Day 4 – Jayne’s Birthday!

Day 4 – Jayne’s Birthday!

Good morning!
Thank you for stopping by.
I enjoyed blogging at 5 in the morning so much yesterday, 
thought I’d do it again today!
Day 4 of the Clarity Retreats!
Yesterday was thoroughly enjoyable; 
I knew pretty much everybody; 
half the Design Team is in this particular group!
You can imagine, 
I was wondering what exactly I was going to be teaching them!!
But there was no preferential treatment here!
They had to do their morning exercises, just like everyone else!
I am sure they had a fine old time – it certainly sounded like it.
My ears were ringing by end of play!
And the cracks were starting to appear on Paul Church, 
my right hand gunner….
And today we meet again, for another session, so I can’t stop long.
But it’s lovely Jayne’s birthday today, too. 
She who feeds us, gives us sustenance!
So I thought I’d kill 2 birds with one stone here, and make her birthday card for the blog!!
She loves Romeo, our black cat, so that was a good starting place in my head at 5 this morning…
Quick Step by step, 
because I haven’t even put my make-up on yet.
Or emptied the dishwasher.
Or made the bed.
Or fed the cat!
Let’s use a fab woodland stencil:
Tape it to the square same-size white card.
Sponge Juniper round the edges.
Tear a piece of copy paper and sponge a hill into the aperture, using both said ink pads.
Outline the edge with a grey pencil.
Next, let’s focus on lovely Jayne. Now I need a message…
Hang the Happy Birthday Line Sentiment from the trees.
Add the cat from the Birdhouse remountable set.
And give him his name…
In fact, while you’ve got the black Micron pen to hand, add the birthday Girl to the Birthday Bunting!
and a few birdies from said Birdhouse Kit.
Happy Birthday Jayne!
Good job Thursday’s Blog is always blue, 
because these are the only 3 ink pads I have got in the house!
But now I must shoot off, and get ready, so have a great day!
I am pretty certain we will!
much love,

35 thoughts on “Day 4 – Jayne’s Birthday!

  1. I am up early too – to get to the neglected allotment to water and pick! Great birthday card for a lovely Jane. I had an absolutely superb time on the Mon/Tues course. It was so inspiring and lots of lovely people, including the teacher and the roadies!! thank you so, so much
    Little Anne!!xxxx

    1. Morning, Anne. I wasn't sure when you were going home. Hope you had a good journey. I will email you later today with details of the Northern Lights. Thank you and Barry for your company on Tuesday evening – just what I needed. xx Maggie

  2. Good Morning Barbara, It was a great day, great fun, great company and great projects, does it have to be the last day today?
    Beautiful card… Romeo fits nicelyxx

  3. Hello Barb, love the pics of the group and Paul, what fab fun. The card is great, and this is one of my favourite stencils. Happy Birthday Jayne, have a wonderful day. Bx

  4. Good morning,
    Happy Birthday Jayne, celebrate your day,! I love the way you can use a script to write a name it looks so cool. Lovely card for an amazing and awesome lovely lady in the blue Clarity apron today. The second workshop looks like fun fun fun. Enjoy!

  5. Good morning Barbara,

    I love this card. I have all the stamps so will be giving it a try. Over the 47 years I have been married I have had three black cats. The latest one is Black Magic, aged 11.

    Roz x

  6. Glad you are having a great week Barbara , it must be wonderful to have 2 full days crafting with you.
    Love this beautiful ,sweet card.
    Have fun the rest of the week,
    P.s how is your brother doing following his surgery? Xx

  7. Happy birthday, Jayne. What a beautiful card…I love Romeo. I find myself saying hello to him every time I stamp him. Myst be going crazy! Have a lovely day with the gang. Hooe Paul Church survives xx

  8. Hi Barbara lovely card today I think those silhouette stencils are great . Well it looks like you are all having so much fun hope you are managing to keep cool too. Poor Paul perhaps if you feed him cake he might last another day – is there a darkened room for him to lie in??? Happy birthday Jayne what a great way to celebrate with a gang of Clarity stampers. Have a great day love Diane xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    It certainly looks as though you are all having so much fun. Happy birthday Jayne, hope you have a fabulous day. Love the card you have made today for Jayne and as I have all of the ingredients , it's one I can attempt. Have a great day but don't wear yourself out. Love Alison xxx

  10. Happy Birthday Jayne. You sound so bright and breezy and full of energy for 5 a.m. Barbara. Lovely card for Jayne – I'm sure she'll be thrilled with it. Pat x

  11. After the Retreat, i have so many things i NEED to play with right NOW, but this stencil is one of my favourites. I love the magic of creating a picture through its aperture from a piece of blank white paper. Happy birthday, Jayne. Really missed your lovely food yesterday. xx Maggie

  12. Happy birthday Jayne
    What a lovely birthday card Barbara and it sounds quite straightforward to make too. I think I need some of those word stamps
    Have a great day
    Jackie x

  13. I love this stencil and the birdhouse kit thank you for blogging it today I wanted to make a thank you card and you have just given me the perfect one have a wonderful crafting day xxx

  14. I love the way you grab a few bits and it ends up as a beautiful card Barbara. Happy birthday to Jayne and hope you all have another great day. x

  15. Hi Barb,
    I love this – and I have the ingredients – craft room here I come! I hope to be able to come to a retreat next year, fingers crossed. Happy birthday to Jayne, I bet you're all having a ball. x

  16. What a lovely personalised card – Happy Birthday Jayne! – I think its sometimes easier to create something with limited colours and crafty supplies otherwise I can't decide what to use 🙂 xxx

  17. Lovely card and I hope that Jayne is having a lovely day, too.
    I agree with Julie, above, about sometimes having too much to make a decision. Wish I could remember that when new stamps and stencils come out!!
    Enjoy the rest of your retreats all.
    Thank you, Jan

  18. Just realised had not been here so happy birthday Jand sorry late . Lived the card and way you added janes name to the happy birthdAy hope day went well night might xx

  19. Hi Barb, lovely card, happy birthday Jayne. You are lucky your handwriting goes well with the stencil lol lol…

    It looks like the ladies have had great fun and the gents of course. It would be nice to see more male crafters. My Dad likes to craft a little x

    Love Denise x

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