When Journalling meets Chinese Lantern Stencil

When Journalling meets Chinese Lantern Stencil

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
It’s day 2 of the Ally Pally Stamp Show today,
and I’m pretty sure we’ll be spinning like tops!
Here’s one we prepped for the TV, but didn’t get to show off because the stencils sold out!
Using my favourite stencil:
Here are the ingredients:
Butterscotch Adirondack
But first let’s do the background, using the Journaling set.
Go round the edges with the Butterscotch.

Add some more depth with Caramel. 
To quote Dee:
Don’t worry about making it blotchy; that all adds to the effect.

Stamp the Burlap stamp from the Journaling Set randomly
and flick water at the artwork, leave it a mo, 
then blot with a paper towel.

Stamp the Burlap and the Writing from the same set randomly
in Mushroom second generation ink.

Darken the edges with Mushroom.
Attach the Stencil to the background card 
using low tack masking tape.
Bottom’s up!

Spread the Grunge Paste partially from bottom to top.
Just through the middle.

Lift the stencil off and wash immediately in warm soapy water.
Let the Grunge Paste dry. About 15 minutes.

Replace the stencil and start adding colour.
YellowAdirondack and Mushroom Adirondack.
To quote Dee:
You need a good juicy ink pad for this.

A touch of Coffee Archival around the edges will really age it…
Make a little arrow tag, using the Burlap stamp and Butterscotch.
Add With Love using Coffee Archival
and attach where there’s a gap. 
Dee and I spent an age deciding where to put the blinking tag!

See how gritty it looks when you only drag Grunge Paste 
through part of the stencil?
I like that look.
So there we are. Happy Sunday.
This would make a great man’s card.
So you just need to know a great man, I suppose!
I hate people who laugh at their own jokes, don’t you? xx
lots of love,

59 thoughts on “When Journalling meets Chinese Lantern Stencil

  1. Lovely card! Have a good day at Ally Pally. Mum and I were there yesterday. We watched lots of your demos and got some great ideas so thankyou! We both got some stencils and I also bought the wordchains. Mum isn't even a card maker but can never resist your stall! We bought her a Gelli plate for Christmas so she was really pleased to see you use it in person and get more inspiration! Thanks again. Morwenna x

  2. Looks like one I will be trying need to getting brave and have a go at those technics have great day today at ally pally look lovely building one day may get just cannot walk about far now lots love x

  3. Lovely card and yet another inspiring blog using the Grunge Paste. I need to find some time to play with my Grunge Paste. Do I see a palette knife instead of a credit card for applying the paste this time? This definitely looks like something I can try. I love the journalling set and word chains. I just need to add the new word chains to my collection. Have a great day. x

  4. Did you spy what I had purchased yesterday!!! I bought this stencil and had stocked up on the grunge paste! This stencil is beautiful…I like it from the TV show – I see pumpkins too in it so multi use. Great card – have not quite got the right word sets – but am sure I can use my Wheelie Good Alphabet Stencil instead as I am certain in time I will own the full set! Have a fantastic 2nd day today Barbara (and the team) – I am amazed you have any stock left! So many wonderful stencils – had to stop myself from a third purchase – but I can see that my stencil stash will grow and grow this year! Much love – Kim xx

  5. Well I've started the project and it never ceases to amaze me, the simplicity of the techniques & what fantastic results – I'm just at the "water-flicking" stage….I'm always thinking "wow" to myself at what can be very easily achieved……Thank you yet again Barbara for a fantastic blog….I'll post my effort on facebook later 🙂 Enjoy your day everyone 🙂 Carole x

  6. i really love this. colour palette and all. i just had one of those panic moments when i suddenly thought….oh no i forgot to buy this stencil yesterday but i hadn't! phew! panic over. now i just need to wait for the grunge paste. will definitely give this a go, hugs xx

  7. Good morning, it was soo good to speak to you yesterday,Stephen really enjoyed chatting with Dave too. We both have really good men, but I did laugh at your joke too. Woke up thinking of crafty projects and words to fit with your limerick, they were a bit rubbish though.i haven't got this stencil but have plenty of others to try, lovely technique so will give it a go later. So much I want to do…….have another great day and get your tea from the little van at the end of the hall.Wxx

  8. Fabulous card and I do love this stencil, it is fabulous. I will have to get it whilst the free P&P is on. Sometimes we find ourselves funny which is aloud , if we didn't we wouldn't like ourselves, therefore laugh away lol.

    Have a great Day 2 xx

  9. Hello Barb, great card, the more I look at the lantern stencil and the word chain stamps, the more I realise I need them, along with grunge paste. Hope Ally Pally is going amazingly well. Bx

  10. What a great card design & I just love that lantern stencil. A great man ? Yeah I found myself one of them….. eventually, & he more than deserves a beautiful card like that & what's more he would really appreciate it.

  11. Morning hope day 2 goes well sorry not to be able to get there. Love the card i had a crafty play yesterday. Will be buying this stencil some word chains and journaling set making use of free p&p.

  12. Hi Barbara I hope you have a great second day at Ally Pally. I'm eyeing up these stencils plus the journalling and word chain stamps and really hoping I get some money for my birthday as I didn't get any money for Christmas then I can do some shopping and there free postage too. Yes I'll manage the free postage ……. just
    Take care and I love this card
    Jackie x

  13. Fabulous card Barbara. I'm waiting for my grunge paste to arrive (although I asked for it to be delivered to my school and it is now the Easter hols … a bit of school girl error there!). Ela x

  14. No men in my life – great or otherwise – but I still love the card. Mmm. Could be done in more feminine colours methinks..
    Beryl xx

  15. Fantastic card. Love the technique with the grunge paste. I think I will need to get some soon!
    Enjoy your day today. I am enjoying my day as I am sewing patch work quilts for my grumpy teenagers today! Tomorrow I have planned to to do some stencil cards!

  16. Hi Barb,
    I love this stencil along with the poppy one – I have used them loads! Not sure that's very good English, but never mind! I did the Chinese lantern card that you posted before in similar colours to yours and then one in different shades of blue and they were both gorgeous ( if I do say so myself lol). Even my hubby (also a Dave) commented on how great they were! Anyway, love today's sample, will definitely be trying this ( once I get the journaling set which I am now realising is a MUST HAVE). I am thinking of having a little gallery of my own using my stencil creations as They are so easy to use but produce such effective results. Have a fabulous day at Ally Pally but look after your neck. Love Alison xx

  17. Lovely artwork, love the partial GP print, I have the journal set , I must get this stencil, as it's my birthday today think I'll treat myself , I also have lots of other clarity goodies received today to play with as well xx

  18. I love this card – it's different to the one the other day and shows how useful it will be for lots of different occasions. This is a stencil I've had my eye on for a while, so I bought it at Ally Pally yesterday.
    I did think it had sold out, so I asked at the till when I went to pay and they searched the boxes to see if there were anymore and now thanks to them I have one.
    I hope today is another good but very busy day for you.

  19. Hi Barbara. I hope Ally Pally is going really well for you all. Look after your neck though.I love the card, the colours are lovely and the grunge paste adds a great texture. Take care.

  20. I am loving the use of the Grunge Paste and am going to have to be brave and give it a go again as I was not happy with my first attempt.

    Hope you not getting to dizzy with all this spinning around you are doing at Ally Pally and hope you are having a great time!

  21. Love the card! Will definitely be having a go,as I have most of the stuff and the rest is on the way….hooray! Now I just need to get a sleepy cat off my lap and go play with my stash.

  22. Great card today, wish I had some grunge paste so I can give it a go, will have to add a pot to my next Clarity order. Yay I got my wheelie stencil!! THANK YOU to all of the Clarity team who were at Ally Pally on Saturday. So pleased to see some demos in the flesh! Although it was VERY busy everyone working on your stand was smiling and so helpful. It certainly shows what a happy team you all are. Hope today is just as busy for you all. Have a good rest after its all over you all deserve it. XX

  23. Love this image and I can't wait for my order with the word chains and stencil to arrive. As you say just have to find a good man to make it for!!!! Glad that all is going well for you at Ally Pally, hope you all get a well deserved rest afterwards!!! xx

  24. Gorgeous card, and great choice of colours. Can't wait for my stencil to arrive, and be able to use it. You're all going to laught at me, but had to ask my man where "Ally Pally" was…… Thought it was a town somewhere in UK….. Ha!Ha!Ha…..

  25. Oh crumbs just pressed publish and the whole lot disappeared so here goes again. Lovely card like the textures, think I need grunge paste, got sparkly texture paste which gives great results. Like the idea of tinting design. Would definitely make a good man card. I have a good man he is tolerant of my craft obsession, raises an eyebrow occasionally when another box arrives but never minds really. Have a rest when you get home, being busy is good I suppose Lynne xx

  26. Hello Barbara. Lovely technique this and I got the stamp today at Ally Pally so no excuse for not giving it a try. I have a great man who would really appreciate this card. Wonderful to see you in the flesh – if you see what I mean. xx Margaret Col.

  27. This is a fantastic card and great for the men in our lives. I really love this stencil and the grunge paste just partially dragged through it gives it a great look, especially with the texture in the background from the burlap and the script stamps. These two things are definitely added to my ever increasing list! Thank you for this super demo Barbara. x

  28. Ordered grunge paste today (or yesterday!) and a few other things fell off the shelf too. Barbara please ask someone to secure your shelves they're too shakey !! Xx

  29. Ah finally got to give this one a go and I thoroughly enjoyed it, that is what I love about this blog, you can just go back at any point and try a project and learn and you explain things so well, thank you for doing this for us all to learn from xx

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