Wait till you see these new horses!

Wait till you see these new horses!

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in on this Friday.
Friday’s Blog a private peek?
I feel this blog has been nothing but private for ages!
What, with Bretagne-France and the Design Team,
a family reunion at My Auntie Esther’s 70th in Beaconsfield.
All the cousins.
(So which one’s my brother?)

My parents, Uncle Kevin and Auntie Esther.
and then Mark’s graduation in California !
All squeezed in between the 6th and the 26th, 
whilst trying to juggle a busy, not so little craft business!
How much can happen in a month, in between TV shows!
That’s the thing; whatever I want to do, wherever I want to travel, it always has to slot in between the TV shows. Do you know, I haven’t missed one single monthly Sunday show in over 5 years?!
That’s a pretty good track record, don’t you agree? 
Certainly keeps me on my toes!
I remember the very first live hour I did on Create & Craft.
It was with our lovely presenter, Martyn Parker, 
and I was 
a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y  p-e-t-r-i-f-i-e-d. 
It was a one hour show on a Thursday morning, 
and you’d have thought I was going to the gallows! 
I remember it as if it were yesterday.
But Martyn was so gracious and kind, and genuinely interested in what I was up to with my little Corner stamps. 
We sold out, which surprised me.
Guess who I’m on with this Sunday…
Yep! Martyn Parker!
Do I still get nervous? A little. Not like in the first 3 years…
I think once we advanced to the 2 hour Classroom, where I pretty much ran the show without a presenter, had to use an ear-piece, and work directly with the producer upstairs, the nerves thing reached such a pitch that it was literally a question of do or die. 
So I did.
There’s an old expression, 
Fake it to make it.
I definitely had to fake it to make it to survive those particular 
live TV shows.
The only thing I could do was be well prepared. 
At least then I reduced the chance of screwing it up!
So whilst it’s a pity that the Classroom reached the end of its life, the learning curve was amazing – not just for the viewers, but very much so for me, too!
I am so much more comfortable in front of the camera nowadays.
Our little videos on YouTube Tuesday are a walk in the park by comparison! And I believe that it’s entirely due to my experience 
In the Classroom.
So there you were, thinking I was teaching you, and all the while I was learning how to relax and enjoy filming. 
I didn’t even realise it myself. 
It’s a funny old life, eh.
I hope you can join Martyn and myself this Sunday 9am-11am.
We are showcasing some fabulous new stamps and stencils. 
The horses are pretty spectacular..
Mel drew a wooden one,
and a Trojan one.
I think they are both magnificent.
So tomorrow, I think we’ll blog one, 
and on Sunday we’ll do the other one live.
How do I do it all? I don’t do it all alone, that’s how!
Good creative friends 
like Mel Turner and Dee Paramour  
help me!
And tomorrow I will announce the winner of last week’s Instructions Challenge…
much love,

45 thoughts on “Wait till you see these new horses!

  1. Hello Barb, well I for one think you are amazing on TV, and there is always a giggle moment somewhere. You and Martyn do work well together, so I am sure Sunday is going to be a great show. Great family pictures, I think your brother is the one with the shiny pate. Love the horses, and think the stencils of them will look great with gelli prints. Looking forward to Sunday. Bx

  2. Good morning Wonder Woman. I think you must be to get sll that in, in such a short space of time. It's been lovely bring let into your life this past month I feel I know you a little more. I have met you once last year. I had a lovely chat with you about stamping. Good luck for Sunday (not that you need it ). The horses look amazing, looking forward to seeing what you do with then. Something special I am guessing. I will be at work so will record the show. But as I have the app on my phone I can have a peek on there if I fine myself with 5 mins.
    Have a lovely day.
    Debra x

  3. Oh my these are gorgeous stamps – I feel a NEED coming on!! Lol.
    I think your brother is the one on the far left with the mop of hair and the lovely smile??
    I loved your classroom sessions and as you say it is a shame that they reached the end of their life – hmmmm wonder if the viewers would have reflected the producers thinking??? I think not!!
    I am sure you will be brilliant on Sunday, as always – but for me your perfect partner on C&C is Dean Wilson – you two have such a laugh and you bring that joy and laughter right into peoples homes – it is a joy to watch the two of you together.
    The photos and videos of Mark's graduation were wonderful – so many happy memories – you'll be doing scrapbooking next!!
    I will be looking out for your Maya Angelou inspired verse/sentiment stamps – really think they would be a fabulous seller!!!
    Right, best get off to work before I'm late.
    Catch ya laters taters.
    Biggest of hugs
    Dawn xxxxx

  4. Good Morning Barbara, love these stamps – love Fridays blog – damn – love all your blogs – it starts my day for me – I sit patiently waiting for your posts!
    The wooden horse sends a tingle up my neck…..its fantastic….must mean its going to be a sell out!
    So many private peeks — you are generous with you sharing—makes you special xxx
    I shall be glued to TV on Sunday xx Cant wait to see what the DT have done with these stamps and stencils xx

  5. I.ve really enjoyed travelling the world with you this past month, and now the fantastic horses. I can hardly wait. Roll on Sunday morning.

  6. You have had a busy month globe trotting love hearing of your adventures. So looking forward to this weekend clarity East Midlands workshops with Sazz we have a great laugh for me it's my meds for month and then you on telly on Sunday to round up the weekend and I wonder if we may see you Saturday in Peterborough would be lovely just me thinking have a lovely weekend and may be a slowe month have good day xxx

  7. I really enjoy your blog, but very seldom comment, I think I feel out of my depth with all the very clever crafters I see on your shows, I have quite a few of your stamps and love using them , also a gelli plate which I haven't quite mastered yet, although I live up in north west Scotland I can manage down to Glasgow or Edinburgh easily, do you have any classes planned for Scotland this year?

  8. Good morning sunshine,
    Thanks for,sharing your family with all of us. The new stamps look fantastic, looking forward to your Sunday show, it is always a good time. Xx

  9. Good morning Barbara! You have been like a whirlwind this last month! But it's been so lovely that you have shared it all with us!!
    Being nervous is not a bad thing….unless you're so nervous you literally shake…..not so good for stamping. Being a little nervous gets the adrenaline going and stops you being complacent which you will never be! It is a shame that the classroom has gone but You tube Tuesdays are fab….a little piece of inspiration every week!
    The new stamps and stencils for Sunday are just fabulous and I can't wait to see how you use them! I reckon you'll have sell outs on most of them if not all! Have a good day today!
    Love and hugs! X

  10. Your blog is always a delight to read. Looking forward to seeing all the new stamps and stencils, although I must remember to set the recorder for the Sunday show, as I won't be home to watch it on Sunday morning. x

  11. The new stamps look great Barbara, the first one has got zentangle written on it for me. I can't wait to dee what your fabulous design team come up with. Thank you for sharing your hectic life with us it's great to see behind the scenes. The cousin photo is great we try and do generation shots when we get together as a family but haven't managed to get everyone together yet. I know you will be grat on Sunday and you have the lovely Martyn you do make me laugh when you are with the right presenters. How many times will you smack him this week! Have a great day love Diane xxx

  12. Thank you for sharing this last few weeks, your life seems to be going like an express train at the moment, all these emotions and experiences to keep your creative juices flowing. Like Anne I enjoy your blog very much, although feel very much out of my depth when I see all of the fabulous talent around you. Love the Sunday morning show and the chance to see your incredible talent at work. Keep up the good work, but remember to rest in between when you can. xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Having a sister who own horses, I'm always looking for horse stamps for her and my niece's cards so these will be perfect. Love the wooden one and wonder what you'll reveal on Sunday. Must press record on the old sky box!
    Thank you for sharing this last month with us (has it really only been a month?), sharing both your family celebrations and sad loses with you. I'm still wondering how you packed a while craft shop to take to France with you all? Let alone pack up that huge, communal craft table to bring it all back!!
    Think the photo of you showing your various pattern building samples is fun…Ta da! Can any DT members recognise their cards, I wonder? Why is there a world map behind you?
    Wishing you continued success but maybe a gentler pace of life (probably not knowing you!)
    Love Jeanette xx

    Ps so excited about receiving my first Stencil for the new club! …stencil soon be coming, stencil soon be coming.

  14. P.S. Definitely think your brother is the chap on the end with the full head off hair and the smile, it's in the eyes too, after all that I'm probably wrong. Lol! xx

  15. Hi Barbara. You really have been extra busy lately haven't you, at least lots of the events have been happy family/ friends times. Looking forward to your show on Sunday, even more now I have seen the beautiful horses, love the wooden one. So glad that you are more relaxed while filming, it comes over onscreen I think that you love what you do and just want to share the pleasure with others. Have a good day. Take care.

  16. Friends and family, what more can anyone ask for? You are such an inspiration to me, and many others… not just your crafting skills but with your outlook, support, friendship, love and your 'can do' attitude and positive outlook on life!

    Really, I don't think these horses are going to last long on Sunday! They are amazing and I love using them! Have a great show! Next stop Doncaster, and then the Clarity Open Days (20 Jun 2014 – 21 Jun 2014).

  17. Hi Barb,
    Love your Friday blogs – the little look into the world of Barbara Gray! It's no wonder you're so slim – you never stay still! Looking forward to the shows although I would have liked you to have been on with Dean as the pair of you are like a comedy act. I remember when you were so nervous that your nose was always running and you were reaching for the tissues! How things change – you don't look or sound nervous at all nowadays even though you might still feel it. Love the horses, not sure if they're for me ( but that could well change once I see them in use!) . Thanks for everything. Love Alison xxx

  18. You are so generous to share your special moments with us. The time has just flown by and what memories you'll have. These stamps are lovely and unlikely to last very long on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing the other new stamps and stencils you'll be showcasing. Have a great show on Sunday. xx

  19. Lovely stamps i will never catch up on all the stamps as u bring out lovely new ones i love them all though,maybe i will catch up with them one day ,i am back from my shows now next week we are at Ardenly county show, is that near you xxx

  20. Hello Barb. Golly gosh, so many TV shows and we really hadn't a clue how nervous you were! I remember the first classroom and there were a few umms and aahs as you were listening to the producers in your ears 🙂 It's great that with the youtube videos we get you all to ourselves, so many many thanks for taking the time and trouble to bring them to us. xx Margaret Col.

  21. Well your nerves didn't show Barbara – you're a true professional. Looking forward to Sundays show and seeing these horses – they look pretty fab to me. Pat x

  22. will be recording sunday as per usual. it has been an eventful old month for you hasn't it just? but you've been blessed with all your family and friends. i really really miss classroom and massi more. he keeps asking when he can send stuff for ypou to show on tv and he doesn't understand that classroom is finished. hugs xx

  23. Lovely stamps, looking forward to the shows at the weekend. You always seem so cool and collected when you are on air so you obviously 'fake' it brilliantly! Had a Clarity parcel yesterday so I had fun unpacking my goodies and planning my first project with them. XX

  24. Good morning Barbara. Your family pics are lovely and I reckon your brother is the one on the far left. Family is the most important, just love my kids dropping in and great when I can get together with my brother's lot as well. You are doing a wonderful job of' faking it' love the shows. The horse stamps are great, I shall use the Trojan one to make my granddaughter's birthday card later in the year. She is only 10 and proving to be very good at riding so proud when I see her in dressage. xx

  25. Oh giddy up hee hee love the horses!

    You are always running at a very fast gallop and you do it all so well!

    Love your stamps,stencils and your teachings!

    Your blog is so great and a great mix of business and personal!

    Love popping on to see what you have been up to!

    Tuning in on Sunday as usual !
    Barb on the telly – yippppeeee!

    Big Hugs

  26. these horses look absolutely awesome. i can see some zentangling going on here. i remember those early showd. ypu've come a long way! but you've always been inspirational xx

  27. Those horses are amazing – remind me a bit of the Kelpies sculptures in Falkirk, which I hope to get to see soon in real life! I remember your first show – that's what got me hooked on Clarity stamps, and I bought your book and a couple of DVDs and the rest is history!!! Thanks for being such an inspiration and collecting together such a talented team to keep us all having fun and learning as we go, Susan x

  28. Wow how stunningly beautiful carnt wait to see the show got it on to record so don't miss none ,I loved the classroom lessons and learnt so much I didn't think I could do it but I did you give so much inspiration to all your clarity followers and your team are amazing my clarity will soon need a room of its own happy crafting xxx

  29. What a busy time you have had Barbara with France and San Francisco all in one month. You must have so much energy and I admire the way you just get on with things. I think your brother could be the chap at the back with the plain blue shirt as he has that same lovely smile as you, and I think you look most like him, but it could be the chap in the front row at the end, which is, as I have read through the other comments, the person most people think, but it is always difficult to tell with siblings as they often look quite different with each one taking after different sides of the family. I love the look of these two horse stamps, but I think personally I prefer the wooden textured horse, and I agree with others that it leaves a lot of scope for zentangling. It will be good to see all the different takes on it, and I'm sure you will come up with something special too. Thank you for all the lovely photos and the insights into your family life which you are so good to share with everyone here. I look forward to Sunday morning. x

  30. You have been so busy Barbara and I love how you share it all with us here on your lively blog.
    The recorder is all set for your show on Sunday and I'm very much looking forward to it, I learn such a lot from watching you
    Thank you
    Jackie x

  31. It took you a while to settle and not feel so terrified but once you did your art came shining through! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and life with us. It's been so good to see that things are going well for you. These horses are fabulous! Karen x

  32. The horses look amazing. I remember your first show, you might have been petrified but your talent was evident and I remember telling my sister about this talented crafter and told her to watch out for you. You have never looked back, its still a pleasure to watch you work and your artwork is wonderful. I think your brother is the chap in the blue shirt. You have been running around, very busy but I have a sneaky feeling you wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Joan x

  33. I'm kn*ckered just reading your whirlwind May – look at everything you've achieved and the number of people whose lives you have touched and made brighter by sharing your time with them – including all us followers 🙂 Wonderful!
    Love the new stamps and looking forward to tomorrow's blog and Sunday's show to see how they come to life.
    Have a great weekend Barbara. Take care, Carole x

  34. I enjoyed playing with these stencils and stamps. I love the wooden horse, its eye is so realistic, great job Mel. xx You have had a busy month globetrotting. Your get up and go and carry on regardless attitude is definitely an inspiration. xxx

  35. What lovely horses. They are beautiful, I look forward to tomorrow and cannot wait until Sunday it is the highlight if the week Barb, such fun watching and learning I love it so much. Especially to see what new things I are coming my way xx

    It has been a roller coaster month for you, I hope this one is slightly more relaxing xx

    Denise xx

  36. Well I'm tired reading your past itinerary but envious of your get and go, your sense of determination, no doubt supported by a great team. Thank you for taking us all on the ride with you, you are my daily reminder to want to achieve more with my crafting.

    I'm loving Youtube tuesday but I do miss the Classroom shows, Martyn did so well in the last one he participated in, he obviously enjoyed it as well.

    Any who, can't wait to see what you and the DT make with the new horse stamps and I'll see you and your fab team in Doncaster xx

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