Never Forget, Dr. Maya Angelou.

Never Forget, Dr. Maya Angelou.

Hello there.
This afternoon, I heard that Dr Maya Angelou died today.
She was my Shero. For me, she was utterly amazing.
I loved her, and I loved what she gave the world.
But although she is gone, she lives on in me 
– and millions of others.
and as if she knew, my good friend Debby sent a heart 
to welcome us home from San Francisco.
So I stopped what I was doing today, 
which was largely scrambling to catch up and get ready for TV, 
and I decided to make a heart for Maya.
Take a 6″ x 6″ Gelli Plate and lay it on a 
piece of matching Gelli Card
Position the new Floral Heart Stencil on the Gelli Plate,
and deposit a small amount of 3 slow-drying, super-duper Golden Open acrylic paints 
This is expensive stuff, so go easy.
Using a make-up sponge, spread the 3 colours into 
the stencil apertures,
one at a time,
blending and mixing as you go.
Remove the stencil, wash in warm soapy water,
and pull your first print on a clean piece of Gelli Card.
If it’s not perfect, smile. It’s not important.
Enjoy being creative.
In fact, enjoy being alive and creative!
Pull a second ghost print. 
Why waste a great background print….
Sprinkle a tiny amount of Detail Gold Embossing Powder 
over the wet paint.
Heat emboss it with a heat gun.
You will partially emboss, which looks lovely 
when it catches the light.
I bet Maya would like that…
Then stamp one of her most poignant verses
we call it Never Forget 
over the ghost print in Archival Black.
Trim both pieces back and layer up, to frame.

Then spare a minute, to reflect on the life and times of a phenomenal woman.

Read what she said.
Learn it.
Live it.
I try to,
one day at a time.

Now I know we must celebrate her life, and not mourn her death.
I know that.
But I think it’s ok to cry when I’m sad, too.

made and sent with much love,

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  1. Hello Barb, what a fitting tribute to a great and amazing woman. When I heard it on the news last night, my first thought was – Barb is going to be devastated, and went on to tell the Hubz, who Maya Angelou was, and why she was so highly respected and admired, and what she meant to you. To cry when someone so wonderful leaves us, is a sign of respect. Take care. Bx

  2. Barbara, what a wonderful wonderful card, a beautiful stencil a suitable and fitting tribute to a wonderful woman. How amazing is the photo from Debby – in itself true inspiration – wonderful (a tad too many wonderfuls but what the heck!) Whilst it is a sad event – celebrating her life and not mooring her death is something that is fitting and very appropriate for a woman who touched so many lives in her time here on this earth xx

  3. I loved this lady too thanks to you and Claritystamp. I bought the verse you just used bercause I thought it was really beautiful. I was inspired to find out more about this amazing lady and I loved her just as you did. I just couldn't believe it when I heard it on the news this morning (NZ time) I guess I thought/hoped that she was immortal and would always be here to inspire us. RIP Maya. Now go and sort them out in heaven!!

  4. Hi Barbara. What a beautiful tribute card to the inspirational Maya Angelou. Nothing wrong with tears today Barbara, it is a sad day. We will always remember and strive to love and live as Maya would want us to. May she rest in Peace. Take care.

  5. Hi Barb,
    Like Bridget when I heard the sad news last night, I immediately thought of you and posted a comment on yesterday's blog which you might not have seen. I know how much she meant to you and also millions of other people. A great woman. I am now determined to read her books, it might take a while, but I will do it. Today's card is truly beautiful and a fitting tribute to this wonderful woman. I love the gold embossing on the heart just shining through. The verse is one of my favourites which I bought years ago when you did it as a set with another stamp ,and I use it a lot on my cards. Thank you for everything you do . Love Alison xxx

  6. So sorry to hear the news of maya departing. I must confess I hadn't really heard of her until the other day when you told us about her. I watched footage if her and heard her amazing words spoken to us. She was and will continue to be an amazing woman. God rest her. It's ok to cry we need to at times, never feel that we shouldn't Be strong you have part of her in you that you will carry forever. For that you'll be forever grateful.
    Beautiful card very fitting
    Debby stunning photo. Love surrounds us
    Thinking of you Barbara
    Debra x

  7. Hi, when I heard the sad news my thoughts were with you. Until I heard you speak of her a couple of years ago, I had no idea who Maya was but thanks to you I have her loved her work and found it truly inspirational. The quote you used on your beautiful card is still my favourite and should be everyone's mantra, it would make the world a much nicer place. Love Carolyn x

  8. A beautiful card Barbara and a fitting tribute to an amazing woman. The verse is lovely. What a fantastic photo Debbie sent you too just another magical moment in nature. Have a good day and take time to celebrate life. Love Diane xxx

  9. Barbara it's a beautiful card and so fitting to pay tribute to Maya Angelou in this way.
    She made everyday count and thankfully she will live in in her writings and words of inspiration.
    I know you will be sad Barbara, as she was someone who inspired you, but you must also take comfort in the fact that you are passing on that inspiration to others like me.
    RIP Maya Angelou
    love and hugs as always but especially today xxx

  10. I'm sure that Maya Angelou would be delighted to find her wise words presented and passed on in such a beautiful way. Through you and others her teaching thus continues. Her colourful heart continues to shine, what a beautiful tribute.
    Maybe a small donation from each of these hearts sold could go to a charity she supported. I wouldn't mind if it cost £1 more as it would be a collective way for us to pay tribute to a great lady. I'd then send the card to you for the church collection.
    Best wishes, love Jeanette xx

  11. I third that idea of Jeanette Butler's. I was sad to hear of Maya Angelou's passing. She will always be remembered fondly and will live on in her words. Love Emma xx

  12. I love these words of Maya's. Not only are they beautiful and moving but also so very, very true. Love your heart Barbara, the one on the card and the one you have that is so caring. Pat x

  13. Yesterday a little light was taken from us but Maya's light will burn bright in hearts and minds of many, her words will be read and her inspiration will live on. God bless Maya. Your card is beautiful and a fitting tribute. Love the heart photo. Joan x

  14. You were the first Pearson that came into my mind when I saw the news. My love goes out to you as I know what she meant to you take comfort from the fact because of you we who never knew about her will read her books and love her words thank you. Love always June xxxx

  15. Such beauty and love in one post!

    Wisdom, sharing,art, love, crafting and creation as well as such beauty in one eternal project that we can all make and share!

    Love the heart and the amazing quote !
    What I remember is this little light oh mine!

    Without realising it, fir years I have sung just those few words I had heard in a film !

    Never left me and indeed reminded me of a lovely lady that passed !
    Those words are inspiring and also what I take from Dr Maya!

    An amazing light that guided so many!

    Have a great day and an even better Tomorrow-Always!

    Big Hugs

  16. So beautiful Barb, I had not heard she had dies, such an inspirational woman. I am so glad you stock some of her words in your stamps.

    Thank you for such an inspirational card, love it.

    Yes its good to remember and never forget but its also ok to cry, does the soul wonders sometimes.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  17. Dear Barbara,
    I, also, thought of you straight away when I heard that Maya Angelou passed away. Thank you for bringing her into my life a few years ago. The video you posted of Maya at the Glide Church was such a fitting tribute and surely her "little light" will continue to shine through her works. (I used to sing this at Sunday School over 60 years ago!). Your card today is beautiful and true to her spirit. Maya Angelou R.I.P.

  18. Inspirational work as always Barbara, a sad day I know, but Maya's spirit and words will always live on in you and Clarity…..big hug ….X

  19. What a beautiful card. The verse is so beautiful. The verse is poignant, and so meaningful. I love it and what a way to remember such a fantastic woman.

  20. Hi Barbara, I thought of you when I heard the news whilst driving home. Maya Angelou was an amazing woman and your heart and finished artwork is a fitting tribute to her. I was reading some of her other quotes recently and for some reason one stood out for me – 'Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud'. I think she achieved that for many people. Her spirit will live on through those who knew her, admired her and loved her. xx

  21. You are blessed to have met such a wise and inspiring woman. This is a lovely piece of artwork and she'll be proud of you for letting her words pass the message to us all. xx Margaret Col.

  22. I heard about Maya's passing late last evening and as you had only recently been talking about her I thought about you, and you are quite right her words will live on in the hearts of all those people who loved and respected her. Those inspiring words with that beautiful shining heart make this a fitting tribute to a very special lady. x

  23. Barb it was a sad day to lose someone so inspirational but you are right of course, we must celebrate her life -to a wonderful wonderful Lady……

    And a very fitting card for Maya with the lovely heart and one of her very poignant quotes. I love the embossing powder over the paint this is magical and I had never gave it a thought before, doh how silly of me.

    It is quite funny how things come about when you had remembered Maya Angelou at the Glide and put up the you tube video on your Sunday Blog x life is a strange one x you were meant to be thinking of her and when you have put it on your blog then we have also been thinking of her. God rest her x.

    Inspirational as always Barb, thank you x

    Denise xx

  24. Goodness, this is starting to become a bit of a tearful week for me. Lovely technique for some wonderful words. I've never read her books but think I'm ready for the first one now so will see if I can get it for the Kindle.

    On a brighter note I've just opened a box of Clarity goodies, stencil folder, buffterfly stencil, Spectrum Noir (primary colours) pencils and the blending fluid plus the map of Britain stamp with the free compass…….where am I going to put it all now?

  25. So sad to hear this – she was a very inspirational lady; much like yourself, Barb – this card is beautiful & a fitting tribute to her!
    I think I really need this stencil……oh dear, & I'm meant to be sorting out my cellar workshop & de-cluttering, still, a teeny weeny stencil doesn't take up much room, does it?
    Anyway, don't be too sad – think of the legacy she's left the world…..
    chin up,
    lots of love, Liz xxx

  26. Although you only introduced me to Maya at the weekend and have been really moved reading het words and listening to her on YouTube. Im thankful for the introduction.
    Hazel xxx

  27. such sad news, I love the quote of hers you have used and that gorgeous stencil print is fabulous. Sending hugs and thank you for introducing me to this inspirational woman on your blog post last week. More people need to share her beliefs x

  28. I have heard it yesterday afternoon on the news, and have thought of you immediately, as I have never heard about her before you posted a few month ago. I even write it on the Facebook group…..But not sure where my post has gone.
    That card you've created in her memory is stunning and the sentiment perfect. So, celebrate her life and live ours differently. xx

  29. it's very ok to cry Barbara. and i think this piece is so beautiful. you can see it is coming from the heart and there is great feeling attached to it. awesome like the lady it represents…..hugs, xx

  30. Wonderful print and words today Barbara to celebrate Maya's life. I heard the sad news on TV yesterday and the first person I thought of was you. Thanks for sharing your shero with us, and shedding tears shows that you are human. Susan x

  31. What a beautiful and fitting tribute to your Shero, Barbara. I looked up some of her quotes after watching the clip you published the other day. Very clever and inspiring lady and her influence will live on. Jan

  32. What a beautiful card for an exceptional lady.

    This verse was the fist I bought from you and one which I have ended every dementia training session that I have taught with for the last 10 years.
    It is quite amazing to me that people who are severely affected by the illness and have forgotten everything have an amazing ability to respond emotionally and do indeed never forget how someone has made them feel.

    Its a truth that if staff can understand her message it changes the nature of their relationship with people affected by dementia for ever and ensures good care follows. I have watched my own Mum's difficult journey with the illness and have seen her respond so positively to those who help her to feel loved and supported in her confusion.

    Maya was an exceptionally intuitive lady who understood so well and has left us with an inspirational legacy, so thanks Maya for changing so many lives for the better, you will not be forgotten.

  33. What a beautiful sentiment for a beautiful inspirational lady. When the news broke I, like many others thought of you. How sad this has come at the end of a very busy beautiful week for you. It's ok to cry we have had a few tears this week, getting blurry now!
    Take care Barbara see you on C&C thank you to 2 very inspirational women – RIP Maya Angelo

  34. What a lovely tribute. I love her words too but didn't know of her until you mentioned her, and then I looked her up and listened to her and saw why you felt the way you did about. I still have a lot to learn from her. Yes its OK to cry too. Big Hug xxx

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