She’s on the move again…

She’s on the move again…

Hello and Happy Sunday!
Thanks for stopping by. 
Excited to welcome you into my new artroom.
It’s a little sparse and the keyboard taps are echoing as I type, 
but the roof is on, the lights are on, the internet is connected – 
what more can I ask? 
I’ve got a stash of this and that,
and the money plant came upstairs with me. 
It’s needs some proper space to breath – just like me.
Incredibly, this huge plant started out life as a primary school project which young Mark brought home way back when. 
Just a tiny little shoot.
It is very dear to our heart, and we always panic when it sheds even one leaf!! Superstitious or what??
But it is looking very, very healthy, and there are loads of new shoots. Mark always beams like a Cheshire cat when he sees it.
There’s something very refreshing about an almost empty space.
Of course, this lovely loft space will get filled up all sorts of art and pots and pads and paper and paint.
But just for today, 
I am really enjoying the serenity, the unclutteredness. 
Tomorrow I am off to the Fatherland for a couple of days to do a TV show on HSE24. Just 2 live hours, 
but a HUGE deal nonetheless.
Our German friends are really enjoying Clarity! 
And I do like Munich…(GREAT shoe shops)
Then on Thursday, we are having a 
Clarity Christmas Day 
on Create & Craft.
5 hours of all the Clarity Christmas Collections, 
from Twas the Night 
to the Carols Collection, 
with Clarity Classics 
and the fabulous traditional window stencils, too. 
There are many more kits than I could possibly do demos for, 
(We really are doing Clarity Christmas Day in a big way!)
so I thought it might be nice to have a daily peek at the sets which will be on the shows, but which I probably won’t get to demo.
Here’s a card made using some of the stamps.

Snowed in is an old Woodcut stamp.
So I’ve stamped it with a Black Archival ink pad,
on cream card cut leaving a generous border.

Extend the stamp frame with a Black Micron Pen.
Now let’s bring out the deer. They come in different sizes.
You can see he’s quite large, although he would work at the front actually.
However. I’ve stamped him on translucent shrink plastic.

So if you stamp the deer onto the Shrink Plastic using the Black Archival, place him on a teflon nonstick tray and pop him in the oven for a minute, look how small he comes out!

Would you believe me if I said you can put him back in for another minute and he shrinks even more?
In fact he even turns round and faces the other way, too?

I just used a smaller stamp on the shrink plastic…

Set of Forest Miniatures

Anyway, what next?
So let’s shrink a few and make a whole herd of them!

Add a little glitter, or Glamour Dust on Zig Blue Glue,

Have you tried Stickles
They are like a glitter with built in glue.
In fact, they are called Stickles Glitter Glue!
There are loads of different colours; we’ve got some super Christmassy colours in stock.

Baby Blue

Let’s have a 
Lickle Stickle Sale!
Usually they are £1.99 each. 
So how about all 7 colours for £10?
Click here

Add a miniature Let it Snow banner, too.
Just remember to punch a hole either end, 
so that you can thread the ribbon.

Mount on a baby blue card and a layer of glitter card.

Both the Deer and the Snowed in Kits will be on TV 
on Thursday.

Bye for now.
I shall be blogging from Deutschland tomorrow!

Much Love,

46 thoughts on “She’s on the move again…

  1. What a beautiful space, so much room to fill with all the essentials! What a treat to see you on C&C again, I will be watching. Received my club stencil and stamp yesterday, what a wonderful Celtic set they are can't wait to use them. Thank you Donna XX

  2. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    die neuen Weihnachtsstempel gefallen mir sehr gut. Ich freue mich auf deine Sendungen bei HSE. Ich werde wieder gebannt vor dem Fernseher sitzen und zuschauen. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  3. I just managed to make one for Dad yesterday and used the line stencil (that came when you did the Lucky set I think) and did mustard seed (distress ink) vertical and then peeled paint horizontal (or other way round!). It made a lovely chequered background for some horse racing and bowls toppers I had. His nursing home made him a cake and he just about managed to blow out the candles…. I couldn't bring myself to call it a Happy Birthday, so used Birthday Wishes instead. I digress. I'll shut up now!

    A lovely card Barbara, but can't help thinking shrink plastic is not as exciting done in the over?! I think Dean needs to be present at all times 🙂

    Can't wait for Thursday (also have day of tomorrow – tidying up craft room perhaps…… any volunteers?!)

  4. Hello Barb. I envy you that lovely uncluttered space. Having redone my craft room I now realise I haven't nearly enough shelves, but hey ho, if I had any more I'd just fill those too! Enjoy deutschland and looking forward to seeing you on Thursday. xx Margaret Col.

  5. Afternoon Barb, your craft space is fantastic and what a great amount of light ….
    Your card is stunning and has two of my favourite things, Shrink Plastic and Stickles….what a great offer….I know I will need a lot for my Christmas projects…I feel an order coming on. Safe trip to Germany…Enjoy….Jo. X

  6. Hi Barbara Love your NEW craft room I can only dream of one,have to stick to the dinning room lol Just love the card today awesome as the kids would say
    Crafty hugs
    Pauline B
    P S see you Thursday

  7. Beautiful card and love the space in the art room. As for the money tree I have one as well that was a Mother's Day gift made in primary school by my eldest. He's 42 this year – the tree has been cut back and repotted a few times but it is still going strong!

  8. Hi Barb,
    Love your new craft room, how fabulous to just be able to craft and leave your stuff out instead of having to clear away all of the time. I use the spare bedroom, but Dave also likes to edit his photos in there too and believe me, there is not enough room for the two of us! Looking forward to Thursday. The card you have used today is lovely and I have the stamps and the shrink plastic so might just have to give it a go. Have a good time in Germany – don't buy too many shoes!! Love Alison xxx

  9. Your huge uncluttered space looks like heaven to me. Hope you get to enjoy it before it gets filled to overflowing!
    Lovely cold looking card. Looking forward to Thursday. Enjoy your shopping in Munich. Jan

  10. HI barb,
    How posh is your new studio? Don't forget to keep us updated as it gets that "lived in" look!
    Enjoy Germany and will give you a wave on Thursday. I'm off to play with the new club stencil and gelli plate. xx

  11. Hi Barbara. Beautiful Christmas card, I love the deer : ) Enjoy filling your lovely new craft room, am I jealous of all that space………not me……..much! Have a safe journey to and from Germany and enjoy yourself there: ) Take care.

  12. Barbara I love your new space and look forward to seeing the finished room.
    We have a money plant growing in our garden here in Spain but I do remember my grandma having one as a houseplant so it brings back lots of memories, have a good trip.

  13. Well enjoy the space and tranquility whilst you can – at the rate you come up with new ideas and tricks you'll be hanging things from the rafters within no time!!! I know … I too used to have an empty craftroom!!! Susan x

  14. Afternoon Barbara – am very jealous of that lovely airy space of yours and think I would have done the same in sitting and enjoying the serenity and space mentally mapping out what is going to go where etc – how lovely and what a great reward to give yourself for all the hard work you do – you certainly deserve it.
    Shrinkies – well that immediately brings to mind Dean – and the hilarity of that demo – once seen never forgotten and always makes me smile.
    Your week ahead – very hectic and by the time you get to the weekend you will be shattered but will no doubt look back and feel very pleased with the outcomes and know that the hard work paid off – so try and relax on the short flight, make sure you fit in a shopping trip whilst there – and then back for C&C Christmas day – I for one will have to record the shows as I will be working but never fear – I will record and watch for inspiration and just to watch you at what you do best.
    Safe journey to both you and Dave
    Much Love
    Kim xx

    1. PS – forgot to mention the money plant – what a fantastic specimen it is!!!! It will love all that light flooding in – no surprise that Mark looks at it with a big smile on his face ! xx

  15. What a deer card….(sorry). Impressive studio space and I love the plant. It's ties like that the keep the kids connected and coming back. I love Munich too and have fond, student memories of the Oktoberfest and Hofbrau house, as well as the Dom and shops, of course. I might try to follow the programme on HSE. Have a successful trip.

  16. This is a lovely snowy scene Barbara and the shrink plastic deer are a fun edition to the card. What a great new artroom and will look forward to seeing how you fill it over the coming weeks and months. Will look forward to seeing you on C & C on Thursday. x

  17. Hello Barb, loving the new craftroom/artroom , also this card/image with the deers is beautiful. I hope we are going to see some of your amazing creations adorning the walls. Also cannot wait to see how it looks fully kitted out. Your money plant brought a tear to my eye, as we have one too, which has grown from a shoot we brought back from my dear friends house in SA, when we went to visit, she is gone now, so it is very important to me to keep it growing. Have a safe trip to Germany, and make sure you have space in your luggage for new shoes. Looking forward to Thursdays shows. Take care. Bx

  18. Am jealous……. What a lovely craft room you're having. And I love the card you've made. I hope I can Watch (a bit) of you on Thursday. Enjoy Munich, I love it and miss it.
    Laurence xx

  19. Hello Barbara, loving the new craft room, it looks like an amazing space to work in. The plant looks great too. I'm lucky to have a work area, though no matter how much I try it spreads out into the dinning area!!! I'd love a crafty shed. This card is gorgeous. I really like the way you've shrunk the deer and then added a soupçon of glitter. Have a lovely trip to Germany, hope the TV shows go well, and of course the shoe shopping! 🙂 Hugs xx

  20. You should feel so fortunate that Mark brought you a money tree home, my lovely son brought home stick insects. Guess who ended up looking after them, we even took them with us to caravan. Must admit you have done well with the tree. Oh crumbs, suppose I got to start thinking Christmas cards soon. Would prefer not to have a mad rush. Look forward to the shows on Thursday, have not got Grandchildren that day so will be able to watch. Safe journey to Germany. xx

  21. Lovely card Barbara, I like your new space it will be great once you have put your stamp on it. Great use of shrink plastic I am not sure why I forget to use it as the technique thrills me everytime. Good luck for all your shows in Germany and C&C love Jennifer x x x

  22. Love it, love it. Love the card, love the new craft room, loving Thursday already! (though will have to tape it as I will be looking after a three year old and a two year old)

    Love, Roz x

  23. Hi Barbara what a fantastic new space with so much light aren't you a lucky girl! Something quite refreshing about a clear room with that fresh paint smell isn't there. I love it. I'm sure it will be full to the rafters soon. Loving today's card great stamp and you are very good with the oven and shrink plastic – I do love you Dean and shrink plastic though it makes me roar with laughter every time I watch it. Hope your money plant likes it's new space too. Take care on your travels this week and a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes 🙂 love Diane xxx

  24. Your little deer are so cute & sit beautifully in the snowy scene. Lucky you to have such a great art space. Mark's money tree look very healthy. My uncle has a money tree that belinged to my nan and is at least 50yrs old and us still going strong. It's huge!!
    The recorder is set for Thursday & I hope to watch as many as possible.
    Have a safe trip to Germany – the shoe shops sound worth the trip.
    Love Jeanette xx

  25. Wow loving your crafty space, what a haven. I've taken over our loft as I outgrew the little bedroom, just need to organise it better! Lovely artwork, I love shrink plastic as well, great fun. Hope all goes well on the German shows, happy shoe shopping 🙂 x

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