A Single Woodland Leaf Scene.

A Single Woodland Leaf Scene.

Hello there.
Happy Sunday!
Sun’s shining and I’m feeling much better today. 
Must have been one of those 48 hour bugs that knocked me 
on my derrière.
Many of you had some good ideas yesterday, 
with what to do with the fossil leaves. 
If you missed yesterday’s blog, let’s have a speedy recap, 
and then carry on….
Brayer Fired Brick or another autumnal colour over the fossil leaf.

Lay it face down on A5 Theuva card

Lay a piece of copy paper or another sheet of A5 Theuva card on top, and brayer thoroughly, to transfer ink from leaf to card

Nice leaf print

Pick a tree. I picked the tall one from this set of 3
which all come on one mount, but which can be peeled off. :
I then picked a colour. Coffee Archival.
The next part is easy. 
I removed the other two trees from the mount,
bent the tall tree to the same angle as the spine of the fossil leaf print, and stamped it straight down the centre.

Using a piece of copy paper for a mask, I laid the paper along veins of the leaf, as though they were hills, 
and added varying portions of the tree, either blotting or not blotting, to get lighter trees. Or not!

Then I went round the fossil leaf print with a Beige, light Promarker, with a fine nib (pack of 3) attached.
The Skintone set is great.
My word! Am I describing a set of colouring pens? Pack of 3??? Skintone??? Now I am laughing my head off!!! 
Ahh those were the days….

Decorum, decorum!
Cut back and dust round the edge with a Clarity Stencil brush and Butterscotch Adirondack. Can’t beat Butterscotch for this job. 

We need a little something…
Oh boy! I spend ages deciding which animal to use! 
The owl looked great perched on the top of the leaf.
The rabbit was great in the bottom corner.
The squirrel was wonderful tripping along one of the leaf veins. 
But I went with the fawn. 
He sat perfectly in the opening. 

Frame the piece with the chisel end of another Promarker. 
A brown one!

Now for the background. 
I had stained several leaves, and decided they could be used. 
Spray-mounted them to another piece of Theuvacard, like so:

This is the Spraymount I have started using. Very good. 
We sell it now, too. 
Then I trimmed the card back and mounted the leafy scene.
A craft card was the final solution.

 Waste not, want not. Spray mounted an offcut inside, too.
So who shall I send this card to?

The winner of Yesterday’s blog candy is 

So Rolf, send me your mailing address, and your wishlist for 3 inkpads, and I will send you the card, some leaves and the ink pads of your choice!

So today is the last day of the Blogsale. 
If you look back at the last two weeks of blogs, or go to the website and look under offers, today’s the last day.
In fact, let’s add the woodland set. 

Buy the Woodland set, 
and we will send you the trees as a gift. 
click here

Have a great Sunday!
Leave an uplifting comment here and 

much love,

58 thoughts on “A Single Woodland Leaf Scene.

  1. Glad you are feeling a bit better today. There must have been something in the air yesterday as I could barely keep my eyes open all day.

    I love the finished card and am sitting here trying to decide on a design for my Mum and Dad's 48th wedding anniversary next month! I may have to look back at some of your blog posts to get some inspiration!

  2. Oh Barbara that's lovely and so different!
    I missed yesterday's blog( hangs head in shame and don't know how I did) so I'm glad to hear you're feeling better today! This feeling tired thing I think happens when a busy person slows right down and takes time out….it's your body's way of saying Whoa! I'm back to work tomorrow after my summer holidays and I slept in today…first time in ages!!! And tomorrow I'll come home and I'll not feel like I've ever been away from the place!
    The little scene you've created is like a secret hideaway and I'll keep that place in my head in moments of stress!!
    Love and hugs! Xx

  3. Glad you on the mend, probably not a good idea to rush round like a mad thing today though, but bet you do. I hate feeling off colour, keep thinking about what else I could be doing. I could not see what you were going to do with this yesterday but this is lovely. Another great idea to add to our list. Thankyou and take care xx

  4. And She is back! I loved it at all three stages from just the leaf and trees, to just the edges done and then the final card. Love how the tree meets he spine of the leaf. I reckon these leafes are Going to go like hot cakes again.
    This Is such a good Iidea.

  5. Glad that you are feeling better today. I love my woodland set of stamps, there are so many different pictures you can make with them. They are all so cute, well apart from the naughty fox who always seems to have his eye on one of the other animals!

  6. I didn't comment yesterday as I had absolutely no idea where this was going. If you can do all that when you're not well there's not a lot of hope for me if I'm firing on all cylinders! I'm glad you're feeling better today. Lovely design!

    Well done Rolf – I'm going to go back and look at yesterdays blog now!

  7. Such a beautiful card, Barbara and perfect for this time of year. It reminds me if autumnal trips to Knole house in Sevenoaks where there are deer aplenty. Glad you're feeling better today; you still have your wicked sense if humour…was waiting for you to mention the ribs on the leaf!!! Enough, I'm being naughty now. Congratulations to Ralf; I'm very jealous. Enjoy your Sunday xx

    1. Don´t be jealous, Jeanette, do you know that each time Barbara is at Create and Craft I sent an email to the studio to win a Barbara Gray-Original. And I never gave up. I knew one time it will happen (but I never thought that it will happen here on her blog). In Germany we say: "Unverhofft kommt oft" which means "unexpected comes often".
      Best wishes

  8. Oh Barbara!! You blow me away!! I just knew you would come up with something completely different to what we expected, but this is really amazing. I just love how you can look at a leaf and come up with this, I wish I had one tenth of your creativity. I'm so glad you're feeling better today, enjoy your rest. xx

  9. Stunning card. I needed the blog to destress. Just been down "the plot" and had a rat run over my feet. Staying in with my stamps today!
    To get back to the card – amazing colours – so beautiful
    Best wishes

  10. Glad to hear you are feeling better, just remember to rest. What a novel way of using skeleton leaves. I had these in various sizes, colours and shapes a few years ago. I probably still have them in a drawer ……………. in fact lets be honest I KNOW I have them in a drawer! I started thinking about other craft stuff I used to use and the one I loved the most is 'mulberry paper' it was thin like tissue paper and had fibres in it so you could wet it and fluff the edges. I used it so much I wish I could find it for sale somewhere. I think Clarity packers will know my address off by heart soon as I am now off to order the woodland set. Hummmmm that will be quite a few parcels coming my way! What fun. XX

  11. scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…scream…

    Dear Barbara,

    two very good news today: YOU are feeling much better and that´s the most important one!!!!!!!

    But another one for me: I´m the winner… can´t believe… I´m so happy… And I won such a beautiful card made by you!!!
    To be honest: Never in my life I thought you would stamp the trees on the fossil leaf´s veins… you are fabulous as ever!!!

    And that´s not all… 3 inkpads and the leaves… fantastic… I just sent you my wishlist.

    Thank you very, very much!!!

    All the best (and take care of yourself)



    1. Congratulations Rolf! And my prescription for you after all that screaming is hot honey and lemon to drink tomorrow for your sore throat!!! Enjoy your goodies, Susan x

  12. Good to hear you are on the mend but do take it easier this week – those bugs can come back and bite you in the derriere again!
    Love this creation and I had no idea what you were going to do with it after yesterday's post, thank you so much for sharing – it is wonderful! Karen x

  13. So glad you are feeling better today and what a great card. I have some skeleton leaves tucked away somewhere so am feeling inspired to get them out, if only I could remember where I put them! Happy Sunday everyone. xx

  14. Where did that idea come from? You are truly amazing!! Glad you are feeling perkier today, but please put your feet up, have lots of water to drink, and maybe a little doze in the chair beside Grace in the garden after dinner! Now where are my ancient skeleton leaves….. Susan x

  15. Good Afternoon Barbara
    Am so glad you are feeling a little better…that cheers me up!
    As does part two of the blog! Had worked out you would use the fawn, then doubted myself that perhaps there was a trick there and you actually meant a colour to swerve us off the path so decided to wait and see! And so glad I did – trees had to be there – as that is a typical Gray – which Sunday is on the blog – how lovely is the end product and so apt with this turn in the weather making Autumn on the doorstep – as you look around you can see the trees beginning to turn – it only seems like last week that the trees were bursting with life! Yet autumn colours are gorgeous – the lake district in October particularly beautiful! – I was to have done New England in the fall – but turn of events has seen my holiday cancelled – but never mind – something will turn up I am sure!!!
    I was out shopping near Orpington this morning at the Hobby Craft shop – one of the nicer ones I have been in – and saw a packet of leaves – am now kicking myself for not putting them in my basket!!! Oh well – another trip needed!!
    Anyway – less chatter from me!
    Glad you are feeling brighter – take it easy today so you recover fully.
    Much love
    Kim xx

  16. I really love your card, and what a stunning idea to use a "reminder" in the inside of the card. Will now have a look at yesterday post, as I had no time. I was preparing a music quizz and dancing evening. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
    Laurence xx

  17. Glad you're feeling better Barbara, those viruses are little blighters! Love the finished card, who would have thought skeleton leaves could look so gorgeous. Pat x

  18. Hello Barb, well that is just awesome, love the finished article. I think I am going to dig out my skeleton leaves, as I have some holiday, and task #1 is tidy craft room/home office although craft room takes up the bulk of it. Love the colours. Well done Rolf! Bx

  19. Wonderful card Barbara. I love what you have done. So glad you are feeling better. I already have these sets of stamps so I will just have to try and find the skeleton leaves somewhere as I really want to have a go at this. Take care. X

  20. Hi Barbara 'leaf it out' you did this when you were poorly!!! (Sorry couldn't resist!) this is beautiful Barbara, I love the way you have bent the tree along the spine of the leaf, it all blends so well. Yes I too have skeleton leaves in a dusty corner so will be playing with them on return from holiday. Thank you for the blog sale for the last two weeks, I have missed the bargains being away but will spend my voucher when I get home. I'm pleased to hear you are feeling better today but do take it easy, rest, drink water and spend time in the sunshine. How lovely too to hear Grace has got another commercial , is that in the uk so she will be home again for a few days? Take care of yourself love Diane G xxx congrats to Rolf on your treat and Barbara original xxx

  21. Barbara your artwork is top notch even when you are off colour !! This really is a lovely piece of artwork and the use of these skeleton leaves in it brings back how beautiful they can make a card look, they are more versatile than some would care to think. I even heard someone say they are # old hat …. bet they make a reappearance with this endorsement of yours in their droves 😉 x

  22. Ohh Wow Barbara. What a work of art this is Your inspiration continues to inspire others to have a go me included
    Glad you are feeling better maybe it was all that ice you had tipped over you. What was it three bags full. Lol.
    Brill blog
    Theresa x

  23. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin von dem Endergebnis absolut begeistert. Was für eine wunderschöne Karte. Ich freue mich auch zu lesen, es geht dir etwas besser. Ich denke trotzdem solltest du ab und zu mal eine Pause einlegen. Denke an dich und deine Gesundheit.
    Ich gratuliere Rolfi herzlich zu ihrem Gewinn. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  24. Hi Barb,
    This is just so pretty. I had no idea where you were going yesterday, but I really do love this. I'm also glad that you are feeling better today. Just take it easy, you don't want a relapse! My funky foliage stamps and free stencil + the line sentiments arrived yesterday and I have to say I am impressed with all of them so pleased I finally succumbed to the foliage stamps- they are gorgeous and bigger than I thought. Thanks for all the continued inspiration. Love Alison xx

  25. I must go outside and get some leaves to have to work into projects this fall. I really like the effect of the first leaf – so pretty. Glad you are feeling better. How you manage when you aren't feeling well I don't know. I admire you tremendously. Keep inspiring us.

  26. This is a lovely idea and not really what I was thinking of, but the way you did it works a treat. Glad you are feeling a lot better today, but don't overdo it! x

  27. Hi Barbara. Glad to hear you are feeling better today, take it easy though. I didn't know where you were going but this is beautiful. I love how you have used the veins as hills and the fawn works a treat : ) Take care.

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