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As you know, we’re at the NEC this week; 4th day today. 
Hall 11. Stand A12.
Sold out of big tits early yesterday, 
so Dave went back to Kent to replenish, and I am happy to say we can get them out again today! 
We were in an Indian restaurant last night, singing
One more Day to go,
One more day of sorrow –
One more day of this old place,
We’ll be home tomorrow! 
No sorrow though! We are having a blast! 
So I must dash, said the Mexican.
Must go, said the Russian….

Use a Spellbinder shape to cut out a shape.

Dust the edge with Mountain Rose Adirondack.
Stamp the verse 
and the small girlfriends in Black Archival.
Colour them in gently with Promarkers.

When you remove the die, you have a neat white border.
This is not usually my kind of thing, but in this case I really think the shape enhances the composition. 

 and on the back I have written, 
PS. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed!

On a larger piece of Theuva card, 
randomly stamp the floral corner all round the edges.

Colour in with Promarkers. Don’t rub too hard with the pens, because the Archival ink will bleed. So colour in gently.

 Mount on complimentary colour card.

And then again on white card.

Now layer the whole composition. 
My Mum would love these colours! 
Maybe I will just give her this card for easter. 

Blue and Peach go well together, don’t you agree?
So, friendly greetings from the NEC!!!

with much love,

54 thoughts on “Girlfriends

  1. Lovely card and what a great way to use the corner stamp! Have a lovely last day at the NEC and then home for some relaxation. You and the team are doing a brilliant job!

  2. Sorry I couldn't come this time, missed ya! But glad you doing well, enjoy your own bed tonight, there's nothing like it is there?! Love the colours of this card, the content too!

  3. What a lovely sentiment and of course a lovely card. Yes the colours do go together. It has been a year since I started Blogging and I have made so many friends through that. I have also made more friends through the Clarity Connection. I am also blessed by my other friends who have been so supportive and loving and kind towards me over the years. I do not know what I would have done without them and yes I have tell them all as often as I can as they are precious to me. Love, Hugs and Friendship to all. xxxx

  4. Girlfriends are so important to keep one sane…your little rhymes remind me of my childhood. Glad NEC is going well..the lengths Dave will go to get his hands on a large garden bird!!!! Safe drive home xx

  5. We'll blow me down Barbara Gray using a spellbinder shape! Whatever next! I love the colours and the words, so very very true.. Girlfriends new and old are very special xx

  6. What a lovely verse ! My mum is one of my best friends so this would also be lovely for her on Mother's Day next weekend. Loved the way that you created the background from one floral corner. I must start to look at my stamps from a different perspective – thank you

  7. Hi Barbara. Lovely card today, it is the first time I have seen you use a Spellbinder shape, it works really well doesn't it. Glad that the show is going well and that you can get the tits out again today. (It just struck me that if someone who has never been on your blog before started reading it today would wonder what on earth all the talk of tits was about : )) No matter how good a show nothing beats getting home to your own bed does it, especially if you managed to put fresh bedding on before you left! Yes, I know that would be the last thing you had time to do but you know what I mean don't you! Take care.

  8. Beautiful card Barbara love it the colours are lovely glad the n e c is going a blast pleased you stocked up with tits just dropped my daughter at the airport she has gone on holiday I will be so lonely without her but I will craft and craft love always June xxx

  9. That is truly beautiful well last day should think it's the hardest by now you all will be tired and could agree more cannot beat coming home to your own bed love it more when the bed likening has just been washed all snuggled up. Well have a blessed day and safe trip home xxx

  10. My sister is my best friend. Love the card the colours are lovely together. Enjoy your last day at NEC [sorry thought yesterday was the last day] shows that I never get the chance to go! Safe journey. Joan x

  11. It's beautiful Barbara. Love the colouur scheme.
    Hope you have a great 'last day' at the NEC and a safe journey home to your own bed.
    Beryl xx

  12. Good morning Barbara,
    Glad you are still enjoying your current endurance course!! As with all of these types of shows it is the people who can rejuvenate and frustrate you all at the same time but it is true friends and family that get you through it. We are all like children let loose in the candy store when we visit your stand and nothing is ever too much trouble we forget how long you have been standing on your pins, at least today you won't have to restock the stand you just have to dismantle it and pack everything away. I am sure you and Dave have a good system for doing just that. TEAMWORK as always wins the day. Safe journey home everyone and rest!! Best wishes Bev xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Pleased to see that you are having a good time , if hectic, at the NEC. I bet you are so pleased that it's the last day though and that you can sleep in your own bed tonight. Love the way you have done the flower border and the colours do go very well together. My mam would have loved this but sadly she is no longer with us. Very unusual to see you using a spellbinder die as well! Have a safe journey home. Love Alison xx

  14. Good morning Barbara, what a beautiful verse, I love the peach/blue colour way and together they make a gorgeous card. I hope today goes quickly for you and that you're able to put your feet up this evening! x

  15. What a great card, I love using Spellbinders dies, I give another dimension to the card, and very often, it "lift" the stamp. Your colours are great and I love your backing paper with the flowers corners. Enjoy your week-end at the NEC, your doing so well. xx

  16. Lovely card and I've got the spellbinder and the cardfor once! Never thought of using the die for both shape and edging., it looks really great. The creative store in your brain is fantastic, this technique is so simple but WOW!

  17. Lovely card, and a great colour combination. Sorry to hear that Dave had to dash back to HQ! Not surprised it was for the blue tits though as they are gorgeous stamps. Enjoy your last day and have a safe trip home everyone. xx

  18. Lovely card and composition, love the colours used, you inspire me everytime. Love the verse definitely going on the list! I love my friends, couldn't cope without them , friends are the family we choose xx

  19. a beautiful card barb – but I bet you really are shattered – its a long old week – and then its Port Sunny next weekend – oo can't wait xx

  20. A beautiful bright card and those colours do go so well together – perfect Spring combination. I love the way you revisit the older stamps and give them a fresh perspective. I love those two little girls. In fact, I might be rushing upstairs to do something like this card, as I need a card in a hurry for a very good friend, and the one I had done did not work out quite as I hoped (I learned what not to do and have ideas on how to do better next time). Friends are so important in our lives, whether they are close by you or the good friends you make through your hobby and the blogs. True friends support each other through good and bad, and I have learned this year just how many wonderfully supportive friends I truly have and I value every single one of them. Hope you have a good final day up at Bickenhill, and that there is not too much left to pack up at the end of the day. Safe journey home. Lots of hugs xxxx Maggie

  21. Now this is the kind of Matting and Layering that makes sense to me, its like a picture frame instead of a space filler. Looks lovely, these girls are so cute anyway just bought them recently and I love them. Lovely sentiment and card too. Not long now, keep going!!! Hope you have another lovely day, sounds like you are all having a great time. xx

  22. You are so right Barbara, the peach and blue do go perfectly together, and the corner stamp used for the background is lovely. I think perhaps you used the Archival ink because it is good at bringing out the little details in stamps. I love the shaped topper with the little ladies, and the white edge makes that sentiment come to the fore, also the white and peach layers in between the topper and the background make it just the most elegant card. I'm glad the NEC has been such a success, and thank you for this lovely demo. x

    1. Before I knew the difference between the various ink pads, I used to print images from the computer to take on holiday with me to colour in. Then I found out that it should have been impossible to colour them in and avoid line art bleeding. that is just not so, but you do need a little patience. Mine did not bleed, either with promarkers or water, and I think that the reason was that the images were usually packed several days in advance so the ink had time to set. That is my theory anyway and it works for me. xx Maggie

  23. Two colours which not sure I would have thought of putting together but works. Good to just experiment sometimes, a surprise to see a spellbinder shape as well. Lovely end result. I expect you are very tired by now but bet you still putting on a good show for your fans. Not long now and hopefully you can relax a bit, not for long I expect though. Marie was doing a lovely job at the other end of stand yesterday with her demos lovely to watch. Hope the packing away is done swiftly and safe journey home. Lynne xx

  24. lovely love the colours and the verse, we have had a great time today was Janets workshop even though i did get there a day early i didnt check diary ,Hubby is still swearing about cost of petrol going twice ha ha ,he misery ,but had a great time xxx

  25. Ooh why didn't I see this before going to the NEC today? I love it. I have the girl stamp already but I could have picked up the verse today without postage costs. Grrrrr Never mind. These things are sent to try us!
    Lovely card. x

  26. Great colour combination, the background stamping with the corner stamp is brilliant, shall be using that idea on a birthday card later in the week. Many thanks for your continuing inspirational blog, long may it last. Jane x

  27. yes these 2 colours go really well together. have these stamps and have never used them. need to play. hope you are home safe now and have a restful sleep in your bed hugs xx

  28. Pretty card Barbara, love the colour combo, and the sentiment is super , I hope your last day has gone well and you can get home for a well earned rest for a couple of days at least.

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