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Wednesday’s Blog is something new, and
here’s a new leafy stencil of ours.
I noticed Jo using it at the weekend, whilst she was beavering away, demonstrating at Ally Pally, and I thought I would give it an airing today, too. 
It’s really really cool!

Here’s what I used:

Irish Blessing Claritystamp
Blustery Day Claritystamp
The leaf line Stencil
Theuva Card
Mountain Rose Adirondack
Juniper Adirondack
Cloudy Blue Adirondack
Black Archival
Clarity Brushes

Here goes…

Attach a sheet of Theuva Card to the back 
with Low-tack masking tape.

Make a couple of marks, so you can see where to stamp the Blustery Day Stamp.

Stamp the girl in Archival Black into the marked area.

Drop the stencil back into place. 

Add colour with the Clarity Brushes.
I used Mountain Rose Adirondack.
Juniper and Cloudy Blue.

Remove the masking tape.

Wondering whether I shouldn’t have masked her off…

Colour the picture in Distress markers.

Trim the artwork top and bottom.

Needs a darker edge. 
Add some Mountain Rose to the Blending Mat, 

and work it into the edge of the card with a Blending Tool.

I did a little of the same in the bottom righthand corner, too. 

Stamp the Irish Blessing onto a piece of A5 Theuva Card.

Add a thin black line around all 4 sides 
using a ruler and a Sharpie Pen.

Am I happy with the central image?
Could be a little crisper….

Well, that’s easy enough to sort out. 
Stamp the Blustery day in Black Archival on Theuva Card again. 

Cut it out. Don’t worry about the overlapping bits.

Already looks cleaner, doesn’t it.

Using a make-up sponge, 
lightly add a little Juniper and Cloudy Blue to the Cutout. 

Now that’s better, isn’t it!

Just add some colour to her dress,
 using the Mountain Rose and a little water in the lid of the ink pad.

 Lovely. Would make a lovely Easter card, or Birthday card.

See you tomorrow

much love,

61 thoughts on “A NEW LEAFY STENCIL

  1. Lovely – makes me want to go out walking in the fresh air! Have a wonderful Wednesday – only one more day at work until we have a 4 day weekend – yippee!! 🙂 Take care, Carole x

  2. Hi Barb, another fab new stencil, this is a lovely card, great colours and one of my all time favourite verses. Let's hope this weekend is great weather, so able to get out and about a bit. Bx

  3. Such lovely colours, a lovely stamp, and a great technique – I watched Jo several times on Saturday using this technique with these lovely bright but soft colours and was really impressed so really pleased you have done a blog on it – it matches the weather a little – bright and sunny with a bit of a cool breeze! Wonderful xxx

  4. You are always one step ahead of me Barbara, I only just got the Leafy Swirl and tree masks and here you are, tempting me with another one. Sorry, I'll have to wait for a bit, I went to the craft show in Belfast last Friday, so the purse is slim this week.

  5. Hi Barbara. This is a beautiful card, love the colours and the stencil. The stamp is beautiful too. I have covered the original stamped image on more than one occasion : ) Take care.

  6. Loving that stencil, havent got it and I dont usually miss a pretty one like that but it will be very versatile. I honestly thought the first image was a lovely as the second, you must have a micro chip in your eyes that works in a mysterious way ha ha ha. Have a great day creating.Mines full of meetings, oh to be released into my craft room……………..


  7. this is lovely – I met Jo at Port Sunlight and loved her work – am hoping to go on one of her workshops soon!! Still not got around to the utube videos from yesterday yet – but not forgotten – time is limited with the easter holidays – lol! Big Hugs rachel xx

  8. Great card. Lovely stencil. I would have been happy with the first version, although I do prefer the second one. I hadn't considered covering a stamped image with a second version, if not happy with it. I will remember that as I often end up starting again when things go wrong. x

  9. Another lovely stencil.. you have some very talented people in your gang. Your first attempt appeared perfect to me but a good tip just in case. The Irish blessing is one of my favs. Joan x

  10. Morning Barbara, this is such a great Stencil and looks stunning with the blustery day stamps, love the colours that you have used…have a good day and hopefully take time to sip your tea and relax….I am off to workshops…take care and see you soon…..Jo. X

  11. Super colour combination. I saw Jo doing some inking and stencilling demos on Saturday at Ally Pally and was really inspired by her results. In fact so was my Mum who doesn't normally do that sort of thing and so we both brought stencils and Mum even brought a set of brushes. Keep up the great work both of you. XX

  12. Morning Barbara,
    Love your way of thinking, if your not happy don't waste it just adapt it!
    This stamp is really lovely and looks great with the new stencil I don't know how you do it but ever so glad you do. 🙂
    Lorna D

  13. Hi Barb,
    Lovely end result and great tip for covering over a stamping mishap etc. love the leaf line stencil – one for my list and the colours you have used are glorious. The Irish Blessing is a wonderful sentiment as well. Thanks for everything. Love Alison xxxx

  14. Great, love the way you "rescued" your image. Proper thrifty crafting not wasting all your hard work. Though honestly the 1st version was lovely, I could only see why you changed it once the 2nd was done!!
    Aileen xx

  15. How beautiful love the stamp verse and stencil the colours are so relaxing another set for my wish list look forward to your blog each day xxx

  16. very good use of stencil. i liked it the way it was coloured in at first. the only thing possibly would be to mask her off before adding colour with stencil down. i liked the way the colours were a bit darker on first pic. but then maybe i like the less subtle looks. not a criticism just my meandering brain …. hugs xx

  17. This new leafy stencil is just great Barbara, and would work for lots of cards. It would also be good to cut out the leaves and use to embellish. Love the colours you used and the finished result with the Blustery Day stamp added is beautiful. The words of the Irish Blessing are the perfect addition. x

  18. I liked the way you did a rescue job there, although I really had not seen anything wrong with your first image. Another lovely stencil think I am going to add a few more to my collection while we got the chance of free p&p. Right back to decorating a cake my son has requested for his work tomorrow. Lynne xx

  19. Really great stencil and the finished piece is so lovely! Couldn't really see a problem with the first one though if I'm truthful, although maybe the leafy bit was a little distracting. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  20. Another lovely card – thanks as always for the inspiration. I wish you and your family a peaceful happy Easter filled with good things. I was lucky enough to have a day off this week in the warm sunshine. Chores done I sat in my garden with a large glass of vino tinto. The blackbirds inspected my freshly mown lawn whilst the blue tits flew in & out of the nesting box, how blessed am I? On the feeders the goldfinches munched on nyjer seed whilst Mr & Mrs Bullfinch enjoyed the sunflower hearts – now Barbara how about another bird stamp…….? My beautiful tulips danced in the dappled sunlight, now that's another idea for a card…. The courier has delivered my trees & their mantels & my husband thinks my first attempt is not bad – how blessed am I? The weather is forecast to change for Easter so I'll be playing with my stamps again – yipee!!
    Happy Easter everyone xx

  21. Wow! Lovely card. Thanks for showing us the "not so happy with that" moments together with a solution. Good to know that we all have those moments however long we've been crafting. Have a lovely Easter.

  22. Wow! Lovely card. Thanks for showing us the "not so happy with that" moments together with a solution. Good to know that we all have those moments however long we've been crafting. Have a lovely Easter.

  23. What a lovely piece of artwork. I love the look of the pastel shades and the leaf stencil and have always liked the Irish blessing. Methinks this is yet more items for my wish list!

  24. Another beautiful card Barbara, I like Plan B – the colours are lovely. I have been playing with my seed head stencil which arrived today and my stencil brushes which were a christmas present being saved for the right occasion. Why did I wait for so long they are fab to use and wash out really well! They will be used again very soon! Hope you have a relaxing Easter Barbara. Love Diane Green

  25. I wondered where you were going with that one Barbara but you came up with the goods in the end. I thought both plan A and B looked great and of course I love the new stencil. Thanks for the inspiration as always, Ela x

  26. Lovely artwork, definitely another stencil for the list , oh and the little stamp. It's breezy here but I like that, wakes you up, have a good day 🙂

  27. Another stencil to go on the wish list– The first version was lovely but I fully understand why you Had to go onto the 2nd as I find myself doing exactly the same sort of thing. I had virtually finished an item for a certain challenge and thought ooh I will just have a peep at last months winner, one element was very similar so that part has been put in the 'to use ' box for another day and the thinking cap has now gone back on! We are our own worst enemy, Jane x

  28. Another lovely stencil and a great layout Barbara, I find the colours and composition of your work so inspiring, so thank you from a very grateful crafter

  29. Beautiful creation – the lovely soft colours of spring, just love every thing about this one, thank you for sharing your creativity and art with us – a little inspiration every day – it's why I love to visit your blog every day. Thank you Barbara and have a lovely and Happy Easter x

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