YouTube Tuesday – Gelli Plate and Ink

YouTube Tuesday – Gelli Plate and Ink

Hello there.
Welcome to YouTube Tuesday!
Here’s a really easy way to make a fabulous background, 
and two Distress Ink Pads:
and Old Paper
Pick any two colours, and see what happens though…
I also used the lovely Cherry Blossom stamps 
and small
with their masks.

There’s a special offer on the Spectrum Noir Pencils 
at the moment, too.
Buy 4 tins and we’ll give you the 5th one FREE!
See you tomorrow!
Much love,

42 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Gelli Plate and Ink

  1. Oh I do love You Tube Tuesday….it's like you are in my dining room giving me a private demo!
    Love it! The card is so pretty.
    Right that's set me up well for the day! Off to work I go! xx

  2. I just love this Barbara, a fantastic start to my day – I love YOUTUBE Tuesdays!!!
    Great art great backing paper….you have made me want to go to my shed and play with my gelli plate…oops….!!!! I had better nip to work first I think!
    Did I mention I love it??
    Much Love

  3. Hello Barb, my favourite day of the week – youtube Tuesday. Love this piece of artwork, the pink birds are so beautiful, and what a fabulous background, I am astounded how much ink was on the gelli plate. I really need to use mine more. Have a great day, this has certainly made my day. Bx

  4. Just love the YouTube Tuesday and love the garden birds as you put it and the effect you made on Geli plate need to get mine out I agree about background papers find it hard matching them up so love making my own. Need to get the birds outand play again. Better get on off to meet Jackie from our group for coffee this morning have a good day xxx

  5. Hi Barbara. I loved the leaves project yesterday, great shading tips : )
    I love You Tube Tuesday's too. Todays card and background is beautiful, makes it much easier if you make your own doesn't it. Take care.

  6. Hi Barbara wow I love this look and the way your garden birds pop out when you unmask them and then blend back in again with the pencils. What a great technique . I haven't played with the ink on the gelli plate yet so must give it a go, especially the matching background paper. Love the banjo music interlude so jolly for this chilly morning. Thank you for sharing. Love Diane xxx
    Ps please excuse childish sniggering as you replace garden birds with tits in your video !!!!lol xx

  7. Fabulous tutorial, love the end result and enjoyed a bit of a giggle at the start with the little —–. Have a wondfylmthanks day and I look forward to to mottoes blog xx

  8. Beautiful end product and that cheap copy paper looks like expensive backing paper. Please could we have masks for the cherry blossom stamps as well as the birds? That would be so useful for so many projects. Maria will tell you how much I hate cutting masks at the best of times and I am rubbish at it. This combination of stamps is my all time favourite at the moment and it is lovely to see another way of using them Have a good day, barb. Get out in the sunshine while it is here for a good dose of that vitamin D. xxx Maggie

  9. Ah that's good, I was just prepping for my Gelli class but thought I would watch this first, Mmmmm should I pinch it??? Brilliant demo Barbara, I am always amazed at your talent and the way you approach your projects. xxx Oh lovely card too.

  10. Such a pretty girly card, I love it. I'm another who hasn't used ink on my Gelli plate yet, must rectify that and have a little play soon. Love Tuesdays, best day of the week. Enjoy your day x

  11. Hi Barbara, I was one of those ladies who stood watching you, awestruck, as you created a stunning piece of artwork from almost nothing on Saturday at Ally Pally – just before you decided the heat/lack of lunch really was enough and you deserved a well earned break! I'm new to your blog, but can see it has a world of inspiration and builds on all the other media we can watch you on (I'm a follower of yours on C&C). Love today's demo, and hope to learn more techniques and benefit from your ideas in the future too. Thanks for all you do! Keep crafting, happy days xxx Chris

  12. Love your…. garden birds! You are a very clever lady. Can't wait for my birthday when I can ask for a gelli plate and mega mount. Will give hubby website address and order codes just to be sure! xx

  13. Fabulous! When you put your artwork on the backing paper you had an almost match at the bottom with one section! What a great idea to do the background paper. There's now no excuse not to have the right piece is there! I have one tin of spectrum noir pencils – I'm going to look at the offer now as I can always give a tin away as a gift. Thanks again for a lovely You Tube Tuesday!

  14. This is gorgeous Barbara, and love the use of distress inks on the GP as I don't have any acrylics yet to use, and the technique with the creased up paper is certainly one to try. I have one set of the pencils and love them, and hope to get some more in the future. They are definitely on my list! x

  15. Oh dear, my first comment disappeared into the ether of the web! Very strange…

    Another wonderful demo and fantastic background idea Barbara!! So love the U-Tube demos, and now can't wait for my mega mount to arrive in the post so that I can have a go at this technique. Thanks for your daily gift of inspiration, Susan x

  16. Jaw dropping gorgeous! I always learn very cool stuff from your videos. Thank You for that! Where might one purchase that Mega Mount for the Gelli Plate? Looks like a must have item. hehe :0)

  17. I love this card. I watched you do this on C&C recently but couldn't remember how you did it! I have these stamps so will be giving this a go. Only have the 6X6 gelli plate at the moment, may have to invest in a bigger one as I like the idea of doing a matching backing paper. XX

  18. Good morning,
    The last in Texas for awhile. I loved this you tube, you are so brave to call the garden birds with such a straight face. Loved today's techniques very cool, thanks

  19. Hello Barbara,

    I am a bit late looming at the video today. It is my birthday and I have only just had time to watch it all the way through. I have started watching it four times and got interrupted three times. ( For the nicest reasons).

    The technique making good your own backing paper is great. I prefer using the gelli plate with inks rather than with paint.

    Love, Roz.x

  20. I love Tuesdays. I have my friend's two Jack Russels for the day and we go for a long walk in the morning, then after 'play time' we all go and have a lie down on the bed; they sleep and I watch YouTube Tuesday. They want to know when you are going to make a Jack Russel stamp!

  21. Hi Barb,
    Another fantastic and artistic project. The video is great and I don't know if I've told you but I think the gelli plate and mount (thank you Dave) are the best things since sliced bread.
    I love using them with the acrylic paints and die pads, you are such a clever teacher that I really enjoy myself when I'm creating.
    I hope you, baby Eva and all your family are well.
    Thank you, Maureen xx

  22. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for putting this on YouTube. I saw this demonstrated at Catterick and was blown away by it! I did do a version of it ( actually yesterday) but I used the swifts from the journaling set instead of the blue tits as I couldn't remember what you had used, but I have to say I was pleased with the result. So pleased I went to the open day as I learned so much and now have 3 cards on the mantelpiece ready to send which are the result of things I learned so once again thanks to you and all of the team. Love Alison xx

  23. Hi Barbara,
    Sorry I'm very late to catch you tube Tuesday as I met up with Joy for a coffee and some retail therapy yesterday, lovely it was too.
    I love what you've done here and like many I can spend ages looking for the perfect backing paper, so this is idea is going to save lots of time and of course always be a perfect match.
    Love the card and the small birds. Jackie

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