A Sunday Ditty…

A Sunday Ditty…

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by.
Rather late today I fear;
simply could not get my arse in gear!
The sun’s shining bright and the garden is calling,
but to not blog at all would be simply appalling!
So let’s make it fast and keep it real easy;
I promise to not make my ditty too cheesy!
A spritz and a splash on some white Gelli Card
You have to admit – it isn’t that hard!
The Balloon and the Compass in black’s what we need,
Archival Black, so that it doesn’t bleed.
Add some colour and depth to the beautiful balloon,
We’ll be ready for take off very soon!
But before we depart, let’s flick some water –
If you want it real grungy, you know you oughta!
Down in the valley I’ll add three small trees,
and a dot in each corner should be a breeze.
My intention’s quite simple – to doodle a frame,
but the margins must all be exactly the same.
All the rulers are buried somewhere in the van!
We’ll make do with paper and pen – sure we can!
Now we’ll stamp our With Love along each side,
then join up the ends, so they look like they’re tied.

A line and a squiggle, a dot and a dash, 
can make all the difference – from plain to quite flash.
And when you stand back and admire your art,
it’s the personal touches that make it so smart. 
So never be nervous about using a pen;
what’s the worst that can happen?
Just try it again!
Have a great Sunday
much love

55 thoughts on “A Sunday Ditty…

  1. You are just too funny, I love reading your blog every day for the humor, the ideas, and a point of Clarity. You rock and roll. I was thinking I should try to rhyme but. Not today… Love this cRd.

  2. Hello Barb, thought I'd give it a go :-
    For one in a hurry who really must dash
    Your time and your talent you share
    An artwork you make using ink and a splash
    Oh such inspiration is rare!

  3. I love your little ditty, really I do. I aspire to be as clever and as talented as you. With your micron Pen and your splish and your splash and your ever increasingly huge absolutely enormous ……………Mmmmmmmmmmm Heart!!!! xx

    1. Sam you're so witty with your funny little ditty; talented and messy, you make me look a jessy; but the Boss, she's the best, puts the rest to the test; if you don't have a clue, she'll show you how to. Now you just can't ask for more than that!

  4. How you find the time every day to create great art and to blog about it too is just amazing Barbara! Thank you so much for all you do to keep us inspired, I don't know anyone else that is as generous as yourself so I hope you realise how much you are valued

  5. Such a great project, and what talented girls round with nice poems. Too difficult for me in English, but will try in French….One day!!!! Go back and enjoy the sun and the pool after that lovely pause reading your post. Have a great Sunday,
    Laurence xx

  6. You can create, you can paint
    I'm not as good, I know I aint
    You can draw and inspire
    I can doodle and put them in the fire
    You can compose a verse
    All I do is swear and curse!
    Above all else you are star
    I shall follow and maybe one day be on a par! (I don't think so!) Apologies for my go at a ditty
    Brilliant card now floating off in the balloon.
    Love Anne

  7. Hi Barb,
    You really are very clever and so inspirational. Not only are you a very talented artist, brayerer, card maker, stamper, Gelli Plate aficionado now you add poetry to the list. I'm just managing stamping, card making and a little Gelli Plate!! Thanks for all you do. Love Alison xx
    Ps might not be able to comment this week as hubbie is taking me to Norfolk for the week. Xx

  8. The picture is delightful with its splish and the splosh
    gets a thumbs up and a "oh my gosh".
    Your talent is amazing we all agree
    and reading your blog is our cup of tea.
    So please carry on educating the masses as I for one really enjoy your classes.

    Not as good as your ditty. Best wishes Joan x

  9. Love your blog and your YouTube channel. Your work is fabulous. I'm not sure which I enjoy more, your work or your personality. Such a pleasure to watch! Can't help but smile. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Now Barbara, for me, you will always be the best,
    And really a Sunday should be a day of rest,
    But to creatively connect is always your desire,
    And every day, in every way, you always do inspire!
    ..and this today is great because it uses stamps which are beautiful, richly coloured inkiness, and some of your own personality. x

  11. Now poetry writing is not my bag,
    Even if it's only on a tag.
    And that's as far as my verse muse can go,
    Without everyone cringing at my show.

    Right I am cringing now, so I will just say that your blog is just a wonderful way to start or end a day. I am off now to do some line art and see just how far I can develop my ideas. You and the wonderful design team have given me so much inspiration. I also want to finish off the very last project we did, to see just what will work to bring it alive. Thank you for your teaching, Barbara. xx Maggie

  12. Afternoon Barbara – hope you are having a nice relaxing day – Sunday lunch and feet up at some point!
    What a marvellous week this has been – rounded off with a typical Gray masterpiece!!! I love the balloon stamp – and this picture you have created is just fab!
    My two days mid week at the retreat were such a treat – got myself in pole position and loved every minute – did not want it to end – even my dreaded reflections!!!
    So thank you again from the bottom of my heart – it was a sheer delight to come to Crowbrough and craft and learn…
    Clarity and Inspiration
    Happiness is my destination
    Its sometimes hard to find
    But Barbara Gray
    Gives Inspiration
    So Happiness – is my destination
    Friends at my side
    Clarity gave me Inspiration
    Happiness is mine

    Much Love Barbara

    Kim xx

  13. Well Barb, your little ditty was sent to please.
    And your artwork was done to tease,
    So I am having a crafty play,
    With ink I bought while I was away,
    And hope you like what I have done,
    Because it's been a lot of fun
    Trying out all the teacher's tips and tricks.
    Now better go and tidy up quick!!!

    Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  14. Hi Barbara love the card and your ditty, if only I was as arty and witty!!!

    That's about as much as I can manage at the moment. 🙂

    Hope you manage to chill out today. xxx

  15. Oh you know how to set us all thinking. Love all the poems and I could not resist joining in.

    Well you are just great,
    To help us all create,
    Pictures, cards and tags,
    Using brushes and brayers, not rags,
    Stamps stencils and ink,
    And plastic made to shrink,
    So with sometimes a joke
    You make us ALL HAPPY FOLK!

    Thankyou Barbara love your blog and also the card today. xx

  16. Just catching up on your blogs after a weekend away to the mull of Galloway so a but too tired to join in with the poetry. Your instructional poem was very entertaining & the card is delightful. Hope you managed to rest today between retreats & TV preparation. Keep up the good work. Best wishes Jeanette xx

  17. Lovely artwork xx

    I am a Yorkshire lass
    Who would love to have been at your class
    By heck by gum
    I'm feeling a tad dumb
    What on earth did you spray at the beginning?

    My apologies my brain has already hit the hay 😉

  18. Came late to the blog from a picnic with Isla –
    She is my grandaughter-o my what a smiler !
    Each time that she smiles it goes straight to my heart
    When goodbyes come around it tears me apart!
    But a blog such as yours is just the right thing
    The art and the rhyme makes my spirit to sing
    Your talents are many I'm sure this you know
    But the best of all talents
    Is to make the heart glow.

    Hope you have some d own time after your busy week Barbara,

    Take care xxxRuth

  19. Hello Barb, how wonderful, a fab image and a ditty to make you smile, you always make the time spent reading so worthwhile. Love the squiggles, and the laugh I had this morning, but Monday morning brain does not allow me to say much more. Hope you had a relaxing Sunday. Bx

  20. What a fab piece of work
    I tried a little ditty too but failed miserably lol.
    Have you tried the Dylusions Inks yet Barb as they are fab……..
    I would highly recommend them 🙂
    See you soon

    Love Denise xx

  21. Hi Barbara. How do you do it? Not only a beautiful dreamy card, I love the balloon, but the whole post in rhyme! Brilliant, thanks for taking the time. Have a good day. Take care.

  22. Hi Barbara
    Oh dear I'm late and look what I missed
    At midnight though it wasn't top of my list!
    A balloon and some ink it looks quite fun
    Something to try when I get up this Mon (day)
    Shocking I know but I have had a try
    And now that I've done it I really must fly.
    Hope you had time to relax in the garden
    And this little poem you really must pardon.

    Lovely artwork Barbara and a great ditty
    I'm not talented like you and that's such a pity
    Love Diane xxx

  23. Lol your talent never ends I loved your post made me giggle. Right now it's the middle of the night and my pains high so I appreciate the giggle not complaining just sharing with you. Your beautiful card is such a delight you can really see that ballon take flight. Xxx hugs xx Sharon xxx

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