Funk it up and smile!

Funk it up and smile!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
It’s the weekend, 
but I am meeting up with Dee at work,
to prep for the TV Shows next week.
But hey! This too shall pass, one day at a time…
Here’s a 6″ x 6″ Gelli Plate remnant, 
which I dolled up with a funky leaf or two. 
See what you think.
Remember this sorry looking print,

which we converted to a respectable Friendship Card,
using a young girl called Lily, and Friendship from a Word Chain?
Well, I pull the second print off the Gelli Plate, 
where most of the paint had stayed,
and got this:
Added Create from Wordchain No. 1,
but what else can we do on a Saturday morning, when we are scrambling to meet Dee in an hour at work?! 
Add the New Funky Foliage using Black Archival.
Stamp the other large Funky leaf onto a different print made 
using the same colours,

and cut out.
Colour in the Funky Leaves with a selection of Distress Markers.

Nearly there…
Add the other leaf, for balance.
That’s it. About there…

Stick it right down? Well, I just ran a 3mm length 
of double-sided tape down the spine of the leaf, 
so that it folds a little off the artwork, 
but it’s entirely up to you.

Yes, I like it. 
I would mount it on white and black, but all the card is either in the van, at work, or in boxes in my new artroom above the garage.
Is my life completely unmanageable?
Have I reached a new level of chaos?
No, I don’t think so. 
Completely superficial mess, 
which a week away from face-on work will sort out.
(Face-on Work = when I have to put my face on, and be visible!)
Have a great Saturday.
The sun is shining here. 
And if I adjust my thinking a little, so that instead of work, I am meeting with a really good friend to do some artwork,
then I am sure to have a great Saturday, too.
much love,

I would like to extend the Challenge using the Elegant Stencils by a week, to next Sunday, because I haven’t had time to gather up all the entries, and perhaps you would like to enter!

33 thoughts on “Funk it up and smile!

  1. Good morning,
    Very clever and very pretty, these ideas just pop. Love the new phrase face on. You make my day even at 3 am. Enjoy time with Dee. Happy Saturday!

  2. Love it barbara your work room over garage sounds fab think I need a bigg room sounds like going to have great day playing today hopes so may have play later have some you time too. Looking forward to thurday one because your on TV and Friday go away so ready for change xxx

  3. Hi Barbara. Love it, the colours in this are gorgeous and adding the leaf does balance it out, thanks for that. I always learn something from you : ) Yes, adjust your thinking, what a lovely day you have spending it with a great friend doing what you love, enjoy it. (Try and empty your brain of all of the "things that I have got to do" before you meet Dee, just concentrate on your artwork) Take care.

  4. Morning, I love these stamps, will get these for sure. Hope you have a great day crafting with a good friend, forget the chaos and enjoy the day. I am attempting to craft at the moment but nothing seems to be going right…….I'll just keep trying. Thanks Janet x

  5. Hello Barb, meeting with a friend and creating must be a pleasure, even though there is an element of "work" behind it. Love these stamps and you have made a fab piece of artwork with them, so I think they need to go on my wish list. Thanks for extending the challenge, I may just have a chance to get something in. Have a lovely day. Bx

  6. This is such a fabulous card and is getting me in the mood for some gelli time. So many techniques and lovely clarity stuff, so little time to play. Hope all goes well in your prep work and looking forward to a bonus clarity day on Thursday. Laurane x

  7. Morning Barbara! Your funky flowers are just perfect for this but, hang on…have you really curved your leaf to make it 3D! Surely not! How will it fit in the envelope? LOL! Think it looks gorgeous.
    Have fun doing your artwork with Dee.
    Jeanette xx

  8. Lovely, I so need the funky foliage set and my gelli plate has been neglected of late. Your new craft room above your garage sounds fab, you must be looking forward to getting stuck in to that. Have a lovely day with Dee xx

  9. Hi Barbara wow I love that funky flower and it sits so well on the torn geli plate work . Oh no I might have to look at it again and check the sofa for change! Lol. Your new workroom sounds amazing can we see photos when it's up and running please. I'm sure today will be fun work rather than work work with lots of laughter and chatter. Are you doing shaving foam with Dean? Think of the mess!!!! Haha. Enjoy your day . Love Diane xxx

  10. Hi Barbara – hmmmm feeling like I want to spend the day playing now instead of clearing out the loft! Hope you have a great day with Dee – looking forward to the TV shows.

  11. I hope you have a fun and productive day.
    I love my job but there are days when you know you have lots of plates spinning and it just takes the enjoyment factor down a notch or two as the focus is on keeping all the plates in the air – but once there are a few less plates to spin or a Friend helps to keep the plates spinning it does help.
    Make sure you both stop for a nice lunch away from it or a nice afternoon treat when done as that helps (well a good slice of cake or a few special chocolates always help me and the full steam a head days lol!)
    Much love and respect as you and your team do keep us inspired and it is appreciated (but I am looking forward to you foot of the peddle time as we all need a break now and again and you deserve a break for sure so full steam a head as calm waters are a head x )

  12. Enjoy your day with Dee. Love this piece of art and do not know how you find time to blog everyday, but am so pleased you do. I am off to the Clarity workshop in Nottingham with Saz and am looking forward to learning some new techniques!

  13. Wonderful, these stamps are on my wish list. You will still enjoy your day with a good friend even though it is work. I have received my NDC envelope this morning and beautiful stamp and stencil. Looking forward to some craft time later. Hope all the prep goes well. xx

  14. Hello Barb. I am so glad I got these funky florals as they look wonderful over the gelli card. And breath. It's great that you are working full tilt – would you have it any other way – but smell the flowers occasionally and have fun with a good friend today. It's a treat to be working at something you love I know, I do too, but some 'me' time is also good. Take care of yourself. xx Margaret Col.

  15. Hi Barb,
    The gelli plate is my favourite craft medium at the moment. I just love "playing" with it and have actually made some cards and artwork of which I am quite pleased. Your stencils work a treat with it and I want to thank you for bringing it and your brilliant stencils to us. Don't work too hard, have some time for yourself and family xx.

  16. Fab piece of artwork! I love these new stamps. Am hoping for some birthday money the week after next so I can buy them! Have a fab play day with your friend! xxx

  17. I like stamping on my prints and this one is fab. Sometimes you can't get a good print but I have learnt not to throw them away, just keep them for another day. I'm sure it will go quickly at work today, have fun with Dee. XX

  18. Love this remnant of Gelli work, but I'm still playing with the shaving foam making a really good mess and some ok artwork. Most of all I'm enjoying the mess.

  19. Another gorgeous creation. I love your paper piercing again. Not very creative for the moment as I have to take care of my man just out of hospital, but will give a go at the "challenge". Just waiting for the stamp to arrive also….
    Laurence xx

  20. Amazing what beautiful work and creative ideas you can come up with despite being under the kosh! Hope you enjoy your creative day with Dee, and with luck I'll be able to get into my craft room for a while later today – finally got me some cheap shaving foam yesterday, and want to try out your fab inky technique for myself!!! Susan x

  21. Beautiful creative art work Barbara, I hope you had a good day working/creating for the shows next week. I have had a lovely day creating with my friends today too
    Jackie x

  22. Hi Barb,
    Lovely artwork today. Really do like the funky foliage stamps and would love to own them but I've spent a fortune on craft stuff this month so I'll have to put them on hold for now. My swallow stamps arrived and they are truly gorgeous. My NDC stam and stencil arrived today and both are really lovely, can see them being used a lot. Good to see tea bag folding too. Are you now doing the flat stubby stencil brushes now as well? Hope you had a good day with Dee. Love Alison xxx

  23. Good evening Barbara, my what a busy day you have had, with Dee doing all that prep and then finding time for your loft… Hope you have a bit of a relax tomorrow if you can xx the scraps you have made in to art are just wonderful don't know how you keep pulling it out of the bag! But so grateful that you do!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  24. This is lovely Barbara. Considering you are busy you always seem to fknd something so original and clever. Hope your artwork session with Dee goes well. x

  25. I could have sworn that I had already left a comment, but I can't see it. I think my brain is fried from all the bitumen fumes yesterday. What a fabulous space to plan out and get sorted, but to do it in a week…….. Really? Can you pass on your secret? It would take me a month to get it straight, and would be wrecked again in five minutes of crafting. Looking forward to watching you in Germany (although I do not understand German) and then 5 whole hours back here. Hopefully then you can take a break to craft for fun and breathe. xxx Maggie

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