Wednesday. Getting on a Jet plane…

Wednesday. Getting on a Jet plane…

Hello and Goodbye!
Thanks for popping in.
We’re off to celebrate my son Mark’s graduation 
in San Francisco this weekend,
but I promise to blog every day, with a bit of this and a bit of that!
In fact, every day, I think we’ll have a little 
Graduation Celebration,
with a Giveaway or a Silly Sale….
The here project is quite fitting.
Just showcasing our very clever Postcard Kit.
You can make your personal Postcards with this set.
Any picture any place!
Here we are, at Heathrow, going undercover.
Not sure if the hat will fit in the overhead compartment.
Was a nightmare going through the X-ray Scanner;
told him to leave his epaulettes at home!
And what with my bling, we nearly missed the jolly plane!
Stamp the 3 part Postcard kit onto a piece of our 
A6 Claritycard – the coated card. 
Use Archival Black 
(in case the Postman gets caught in the rain!)
I would suggest you do all this BEFORE you attach it to 
a sheet of of double-sided adhesive tape.

Then you just have to decided who to send it to…
I used:
£19.99 £15.99
Love & greetings from America!

57 thoughts on “Wednesday. Getting on a Jet plane…

  1. Hello Barbara,

    Love the hat! Enjoy Marks graduation. I know what it is like to have a son living on the other side of the world. My youngest son leaves today to return to Japan where he has lived for the past six years. He has been home for a fortnight to attend his sister-in-law's funeral. A very sad occasion for us all.

    Rosalind x

  2. Hi Barb, great project, love the hat and the story about the scanners. Have a fabulous time, looking forward to seeing pictures and reading about it. Safe journey. Bx

  3. To a very proud mum. Enjoy every minute which I am sure you will. Looking forward to seeing your photos. I take it you have bling to match the queens.
    Nice quick postcard great idea thank you
    Safe trip there and back
    Debra x

  4. Have a great time at Mark's Graduation – I get to go to Iowa next year to do the same with my Nephew. Love the card – great idea for sending photos to friends.
    Elaine x

  5. Hi Barbara. Love the postcard, you and Dave are going to stand out in the crowd with your outfits aren't you : ) Have a great time with Mark. Wishing you a safe journey. Take care.

  6. Hi Barbara have a great time with your family and enjoy the graduation (don't do the wet tissue wipe on his face though!). I love the postcard stamps what a great idea and I'm sure you and Dave won't be recognised at all in those outfits! Love Diane xxx

  7. Have a wonderful time, hope you've got lots of tissues! What a fantastic way to make tomorrow's memories. Congratulations to Mark. You must be very proud of both Grace & Mark's achievements. Sure there's going to be an entertaining event to write about in the next DC newsletter. Have a ball! Jeanette x

  8. Have an amazing "proud Mummy" time. I love the postcard kit. I used it for the RSVP cards for a friends wedding. Everyone wanted to know where I got the postcards from and were impressed when I told them they were clarity stamps!!

  9. Hi Barb,
    Love the idea of the postcard stamp. Liked the little story too! Have a safe journey and love every minute of Mark's graduation. You must be so proud of both Grace and Mark. Don't worry about the blog – we will all understand if you can't do it every day. Have a fantastic time. Love Alison xx

  10. You will cry, its one of my proudest moments when we watched our son. I hope you have the most amazing time and remember it forever. Dont be thinking about demonstrations just let us know about your days. They will bring us crafters inspiration all on their own


  11. Enjoy your time with Mark. Will Grace be joining you? I know you miss your children so much. I moved away from my parents, but I am only 30 miles away, but still feel guilty that I only see them once a week. I can't imagine what it must be like, having your family so far away, especially as you are all so close. Still modern technology is a great way to keep in touch.
    Love the card, and for once I have all the ingredients !!

  12. Morning Barbara, have a fantastic time, enjoy those special moments with Mark, Grace and Dave…..look forward to hearing all about it…..hugs….x

  13. Hi Barbs,
    Have a fabulous time with Mark, Grace, and Dave, and congratulations to Mark on his Graduation. Hope the plane journey is non-eventful and smooth.
    I love today's post card and poem – you are so clever (I can see you preening from here). By the way loved the paper hankie lick on yesterday's video – that was so 1950's (lol) xxoo

  14. Love the postcards. Relax and enjoy the ceremony, remember to take the photos , it will be an enjoyably nerve-racking day, and remember to buy the DVD of the day. Congratulations to mark.

  15. So today's the day. You will have a wonderful time with your son and daughter, that goes without saying. Forget work and enjoy it!. x

  16. Strange! Was looking at this set yesterday (while buying the birch trees) and nearly put it in my basket. Now will have to!
    Have a great time and enjoy the celebrations. They all go so quickly. Thank you, Jan

  17. Hello. Have an amazing time and enjoy being with family and having such clever children. We'll all look forward to seeing the photos. xx Margaret Col

  18. Enjoy your trip Your Maj, & hope the Duke has his Regalia with him too, Crowns darn hard to fit on plane overhead lockers lol. Have a ball with your Kids . Xxxxx

  19. Enjoy the reunion with your lovely family. Hope they are ready for the big hugs they are bound to get, I am sure you will be a very proud mum. Might have to dress down a little though best not to flash the jewels too much. xx

  20. Have a wonderful time with your children and please don't worry about blogging, I'm sure I speak for others when I say that you deserve a break and that we will still be here on your return.x

  21. Have a wonderful time with Mark and take loads of pictures for your memories. Have you got a hat to wear as the proud Mum, or are you going with the bling? The Americans would love that, I am sure. xx Maggie

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