Day 5 of the Retreat and a private peek…

Day 5 of the Retreat and a private peek…

Good Morning!
Thank you for stopping by.
Well, they say the early bird catches the worm.
But do they tell you that on Fridays, the early bird doesn’t really care about worms, and would much rather stay in bed?!
Day 5 of our Clarity Retreat today.
In case you weren’t aware, we have been having a whale of a time here in sunny Crowborough this week.
It started with a Royal visit first thing Monday morning,
which was all very exciting.
We were all there in our aprons 
to welcome the Duke of Edinburgh,
on the way out….
and on the way back!
He did look so well. What a handsome gentleman.
Great ice-breaker! Couldn’t have planned it better!
So for 4 days now, 
we have been welcoming Clarity friends 
from all over the UK.
Everybody stayed for 2 days;
most folks had been last year.
And the year before.
And the year before that.
Anne and I have known each other for, what? 15 years?
Here was a table hard at it. 
Naomi, Claire and Linda were all the way from Ireland.

Lovely to see couples crafting together, too
Jocelyn and Doug – it was their anniversary.

Helen and Mike.
Hang on… don’t I recognise those two?
and this group just couldn’t sit still!
So yes. We have been having a blast.
Oh, and even made some nice cards.
It’s funny with the annual retreats. 
We spend weeks preparing for them, 
get all excited about meeting up.
And before you know it, 
the time has come to say bye bye until next year. 
Much like Christmas I suppose…
And so this morning, a new group of guest is wending its way to our retreat in the High Weald of East Sussex.
So I really must press on.
much love,

36 thoughts on “Day 5 of the Retreat and a private peek…

  1. Wow Barb, absolutely fab pics, nice to see that you got a royal endorsement and wave 🙂 Love the last pic with the movement. Just shows how much people appreciate and admire what you do, for them to travel so far. Hope the next 2 days are just as grand. Maybe next year I will be able to go. Bx

  2. This was such a wonderful workshop, Barbara Gray you really do things first class, to include having a royal wave to start your amazing two day retreats, thank you so much. Outstanding job!

  3. Good Morning Barbara, It was an amazing couple of days spent with friends – good laughs – fantastic projects, great lunches (Thanks Jayne), brilliant setting, lovely weather and most importantly with a brilliant designer and tutor with top notch kit!!! I loved the big TV screen addition – it was fantastic – way to go Barbara and all the Clarity Team!!!
    May todays group bring you lots of fun and laughter also – roll on next year for the next one.
    Much love as ever
    Kim xx

  4. Hi there Barbara – We are still buzzing after spending two days with such a great bunch of people and thrilled at the things we produced. Mike is just so sorry he didn't come with me to the Essex workshop last year and will not miss out again. It was so kind of you to arrange for Prince Philip to drop in on Monday ;). Love to you all and so looking forward to the next one.
    Helen and Mike xx

  5. Fantastic photos Barbara. You have such a big smile on your face as The Duke drives past and he looks quite delighted to have a group of apron clad ladies surrounding him (wonder what the collective noun would be?).
    Spotted Jane, Jo, Sharon & Sam…looking very well bahaved and love the animated photo.
    Can't wait for my turn; not long now. The cards look lovely.
    See you soon
    Jeanette xx
    Ps Do you provide the apron or should I bring my own Clarity one?

  6. arrr looks like an exiting time you have all had .wish i could have come,but we are busy with flower shows this time of year ,with our displays, but i would have much rather do crafting xxxx

  7. Hi Barbara what a fab private peek your retreat looks amazing must try and attend one year. I can't believe your stalkers found you again lol. It looks like everyone had fun and it's lovely to see crafting couples too what a lovely anniversary treat. The Duke of Edinburgh looks very happy and well he and the Queen were enjoying the games yesterday and what a lovely surprise for you all to have him pop in. Enjoy your next clutch of clarity crafters. Take care love Diane xxx

  8. Hi Barbara. My goodness, fancy getting a royal wave, that was good timing wasn't it : ) Lovely to see so many happy people and I love how you have added the moving picture : ) Glad that you all have so much fun after all of the hard work before hand. Take care.

  9. Didn't Philip drop in t make a card for Lizzie whilst he was there – shame on him! Looks like you all had a fab time which makes it worth all the hard work. Have a great weekend everyone. Pat x

  10. I really had a fabulous time. It was over far too soon. I think I could sum the Retreat up as a "real" retreat from a very fraught outside world where things are not what they should be and stress levels reach breaking point. It was so good to be with a lovely teacher and other crafters and de-stress in a creative way. I hope to repeat that next year.
    Best wishes to all those I met – lovely, lovely people.
    Anne x

  11. Well – I am surprised that Prince Philip just drove straight past, he should have dropped in and had a real blast!!
    Mind, if I make it next year, I'll expect him and the Queen to attend!.
    The photos are great, I can't even post one so how on earth you made the last one animated is beyond me. Enjoy the rest of the retreats and then have a REST (if you can) x

  12. All sounds like fun, but what I want to know is…………. what did Prince Philip make? Perhaps you need to rename your retreats as 'Clarity retreats by Royal appointment' I hope the last few days go just as well. XX

  13. The pictures look great, sure everyone had a fab time and will be talking about it for ages. Bet you wish Prince Philip had joined you for a craft lesson. Looks like you are doing a great job and just makes me want to be there even more. Try to get some rest on Sunday, the heat at the moment is draining enough without having to be on the go all the time. Have fun with your new recruits. xx

  14. Well, I always knew you moved in smart circles, but didn't realise how very well connected you really were! Looks like I'm missing out big time on those retreats .. if only they were closer and in the winter! X

  15. Thanks for a fantastic time Barbara, Dave, Paul, Wendy and all the Clarity family.To all the wonderful crafting friends, we had am amazing time, wonderful projects, lots of great food and laughs. Have fun today and tomorrow, xxx

  16. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    was für eine Ehre…..und dein Strahlen im Gesicht spricht Bände…..
    Ich sehe soooooo viele frohgelaunte Gesichter und wundervolle Werke sind entstanden. Das bewegte Bild ist einfach nur genial. Ich würde so einen Workshop auch liebend gern einmal besuchen. Leider reicht die kleine Rente nicht aus um nach England zu fliegen.
    Vielleicht planst du ja mal ein paar Tage in Deutschland ein und es wäre genial wenn auch hier ein Workshop angeboten werden könnte.
    Ein bisschen träumen darf man ja …..zwinker…..
    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  17. Hi Barb,
    It certainly looks as though you are all having a fabulous time. Fancy Prince Philip driving past – how special was that. Shame he couldn't stop and meet you all! Still you look really pleased to see him! Don't wear yourself out though. Love Alison xxx

  18. Hello Barbara thank you for two amazing days. All the projects were great fun, learnt loads and can't wait to play. Thanks also to Paul for his invaluable assistance, Jayne for looking after us with tea, coffee and lunch. Hope you had a lovely evening yesterday Jayne. Thanks also to Dave for keeping the stocks replenished. Can't wait for the next one!!!!! 🙂 not that I'm wishing the year away -it's going fast enough as it is. Hope all goes well on the last day. Love Angela xx

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