You Tube Tuesday

You Tube Tuesday

Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by on 
YouTUBE Tuesday!
I thought today would be good for a little revision exercise on how to use the Letterbox Kit,
a sublime little Stamp set which helps you write just about 
ANY word, name or place your heart could desire!
While we’re jet-setting all over the world, let’s stop in on a castle in Scotland:
Ailean Donan Castle, in the western Highlands.

And may I just add, that if you decide to buy the Letterbox Kit, we will send you the masks as a gift xx
So, I guess that brings me to the end of our California Graduation Celebration.
Back to the grindstone tomorrow….
But that’s fine; can’t think of a better way to make a living!
And if I ever do, I’ll be sure to take you with me!
much love,

39 thoughts on “You Tube Tuesday

  1. That was fabulous Barb, I have learned more about my letterbox kit. I have been using it but not to its full potential. Now I will play a little more.
    This will be my next stamp set (the Castle and Bridge) as it is very special to my Husband. He is a massive Highlander fan (the film Highlander) and Eilean Donan Castle was in the first Highlander film where Ramirez played by Sean Connery was fighting Kurgan and there was a fantastic sword fight on the steps of Eilean Donan Castle. I would therefore love to make him a card with the castle and bridge in it as it would mean the world to him.

    The castle also has so many memories for us both, every time we went up North, which used to be at every given opportunity and almost once a month or every other weekend at one time when we were just going out with each other. We always chose to travel the A87 and stop of at Eilean Donan to have a wander and take some pics in the spectacular scenery. It is very beautiful.

    Barb out of curiosity what made you make a stamp of Eilean Donan, out of all the wonderful castles?
    I am so glad you did make a stamp of this very special one xx. Thank you xx

    Denise x

  2. Hello Barb, fabulous video with great ideas, love the cards at the end, especially the mon amour. Isn't it wonderful to know that this lovely set of stamps, the castle and bridge has so much meaning to people like Denise. Thank you for all the inspiration, and it is great to see your canvas' on the wall behind you. Bx

  3. Morning Barbara.
    I really should get the letterbox set. I do have some other ( said very quietly) letter stamps. Not as good as yours. I limp along with them. Maybe today is the day as your giving a gift too. Great video ( why do we still call them videos? I know I do). Your very talented and inspiring thank you
    The castle stamp is lovely I do like castles maybe because I lived in Dover until I was fifteen. Now that's a good looking castle I must say.
    The finished cards are beautiful
    Debra x

  4. Hi Barbara. Great video. (Good question Debra, Why do we still call them videos?) And like Debra I too have other, nowhere near as good, alphabet stamps but your Letterbox kit is at the top of my wish list. The more I see you use it and give us all of the great tips and hints the more I want to get it right now! My bank manager doesn't agree sadly so I will keep saving and will love it all the more when I finally get it : ) I don't think new crafters realise just how important a good alphabet stamp set is, and how often it will be used, It would be the first stamp set that I would recommend to anyone and I wish I had known then what I know now. Oh well, we live and learn
    : ) I hope you arrived home safe and sound and don't suffer from too much jet lag. Take care.

  5. Another great YouTube Tuesday video. The new artwork in the background is looking fab too! Some really great tips there for using the Letterbox kit which should help me get more out of it. My three year old (soon to be four) really enjoyed watching the video too and wants to watch it again now. He had fun with the Gelli Plate last week. Thought we could make some thank you cards for him to send after his birthday, but he decided he wanted to make himself a Happy Birthday card with one of the Gelli prints! No doubt he will want to use the letterbox kit as he loves everything with letters on, and they should be much easier for him to use than his toy alphabet rubber stamp set. x

  6. Hi Barb,
    I have always liked this card with the castle and bridge. It is very evocative and stirs up many emotions. We had a holiday in the Highlands years ago but unfortunately never got to see this castle. The holiday was a disaster as it absolutely poured (torrential) for two weeks and being in a small caravan wasn't easy to get everything dry! We had one dry day and went for a walk in Glencoe (stunning) . My husband decided to do a bit of climbing so told me to take the dog back to the car via a path with stepping stones across a stream. When I got to the " stream" it had become somewhat deeper because of the rain. Anyway a runner ran across so Me & dog followed halfway across the dog panicked and pulled me in the water – it was freezing!! So I had to walk through pass of Glencoe dripping wet – not best pleased!! Got some very strange looks as well! Anyway back to the card, love my letterbox kit and also the letterbox sentiments kit. My only complaint would be that sometimes I think the letters are too big – a mini size would be brilliant – letters the same size as the sentiments kit. Thanks for the video, brill as usual and as always the inspiration. Love Alison xx

  7. I bought the letterbox and alphabet sets just a few weeks ago so thank you for this fab tutorial Barbara. Hope the jet lag doesn't affect you too much! Pat x

  8. Great demo. This kit is so versatile. Think you're looking well after your sojourn in France. Artwork looks fab behind you. Hope your nose recovers from the San Fran sun before you film the next video! Glad you have such a lovely job to come back to. X

  9. Hello. Glad to have you back again. Now I have to make a choice, using the letterbox or the clever clever wheel stencil for my alphabets. Tricky thing this crafting – makes us think! xx Margaret.Col.

  10. Oh, I am so glad to have my german Letter Box Kit ! And I wanted to say that it was a really fab yourney with you, your Kids and Dave to the California Graduation Celebration. Thanks for sharing! LOve

  11. I have the letter box kit and I've never used the solid square but now I am inspired to have a go at colouring my letters. Thanks for a great YouTube Tuesday
    Jackie x

  12. Good morning Barb,
    Hope you and Dave are back safe and sound, and able to have a good lie in! I bet you're already planning when you an go over the ocean again. The video is brill and shows techniques which I'd forgotten about, so it's back to the drawing board for me xx.

  13. Love the letter box kit and the number kit too, got these and use them all the time. Your video is very informative and clear and concise. Hope you are not to jet lagged. Joan x

  14. Thank you for the tutorial Barbara I love my letterbox kit and masks I've also got the numbers kit they are so easy to use and make your cards special now I know what to do with the blank one what a wonderful idea to colour in each block with it .happy crafting to all xxx

  15. Oh I can feel a whole series of these cards coming on – love Eilean Donan and all our guests on the photography courses insist on going there to take photos, so we have pictures in all weathers and it is always beautiful! Might be a way of getting some more pennies to spend on craft goodies!!! Thanks, Susan x

  16. Hi Barbara, just wanted to say, love the video, I also now know what to do with the blue one,
    But I just Love the Letterbox stamp set. Use it alot

  17. that is the most used set of stamps i have ever bought. and it is true about the lost letters. i lost an 'r' and i got sent another one. nobody else would do that. safe trip home. it's wet and dreary – nothing new xx

  18. Hi Barb, great blog, now I know what the solid stamp is for..! Doh. Lol gray pics of the family too, & thanks for comment after hubby's fall. Good job he's not a stamper with a broken finger lol.. Xxxxx

  19. Great tip about colouring in the letters. I really enjoy using my letterbox kit and I also have the numbers which means I can use the squares or ovals. Will give the shadowing a try next time I use them. Glad you are home safe and sound, sorry about the weather! XX

  20. Well Good Evening Barbara, Love this you tube – so full of content with a fantastic result. Loving also the canvasses on the wall behind you – and are those new glasses!!! Tuesdays are so worth waiting for xxx Good to have you back – shame you didn't bring that sunshine with you though xx

  21. I'm glad you used this kit as I'd forgotten that I have this and as I have a card for my partner to make. I now have an idea,which is great as I just couldn't think what to do.Thank you so much Barbara.

  22. Thanks for showing us this demo Barbara. I actually bought this letterbox kit on another recent offer, but I got the numbers as the freebie, and I have found them so useful. The idea of adding colour or versamark to the solid square is a great idea and something I must admit I hadn't thought about doing. I hope you won't be feeling too jet lagged and tired after your journey. x

  23. I know I am a day late, but trying to watch a video with dodgy WiFi just does not work. Back home now so back to normal. A lovely demo, Barbara, and thanks for the reminder about the solid square. I have always like the castle and bridge duo, simple and effective. xx Maggie

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