About turn on the Gelli Plate!

About turn on the Gelli Plate!

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by today.
Thursday’s blog is something blue, so here’s one I rustled up last night – and I kid you not: it took less than 5 minutes.
We won’t speak about the 2 hours prior to the breakthrough, where I was seriously considering knocking the whole crafting lark on the head! You know how it is; nothing, but NOTHING is working. And what you have managed to cobble together looks like something the dog got hold of.
But then, bingo. No effort required.
Check it out.
You need:
(* these stamps are in the Club Members’ Half Price Stamp Sale)
Right. Ready, steady, go!
Lay the Gelli Plate down on a piece of the square white card, for the purpose of aligning the print later.
Lay the stencil down on the Gelli Plate, 
lining it up with the card underneath.
Dab the Worn Lipstick ink pad all over the top.
Spread the ink out with your Speedball Brayer.
Lift off the Stencil. Can’t see anything? Wait a mo!
Lay another piece of clean white card down onto the Gelli Plate,
rub the back, to help transfer the ink from the plate.
First layer is perfect.
In fact, you can even pull a second, lighter print, 
so that the Gelli Plate is clean for the next step.
Back down with the stencil, but this time turn it 180º, 
so the top is at the bottom.
Repeat what you just did in the pink (?), 
but use Broken China instead.
Clean off the pink brayer, and then
spread the blue out with the brayer again,
 remove the stencil,
Lay the pink print down on the blue Gelli Plate.
Notice I made a little sign to show me the top.
Rub the back again, and pull the second layer of the print.
Isn’t this lovely?!
And you can pull a ghost print whilst cleaning the plate!
Using the Cobalt Archival, stamp the lovely Heart Leaves into place.
I laid a Post-It down, so that the stems sat exactly on the box.
Beautiful Girl stamp next.
(Note that both the heart grass AND the Girl flying away are in the Clarity Club Members Remountable half-price sale 
which is going on at the moment.)
There. Stop the clock. 
It just doesn’t get much simpler or more pleasant than that!
Hope you enjoyed it.
Hope you are a club member, so that you can get the half-price deal on these stamps.
Hope you are having a good day.
See you tomorrow!
Same time, same place….
much love,

53 thoughts on “About turn on the Gelli Plate!

  1. Well I am just off to bed so THE FIRST TO COMMENT , I have a similar effect in paint up on my FB but mine was purely by accident? Lovely quick card. I love these latest stencils, well all of them really but these latest in particular. My Matthew is 13 Tomorrow I can't believe it? xx

  2. Love that background – as it's a little Tartan- esq I am going to have to play with this idea in bolder reds and greens etc as I am a cooking up a Christmas / new year card idea !
    Fab ideas as always Barbara , so as always a big thank-you for you creative sharing heart x

  3. Like this effect with the stencil. Think Jane Telford did the turning thing on one of her lovely samples too but using the inks on a gelli gives a more subtle effect for stamping over. All are gorgeous as the stencil design is so good. Well worth the hours spent earlier. Enjoy your day xx

  4. Groovy Barb, that stencil is so 60's/70's to me and I love it – and seeing it used in such a simple way how exciting!
    Lots of deep breaths Barbara – seems like its one of those weeks for many of us – so its nice to know you are not alone – but equally so glad this blog helped you end the bad day well!
    Keep Calm and Keep Crafting!!!
    Much Love
    Kim x

  5. Hello Barb, love the effect of these abstract stencils with the inks, especially when turned. Very subtle and pretty. I hope that for everyone having a bad week (me included), it turns out better. Bx

  6. Really lovely Barbara great effect I must try using inks on my geli plate. Have you got a members sale on???? Lol! Yes I was eying up the girl stamp as I was going through it the other day. I need to sit down and mark out what I want they go back and be sensible and say what I can afford! Hope today is a better day. Love Diane xxx

  7. 5 minutes for you……………but how long for a mere mortal 😉 Super effect with the inks and stencil. I am tempted to get this girl and the heart grass as they are half price. Hope you have a better day with not so much worry, and that your brother feels better too. XX

  8. Hi Barb,
    I love this and will certainly try it when my stencils and other goodies arrive. Both of the abstract stencils are fabulous and quite retro but will make brilliant backgrounds. I'm like Diane, I've gone through all of the stamps that I'd like that are in the sale and am now trying to think which ones I can afford as I've spent quite a lot this month on crafty goodies ( all from Clarity I might add!).

  9. Hi Barbara. I love it, would take me more than 5 mins though! Sorry that you felt like throwing in the towel before you came up with this. You sound like you want the world to stop so you can get off for a while to catch your breath, bless you. hope Steve is doing well. Take care.

  10. Morning Barbara, such a simple yet effective technique, really beautiful. So sorry to hear that you were having a trying day, I do hope that today goes better for you. I hope Steve is feeling better. xx

  11. Fantastic… but those stamps have to be amongst my all time favourites… they so work for me! 😀 xx Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Clarity Open Days real soon!
    PS… thank you so much for the sale! There I was saving away and bingo! Well it was a rainy day when I hit your shops! LOL xxx

  12. Morning Barbara, fantastic looking quick background…and all those other colour combinations that can be used…..oh so many possibilities…the stamps look fab too, and even better HALF. PRICE club members sale……fill your basket time …..Well it would be rude not too….lol….xxx

  13. Hello Barb, definitely time to get my gelli plate out again. I just love this stencil and it's on my wish list so please don't sell out. I have the stamps, and the little boy with the balloons which would also work well. Fabulous inspiration and sooo easy (well when you do it!). xx Margaret Col.

  14. Brilliant, and so simple. I absolutely love it and it is a stamp set I already own woo hoo. I do love this stencil and will have to buy it. But waiting on my new stencil club coming hopefully before Saturday. I am so excited.

    Barb you are too good even if you feel you are having a bad day, you are still better than my best day lol so you can never give up you are my Mentor Guru Teacher all rolled into one lol there is a picture and if you look into the mirror you will see who I am talking about.

    Love Denise xx

  15. It is lovely, glad you got a flash of inspiration. I hope Steve is making a good recovery. I also hope you have a better day today, sun is shining, birds are singing etc.. It must be one of those weeks because mine has been a bit naf too. My baby is 30 tomorrow, a lovely thoughtful caring girl and I am so proud of her. Children are a gift, thank the lord. Joan x

  16. A simply stunning card, quick and easy, especially good for those 'quick I need a card' situations.
    I love this stencil, its on my wish list, maybe at the end of the month I'll have some pennies left to get it.

  17. Hi Barb,
    This is fab – and I've got the gelli plate, but not the stencil! Hey ho, I'm just waiting for the 17th of the month (current credit card bill will arrive), then I'll be on the phone to Janice and will be back in debt get again!

    I tried all day yesterday to do a card for Steve – even dreamt about it last night – and still not happy. Will have another go this afternoon before granddaughters come in from school. I hope he is recovering well.

    Hope everyone has a good day and thank you Barbara for your great ideas and inspiration . xx

  18. I really like that stencil, it is sooo versatile, I know that I have the stamp. I really need to go and check but am I up to my monthly spend limit, I might be. Still who cares I'm off to the website. Thank you Barb for the really fab artwork.

  19. I do love this abstract stencil, and what a lovely idea to layer by twisting the stencil round and adding another complementary colour, and the two silhouette stamps work beautifully. Thank you for this demo Barbara, and the half price stamps are definitely worth a go, the problem is choosing which to have! I have just received my second Stamp Club stamp which looks really interesting, so am looking forward to trying it out. Hope your brother is on the mend. x

  20. Great effect with that stencil and I must be braver and try ink with my gelli plate! Love the stamps too – let's hope Mr Premium Bond gives me a payout this month! Hope your brother is doing OK and that you're not too stressed? Susan x

  21. Think this must be one of your most versatile stencils Barbara,
    Love what you have done with it here. One day when I get my gelli plate I'll have a go!
    Hope Steve doing ok

  22. Great idea. Must try it next week when I have some time (hopefully). I've had one of those days today, when everything goes wrong and a little step takes a long time. It was all worth it in the end though. It's so heartening to know that it's not just me. Thank you, Jan

  23. Fabulous card and so easy,(when you know how ). Definitely a must have , can imagine some nice effects for Xmas. Hope Steve doing well. You are a good pair, one with a cut across his throat and the other with a painful neck. Take care and enjoy the sun. xx

  24. Hope Steve is getting on well and can soon come home. I love the background on this one. It is almost identical to the material of a dress I made years ago, same colours and similar design. Lovely. xx Maggie

  25. I have the stamps but not the Gelli plate unfortunately. Love the finished effect Barbara, the background is so delicate. I do hope your brother is getting on OK and that your neck isn't too painful. Pat x

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