Bev and Mark are getting married!!!!!!

Bev and Mark are getting married!!!!!!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Friday’s blog a private peek.
But not into my world. 
No, this time we are going to peep into the life of Sue Plampton
whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Ally Pally back in April.
Sue came to me at the Clarity stand and showed me something that she was making. 
Something, which she agreed to let me share with you. 
It all came packaged in a very classy, dark brown envelope, with a dark brown ribbon wrap and one of our tree stamps.
Let’s take a closer look…
If I put my Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker hat on 
and get out the magnifying glass,
I would say Sue used Espresso Adirondack for the base tree, then went back over with a Versamagic Aloe Vera Chalk pad.
But I could be wrong…it could be paint..
So let’s open the envelope and see what it’s all about, shall we?
Magnificent, or what?
It’s a handmade wedding invitation.
Going in further….
Check this out! How fantastic is this?!
She has used the largest of the three Walnut trees here
And now look at the date.
Yes, it’s tomorrow!
So Sue and her family will be gathering for this Big Day already.
I bet she doesn’t read this blog; she will be way too busy getting ready for the guests!
What else can we find in this wonderful invitation pack?
A poem. A really lovely poem from the bride and groom.
Let’s look at the RSVP. It is so classy!
This is the front, using the middle-size Walnut tree.
How to get there also included.

and here is the RSVP on the back.
Does it get any more beautiful than this?
I have been holding on to this superb little package 
which Sue so kindly gave me, in order that I could inspire you on this here blog. I have been counting the days to show you. And how fortuitous that the wedding should land on the morrow!
So sincere congratulations to Sue for creating the most thoughtful, beautiful wedding packages I have ever seen. 
150 of them as I recall! Wow.
If the invitations are anything to go by, I would say that the flowers and dresses will be pretty spectacular, too.
I am sure that everybody reading this will join me in wishing the happy couple, Bev and Mark, a wonderful day tomorrow,
and a happy, healthy, prosperous future together 
as husband and wife.
much love,

57 thoughts on “Bev and Mark are getting married!!!!!!

  1. Beautiful work x my eldest daughter gets married for the second time next year and I'm doing invitations so it's lovely to see something created. Don't know what she wants yet so I am waiting till she chooses colours etc . Looking forward to the challenge though. X

  2. How fantastic, what stunning wedding invitations, and you can tell that they have been crafted with Love. …Best Wishes to the happy couple and to all the guests at their wedding tomorrow….
    Have a great two days at Ally Pally and fingers crossed that you can have an early night tonight….much love…Jo. X

  3. Hello Barbara,

    I, too, thought you meant your Mark and was wondering who is Bev? Surprised she hadn't been mentioned before!

    Having said that, the invitations are superb. My younger daughter is getting married in two months time and they have sent their invitations by email! I was not a happy chappie as I was looking forward to doing them myself. It was all planned. They are getting married in an old church owned by her fiance and which is now a restaurant. My Clarity Stamp church stamp fitted the bill perfectly.

    Love, Roz.x

  4. Hi Barb, thank you to Sue for allowing you to share this beautiful work. Congratulations to Bev and Mark, and may their future be filled with blessings, hope they have a wonderful day tomorrow. Bx

  5. What a clever idea. I think its cool and full of thought and maybe an insight of what the couple like. Have a good day Barb and my congratulations to the happy couple. 3 weeks today and ita my turn x

  6. Hi Barb,
    What beautiful work. I would have been so delighted and privileged to have received this. A true labour of love if ever there was one. Simply stunning. I hope they have a very long and happy life together and that they have a wonderful day tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Hope Ally Pally goes well – but be careful of your neck. Love Alison xx

  7. Wow amazing congratulations Mark and Bev on your wedding what a talented lady, so pleased we were able to see and share those beautiful invites lots of hours work their thank Barbara for that enjoy your day and your busy weekend xxx

  8. What a beautiful and novel set of wedding stationery, thank you Sue for letting us see it. The Clarity Walnut tree stamps are just perfect for a New Forest Wedding. Best wishes to Mark & Bev for tomorrow. Xx

  9. Beautiful. I will have to look at these again on my laptop. Reading thia on the train to London. What a privilege to have acceas to this amazing set. How your Iinfluence travels. Thank you for sharing Sue and positive wishes to Mark and Bev. Hope to see you Sunday
    Very excited.

  10. Wow, those invitations are truly amazing, what a beautiful keepsake to have, and so lovely to look back on. Wishing Bev and Mark and wonderful day and very happy life together.
    But I did think it was your Mark getting married Barbara 🙂

  11. What a stunning invite. The thought and dedication is there for all to admire by the lucky recipients. Hope they have a equally lovely day, and wish them health, wealth and happiness for their future together. Thank you for sharing. X

  12. Hi Barbara . Thank you Sue foe allowing Barbara to share this beautiful work with us, it is stunning and such a beautiful package to receive. I hope you have a fantastic day at the wedding and receive lots of compliments. Congratulations to Mark and Bev, I hope you have a wonderful life together and the sun shines for you tomorrow. Now Barbara make sure you get to put your feet up and rest if you have the chance, drink lots of water and move you're neck about to stop it from aching and most of all enjoy yourself! Take care love Diane xxxx

  13. How absolutely beautiful and what an unusual invitation design! Thank you Sue & Barbara for sharing these with us, and congratulations to the newly weds for tomorrow. Susan x

  14. Well you got me there, I thought it was your Mark getting married. Beautiful invitations, she really had put a lot of love into creating them. Love a wedding, so much joy. I still have two unmarried sons, so you never know we might have a celebration one day. As for tomorrow ,we have another Birthday to celebrate, my daughter's. I have made her a cake so ready to break the diet briefly. Hope Ally Pally goes well, I am waiting for NEC to come round. xx

  15. What beautiful invites Sue, amazingly coordinated and an absolute pleasure to behold!
    Thanks for letting Barbara share these with us and hoping that the happy couple and family and friends have a wonderful day.
    Classy invites , classy stamps,
    Thanks Barbara,

  16. Oh Barbara, these are so lovely, inspirational and wonderful – thank you for sharing them – how wonderful each guest will have these to treasure.

    Congratulations to the happy couple

    Thank you again Barbara x

    Hopefully see you Sunday

    Much Love
    Kim xx

  17. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    das ist so ein fantastisches Geschenk zur Hochzeit. Ich bin von der liebevollen Gestaltung begeistert. Ich wünsche dem glücklichen Paar von Herzen alles Liebe und Gute. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  18. Oh my Barbara…. I thought for one minute you meant your baby was getting married but then I thought that I hadn't heard you talk about Bev! Congratulations to the happy couple who these fabulous invitations were made for! And like the walnut tree let their marriage have firm roots so it can grow strong and true!
    Hope your day has been good Barbara and that the next two days are enjoyable for you! Xxx

  19. Hi Barbara. Wow, what a stunning pack, simply beautiful, and clearly made with so much love. My congratulations to Bev and Mark. Thank you for sharing this one Barbara. Enjoy yourself this weekend. See you later on : ) Take care.

  20. Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your kind comments and your best wishes to my daughter Bev and her new husband Mark 🙂
    The day itself was perfect and I was so proud of my beautiful daughter, it made all the hard work so very worthwhile 🙂
    Thank you Barbara for featuring the invites on your blog. I'd forgotten all about it, and although it probably shouldn't have, the timing took me by surprise and to say I got a bit emotional is an understatement!
    Thank you all again, best wishes, Sue Plampton

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