Then she went far out man!!!

Then she went far out man!!!

Hi there!
Saturday’s blog a new technique.
Well, I have recently noticed a few beautiful pieces of artwork floating round on Facebook, which looked like outlined splats, 
but very lovely. I think the new Brusho powder paints may have been used, but I don’t have any, and if I did, I doubt I would be able to find them in here anyhooze. 
So I decided to set myself a challenge and figure out a way of getting a similar effect, using what I’ve got to hand.
It all started with a black piece of white card 
– a piece of the 8.5″ x 11″ Gelli Card cut back.

I folded another piece of the card in half 
and tore some shapes out on the fold.

Then I got my Stencil brushes out,
 and a number of Distress ink pads, 
and started brushing through the tear holes.
The colours I went with were

I alternated the holes and the ink pads,

overlapping the shapes as I worked my way across.

Wasn’t entirely convinced I was on the right track, but hey!
Who knows what I may figure out along this way..

It’s important to keep the stencil brushes for the right colours, 
and not muddy them up – especially the yellow.

So now I decided it was time to outline the shapes with a 
black Micron pen, but respecting the overlaps.

Actually, this looks pretty funky…

Time to add a stamp. The Treescape was at the top of the pile!
Black Archival is best, a permanent ink pad,
because I want to flick some water around later.

What a stroke of luck! I found a mask!
Yay, because I hate cutting out.
So I added a few more shapes around the edge,
and dusted the top corner with the Wild Honey.

Do you ever wonder where I am headed? 
Me too.
So when in doubt, tear a piece of copy paper and make a hill!

I went in with the brushes and the fine black pen, 
and made a link between the landscape and the background. 
This is nothing like the artwork I saw recently, 
but I have to say it’s got potential.
Time to cover up the centrepiece and flick some water at it.

Blot with a paper towel. Mmm. 
Maybe over-cooked it.
Next thing get out the Word Chains No. 1! 
They will fit with this funky artwork beautifully.

And why not add some journaling splats, too, 
from the Journaling Set

Splats in second generation red and blue, 
and then bold black.
Mount on white card, 

then on a matching blue.

Happy with that. Yep. 
That Chipped Sapphire is a lovely colour blue.

So let’s have a Blogsale!
I shall keep it very simple.
The Treescape. Instead of £11.95, let’s make it £10.
The Journaling Set. Instead of £16, let’s make it £12
The Word Chains. Instead of £10, let’s make them all £9 each
If you buy the bumper set No. 1 you get a free pack of mounts too.
If you buy the bumper set No. 2 you get a free pack of mounts too.
add your Club membership, and you save an additional £10. 
Which Word Chain do I use most? 
I couldn’t say. I love them all. I do love No. 8 . 
In fact , I am putting together the third set at the moment.
The winner of yesterday’s Blog Candy is ..
Diane G.
(Email me your address and I will get it sent next week!)
Leave a pleasant message today, 
and I will pick a lucky winner tomorrow, 
to receive a £20 Gift Voucher
So have a great Saturday!
much love,

100 thoughts on “Then she went far out man!!!

  1. Well I absolutely love this Barbara
    You are such a creative talented individual I stand and watch you demonstrate at shows and I am just transfixed by your creations something from nothing it amazes me
    Brilliant blog
    Love Theresa. X

  2. Fab idea, very resourceful, there are no mistakes just Happy accidents when crafting, its lovely to be able to go with the flow and see where it takes you. Must try this, lurve my stencil brushes 🙂 x

  3. Love this and will have a go at something similar later today I think. Wonder if you'd get a similar effect with acrylic paint or watercolours or….who knows?

  4. WOW this turned out super fab…I may just try this today…I have the inks and all but need to find what the gelli plate paper is….have the gelli plate but not used it yet as not sure of the papers…will have a squizzy in a minute.xx

  5. Good Morning Barbara!
    I love your take on this as I know what bits of art you are on about as I too had a go the other evening !
    Love the colours you have used here and the stamp you have chosen – autumnal look just like the weather!
    Hope the Jazz festival was great – Rye is such a lovely town, nice coffee shop there near the cathedral!
    right I'm off to look at yesterday's blog now as I was a bad Kimmy in not finding the time to leave a comment!
    much love
    Kim x

  6. Good morning Barbara. Bet your still fast asleep at this early hour ! Wish I was. I love the colours in this artwork so warm and inspiring on a dark early morn. I must give this a try . Have a lovely weekend I've got a family canoeing day for all the grand kids then we are having a packed lunch in a big tent that we have hired . Love when we are all together x

  7. Good morning Barbara. I love the way this turned out. The treescape sits lovely within the colours you chose.
    I hope you actually get this comment today as I seem to have a problem of the other comments I have left during the week not being published. ( I know the prob is at my end)
    Have a great day in your new creative space.

    Emma xx

  8. Good morning Barbara, hope you had a nice day yesterday and that you've enjoyed the Jazz Festival.
    I absolutely adore your card. The colours are stunning, the treescape goes perfectly well with it, and the drops of water just add anither dimension.
    Have a great Saturday.
    Laurence xx

  9. Love this!!! Can't wait to try it out. But even better is the good news that you are bringing out the next lot of word stamps. They are so versatile. I love the fact that you can make new words up by masking off the letters, and they always look great because of all the different fonts. Pure genius!

  10. Amazing! How do you think of such things. I must try and be more adventurous and just give it a whirl, the colours works so well as does the tree scape. Love it thanks for the inspiration x

  11. Well that is just gorgeous!!! And very arty in a controlled sort of way!!!
    Chipped sapphire is my new favourite colour!!! It can give such a range of shades from the palest to the deepest blue!!! And those shapes you tore out of paper…..stencil maybe???
    Hope you have a great weekend. Love and hugs! Xxxx

  12. Good morning Barbara. I just love this technique and plan on having a go at it later. I must admit it stopped me in my tracks for a mo (mouthful of ginger nut!) when you said 'a black piece of white card!'

  13. Love that effect Barbara. So much new stuff out there it's difficult to know what people have used sometimes, so thanks for sharing your techniques as always. I had been holding back on the word chains but now I might have to purchase, lol! And I was trying to be good…… Have a great weekend all. Nikki A xxx

  14. This is just fantastic and I now want to try, not sure about the outlining though as it looks like one of those Escher drawings. Working out which piece would be on top of which.

  15. Hello Barb, this is amazing artwork, splats of paint, some flicked water and some stamping. It is so inspiring but totally different. would make a lovely picture on any craft room wall. Well done Diane. Have a lovely day all. Bx

  16. Beautiful Barbara. To think you weren't sure where you were going when you started and you end up with a lovely piece of artwork. How was the Jazz festival yesterday? Hope you have a lovely day. xx

  17. Hi Barbara. I had a giggle at the "BLACK piece of WHITE card slip up near the top of the post : )
    What a great way to create a background, we used to do something similar as kids, without the micro pen outlines though) And the hills make it all blend together beautifully. ( I must admit that the journaling splats wouldn't ever make it onto any work of mine. A friend ruined a beautiful pen drawing she had spent ages doing several years ago by putting her coffee cup down on it in a moment of madness and I have never forgotten her distress, bless her, and journaling splats always remind me of that!)
    I hope you had a lovely day yesterday and have a good long weekend. Take care.

  18. Hi Barb,
    Pure art, pure genius. I love it, and I'll be able to do the "splat" thing no bother without a stamp!! I'm going out today to find the "special" card you used!!
    More goodies on offer today, oh decisions, decisions.
    Now, come on, spill the beans, what did you buy for Evie? I bet your bank balance is seriously depleted!! xx

  19. Hi Barbara wow must get some of that black white card it makes a great background lol this card is stunning Barbara what a fab new technique and the trees fit perfectly with it. What a lovely play you had. I had great fun with the shaving foam and made some wild backgrounds for some thank you cards. One was a little disjointed once I had stamped so out came the micron pen and a few wiggly lines to join everything together and hey presto it worked! Thank you for sharing that tip. Well how excited am I, I had to go back and check it was me!!! Thank you so much of choosing me now I can spoil myself. I will email you later. Off to visit universities next week in Scotland so will try to catch up with the blog as we go. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend Barbara. Love Diane G xxx

  20. Genius! I love the way that you manage to transform a blank piece of card into a stunning piece of artwork using simple items that we all have at home. This has a really autumnal feel to it and would be perfect for a card for a man. Love it – thank you!
    Karen x

  21. Another fab card and a twist on techniques – love it.
    New word chains you say , can we have thinking or thoughts and something for sympathy and achieve or similar for graduation ???? ( I love the word chains )
    Christmas word chains ?
    I am all want want want but when you keep inspiring me as you do I have more I want to try lol!
    Hope you have a fab day x

    1. As to your black piece of white card that's much better than my spelling error on putting a date in my mum's diary for her anal (annual) health check … She was quick to point out that if she had a prostate it would not need checking lol!

  22. I don't know if you'll receive this as my previous two seem to have disappeared into the ether. Love this one, you certainly are a genius. I am waiting now for a delivery of different papers from you, in the hope that my attempts will more resemble yours. My daughter is coming today for a play so I'd better go and sort my craft room before it gets worse.

  23. Another stunner – I don't know how you do it! I swear you could make a piece of art out of dust – now there's an idea!! Lol.

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my 'candy win' from Wednesday's blog – I have e-mailed you, hun.

    Have a great bank holiday weekend, with lots of baby cuddles I hope.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  24. Another lovely piece, Barbara! I love making things from whatever is nearest – it makes me more creative, I think. You said earlier in the week that the sale things would stay up all week. When do they revert back to normal price? I want to do a bit of an order, but don't want to miss new sale things!!
    Alana x

  25. Like you, I have seen lots of artwork on facebook using brusho's, some of it really is amazing. I have not got any, as yet anyway, but not sure I would get good results. I will give it a go your way for now, which by the way looks fantastic. Did wonder to begin with but as usual end result is beautiful. xx

  26. .morning barb. well you did have me wondering today where we were heading but i shouldn't have worried. keep the faith. brilliant! love it xx have a great day barb. hugs rachel x

  27. Love it barbara have been seeing them to and wondering how can do something similar so will try this know home and washing done bob has done ironing he is good just got to put it all away then done enjoy your day xxx

  28. Wasn't sure where you were going at first but I didnt need to worry as usual the end result is stunning. Though did think you had a new line of card that I hadn't seen before until the the grey cellls started working and realised it was a typo. Look forward to reafing your blog everyday, you are an inspiration. Have a lovely day. xxxx

  29. A nice peaceful card which means a lot to me today, my Dad is currently sleeping peacefully at the end of his days and when we're not with him we are just waiting for a phone call. These colours and the trees sum it up for me for some reason. x

    p.s. I was wondering about the black piece of white card and wondering if I had a piece, I really hadn't thought of it as an error but I've had a read through the replies – why didn't I think it was a typo!!

  30. You are truly a mind reader Barbara – I have been wondering how to achieve this sort of technique without spending a fortune on yet another set of kit to put in my already overcrowded craft room – THANK YOU!!! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday shopping and bopping (not sure if you bop to Jazz but you know what I mean!) Having just about got the ink off my fingers from my first attempt with shaving foam, I can now feel a card tearing session coming on :o) Susan x

    1. Hi Susan try imperial leather soap it seems to get the ink off really quickly ( apart from the stuff under your nails but that's the secret sign of a crafter 🙂 ). Diane xxx

  31. Spectacular piece of art work. Got to give it a try. Can't now – my 45 wedding anniversary and off for afternoon tea and then a splash in an electric boat! Hope he does not throw me in the river.
    Will be back crafting on this piece tomorrow.
    Best wishes

  32. Beautiful technique, reminds me of overlapped tissue paper. I have to give this a try, I have said that so often lately! Had my first go at shaving foam the other day – I now have enough backgrounds to cover a wall…………………. hmmmmmmm………………;) Hope your music gig was enjoyable. XX

  33. 2nd try as my comments seem to be disappearing! Fab technique, Barbara. Now to try and get some sort of similar result with my new Brusho set. Need more time to play 🙂

  34. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin immer wieder begeistert was dir tolles einfällt. Die Karte ist grandios geworden. Ein wundervolles Farbspiel und die Bäume passen perfekt dazu. Meine Bewunderung für deinen Ideenreichtum. Ich wünsche ein wunderschönes Wochenende. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  35. Wow I really like this and have the tree stamps and mask, It's inspired me to have a go, maybe it will clear my crafting block! Hope you had a good day yesterday have a great weekend. Thanks Jx

  36. Afternoon Barbara, what a brilliant twist and great results…it is so good to have a real play and see what you come up with….even if it is the ' black piece of white card ' lol…now that is the sort of thing that I do…….enjoy your evening….hugs…Jo. XX

  37. Lovely idea for trying something different I have been playing about trying this with distress reinkers and brushos the only thing is I get a bit carried away when I spritz my brushos and find bits of paint over the kitchen tiles microwave and somehow the biscuit tin, I do love making a mess. xx

  38. I don't know how you develop so many fantastic blog posts every day. I love how you have taken ideas from a product you (or I) don't have and worked out a way to develop a project inspired by those items but made using things we have in our crafty stash.

    Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration


  39. Hi Barbara,
    well you have really got me thinking with this project today – I wasn't sure at first where you were headed (though I think you had your doubts too!) but I really love the finished design. I sometimes wonder when you splash things with water (I'm not that adventurous … yet!) but this time I can really say I love it, and I may just have to have a go with whatever comes to hand when I finally unearth the desk in my crafting space!
    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend (despite the weather forecast)

  40. Hi Barbara, you have done it again – an amazing piece of art work from such simple beginnings! Two blank pieces of card, ink pads plus imagination and you have created a very modern, funky picture! I sadly lack in the imagination stakes and am full of admiration. Really tempted by the blog candy though. 🙂

  41. loving this randomness and that Chipped Saphire is indeed a gorgeous colour. Love all the word chains too. Need to practice with my stencil brushes, sounds like a plan for tomorrow x

  42. I thought when I saw it this morning, how Autumnal this piece looked, particularly with leaf shaped 'blobs' of colours. I did initially wonder where you were going with it, but as always, another stunning result. And I did have read your 'black piece of white card' bit several times over this morning before it registered with me! 🙂 I blame it on the fuzzy head I currently have from a cold. Congratulations to Diane G. x

  43. Just back from a few days away and the first thing I did was go on line to check out your blog, Barbara. What a wonderful piece of art today… original and refreshing, funky and fun. Wonderful as usual! Gill xx

  44. Good evening Barbara,
    which is again a great technique, a wonderful effect. Your ideas are unique. I think it's great that I can read it all over again. I have already many articles in my head that I still have to order from you so I can rework everything.

  45. Barbara,
    Stunning, stunning, stunning!
    Today's piece of art is an absolute cracker.

    Will need to research 'Brusho' as I used a medium from this brand name whilst teaching in Warminster in the late '80s and can recall being able to apply the product to all sorts of different techniques.

    Shelagh ;~)

  46. I love the way you did the background Barbara, it is a really interesting technique. I wasn't too sure about the trees but after you added the hills and extra colour to that too the whole thing was instantly tied together. x

  47. Lovely card. Great technique. It may be inspired by something you saw but I'm sure your take on it is unique. Hope you enjoyed Rye and all that jazz……

  48. I had a go at this earlier, got my background with quite a few white gaps but I like it, not sure what to do with it next but so far have stamped the boy flying with the birds ….. not sure what now so will sleep on it. It might just be a practice piece but I'm glad I had a go! Not sure I've respected all the overlaps correctly though !

  49. Genius! I was wondering how others had created that effect but hadn't had chance to have a go. As I'm in a little cottage in Cornwall this week with a small crafty Clarity stash I will have time to play at last, I might even share what Ido .if I'm happy with it!Wxx

  50. Amazing Barbara as always – cant wait to try it – I have the stamps,inks ,brushes and words so no excuse
    – not sure I have a black piece of white card tho ? lol

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