee! xx Margaret Col.

  15. Hilary is right the spreader is good I just wish it was a little wider and go over the whole width of stencil instead of sometimes having to do it in 2 goes. Waiting patiently for stencil to arrive.

  16. I do love your blog Barbara, so glad I started following it and of course thanks to Jo Rice for pointing me into your direction (she is ace!).

    Need to get my stencils out and play. I have finally bought the jelly plate so need to go through previous blog posts for ideas, can't wait to find a day to play 🙂 thanks for making my day even more sunny x

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