A Window into the forest….

A Window into the forest….

Hello Clarity friends!
Thank you for stopping by on this what is to be rainy Monday!
Early start here! It’s Meetings Monday.
Monday’s blog is trees and flowers, right.
So to end the sale, I just decided to go with yesterday’s super Woodland set (where you get the 3 free trees)
FREE (rrp £10.25)
Oh and a delightful Woodland stencil, which always does the trick.
Ready, steady, GO!
Tape the stencil to a piece of our white square Gelli Card
Brilliant for this kind of work, and cut to fit the stencil!

Add a moon mask and lightly dust round the edges 
with Old Paper Distress Pad (in the sale until midnight, hereinafter to be known as ITSUM)

Add Antique Linen (ITSUM too!) in the lower area

and a little Shabby Shutters,
especially round the bottom.

Dust the upper area with Stormy Sky, and work it into the baseline. You will be surprised how the edge suddenly goes dark green.

Remove the moon mask and stamp the Forest Ridge trees into place, using Cobalt Archival.

And again.

Let’s remove the stencil and see what we’ve got…

Go round the edge with a Denim blue Promarker with a fine nib.

Go round again with one of the skintone colours.
I used Blush.

Cover up the centre with the centrepiece that comes 
with the stencil.

Now sweep back and forth with Stormy Sky and your Stencil Brush.

Get your Woodland animals out, (ITSUM)
 and decide which ones are coming out to play today!
Both squirrels,

and the two young deer.

Add a little shadow underneath their feet.

Trim the card back, 
(orange or black : much the same thing)

Chisel end of a Pear Green Promarker

Mount on another piece of white.
The worktop is green. It’s Mel’s old technical drawing table. She gave it to me for my new artroom. I feel very honoured!

Ooh, I say! White backdrop….
I’m not allowed to touch them or load them yet, but Dave’s been beavering away, making me THE most excellent shelves…

Don’t tell him I showed you…

But just look at this!!!  Fantastic!
I’m allowed to start filling them tomorrow apparently, 
when the paint has dried properly.
Island is next!
anyway, I must dash, said the Mexican.
much love,


58 thoughts on “A Window into the forest….

  1. Beautiful card Barbara and loving your new shelves. Dave is such a handy man to have around. Your card looks just perfect sitting there. How kind of Mel too to give you her drawing table. Hope the Monday meetings go well. Looking forward to the return of You Tube Tuesday tomorrow.
    Love Jeanette xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Love the woodland scene you have created, it really is beautiful. Dave ( yours not mine!) is very handy to have around isn't he?! The shelves are fantastic and I bet you'll enjoy filling them up. The art room is really beginning to take shape and how kind of Mel to give you her table. Looking forward to the video tomorrow. Love Alison xxxx

  3. What a lovely way to start the day looking at the beautiful card. Your shelves are amazing. Dave is a true star. What I would give for that card not to mention the shelves. Well here goes, I am going to have a go – at the card not the shelves.
    Have a great week.
    Best wishes Anne

  4. Just lovely, the whole image is lovely! And I am so jealous of your craft room, I use a bedroom, in fact all my stuff is in plastic boxes in both my daughters bedrooms and I invariably cannot find a thing when I want to use it. One of these days….. Need to win the lottery for the dreams I've got for my craft room. Hey ho. Enjoy your day. Best wishes Joan x

  5. Card is wonderful I must use my stencil had it will, and do love those shelfs well done Dave what a handy man to have would love a room like that in attic a bolt whole enjoy your day xxx

  6. Fantastic Barbara, my favourite stencil, I actually have 2 of them as I use it such a lot.Usually use the boy with the birds as well with this one.
    When your craft room is finished make sure you label shelves so things do not get lost, and as you would say "how do I know this"
    Take care roll on Sunday

  7. What a beautiful card Barbara, I'll have to have a go myself! Those shelves are amazing, well jel 🙂 I'm crammed onto the kitchen table! Hope you have a good day but not too tiring xxx

  8. Ooh shelves! A girl can dream! Lol! I love this stencil, I think it makes beautiful cards. I'm hoping for the gold club membership for Christmas, then I might be able to try a few more things. The colours on this one look lovely together.
    Have a nice day Barbara. Xx

  9. Morning Barbara, what a beauty, love the depth of it. Dave did a great job on the shelves, ask him if he fancies a trip to Ireland, plenty to do here . Xx Take care of yourself.

  10. This is beautiful, the fact that you have used both the inside and outside makes it look very much like you are walking into a forest clearing. Those shelves look great lots of room to store handy things, I bet it won't take you long to fill them up! Well done Dave. XX

  11. What a fabulous card the depth you have really makes you feel like you are walking into that clearing. What a brilliant job Dave has done with those shelves, I'm sure you won't take long to fill them once you are allowed lol
    Jackie x

  12. Hi Barb, what an amazing piece of artwork, absolutely lovely and serene. Loving your art room, I need those shelves! Can't wait to see it finished, and so looking forward to youtube Tuesday. Have a grand day. Bx

  13. Hello Barb. Can one have shelf envy? I do.. Love that card and the way the little animals sit on the tree edges. So want to go for a walk there in the snow. xx Margaret Col.

  14. You sound a bit more "chipper" today Barbara the way your blog reads, and a lovely creation for today into the bargain.
    Fab job Dave's made of the shelving units, gradually coming together and each step must make you happier knowing that the end is in sight….Have you decided on a name for "it" yet? Carole x

  15. There's nothing better than having empty shelves waiting to be filled, oh the possibilities!! I love today's card. Brilliant. Glad you're feeling better, but I think I've got it now, feeling quite rough today. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow x

  16. Hi Barbara great card today, I love the feeling of depth you have created and the little animals – what a useful set. Love the way the trees give the impression of hills without layering them in. Fabulous shelves too isn't Dave a clever chap and we promise we won't tell him you rested the card on there for a second to take a photo 🙂 lol. Take care love Diane G xxx

  17. Hi Barb,
    What a beautiful card. I have lots of the ingredients so will be able to improvise.
    My George put one shelf up for me a few (about 10) years ago. I put my papers and some bits and pieces on it. During the night there was an almighty crash and we hunted the house for the source of the noise but couldn't find it. The next afternoon when I went into my room I found the papers, embossing powders and other things all over the desk and floor. My beloved's comment when I told him "Well you shouldn't have put anything heavy on it".
    I bet you don't have that trouble with yours. Dave's is a masterpiece and your "Den" is coming together nicely. Looking forward to the Island. xx

  18. I'm very envious of your wonderful craft room, it looks an amazing space.
    The artwork is beautiful, I always marvel at the effects you create with just ink, so clever.x

  19. Hi Barbara,
    beautiful card cause I like the combination of stencils and stamps.
    And WOW!!! what a great wall of shelves. If I had it here – give me two days and there´s no place left…
    Rolf x

  20. Beautiful card Barbara and your lovely art room is coming on a treat. I'm contemplating new storage for my room but it's only tiny and I need a helpful 'Dave' too – you should hire him out, he's done a grand job x

  21. I am so jealous of your lovely artroom and those shelves. Well done Dave. Your card is lovely, you make it look so easy. I have a lot of the items needed so will have a go. xx

  22. Hi Barbara
    The room is coming along nicely and I'm sure it won't be long before every space is occupied.
    Just ordered the woodland set I put it off till last minute,loving the card I think this was the decider in me buying the set.

  23. some clever tricks there. fancy that i was playing with same stamps today and nearly got the stencil out. spooky.
    love your shelves. when Dave has finished with your art room could borrow him so he could sort out some shelving for me too? please? hugs xx

  24. I adore this card Barbara and the forest ridge stamps and woodland stencil are real favourites of mine. I love the placement of the two deer and the shadows you have placed beyond the stencil which finish it so wonderfully. Great shelves and partition in one, your Dave is a marvel. You seem to be in good form Barbara, that's great! x

  25. Just about to go to bed and realised I had not commented yet today. Love those shelves, Babara. Well done to Dave for a great job, and you will have such fun filling them and then deciding everything is in the wrong place and moving it all around again. I love that card, and the treescape is one of my very favourite stamps, which gets used so much. Looking forward to seeing your room develop, but remember to get out in the sun that is forecast this week to get more of that Vitamin D. xxx Maggie

  26. The woodland stencil has to be my most favourite of the stencils and most go to one I have , I don't yet own the woodland animal set but they are on the wish list for when I have saved my pennies back up as I have bought some of the Spectrum Noir Pencils.
    They are as you have said blooming fab for the price and helping me work on my shading and texture effects .
    I hope your meeting Monday went well and can not wait to see the finished craft studio , I love the purpose built shelfs – Well Done Dave !

  27. How remiss of me!!! I read the blog and didn't post!!! Bad Kim!!
    Loving the shelves – loving how your space is really taking shape – how lucky are you having Dave who can do these things….could I borrow him to put an extension on my craft shed???LOL!!!
    Love what you have done with this stencil – it is like a window in the woods this one – Narnia springs to mind for me xxx
    Hope your Meeting Monday went well xx
    Much love
    Kim xx

  28. Hi Barbara. Love it, the forest animals are wonderful. Dave made a great job of the shelves, you will have fun filling them tomorrow won't you. Take care.

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