Romeo needs Alcohol…

Romeo needs Alcohol…

Happy Monday and it’s Trees & Flowers day, so I thought we’d go out in the garden with Romeo, and see what he’s up to….

Oooh Romeo! You are so predictable!
No sooner do we load the feeders for the birds,
sprinkle a few seeds on the birdhouse…
and there he is, lying in wait, like a Bengal tiger.
But doesn’t the garden look triste at this time of year?
Drab, grey, colourless…
Maybe we need to add a splash of alcohol, to liven it up a bit!
No, I’m not suggesting you sit at the window with a sherry 
until the garden starts looking colourful!
Let’s add a layer of it on acetate.
Just lay a piece of acetate directly onto the artwork and add trees, grass, flowers and clouds.
If only gardening were that simple….
Now that’s more like it!
A perfect English Garden.
Simply splash with alcohol!
There may be a message there somewhere….
After all, this is Dry January…
I used 
with love from

And the winner of yesterday’s uplifting comment candy is 
Lynne Bishop
Congratulations, Lynne. Please email with your mailing address, 
so that I can send you a little treat. xxx

54 thoughts on “Romeo needs Alcohol…

  1. I love the way this picture really comes alive with the addition of a little alcohol. I have two dogs who drool over the bird food, which is fortunately the other side of the patio fence. They don't think any bird should be allowed in their garden. Congratulations to Lynne for your win today. xx Maggie

  2. Love this and never tried doing it before so I must get some inks and have a go, thanks for the idea. Congratulations to Lynne on her treat from Barbara. J x

  3. Now you know Alcohol inks are my favourite! I just love um and this is why… the vibrance of those colours , they can brighten up any time of the year!

    Do you think I need to go A(i)A? (Inks)

    1. You and me both, Anne. It is quite an achievement to get in through the door of mine. However, I now "have a plan" to quote Barbara. Good luck with yours. xx Maggie

  4. Hi Barb,
    I love this – everything about it. I keep meaning to buy the birdhouse set but haven't got round to it, now this is possibly the spur I need. Thanks Barb and congrats to Lynne.Alison xxx

  5. This is a lovely technique one I really enjoy doing as you can go a bit wild and just let the colours mix on their own making a real rainbow or you can be quite precise. I have tried painting with them once but I used a really cheap paintbrush (didn't want to spoil my good ones) and it sort of 'melted' so that was a lesson learned. I have made a really nice sun catcher using acetate squares and just let the alcohol inks do their thing and it does look so pretty when the sun shines through it, I think that is what I like most about alcohol inks, they are so much fun to use and fun to look at, (like looking at clouds and seeing different things in them). This stamp set is one of favorites, I use it so much as it is so versatile as a main feature on your artwork or using as a background with other images Thank you so much for your blogs they do inspire and cheer.

  6. Hello Barb, well this is just so summery and bright. Love it all, have tried it for a football card, and it worked really well. Let's hope everyone knows why you are talking about ROMEO. Well done Lynne! I have just received my Clarity order with my skyline masks and stencil brushes, going to indulge myself and be a bit arty today as I have a day off work. Bx

  7. Loved this set got it but still haven't done it so this week need to get it out and do it giving my self a target of the day to do this now is on list just love the alcohol on hit thanks barbara

  8. Lovely. Looks a lot simpler than laminating. Does the acetate cling to the card or does it need fixing in some way? (If I wasn't so lazy I'd find out for myself!!!) Looking forward to another workshop later in the year. West Meon again???

  9. Congratulations, Lynne! I had a go at this technique at the Scone workshop last summer and I didn't find it easy at all. I keep looking longingly at the alcohol inks and thinking I should give it another go but…. Love the results it gives – really brightens an otherwise dull January day 🙂

  10. What a great scene. I have this stamp kit but do not have the alcohol inks. Do you think I could achieve a smimilar result with the Spectrum Noir pens?

    Congratulations Lynne on you prize.

  11. I love how a few alcohol inks can brighten up a day I wish I could do this with my own garden. However my skyline masks have arrived today so I'm off to play with those. How did I ever have time to work?

  12. Simply love it!!!!!!!
    Wow what a fantastic idea it really changes the garden from winter to spring. I'm going to try it with all this winter scenes I have left see if I can transform them to usable cards for now.
    Thanks Barbara
    Lorna D

  13. Lovley colourful picture haven't got this set but on my wish list haven't used alcohol inks either so just maybe put them on my wish list too
    Sheila xx

  14. My dog was making a slow escape the other day with bulging mouth, when I shouted him across he dropped 4 large pieces of scones I had thrown out for the birds. Would care but if I had given them to him he wouldn't have touched them. Love the alcohol colours, this card I made along with you in the classroom I used for a friends birthday last week. Will have to make another one now.

  15. i really need to get those alcohol inks out and play. i love the transformation. i was worried when i couldn't find the blog post this morning but i see it was posted later than usual. i hope everything is fine? hugs xx

  16. Loved doing this technique at last years workshop in west meon, which by the way was a fantastic day.
    Romeo needs to watch out for those birds-my cats like to adobt a similar position, think they might think twice about it these days tho since my parrot has started exacting revenge for all those less fortunate of our feathered friends…she thinks its good fun grabbing a beak full of tail whenever the opportunity presents.
    so watch out cats, there just might be a beaked avenger somewhere near you too ;-))

  17. Hi Barbara. Love the garden before you added the acetate and inks, then it burst into colour. I have yet to try using alcohol inks, but must have a go. By the way, I read more about Marian and Vivian after reading your blog yesterday, what wonderful sisters! Congratulations to Lynne. Take care.

  18. Congratulations mum(Lynne)! Know where to come to borrow! :). I know what you mean with Romeo my king Charles cavaliers are just the same (they think they are cats I am sure!) Xx

  19. I love this stamp set and have used mine a few times – the inks though…LOL…well I don't own any…yet! Barb I attended day 2 at Little Baddow…. my effort came out as a bit of a brown splodge – my idea had been a pathway through the flora and fauna – yet somehow it did not turn out! I remember your face when I brought it up to run it through the laminator!!! LOL – maybe I will buy a few and have another go – or convince Sazz to do it at one of the workshops so I get my confidence up.. Happy Days – looking forward to publication of all the workshops with you as I fully intend to be on one! xxx

  20. Great card. It was "Spring time" here today with nearly 15°C and the sun out. We can even begin to hear the birds in the garden, early morning.
    Thanks for sharing Barbara.
    Laurence xx

  21. Thankyou so much Barbara, I am thrilled to be the winner of a treat from Clarity. You are very generous spoiling us with these treats. I actually have the birdhouse set but not done a lot with it yet. I liked the card before you added the alcohol inks but wow what a difference they make. So guess what, they are on my next shopping list.
    Thankyou to everyone for your congratulations on my win. Lynne xx

  22. I love this set of stamps and feel both designs are gorgeous, however the difference made by adding the alcohol inks is amazing, thank you for showing us how to get two great looks from one image! x

  23. You make me so ashamed, I have so many alcohol inks languishing in a draw. I just can't motivate myself at the moment, bad girl.
    I have resolved to sort out my stash before I start on anything. Just need a good kick up the behind ;0)

  24. Beautiful blog again today. Sorry I'm a day late ,having trouble with my pesky demons at the moment ! Must treat myself to alcohol inks as I've never tried using them before x

  25. That is fabulous – I love how you've used the inks like a painter would. I will have to get mine out to play with to try and do something similar – once again thank you for the inspiration Barbara! Will have to get some newer bright colours. TFS xx

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