Fuchsia Stamps. The first stamps I drew….

Fuchsia Stamps. The first stamps I drew….

Good morning.
Thanks for dropping in.
It’s early Saturday morning, and I’m up with the lark, before the house starts moving, and the last day of this first Clarity retreat commences. I have to tell you, it has been one of the best weeks ever for me personally. Spending time with smashing women, most of whom I have known for years, and many of whom have become close friends? 
If this is work, I don’t mind doing overtime! 
So I am full of gratitude, counting my blessings, and happy today.
I noticed these beautiful fuchsias in the garden yesterday, 
and thought I would get out our very, very first Claritystamps, which I draw some 20 years ago. 
See what you think….
Starting with a blank piece of A5 Theuvacard, 
trimmed back a little.

Stamp the buds at the top in Black Archival.

Add the Fuchsias, little and large.

Colour them in with Spectrum Noir Pencils. 
I found all my colours in the Essentials tin.
Add shade with a darker colour pencil. If you follow where I drew the shadow, you can’t really go wrong!
Add a little green to the leaves.

Load a Claritybrush with Antique Linen and dust back and forth around the edges, avoiding the flowers.

Add Frayed Burlap carefully around the outside. 

Pull the edges of the card across the surface of the Frayed Burlap ink pad. This is how we get a very dark rim.
Add a sentiment. 
I have picked Blessing from Word Chain set No.  
It sits with how I am feeling this morning.
I love that these funky modern words work well with even the most traditional designs, like the fuchsia.
So there we are. A quick, simple card.

I think I will bunch these fuchsia stamps together for you, 
(forgive the pun!)
to make the price more appealing.
If you buy the small Fuchsia, 
we will give you the little Bud (worth £5.25) FREE.
If you buy the Large Fuchsia and we will give you a fab Fuchsia border (worth £7.25)  FREE
Anyway, it’s nearly 7.30 and I really must fly!!!!
much love, 

35 thoughts on “Fuchsia Stamps. The first stamps I drew….

  1. Lovely artwork. I have used these stamps over and over again and love them.
    Yes, for me too is was a really special Retreat on Mon and Tuesday. Hello to all those great people, including royalty!!!
    Anne x

  2. Hi Barbara beautiful both the flowers and the stamp oh yes and the card too! I love fuchsias and stand in the plant nursery each year loving the different names! I bought a Star Wars this year but it's in a bit of a shady place and is a bit shy so hasn't flowered yet! Good to hear the week has gone well especially when you were feeling poorly last week. Enjoy your day we are off to Cornwall for a 1950 s tea party so a long drive with traffic but worth it to see family I haven't seen for ages. Take care love Diane xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Pleased that the week has been a success and that you've enjoyed it too. I love these stamps and have the full set – they were the first things I bought in the first remount able sale of my membership! I saw you demo them on tv and knew I had to have them and I have to say, I have never regretted buying them. They are so versatile for any occasion. Really do like today's composition though. Have a lovely day. Love Alison xxx

  4. Hi Barbara. Beautiful card, so soft and gentlemm. The fushia stamps are gorgeous. Bet you didn't imagine for a moment where this first stamp was going to lead you : ) It is lovely to hear that you are having such a good time at the moment. Long may it last for you. Have a good weekend. Take care.

  5. Good morning Barb,
    Our little fuchsia plants are blooming as well, this is a beautiful piece of art. We are thankful each day for the blessings you give to us. Creative energy , some giggles, and a wonderful kind spirit thanks for two wonderful days of workshops which should be called play shops. Enjoy today, xxxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    This is absolutely blooming gorgeous! It certainly is a case of less is more.
    Pleased you have enjoyed this week so much, but I bet not as much as the ladies who have attended your retreats.xx

  7. Hi Barb, so beautiful, love your coloring. Fuschias are one of my favourite flowers, and we always have them in our wall baskets every year. Then try save them for the next year. Glad you are having such a great week, I am sure every one that has attended is too. Bx

  8. Fussias are my favourite garden flowering plant. I have them in pots and hanging baskets attend the garden. I had a couple sitting on the door step – beautiful pink and purple tones. I came home one day last week to discover that one of them had been stolen off the step and a million bells had also been stolen out of a planter next to it. I was really saddened by that as I am not a natural gardener so it had taken a lot of effort to get them to the lovely flowers that they produced. I hope that whoever stole them is looking after them and enjoying the flowers.
    I think I might just have to have these fall into my basket and get them delivered!!

  9. Good morning Barbara! Beautiful card again! They really are fabulous stamps and so realistic!
    I have had an incredible time at the retreat and hope I can do it again next year!! It really was fabulous to spend time in your company!!! Love and hugs. Xxx

  10. Good morning Barb, this is a beautiful stamp with a beautiful Lady making a beautiful card.
    Thank you for the kind offer, I might have to take you up on that .

    Have a fabulous day
    Love Denise x

  11. I really enjoyed my first retreat (Mon & Tues) I have been to day workshops before in Essex but this was soooo much better. One could get to know the other folk a bit.
    I had not really noticed the Fuchsia Flower Stamp before, despite it being one of my top 5 flowers. I shall certainly look into this ;0)
    Looking forward to the next one.

  12. Lovely, so appropriate for this time of year. I do like fuchsias always look so pretty and delicate. Glad you having good time at retreats, bet all the recruits are too. xx

  13. Barbara i must confess that i tend to really like your older stamps that are so true to life. i have all these stamps but haven't used them yet. i will soon i hope as they look like etchings. yes you are blessed in that you do what you love so all the chores are less tiring, hugs xx

  14. These fuchsias are lovely and I am very tempted by your offer Barbara, and i think the colours you have used and the background shading are beautiful. I'm glad you have bad a great time this week and an added bonus to see the Duke of Edinburgh too. He is wonderful for 90.

  15. Love this Barbara, fuchsias are my favourite flowers. I am so tempted by the offers but unfortunately they came a day too late. A distressed daughter rang last night to say her car was seriously ill so it's mum to the rescue all without the aid of a natty cape too! Enjoy the last day of your retreat, I bet it has been a blast.

  16. Glad to hear you're feeling happy and blessed today. If everybody could feel like that doing their work wouldn't the world be a better place??? I love the fuchsia stamps, so pretty, but florals are always my favourites. I think I really must try and get to one of your retreats next year, I will make it one of my new year resolutions, lol xxxx

  17. Lovely card Barbara. These stamps are beautiful and I love the subtle colour achieved with the Spectrum Noir pencils. Hope your last day of this week's retreat is as much fun as the others have been. xx

  18. Beautiful stamps Barbara and great offer on them. I'm so pleased that your retreat has gone well and that you've enjoyed it. Not many people are lucky enough to enjoy their work as much as you do. Pat x

  19. Lovely card and stamps. I, too, love fuchsias and can't believe I've let these get past me. Will have to check up on your offer and see what I can do!!!
    Hope everything went well. Though you've enjoyed your days, I guess you'll be ready for a rest!! I'm looking forward to the one I manage to attend-maybe next year!
    Thank you, Jan

  20. We I'm late on here again but well worth it love the card have got this stamps so will look into them well we had a wonderful 1st birthday celebration in peterbourgh todY your card to Sazz was lovely, we did the tArmac technic it was amazing loved doing it . What a wonderful group if friends stroke family for me the group started at beginning of a very hard year and with out there support I would have never got through so thank you for setting it up for us the whole clarity team has been wonderful supporting me lots love and hugs to you hope to make the retreat next year when you have dates xxx

  21. A big thank you, for such a wonderful two days on Monday & Tuesday. I think that the fuschia stamps were the first Clarity stamps I bought, after a bicycle tour of Southern Ireland where the verges were full of the most wonderful fuschias. I look forward to getting them out tomorrow. I hope that you have a very restful day tomorrow. Jx

  22. Like Joy Steels, on here late, but had a great day celebrating the 1st birthday of the Peterborough Clarity Stampers, just loved the tarmac technique Sazz showed us. Thanks for a letting us have such a great group that are now great friends and not just crafters.

    By the way a beautiful card and I love these stamps, one of my most used ones and a favourite flower of mine.
    I would love to make one of your retreats, xx

  23. A really lovely card, stylish and Simple. I love colouring anyway. I hope you are getting a bit of relaxation with Dave for a couple of days. xxx Maggie

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