Our new and lovely Tree

Our new and lovely Tree

Happy Monday!
Monday’s blog is Trees and Flowers,
and since we have just had the busiest Clarity weekend EVER in Catterick (well, since Crowborough Open Days earlier in the year!)
I hope you will forgive me for just uploading 
the card I did on TV recently.
I gave away every card I made over the weekend!
But what a super time and what a fabulous welcome up north!

Two days of smiling, friendly guests.
Visitors came from as far away as Coldstream and the west coast of Scotland, Essex and even Dorset!

They were really interested in what we were doing and demonstrating,

and the Clarity Team was just brilliant. 
A pleasure to work with, as always.

I need a day off to catch my breath before the next big event: Alexandra Palace this weekend!

SO here goes….

Stamp the lovely new Bird-Tree Stamp 
Claritystamp Bird Tree Clear Stamp ( BTREE-H )
in Black Adirondack on A5 Clarity Card

Make a frame with low-tack masking tape.
Add a huge moon mask.
Sky first.
transfer to the Clarity Blending mat and then roll in the Juniper undercoat sky with the brayer.

Now load the brayer with Adirondack Ink Pad Denim
transfer to the blending mat,
and add a little blue to the sky. 
Come in at an angle, on one corner.
Eliminates stripes…
Tear a piece of copy paper,
load the brayer again with more Denim Adirondack,
position the copy paper and make the first darkest hills at the front.
Move the copy paper up, one hill at a time, adding Denim but getting more faded into the distance.
When the hills and sky are done, allow to dry, 
remove the masking tape,
and buff with a paper towel or paper tissue.

accentuate the first, darkest hill, and go round all 4 edges freehand. 
This will frame the work.
Mount on black with a complimentary torn piece of nice designer card, if you have any in your stash.
If not, you can always make a piece with your Gelli Plate!
If I am a bit monosyllabic today, it’s because I am wiped out. 
It’s the distance more than the event really. 
We will be back on track tomorrow though, 
all ready to rock n roll again!

37 thoughts on “Our new and lovely Tree

  1. Hello Barbara

    I loved this card when I saw it on your show. Will be getting this stamp for definate.

    Please take the time to rest and recover – you will be no good to man or beast if you become ill. We want you for the long haul, not a quick five minutes. Lol.xxx

  2. Thank you for a fabulous day yesterday. I had so much fun watching the demos by your talented team. I have picked up some new ideas to try out with all my lovely new products that I purchased. Looking forward to next year already. x

  3. Hello Barb. Your lovely tree artwork arrived today and I cannot thank you enough. It is simply beautiful and will be framed and hung up in pride of place. So glad you had a successful weekend – how could it have failed? Lovely people and lovely products – a winning combination. I want to have a play with this stamp so I'd better get over there and order it! xx Margaret Col.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed my (half) day yesterday unfortunately I had to leave early to go home for a christening but not before I gave my debit card a hammering, it was like a sweetie shop for clarity lovers so many beautiful things and so may gorgeous examples , we were spoiled for choice!!

  5. Hello Barb, well you have just reminded me that this stamp (and stencil) are on my wish list! Lovely image, wish my brayering was that good. I am sure everyone that was at Catterick loved every minute. Wish I was going to Ally Pally as well 🙁 Get some rest before then please! Bx

  6. I so hope you will be able to repeat some of the Open Days next year, I really enjoyed Crowborough. I also would like to get to a workshop as well , have promised our granddaughter we will pay for her if she wants to join me .You all put so much effort into these events but they are well appreciated. This is a lovely stamp and beautiful piece of artwork. Thankyou for all the inspiration. xx

  7. A Lovely piece of artwork, so happy I bought this stamp. Like Denise Rand said, yesterday was like being in your favourite sweet shop, so many goodies, but not enough money to buy it all, decisions, decisions, really hope you do it next year, it was a lovely day out, Thank you to everyone. MichelleX

  8. Hi Barb,
    I'm so pleased that both Catterick days were successful. For me Saturday was fabulous and yes, it was like being in a sweetshop! I bought this stamp but stupidly forgot the stencil! That will have to wait until payday though as the bank manager will have a heart attack if I spend any more money!! Hope you are able to relax a bit now until the weekend. Fabulous card by the way. Thanks for everything ( including my overdraft!!) love Alison xxxx

  9. Lovely scene. Glad to hear that your open days up north went well, I never doubted that they would be a run away success! Hope you rest lots before the weekend, I will be seeing you there on Saturday……….. I may even pluck up the courage to say hello this time! XX

  10. Think this stamp and stencil might become a favourite. Thank you for a most amazing day yesterday at Catterick. Your speech was heart warming and your team so hardworking and talented. It was euphoric!. Wonderful people, products, venue, atmosphere, demonstrations, refreshments etc etc. Hope you have a chance for some R&R this week. Take care and best wishes. Jeanette xx

  11. I had a really fab time at Catterick. I joined you all for both days as I travelled from Essex (so it was the law ;0) I met a lot of local, like minded, folk who made me feel very welcome.
    The Venue is airy and delightful. The Church members showed us all much kindness laid on a lovely fresh lunch each day.
    It was wonderful watching and chatting to you all. I would recommend the Open Days to everyone.
    This card is so atmospheric but light, don't know if that makes sense?
    Hope you all recover quickly from your journey.
    Big hugs

  12. I'm so pleased that your open days were so successful, but I bet you're all wiped out with the travelling, organising, demonstrating and all that smiling!!! Loved this demo on the TV shows, so thank you for the step by step guidelines today. Hope you get some time to put your feet up with a large glass of wine! I might join you!!! Susan x

  13. This stamp is so-o beautiful and I'm waiting for mine to arrive in the post. Fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow then I can practise this artwork before I attempt a nice autumn card. Thank you Barb for a fab stamp and a lovely design.

  14. So pleased that your open days were a SUCCESS, although I was in no doubt it would be. I am busy saving my money at the moment ready for the NEC in November as my Clarity wish list keeps growing.

    Such a lovely card and you can be forgiven for revisiting a card you did on TV. Hope you have managed to have a good rest today, but maybe Dave should take you away for a few days to give you chance to recharge your batteries!

  15. Hi Barbara
    Hopefully you are tucked up in bed by now with your horlicks! Beautiful card today, this stamp is fab. Congratulations on your successful days up north, it looks like everyone had fun. Hope you manage to get some rest before ally pally . Take care of yourself .
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Barbara,
    I'm so glad Catterick was a success, just sorry I couldn't make it. I'm not surprised you need a week of R and R, make sure you rest up, great card by the way, another stamp on my wish list 🙂
    Take care,

  17. So pleased the week-end was a success and hope you have had a restful day as goodness me Ally Pally so soon – you must be bonkers lol!
    Mind you like you often say it is helped by your fab team ( they are just as bonkers lol!)
    Well I unfortunately will not be able to come as just can't justify the expense and what with Christmas creeping closer it hunk it's stay home and do some making lol!

  18. Hi Barbara. Glad that you all had a great weekend. I hope that you can get some rest before Ally Pally, I am going on Saturday so hope to get to say hello.
    The card today is lovely, very atmospheric. I love it. Take care

  19. Beautiful artwork, must must practise with my brayer, I'm still killing it lol. Catterick was blooming fantastic, thank you so much to you and the team for making it Oop Norf , much appreciated xx

  20. Barbara, you should have stayed in bed this morning, and had a good rest. I doubt if you did, but you need to be kind to yourself sometimes, be careful not to push yourself too hard.

  21. Thank you and thanks to all your team, had a fab day on Sunday at Catterick watching all the demos with all the hints and tips. Definitely worth going. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
    Just waiting for this stamp to arrive so I can have a play as I have so many ideas now.
    Thanks again x

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