Christmas Bespoke Stamps now available from us

Christmas Bespoke Stamps now available from us

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
We are at Ally pally today, so it’s all systems go there !
It’s historically the busiest show of the year for us….
Remember a month or so ago, we were on TV with a new and clever custom Christmas stamp idea?
You received a comprehensive 
remountable set of Christmas message stamps
as pictured here:
Recognise the snowflake? It was the one I used in the Twas the Night Card shown in yesterday’s blog. 
Anyway, I digress.
In the box is also an order form, for a personalised stamp, a family stamp, or whatever you want it to be.

It sold out as predicted on the day.
But we needed a month to clear the decks!
So now this set is available directly from us,
at the same discounted price of £24.99
If you just want the Christmas stamp set, its £14.99
If you just want the Custom stamp, it’s £14.99
In case you are looking for the original nameplate bespoke stamps we designed for folks too, which had beautiful frames round them, we have put them on ice for now, because we want to design some new ones, fresh ones.  Jim and I have been putting together a plan. 
As you can imagine, these things take time, so watch this space closer to Christmas….
But I bet I can find one of the old order forms to give to a lucky winner! You do realise that all those bespoke stamps you already have just became limited editions, don’t you!
Leave a comment below telling me why you need a Bespoke Limited Edition Claritystamp, and on Monday I will pick a winner.
In the meantime, have a great weekend. 
And if you are free and you live in England, 
Ally Pally is the place to be – especially with Clarity !!!!
much love,

58 thoughts on “Christmas Bespoke Stamps now available from us

  1. I wasn't able to see C&CTV programme live so missed out as, of course, it had all sold out by the time I caught up with recording! So a set of Bespoke Limited Edition stamps would be great for all those Christmas cards still to be made. They will, no doubt, go beyond Christmas and be adapted for other occasions as your stamps are always so versatile. Have a great time at Ally Pally, hope it goes well. You are a constant source of inspiration and having access to your artistry is a joy, thanks. Happy weekend to everyone.

  2. I would like to have a second bespoke stamp, just for the sake of a bit of variety. I love the one I have and it still stamps beautifully but have been thinking about a second one for some time now, but now I will have to wait a while for both you and Jim to work your magic ! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. See you later at AP x

  3. Yay! These are fab but unfortunately I missed them on the telly so really glad I can get them now. I love the regular bespoke stamps. I have one that gets lots of use and have bought them as presents to which are also well loved. I have recently been yearning for another design to give me choices but haven't yet got around to deciding which one to buy so I would love to win one of the final design before it becomes unavailale. Either way I can't wait to see the new designs too. I am sure they will be as much loved as the originals. Hope you have a fab weekend event xx

  4. My bespoke Christmas stamps arrived really quickly and is just wonderful. Not just for Xmas, it has been used on a birthday card already. I don't have the original but will certainly be looking out for it xx

  5. Morning Barbara
    My hubby bought me one of the original bespoke stamps for Christmas and I love it. It finishes off my cards so well and makes me look like a professional.
    The Christmas ones look just as fab (I missed out when they were on the TV. I spent all my time watching you demo and then when I wanted to buy they had all gone!).

  6. I missed out the first time as I was then rather busy doing other things (chemo!) but I would love one as I can then stamp all the cards I am leaving for my family and friends. My prized ClarityStamp collection is, I kid you not, a specific item in my will! xx have a lovely time at Ally Pally.

  7. Thanks to Jo Rice and the Clarity workshops she does I have really got into your stamps and stencils and basically getting a little messy (for me anyway) with the Gelli plate.

    My card making has moved onto another level because of your products, I actually feel like an artist even though I'm not. I feel immensely proud of what I achieve as each piece is unique and made with love. To be able to add a limited edition bespoke name plate to each piece would be absolutely amazing.

    If I were to win I would be stunned, shocked and so excited I would probably stop breathing for a minute haha

    Hope Ally Pally is an amazing success for you, I only wish I could be there xx

  8. Hallo Barbara,

    have a wonderful das, today

    I have no bespoken stamp by now, so that is why I would love to have one. But I am also looking Forward to the newcomers. xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    I was lucky enough to manage to order the Christmas bespoke stamp before it sold out and was amazed how quickly you managed to deliver the finished stamp – and it is a brilliant idea! I already have two of the now limited edition originals and use them on every card I make. I think a possibility for you and Jim could be to do an all occasion set similar to the Christmas one to go on the inside of all of our cards. We have the lovely verses etc for the front and it would be nice to have something simple for the insert. Please don't enter me as I think it would be greedy of me to have 3 bespoke originals when some people have none! Have fun at Ally Pally. Love Alison xx

  10. Good morning Barbara, hope all goes well at Ally Pally. I would absolutely love a bespoke stamp, it would really make my day. If not then I will just have to wait till the new ones arrive! Also, I am getting married next year and was wondering if there were any plans for anything new in the way of wedding stamps/stencils ?

  11. Hello barb, hope all goes well at Ally Pally this weekend, and you get to meet some of the lovely people that follow the blog, sorry I cannot be there. Why do I need a bespoke Clarity stamp – well because it would look awesome on the back of my creations, and was not in the position to order one at the time. Also looking forward to the new designs if I am not lucky enough to win one. Take care and have fun. Bx

  12. Hi Barbara one of my friends has you bespoke stamp and it looks lovely. Funny though because I introduced her to Clarity and yet I haven't got one lol. Have a great day at ally pally, wish I could join you but not to be. Make sure you have some rest. Take care love Diane xxxx

  13. Ally Pally is a beautiful place, especially the wonderful window that you're under.
    Your bespoke stamp sets are fantastic. I get a thrill every time I stamp my name on a card. I would love to also have a haberdashery one to put on my sewn items. But if I'm not lucky enough to win one, then i look forward to seeing the new designs instead…exciting!
    Hope you've planned for some R&R time next week. Take care Jeanette xx

  14. i did have a special one i had made with my drawing but it didn't last so i then bought another different one and that wasn't very good so would love one from you i know will last for long time ,but need it for my cards and sewing/knitting as well ,would love to win one xx

  15. I hope you have a lovely time at Ally Pally! I would have been there but my hubby is poorly so many appointments at hospitals in London has zapped my energy (am an ME sufferer) so I wouldn't manage the show, nor would my purse! Winning a bespoke stamp would certainly make up for it though and make me a very happy bunny! xxx

  16. I would love to win one of your bespoke stamps.
    I would also love to see you and Claritystamps at Ally Pally, but I went to the show many years ago (before Clarity days) , and was accidentally on purpose smacked around the face with a woman's large bag. People would lean over me as if I was invisible and tut at me as if I shouldn't even be allowed to be there etc. I would never go back, but I really hope everyone is able to have good time today.

    1. Jannet – I'm so sad to hear your story about your experiences at Ally Pally. I've only ever needed to use a wheelchair once after some foot surgery, and had a similar experience in a shopping centre of people giving leaflets and having conversations with my sister who was pushing me. I wish they would do more in schools and colleges to help people to understand the challenges for people with disabilities, both those you can see, and those that are more hidden. I hope one day that we won't hear such stories again, kind regards, Susan x

    2. Thank you so much Susan for your kind words. That sounds like an excellent idea, to have some awareness education in schools etc. It may happen one day.

      I hope everyone who was able to go today had a really fun time.

      Best wishes, Jannet

    3. Hi Jannet,
      Like Susan I'm sorry that your visit to ally pally holds such bad memories for you. If only people knew the guts and determination it takes in order to go out using a wheelchair. That is before we contend with what people do to us with their thoughtlessness!
      Sadly whilst some things have undoubtedly improved since your ally pally incident, people have not. Last night we went to the theatre. The venue and staff are superb and make it easy and enjoyable to be our with the wheelchair which I grudgingly use. Sadly the foyer gets quite busy, so I park myself as best I can to be out of the way. Last night 5 different people climbed over me to get where they wanted to be! After the 4th I moved even closer to the chair next to me but number 5 said 'ooh sorry' when he realised there was no way through …. but carried on climbing over me! I choose not to make a fuss, ad I wanted to enjoy myself, but can't help wondering if I should have said something. ((hugs))

    4. I have often thought whilst visiting craft shows that it would be good for the disabled to have a time just for them. So that they can get round without the thoughtless others pushing them to the back. We all love our craft but for these people it is probably even more important . I don't need a wheelchair at the moment but we never know what the future holds. Best wishes Jannet and keep enjoying your stamping. xx

  17. I was very disappointed I ordered the complete set and more besides but didn't receive any, I have been waiting for C &C to refund my money before I could re order with you. Looks like I will be able to order on Monday that is if you haven't sold out at Ally Pally.

  18. Hi Barbara,
    hope you all have a great weekend at Ally Pally, just so sorry I cannot make it there.

    Why do I need another bespoke stamp? Because I've 2 already and just have to add a third design simples!!
    Jackie xx

  19. I have the bespoke 'Handmade by' stamp already so this would make a complete set for all the Christmas cards I still have to make. I seem to have lost my mojo at the moment so maybe this would give me the necessary boost I desperately need. Xx

  20. Hi Barbara, this is such a fabulous idea but I missed out on the TV orders as they had all sold out before I could catch up with the recorded programmes! Won't be seeing you at Ally Pally, as it's a bit far to travel, and it's the Inverness marathon next week, so we're still full with guests. I've had other personalised stamps in the past, which are just not the same quality as Clarity, so given the chance I would be delighted to receive one of your sets. Thanks for your generosity, Susan x

  21. I got my bespoke Christmas stamps about a week ago, and I've already made about a dozen card with them – it's lovely to be able to 'print' the insertion! I also have one of your bespoke stamps for the backs too. Have a great day at Ally Pally, I don't know where you get the energy from, but I do hope you have comfy shoes on. I wish I was going, I've only managed to get there once, and it was to a knitting and stitching show.

  22. Hello Barbara I have these stamps and the bespoke one – and they are lovely. I am also lucky enough to have one of the older bespoke stamps – with poppies – which I use all the time. Unfortunately I can't get to Ally Pally this weekend 🙁 though wish you and the team a great weekend. xx

  23. Hi Barbara. Have a wonderful day at Ally Pally. I've ordered the new set of stamps, waiting patiently for the form to arrive. Now you are teasing us with new bespoke stamps…hurry up christmas! xx

  24. Hi all at clarity have a fantastic ally pally a bespoke limited edition clarity stamp would be fantastic to win to add to my wonderful clarity stash,would love to do the shows but to ill to travel ect so build up my clarity from home from you direct would love to meet you in person but that's life clarity hugs to all xxx

  25. Hi Barbara and the team I hope you have a fantastic time at Ally Pally.
    I missed the Bespoke stamps before so a chance to win one is fantastic and it would give my cards a professional finish
    Jackie x

  26. A bespoke Clarity stamp would just put the finishing touch to my cards. It would give them that special something on the back that is missing just now. I could also stamp it on to stickers and then use it to seal the cellophane bags that i place my cards into. I have always wanted one, but I always found other stamps ended up in my basket!!

  27. Morning Barbara, I have a bespoke Clarity Stamp, and this morning I have just received my bespoke stamp to go with the Christmas Stamps, they are all just perfect. Wouldn't be without them, Good Luck to whoever wins the bespoke stamp, I am sure, as I am, they will be thrilled to bits with it. Thank you for bringing to us the chance to have our own personal stamps, such a great idea. Have a lovely Successful weekend at the Ally Pally. Looking forward to seeing you a The Stamp Magic Show in Doncaster in October, crafty hugs xxx

  28. I bought the older stamp withy name on it. The beAutiful boarder it's one of my treasures and to have the new one would be great mace a good day Barbara wish I could be there love June xxxx

  29. A bespoke stamp would really make my day.I've been using your stamps to give myself some me time something I need to learn to do. I find your blog very inspirational and helpful
    Thank you Dawn

  30. Wow, fancy giving us a chance to win bespoke stamps. You are too kind. Please don't run out of stamps at the show today because I am coming to see you tomorrow at good old Ally Pally, the place to be, to buy my Clarity!!!!
    Lots of love
    Vanessa xxx

  31. Hello again Barbara….. absolutely loved yours and Dee's demo's today. I never have to look far for Clarity Stamps as it's the stand with all the crowds…… Thought Dave might have had his "Bags Pipes" was looking forward to hearing him play…haha ha…… Please can you put me in the draw to win one of your Bespoke Stamps as I would love to win one of them but can't wait to see the new
    designs…… thanks for all the hard work you and your Team put in xxxxxxx

  32. I came to put my own contribution here, as to why I should be the lucky one to receive a bespoke stamp. I read the comments already, and have decided that despite having hoped to get one of theses for my birthday later on in the year, I would feel much happier if you gave it to someone else. I can't tell you who to give it to, but please Barbara if youdo you choose me then send it instead to Jane Crosby. She had a far better reason than any I could have. And, your generosity would touch the lives of so many more people that way. Hope you don't think I'm cheeky saying that. I don't know Jane, but if I had been left a card, by my dear mum, beautifully stamped with your work, it would have meant such a lot. To be handmade with live is so special. Thanks. Alison.

  33. Hi Barbara, I love all the new bespoke stamps they are gorgeous fonts. I'm afraid Ally Pally is a tad too far for me to venture, but I'm sure you'll have a brilliant time.
    I would like to win a bespoke stamp so that as I get older and lose my marbles I will always have something to remember my name! Xx

  34. I am late reading your blog today as been celebrating our daughter's Birthday, but I am glad I did not visit earlier as after reading the comment above mine I wandered off to read others. I too would adore to own one of your stamps but I agree others are far more deserving and probably will make far better use. I hope your beautiful stamp will give the lucky winner a great deal of pleasure. xx

  35. Already an owner of the magpie Bespoke stamp and also the Christmas set, the second part of which arrived today; I had already enquired with my order if the alternative font was possible and was delighted to receive a phone call informing me they would be available from mid-month. My repeat order has already been placed! Looking forward to meeting you again at the SECC in October; our hotel and restaurant reservations already made. (I have a very understanding husband!) As I already have a bespoke stamp, thus should I be successful please give it to Jane as some other respondees have indicated.
    Enjoy AP.
    Shelagh ;~}

  36. Oh no – I had not looked at the bespoke stamps until you mentioned them on create and craft and was going to order the magpie one this payday and am so disappointed that I will not be able to. I wish I had known and I would have ordered before. Can't you extend by a week or so to give people that do not have them a chance to do so before they are retired – please. I know I shouldn't moan – it is just that I so want the magpie one so badly. If I do win, I will donate them money instead to you Just Giving fund. Hope you are enjoying Ally Pally.
    Elaine xx

  37. ally pally is definitely the place to be. it rocks! it was great to see you again today.
    i already have 2 bespoke stamps but today i was toying with the idea of going for a third. i don't think you can ever have enough bespoke stamps. it makes the cards and projects special when you can stamp the artwork with a bespoke stamp. it shows attention to detail, care and dedication. so yes i would love to have a third one in my collection. also because i'm always missing one…. i find one and lose the other …. and i never understand how i manage to do this….. hugs xx

  38. I would love to win one of your bespoke stamps. I am making cards to sell and make money for our maternity day unit and with your stamp advertising my name, I may get more interest and make more for the unit. Fingies crossed :0)

  39. Ooh, I can't wait to see the new bespoke stamps when the design is finished. I would love to win one of the bespoke stamps as a present for my daughter to encourage her in her proposed crafty business. Meanwhile, it has taken me till today to finally get my order for the Christmas ones into the post – it needed a lot of thought to sort my ideas out, and I am really looking forward to getting them back. Hope you have a great time at Ally Pally and don't work too hard. xx Maggie

  40. I like others would be most delighted if my name is drawn for the stamp to go to Jane – I already have the magpie one and love it beyond measure and so do not need another currently ( I shall see what treats you have come up with to tempt me with when your new ones are available as it would be rude not to lol!)
    I hope you have had a fab day at Ally Pally .
    I am hoping the offer on the Christmas set holds till I get to pay day as more month than money this month alas lol!

  41. Hi Barbara. It is heartwarming to see that others feel the same as me that much as I would love to win the stamp it would be wonderful if it could go to Jane. That was my thought as I read her comment, then I read others that are thinking the same as me. I will be waiting to see the new bespoke stamps before Christmas, it will be a present for me from hubby, but he doesn't know it yet though : )
    It was wonderful to speak to you yesterday, sorry that you had that awful headache earlier in the day, the heat was awful wasn't it, thank goodness you asked them to open the doors! I was so glad to see you looking better at the end of the show, and thank you for choosing the right tin of Spectrum Noir pencils for me. I can't wait to sit down later and play with them. It was nice to meet finally Dave and have a chat with him too, I think I was your last customer of the day 🙂 Take care.

  42. Hope the show is crazily (!!) successful & you return to HQ with empty boxes. I would be very appreciative to win the old bespoke stamp because after years of crappy stuff I now have an amazing guy & an even more amazing & awesome little guy. I would be stamping our 3 names on everything & anything with immense pride.

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