A Trojan Horse…

A Trojan Horse…

Hope you are enjoying your weekend?
Dee and I were working on the TV demos this week, and agreed that it would be a good idea to showcase one of the beautiful new horse stamps on TV, and blog the other one today.
So here’s what you need:
The Trojan Horse
Heat-resistant acetate
Detail Black embossing powder
Variegated Copper
Black card
Dust the heat-resistant acetate with talc well first.
This will stop the powder clinging.
Stamp the Horse onto the heat-resistant Acetate with a 
Versamark ink pad.
Sprinkle with black embossing powder.
Dust off stray speckles,
and heat emboss with a heat gun.
Attach the acetate with the horse to a sheet 
of A6 double-sided adhesive. 
Make sure the horse is on the outside.
Peel the orange wax paper off, and attach the acetate to that side,
so that the Clarity paper is left on the adhesive.
You will be able to see the horse through the paper.
Lightly draw the outline of the horse on the paper, and then gently cut along the cutline you have drawn with a scalpel.
Peel away the horse paper, 
and add silver or gold gilding flakes.
Buff with a rubber finger.
one of each….
Cut a border around the outside, and peel away the centre.
Now fill the background with Variegated Copper gilding flakes.
Once again, buff with your sponge finger.
Carefully lift away the rest of the Clarity paper around the edge, 
and lower your artwork onto black card.
Layer up on gold and silver board.

Isn’t that lovely? 
Well, tomorrow, 
we’ll get to grips with the wonderful wooden horse.
Looks like a map, doesn’t it? 
Well Melanie was a cartographer – a map drawer! Funny that…
Finally, thank you so much for writing out the instructions for last week’s challenge. So many of you sent in very accurate instructions, so I had to pick a special winner: Angela Simpson.
Why Angela? Not only did she write perfect instructions – she even sent in the card!
Well done and congratulations, Angela!
Hope you can keep me company tomorrow morning on TV. 
Create & Craft. 9am-11am
much love,

49 thoughts on “A Trojan Horse…

  1. Morning Barb! The new horse stamps are beautiful, I love the Gilded Trojan and look forward to seeing what you do with the wooden one. Internet permitting, I will be watching tomorrow morning. Hugs xxxx

  2. Weldone Angela lived the horses and what you have done this is a task I have still to master a challenge for me next week me thinks. Well better get to bed if to clarity East Midlands this morning so looking forward to a day of craft with Sazz And such a lovely group of crafters . Save trip to Peterborough for you and see you on TV on Sunday xx

  3. Stunning ! I want kitchen worktop like the background but I guess that would be too many gilding flakes! Looking forward to Sunday. Well done Angela! x

  4. Morning Barb, What a wonderful picture!!! gilding flakes make such lovely pictures especially when coupled with fantastic images!!! Could you post the winning entry so we can all have a go?? Looking forward to the telly tomorrow Barb, seems ages since you were last on! Such a busy month since then!
    Sun is up this morning – promise of a lovely day – which is great as I am about to set sail to Peterborough to Sazz's clarity class – a fun day ahead!! xxx

  5. Fab-u-lous !! Love, love,love it ! How clever are these stamps ? Can't wait until I receive mine . Really looking forward to tomorrow's show, although I have to say just 2 hours a month doesn't seem nearly enough after what we were getting. But hey ho time moves on and things do change, it wouldn't do for it all to be the same all of the time. Have a great show with Marryn tomorrow maybe you could encourage him to do one of the horses ? I am sure he would be up for it !! x

  6. Good morning, Barb
    Fantastic horses and this technique always looks so eloquent. Have a safe journey and a wonderful show, we will be watching and taping for future viewing.

  7. Love the Double Adhesive projects ,but the Trojan Horse looks even more stunning Barbara Just got my Shepherds Crook and Verse so will play today with that one xx

  8. What a stunning effect with the gilding flakes. These two horses are beautiful and will be sure to sell out tomorrow. XX

    Well done Angela, your card is great.

  9. Wow what a great card Barbara and a lovely stamp. I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow to see what you come up with for these stamps. Well done Angela too. Now is it just me who imagines rubbing the gilding flakes with a sugary biscuit when you tell us to buff with a sponge finger??? Lol what a mess! Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  10. Hi Barbara. Stunning, I love it : ) The Trojan horse against the colours of the pirates treasure is gorgeous. I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with the wooden horse. I love maps and think that is why I loved this one as soon as I saw it. Congratulations to Angela, love her card. Have a good day and a safe journey to and from the studio tomorrow. Enjoy the show, I know I will : ) Take care.

  11. Love the horses love the horses barb going to the big craft show at Bolton today birthday treat from my daughter camt wait to meet some of the card makers I watch all the time you on tele tomorrow. Wow !!!!!!love June xxx

  12. Hi Barb,
    Love what you have done with the Trojan Horse but it does remind me of an anatomical picture with the horse's muscles showing – a bit like the exhibition of human bodies that's on at the moment. I think I must have a vivid imagination or something!!! Looking forward to the show tomorrow and seeing the wooden horse and the new abstract stencils especially. Well done to Angela – your card was excellent. Love to all, Alison xxx

  13. The Trojan horse is really lovely, I love the proud strut. Looking forward to seeing the wooden horse demoed on tv tomorrow. Have a safe journey. Joan x

  14. Hello Barb, love the Trojan horse stamp, you have made it into a stunning card with the gilding flakes. Look forward to seeing what you do with the Wooden horse. Well done Angela. Bx

  15. Hello Barb. Lovely horses. Not sure they're for me. I've always been a bit scared of them. They're too big! Still really looking foward to tomorrow's shows. xx Margaret Col.

  16. Love the horses Barbara, sadly short of cash at the moment. When I get some, I want Maya's quote first, I thought it was so lovely of you to make that for us.

  17. Stunning card. Was really looking forward the show tomorrow but I forgot to set the recorder and won't be home until late tomorrow. 🙁 on a positive, it is our son's 4th birthday today, so we have a very excited and happy boy! 🙂 Well done Angela! x

  18. Good morning Barbara, I love the effect you've created using the two different gilding flakes as it gives such a regal look, can't wait to see what you do with the wooden horse! x

  19. Lovely stamp and a beautiful card. Both the horse stamps are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the show tomorrow. Thank you for selecting my entry for the instructions, and thanks to those who have also commented. Have a lovely day xx

  20. That is a beautiful card. I love using guilding flakes. They give a real luxurious feel to a card without brleaking the bank!
    Hope that you will have a fabulous weekend. I am hoping to get some stamping done later as I have an empty this afternoon. Looking forward to the peace and quiet.

  21. Congratulations congratulations Angela

    This is a stunning card so clever. I wish I could come up with a quarter of your ideas Barbara you are amazing.
    Jackie x

  22. Congratulations Angela xx
    I wish I could have sent in a pic but I didn't have the stamps xx. Was I close Barb??? I would be interested as it was the first time I had sent in the instructions and played along x

    Wow the horse is gorgeous and I love the gilding flakes they are fabulous. It is an absolutely stunning piece on the black silver and gold layers x

    I am looking forward to the show tomorrow.

    Denise xx

  23. Lovely card .Looking forward to the show tomorrow – Have received my design club stamp this morning hoping to have a go later today .Thanks for the inspirations Barbara

  24. Well that is beautiful Barbara! The horses really are fantastic and I'm sure they will sell out along with all the other goodies you will be bringing to the table!
    I will be watching you tomorrow to see what else you do! Love and hugs xx

  25. Good afternoon Barbs,
    This is absolutely gorgeous and boy am I looking forward to "Stamping with Calamity" (Martyn) tomorrow. Don't forget – keep him in check and don't let him hold anything!!! (Just joking). Well done to Angela – I haven't learnt how to post pictures yet. I'm with Angela and rubbing with a sponge finger, but would have to remove the trifle from it first!! Have a great, successful day tomorrow. I've got the coffee supplies in and the "old man" will serve when I shout, as no-one messes with Maureen when Barb is on the tele. xx

  26. Really clever effect with the two tones of gilding flakes. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the other horse stamp tomorrow on TV. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  27. Good afternoon Barbara, oh I do love how you have used this stamp, both stamps are fantastic but then so are the rest of the new stamps and stencils. Looking forward to watching you tomorrow.
    Congratulations Angela, …..hugs…Jo. xxx

  28. This is super Barbara, and the gilding flakes go so well with the horse and give a really opulent look. Looking forward to seeing the other horse tomorrow. x

  29. Fabulous horse and it looks beautiful with the gilding flakes. Well done to Angela. Looking forward to watching you tomorrow Barbara. Pat x

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