September 11th 2014

September 11th 2014

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by on this Thursday.
Thursday’s blog is always blue, right?
Well, today is September 11th.
So I want to pay tribute to all those poor souls who lost their lives in New York on September 11th, 2001.
And all their families and friends, 
who will be remembering,
How do you ever come to terms with that?
I spent some time making a piece of artwork for them.
So I spent the same time deep in thought.
And very sad.
My goodness. Do you remember that day?
I remember it as if it were yesterday. 
It was the day the world changed for me. 
For millions I’m sure, but I can only speak for myself
The goal posts moved.
The disbelief, the horror, 
the slow realisation that what we were watching was reality.
Not a film.
Sometimes, words are just impotent.
Thank God for art.
Found two pieces of Gelli Artwork I had made 
using the Houses stencil and Golden Acrylic Paints.

I liked what looked like a shaft of light on one.
Brayered black around the edges to tone it down.
Stamped Always 

 and Remember
in Black Archival.

Outlined with black.

Mounted on the other dark blue piece of artwork.

My daughter Grace lives in New York.
I shall visit her again in a couple of weeks.
I love that city. I love its resilience. 
And we will walk through the Ground Zero Memorial Park 
for sure.
Not to gawp or take mindless selfies!
No, not at all. 
Just to pay our respects and remember.

 much love,

58 thoughts on “September 11th 2014

  1. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich erinnere mich auch an das furchtbare Geschehen. Es ist nur furchtbar und es macht mich sehr traurig.
    Die Erinnerung wird immer bleiben und ich bete dafür, das es endlich Frieden auf der ganzen Welt gibt und das sinnlose töten aufhört.
    Dein Werk ist wieder so wunderschön geworden und ich bin begeistert wie du diesen wundervollen Hintergrund gestaltet hast. Es ist absolut genial.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  2. It is beautiful Barbara and as Amanda says – most fitting. Like you I remember the day so vividly – standing in my lounge staring at the tv with such utter disbelief at seeing such horror unfold before my eyes. I hope to God I never have to witness the like again. Xx

  3. Hello Barb, love this image, so beautiful and certainly a tribute to all those lost, and all those left behind. I remember it very well, as I was working from home, and happened to switch to the news, only to watch in horror at what unfolded! Take care everyone, and I am sure all those families will be in our prayers today. Bx

  4. A stunning piece to remember with such sadness, a day that remains forever burnt on our memories. I can't even begin to think how the families themselves feel today. xx

  5. What a lovely tribute to those people who lost their lives on that terrible day and to the families and friends who lost loved ones. Sometimes it is important to reflect and today is one of those days!
    Love and hugs as ever xx

  6. Beautiful Barb, say a prayer for them from me whilst your there will you. Amazing people.

    There's a poem/song I heard the other day which might be appropriate:


    So now im gone, forget me never
    Please say that you'll remember me
    I pray the dreams we share together
    Will shine on in your memory

    Each time a star falls out of heaven
    It leaves the sky a deeper blue
    And now I, part, forget me never
    And don't forget my love for you
    And don't forget my love for you

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. I too can remember that day clearly. We also went to pay our respects at Ground Zero when we were there in 2006. They were still investigating and finding things then. A lovelypiece of art work.
    Morwenna x

  8. I remember it well to the moment the news flash came through it was like seeing one if the New York disaster movies the shock when realising it was real . It was like the whole world stopped in horror, the detestation for so many people I can only imagine the depth of pain that was felt. Pray we never see anything like this again. Your art work is stuning says it all in two words x

  9. A beautiful tribute indeed, I remember exactly where I was, I was at work, someone shouted thro the office, I remember looking on the internet and watched in horror and disbelief. We will never forgot, RIP to those who lost their lives <3 xx

  10. I love this one Barb. In fact I used exactly those words on a different background of course to send to my friend on the anniversary of her husbands passing. I love the word chains though when I first saw them I didn't think I would ever use them to their full potential but how wrong I was. They are ALWAYS in use. Love em. I think it is the simplicity of them but they just say it all. i am not great at saying things verbally but these do a good job in art. ! Vanessa x ps. only 2 sleeps left to Catterick!

  11. I remember watching the tv that day. I was in my class after school when the caretaker called us all up to the TV and we all stood together watching in shock & disbelief. Your card is a fitting tribute xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    A very fitting tribute to the terrible disaster that was The Twin Towers. I watched in absolute horror . When the first plane hit , I thought it was a terrible accident at first and then when the second one just flew straight at the tower I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I watched the tv in absolute disbelief and shock. I will never forget the white faces of those poor firemen and people walking through the the debris and dust.i also will never know hor anyone could actually survive, but thankfully some did. I have never been to New York, but I would certainly go to pay my respects not just to " sight see". Lovely poem as well. Love Alison xx

  13. I also remember what i was doing i had my bakery then could'nt believe that such a thing could have happened. Lovely piece of art work and that was also a lovely poem every one in our minds today.x

  14. A beautiful tribute Barbara. I remember that day so clearly. I was in work and my sister phoned me (she lives in Florida) and told me what was happening. Unable to get to a TV we saw it on the internet. Unbelievable. My heart went out and continues to go out, to everyone affected by this mindless act of violence. xx

  15. Such a fitting tribute, and a beautiful piece of artwork. My thoughts are with those who lost family and friends, and all those in the emergency services for whom such a day should never have happened. Susan x

  16. I was watching the TV whilst ironing. This, followed by the death of Otis Reading (some may think this crass) are the only two occasions when I can recall where I was when I heard.
    Such a moving tribute Barbara.
    I hope we can all put aside a little time today to remember these folk, their families and friends and all the wonderful emergency services and passers by who helped.

  17. A very fitting tribute Barbara.
    I remember that very day well. We were on a self catering holiday in Selsey , Sussex, and we had been sitting outside in the little garden overlooking the sea. We went indoors for lunch and I was quickly flicking through the tv channels for something to watch and then my sister shouted out stop go back to bbc1 something's happened to America. It took us a while to comprehend just what had happened.

    I also vividly remember the 7th July 2005 here in London, and desperately trying to get in touch with my sister and friend who both work in London and waiting and waiting and being alone and so scared. They were both lucky, so many were not.

    Remembering all of those who have lost their lives or who have been injured from terrorists attacks.

    May peace on earth truly prevail one day….

  18. My thoughts and prayers are will all who are still hurting.
    May I compliment your Customer Services Barbara? I asked a question yesterday, about the personalised stamps, and within an hour, one of your lovely ladies phoned me (from the UK to Ireland) and told me when my stamp had been dispatched. I was so impressed that someone would take that trouble, so my compliments again.

  19. Hi Barbara,
    I remember it very well like everybody. I was strolling around in Frankfurt and I was standing in front of a cafè looking inside the window where I could see a TV-screen. I was so shocked and I knew from the very first moment that it can´t be an accident. In case of an emergency a pilot would do what he can to avoid a crash in a building like the WTC….
    I was on top of the WTC in 1994 when I visited N.Y. for the first time… breathtaking panorama… When I was there six or seven years ago I visited Ground Zero…

    Look around what happens in the world today. I think we all could be lucky having a beautiful hobby like crafting where we can forget a little the horrible news of nowadays… I know a few people who don´t watch and read any news today.

    Your artwork is great and good you chose the one with the shaft of light which shows life will go one or there is a little light in the darkest night… Maybe it´s a good idea if you take it with you when you visit Grace in New York. I can´t tell you why but I have a feeling you should do that.
    Best wishes
    Rolf xx

  20. Like most people I too remember that day and seeing those images and not being able to believe what I was seeing. A crowd of us stood round a TV in a shop window as I was in town at the time the horror and disbelief was palpable. The goal posts certainly moved that day and the world changed forever.
    Your art work is just right as a tribute to all those poor people

    Jackie x

  21. Hi Barb,
    What a moving tribute you've done.
    I remember it as though it were yesterday. Just back from a cruise, put the news on TV to see what we'd missed while away and went into the garden to hang out washing. The sun was shining and it was a glorious morning when I heard through the open door a shocked voice describing a plane crashing into a building. I dashed back in and sat for about the next two hours watching, in disbelief as a second plane crashed into the second Trade Centre and the following events. The extremely brave Firemen and Medics. The police trying to help the people. Unbelievably traumatic and sad. And the poor people hurling themselves from the buildings, I will never forget it.
    As they say, God Bless us and God Bless America. RIP to all the poor souls.

  22. Lovely Barbara and thank you Jacquie for that poem. I was on holiday in Spain on that day and am in Menorca today. Particularly poignant this year as I'll be returning on Zmonday to attend Dads funeral in Tuesday . He died a few days before our holiday and the family agreed to wait for us to have our holiday. A bit odd but am relaxing after a stressful
    Few weeks xxx

  23. Barbara,

    I vividly remember that day. I was working in the centre of London near the stock exchange. Watching what was happening was terrible and devastating. Central London was very quiet that day as the planes had been stopped flying overhead so you can image the distress when planes suddenly appeared above the building we were in.

    Eventually we were allowed to go home and I was so worried about my first cousin who worked in the twin towers in New York. We were unable to find out for a long time what had happened to him and another cousin who worked for NYPD. Luckily for our family they both survived. They spent a months working on the aftermath of that day and they never forget that day. My heart goes out to all the family and friends of those who died on that day. RIP.

    Marian x

  24. A horrible day for all decent people in this world. I too was in work that day, and I could not comprehend (and still can't), how a human being could do that to other, totally innocent, human beings. Beyond belief.
    Your artwork is a fitting tribute to that God awful day x

  25. I was working as well that day, a colleague/friend walked into my teaching room and told me, but she was completely panic stricken. Eventually she explained how scared she was because her husband, in the RAF, might become involved a war. As it happened he wasn't but as I retired in 2007 he was sent to Afghanistan, but she was much, much calmer because he was the Health and Safety officer! I have never forgotten that day, or the Lockerby disaster and the mindless cruelty of some humans.

    1. You are right, Deborah. I think part of that is that 9/11 unfolded in front of us in technicolour on our news in full sight. 7/7 was horrific but not filmed and broadcast from start to finish. That, I think, is the reason. xx Maggie

  26. I well remember that day, just watching in disbelief that it could be happening. Your card is a lovely tribute to that terrible day. There are so many terrible things happening in our world today, so sad really. xx

  27. I remember we were sitting relaxing and eating our lunch while watching the news, and suddenly seeing the horror unfolding in front of us. It did not feel real, more like a film. It certainly changed the way the world worked. Lovely card in memorial. xx Maggie

  28. It is a place I have always wanted to visit. Even more so since 9/11 so many beautiful wonderful and innocent souls gone in a puff of smoke and I will never ever forget seeing the news watching and not turning away even though my heart was screaming that I should. I hope to get there one day and if I do I have to go there, just to leave a flower or two. The world sure did change after that and the way we looked at it too.
    A beautiful piece of art which is a perfect remembrance and thank you for sharing it with us Karen x

  29. Terrible events on that day. Well remembered for the rest of my life.
    On a happier note, would you do a video or blog post on how you made that background please.

  30. Barbara,
    Never ever forgotten – one of those lives events that will live with you forever – I remember it so well – visit the TT site months afterwards, saw the remaining metal work that stood erect – so humbling, so moving, then more recently visited the memorial site – would not have recognised it as the same place along with the enormous buildings that have been rebuilt – again a very humbling moment.
    Make sure you take that art work with you when you go in a few weeks – New York is a fantastic place – good walking shoes/boots are a must – but then you know that xx
    Much love

  31. i remember that day very well. we were on the plane coming back from Malta and none of us knew what had happened….just the airport swarming with police….. yes the world changed for most people that day!
    this artwork is very apt. very reminiscent of Ground Zero and that ray of light there…..hugs xx

  32. Oh WOW this is gorgeous. Me and Paul went up the tower in 1998 just before he asked me to marry him on the Statue of Liberty. This happened in the Year Matthew was born, me and Paul sat watching all the events unfold live in utter horror. I was watching about the Hotel that the towers fell on this week, a Man had gone for an interview there he survived though only to find out that his Daughter and Granddaughter had been on the second Air Plane that hit the towers. I can't get that story out of my

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