Blogging Gremlins…

Blogging Gremlins…

Hello Sunny Wednesday!
Hope all is well?
I’m afraid I wrote a blog yesterday, but it has flown away.
Don’t you hate it when that happens? I spent a merry hour, sitting in Redhill Hospital composing THE most delightful blog, and went to post it this morning, and it’s gone. It’s binandunangon!
I’m sure you’ll agree, there is nowt more frustrating than trying to retrace one’s steps, so I am just going to accept that the sole purpose of the writing of the blog yesterday was distraction.
It was to help me focus on something else, whilst my poor brother was under the knife. So it did its job, I suppose. 
I did want to say that the nurses at Redhill are brilliant, 
and that there’s nothing like a day at a hospital for right-sizing your own problems.
But rather than beat myself up for not pressing the SAVE button yesterday, let’s just be happy that the op went well, and Steve is doing well. He has got a serious slit across his throat, but as I pointed out to him last night, with his broken nose and cauliflower ears from his 2nd row rugby playing days, this scar is hardly going to tip the balance! He is very gorgeous 
– and he’s still got a full head of hair.
When I got home last night, I cranked up the Happy Song, danced and clapped around the kitchen for half an hour, cleared my head. 
And slept like a log!
Craft? Card? Artwork? Not today. It’s gone!
And I am already so behind with my work…
But as Buddha always say: 
You’re not behind; you are just on your own path, 
taking it more slowly this week…… 
So can you come back tomorrow please? 
I will have a plan again by then!
Tell you what though…
How about a Get Well Card from YOU to Steve? 
That’s if you have time of course.
He would love that!
Give him something to enjoy when he gets out…
(said the Mexican)
much love,

70 thoughts on “Blogging Gremlins…

  1. Hello – wondered where you'd beenanddunandgon! Best wishes to your bro as poorly relations are a test to the nerves. We'll be patient (getit?) and wait for you till tomorrow. xx Margaret Col.

  2. Good to hear your brother's op went well – not so good about the blogger issue – it's a temperamental wee beastie sometimes!


  3. Yes, I too lose files to cyber space! Where do they go? Glad to hear your brother is post op, I hope he does well. I am off today for a long awaited op, so shall be under the knife this afternoon to improve the plumbing! Thank you for your daily missives, you always raise a smile and more! :))) take care, love to you all at Clarity. X

  4. Morning Barbara, so pleased that Steves operation went well and a big get well wish from me…you are quite right that illness within the family certainly puts life into perspective….you are a fantastic sister to Steve….love and hugs to all…..xxxxx

  5. Oh Barbara you do make me laugh! Nearly choked myself when my biscuit crumb went down the wrong way laughing at the Mexican must dash! Shouldn't really be having coffee and biccys just yet anyway! Have a good day and best wishes to your brother x

  6. Hi Barbara don't you just love technology! It's good to hear from you today regardless of whether there is a card or not. I hope your brother is soon on the mend it sounds a nasty op. Just keep following the path that takes you it will be fine! Have a good day. Love Diane xxx

  7. The best laid plans etc….No worries, tomorrow is another day. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I could do with practising my patience……….lol xx

  8. Glad to hear your brother's operation went well, it's a nightmare waiting for news when a loved one is 'under the knife'. I pray that he make a full and speedy recovery. Will look forward even more to tomorrows blog. Take care. x

  9. Dear Barbara – my best wishes to Steve and his recovery and that it will be just a matter of time!

    Never mind the Blog of yesterday ! Now is the time ! LOve

  10. Wednesday's blog is something new… Well we've never had a repeat before. Glad to hear that you're brother has come through surgery and wishing him well as he now recovers. Hope you catch up on your jobs without too much stress today. Xx

  11. Glad the op went well god bless the the doctors and nurses that help us. Get well soon Steve your on my prayer list xx. My brother Keith goes in hospital on Monday very I'll with Parkinson's they are going to try new medication. Love to you Barbara xx

  12. Get well soon Steve. Never mind the lost blog as you said it helped you through a tough day. Look forward to your back in the zone blog tomorrow. Have a nice day. Joan x

  13. These things happen and if things go wrong along the way it is a sure thing that family will always tip the balance as they are and always should be the most important thing in our lives !
    I hope Steve has a speedy recovery and he should know by now people love him for who he is and not for the way he looks, not that I think a scar across his throat will change his appearance to much !! When it has healed buy him some bio oil as that does help the scars tone down xx

  14. I think this is a fabulous blog post cause we know Steve is ok after his op! Get well soon Steve and see you tomorrow Barb! Take care and keep doing that happy dance! xx

  15. How frustrating but never mind pray for speedy recovery for Steve bob is of to hospital tomorrow for a op not looking forward to that have to tell Katie tonight as she gets so panicky specail since we lost Sandie I must admit I am to so will look forward to your blog in morning have a good day x

  16. You never fail to amaze Barbara you always manage to turn negatives into positive. Love your PMA. Hope all goes well with Steve post op.
    Lynne Tuitt xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    I hope you get this as it's the third blog I've typed. I don't know what is happening.

    I have said a prayer for Steve and will keep him, and you, in my thoughts.

    Love the saying by Buddha – a stamp perhaps ??

  18. Hi Barbara,
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your brother.
    Technology IS great when it works, but sometimes its us being distracted that makes it a pain in the proverbial 🙂

  19. So glad steve is ok.
    sending you all lots of love and hugs.
    its never nice when someone unwell.
    We are so lucky to have the NHS.
    Hope he recovers quickly 🙂

    Annie, Robbie & Dorothy xxxx

  20. Hi Barb,
    So pleased that your brother's op went well & I hope he has a very speedy recovery. The blog is secondary to your family and we all understand that. Looking forward to tomorrow's blog but if you can't manage it there's always the day after! Take care, love Alison xx

  21. I am so glad that things are going well for Steve and I hope he will soon be home safe and sound. Technology is great so long as you keep it under control and don't let it get the upper hand. I think you had more important matters to think of yesterday. Family always comes first. xxx Maggie

  22. Hi Barbara.
    Glad your brother's op went well and hope he recovers quickly.
    are a very special person and Steve is lucky to have a sister like you!
    As for the blog..don't you hate it when that happens! I'll be back tomorrow to see how you are and what you are getting up to creatively.
    Love and hugs xxx

  23. More important that your brother is ok after op. Your mind was on far more important things yesterday. My brother had a replacement hip six weeks ago and pleased to say he is fine, came for coffee yesterday, driving and back on form. Look forward to tomorrow, Take care and wish your brother well. xx

  24. Hi Barbara,
    Glad your brother is on the mend. As for the blog – I think there must be a great forgettery in the sky somewhere that collects all these unsaved and un-remembered things – it seems I am so good at losing and forgetting, despite prolific use of post its! Oh well, I like your alternative view from the Buddha …. A bit like my mum used to say when we were out for a drive – we're not lost we are just going the pretty way!
    So get well soon Steve, and thanks Barbara for blogging today – we would never mind if you missed a day, I'm sure, but we'd miss you and worry you were ill, so thanks for not leaving us guessing!
    Big hugs ((()))

  25. Oh bless – these things are sent to try our patience, and yours is definitely not found wanting. I'll see what I can do about a card for your Stevie!

  26. Glad to hear your brother's surgery went well – that's the most important thing! Cyber-gremlins and I are really well acquainted, so I feel your frustration!! I'll try to add a get well card to my list for later today, but first I need to get to the cash & carry or I'll have no loo rolls for my guest house, which I'm told is a sure way to lose your no 1 rating on TripAdvisor!!! Susan x

  27. Glad to know your brothers is over his operation and on the mend you still have time to write a blog look forward to tomorrow's big clarity hugs to all xxx

  28. Sorry to hear your brother has had to have an op, but I'm sure he was glad to have you around to cheer him up. I know the area well as I was born in Redhill Hospital, and I did have to suffer their hospitality about ten years ago when I had my achilles repaired. Anyway, hope he will soon be on the mend. How frustrating when computer stuff just disappears into thin air, and I can understand your not wanting to retrace your steps. Look forward to tomorrow's post instead. x

  29. Hi Barbara. It is so frustrating when you lose anything on the computer, let alone a blog post!
    I have just spent a wasted hour on my laptop trying to find a shopping list for our Scout Group Family Bingo evening, with no luck! I know it was on there at Christmas as I updated it and printed it off to use then. So annoying.
    But….. it's not important is it really. Your brother going under the knife is though, I am so glad that he is now on the mend, and your happiness and relief is coming through today, which is wonderful. I have a plaque on our kitchen door saying "Take time for what matters most!" I live by that as it is so true, we just all need a reminder sometime don't we. Do as little as possible today, none of us are going anywhere, just remember that happy dance that you did last night
    : ) Take care.

  30. I hope that your brother recovers really well and quickly, then he can get to seriously winding you up as brothers do,(mine is a real pain with the 'wind-ups'). The Blog is not so important as long as your family is well, happy, and enjoying both the sunshine and life -who cares, we will still be all here tomoz waiting for you with oohs and aahs at the ready.

  31. Sorry to see that your brother needed surgery Barbara but glad it's all over and done with. I hope he has a speedy recovery – fingers crossed for him. Computer gremlins are a law unto themselves and always strike when you can least do with it. Never mind, tomorrow is another day…. Pat x

  32. Get well Steve, hope you feel better soon. Don't worry Barbara, you are so good to do a blog everyday, so if you need to take time away everyone will understand. Sending positive thoughts your way. Love Donna XX

  33. I hope Steve has a speedy recovery and the healing goes well. I will get a card done as soon as I am back in the craft room, not been too well this week and although the Craftroom is only the next room along, it seems like it is a thousand miles away. I will get there soon and make a nice card for Steve as soon as.

    We don't always need to have a card every day, it is not expected, life does get in the way.

    Love Denise xx

  34. Oh Barb, that sounds like my run of the mill day at work – I am sure I pressed send or save or copy etc. Don't you worry, we will all be back tomorrow in the knowledge that our Guru is just as prone to mishaps as we are. Get well soon Steve, hope the scar does not detract from your good looks (I hope you know your sister is extolling your virtues!). Take care everyone. Bx

  35. Thought I'd log on for a bit of creativity and instead found a lot of kindness and outpouring of good wishes for someone none of us knows. Lovely to see what a kind and caring bunch creatives are! 🙂 Shame you lost your hard work, Barbara, but having lost my brother a long time ago I can definitely say bugger the blog, and God bless Steve! Delighted he's out the other side of it and hopefully on the mend. I'm putting a 'get well soon' card on my To Do list. 🙂 Keep dancing! Kx

  36. Steve, I'm so glad your op went well and hope your recovery is a short one. Look forward to catching up with you tomorrow Barbara. This unintended break in proceedings just makes me more eager (if that's possible) to see what you come up with tomorrow. xx

  37. Barbara please don't apologise for not posting a card, you clearly had far more important things to focus on. I hope your brother makes a speedy recovery. x

  38. Barbara, glad your blog distracted you yesterday, sorry you lost it !
    However, much more importantly glad your brother Steve has come through the surgery ok.
    Wishing him a full and speedy recovery.
    A poem to celebrate –
    While Steve was in surgery down in Redhill
    Barbara sat waiting ,she could not sit still.
    On to her tablet the blog to update
    But save was not pressed and now it's too late!
    Fear not for blog teaching can be missed for a day
    As long as your Steve is completely ok.
    Keep dancing and singing and saying a prayer
    For whenever you blog you will still find us there!

  39. So sorry to read about your brother Barb, and do hope he is on the road to recovery today and you are grounded mentally and able to press 'Save' today!!!
    Will do my best with a card xx
    Much Love

  40. So sorry you lost your blog, Barbara…..I'm sure it was wonderful!! 😀 But very glad that your brother is OK….everything in life happens for a reason! Sending him get well wishes for a speedy recovery! Jo xx

  41. glad somebody sings some praises about the NHS. also glad that they looked after your brother well and that he is on the way to recovery.
    there's always tomorrow for a blog. take care, hugs xx

  42. Wishing your brother a speedy recovery Barbara – Blogland was keeping you occupied while you were waiting for news, then telling you to focus elsewhere when it misplaced your words. Technology – there to help us…..but very often unreliable! 🙂
    Anyway, take care. Love to you and your family, Carole xxx

  43. Wishing your brother a speedy recovery! It is so frustrating to lose something that has taken a while to write, but as you say, it served a purpose for you. x

  44. Get well wishes to Steve and a big hug for you . I hope he is recovering well .
    Tech issues are frustrating but often it's my own fault ! I had saved a whole presentation for an interview before and had put it on my memory stick and even test ran it at least four times , all was ticketty-boo but it's not much use when you forget to take the blooming thing with you lol!

  45. Wishing your brother a speedy recovery and a hug for you . I know how you feel when things vanish me and computers and that's another story but it helped you get throw the day much love Pauline xxx

  46. glad the op went well and wishing him a speedy recovery. Have the image of you dancing to Happy, cheered me up 🙂
    Will try to get a card done but soooo behind. I am taking your mantra and making it mine this week too x

  47. Technology is wonderful when it works. Very pleased to read your brother came thro his op ok, wishing Steve a quick recovery. Lovely poem by Ruth x

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