Hares two a Brand new Tree stencil !

Hares two a Brand new Tree stencil !

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Wednesday’s Blog is something new, so how about a brand new
Launched here today.
Nope, as soon as Jim handed it to me, I got lost in the whimsy world of hares and full moons.
Well done Jim!
Let’s get started.
First, attach the new winter tree stencil to a 7″x7″ piece of our white Gelli Card with low-tack masking tape.
The ink pads I have used are
Broken China Distress pad
Weather Wood Distress pad
And if you haven’t got our Clarity Stencil Brushes yet, 
now may be a good time….
Tear a sheet of copy paper and position it to expose 
a hill through the hole. Tape it down.
Load up one of the brushes with Meadow, 
and dust through the hole, back and forth. 

 Go over the green around the edges with a little blue. 
It darkens it.

Remember: a make-up sponge used  to drag in the ink from the plastic stencil will really sharpen the lines. 

Add the large moon from our moon masks.

Load up a brush with Broken China and brush in the sky.
Add a little shadow with Weather Wood.

Bit blotchy behind the tree there, Gray!
Never worry! There’s plenty more blotch where that came from!

Darken the edges with the inks and the make-up sponges as you think necessary. In other words, do your own blotching!

Promarker time. Add shadow to one side of the tree.
if you use Denim, or a dark blue pen, make sure to use the promarker fine nib.

Time for a couple of visitors….
Pick a couple of friends,
and add them in black Archival.

Mine looks like he’s doing handstands!
he’s not, you know; he’s flying!
Either way, his mate looks a bit dubious….
You could have some real fun with speech bubbles here, 
couldn’t you. In fact, let’s!!!

Replace the stencil. It’s time to add the magic.

Go round the inside of the stencil with a charcoal pencil
something else worth adding to your stash.

Now get your finger out – literally!!

Leave the stencil in place though.

When you have done enough darkening, remove said stencil, 

run round all 4 sides with a Sharpie pen and your ruler.

We have a very clever 12 inch ruler, with a steel inlay. check it out.
Sounds obvious, but when you are cutting with a blade, the steel inlay ensures you don’t end up embedded in the ruler! And boy have I been embedded in some rulers, I can tell you !!!
Layer up on a complimentary colour.

and there we are.

Now let’s sing along !
(not sure about the spooning thing…..)
Great trip down memory lane though!

Hare’s to a great Wednesday!!

much love,

44 thoughts on “Hares two a Brand new Tree stencil !

  1. Morning Barb, wow, another Must Have stencil….that Jim is so clever…..I love how you have used it ….I am singing along in my indoor voice….lol….have a great day….it is lovely and sunny here….hugs….x x

  2. Brilliant card as always Barbara, the hares are one of my most favourite favourites 🙂 Oh I love that song, my Dad used to sing it, he was always singing, happy memories …xx

  3. Love the new tree stencil and the effect you have done with it and hares. Live song but now think it's in my head will probley being singing it all day. Have a fantastic day xxx

  4. Hi, I love this new stencil and decided I had to have it. I placed an order yesterday so I have just rung up and ordered this stencil which is so new it was not on the system yet. OOps I have caused havoc again. Will be worth the wait though. Thank you and sorry for causing havoc. Fi xx

  5. Thanks, I enjoyed that. Was singing and swaying along. The new stencil is fabulous. ..well done Jim! I can imagine all kinds of scenes next to that tree…just wish I had the talent to know how to create them…although you and your wonderful design team have given me the confidence to try. Happy Wednesday to one and all xx

  6. I love this card, to the moon and back! Can you please tell me how do you fix the charcoal? Is there a fixative that won't distress the rest of the inks used? Thanks in advance ~~~waving~~~

  7. Hello Barb. Can't type as I'm singing and swaying which makes my typing erritac! Love the stencil and the hares must craft more to music though. xx Margaret Col.

  8. Hi Barb, oh wow, another new must have stencil! Love it! Beautiful image + great techniques = stunning card. Singing along now and will no doubt be singing all day. Thank you for the light hearted touch. Bx

  9. Hi Barbara,
    Beautiful stencil and picture which you have created as always. Will you be bringing it along to Ally Pally on Saturday? Oh I do hope so.
    I have a shopping list in my head which will hopefully land up in my bag!
    Take care see you Saturday, thanks again for all your inspiration.
    Love Bev xxx

  10. Very tempting stencil and lovely card. I haven't tried the charcoal pencils yet but I think now is the time.
    You sound on very good form, Barbara. I don't know how you do it with the demanding schedule you have. I'll singalong to anything;music is up there with crafting. Carol x

  11. Stunning card! Love the new stencil, Jim is very clever! By. The way I think the hare sitting might be telling his friend to stop eating magic mushrooms cos hares are not meant to fly! And silvery moon brought back so many memories of sitting on a Saturday afternoon with the kids while dad was at footy and enjoying real films!! X thanks for that Barbara x

  12. I love this stencil. I will put it on my wish list as I am skint after being at Catterick on Sunday. Been busy playing with my new stencil brushes and really impressed with the results.

  13. Love the new stencil – off to order it now – thank goodness I am a gold club member. I have only just played with my rabbit/hare stamps (last weekend) – so I can see they will have stay out for a little longer.

  14. Barbara how beautiful love the stencil a must buy got the hare set of stamps and stencil brushes and ruler must get the charcoal pencils the song is wonderful to listen too have a good crafting day

  15. Hi Barbara oh what a great new stencil , thank you Jim. I love the way you have tucked the moon behind the hill. Now the song is in my head so going to see if I can add it to my spotify list!!! I think one hare is saying to the other "I told you not to watch that Tumble program on TV!!!" Have a great day. Love Diane. ( oh no just thought of that other advert "stop your haring around!" It's time to lie down in a darkened room!!) xxxx

  16. Oh Barbara, I was already in love with the new stencil and then at the bottom you put a Doris Day clip – I simply love Doris – I can watch and listen to her over and over and over again – a wet sunday afternoon, a dismal afternoon, an iron to movie – you name it Doris is one of my all time favourite actresses!
    Love the tree – what a clever Jim !!!

    Much love

  17. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin begeistert von der Schablone und auch davon wie du sie verwendet hast. Eine wunderschöne Karte ist entstanden. Mein Wunschzettel wird immer länger und länger…..hihi.
    Ich bin gespannt was du uns noch alles wunderschönes zeigen wirst. Es ist immer wieder lehrreich und zeigt mir was möglich ist. Vielen Dank für deine Mühe. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  18. i was wondering what the spoon was all about. sorry i had never heard that song.
    that new stencil looks very interesting. methinks it might just fall in my basket at ally pally….
    i need to start using that charcoal pencil trick. it adds lots of depth. but how do you stop it from smudging? hugs xx

  19. Hi Barbara. What a beautiful winter tree stencil, and I love how you have used it, and the hares to make this gorgeous card. Looking forward to Saturday : ) Take care

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