A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…

Hi there,
My name’s Marian. 

I have an identical twin called Vivian.

We dress alike, walk in lockstep, eat at the same speed, 
even lift our forks in unison!
Nobody can tell us apart, so we do have fun.

Actually, when I say nobody, I really mean NOBODY…
Here, for example, we just swopped hats, shoes and sweaters

And not even WE could tell us apart!

Spot the differences…
But when it comes to posing, I have to say Vivian wins every time.
Me? I’m the quieter one. Tend to stand back
in the shadows and watch…

Are you kidding???
We love life!!!
Marian and Vivian Brown 
born January 25th, 1927
(sadly, Vivian went on ahead a year ago this week)
Just a little tribute
to some real live diamonds…
The world is full of amazing people, isn’t it.
with love from
I feel like celebrating. 
How about some comment candy? 
How about you leave a lovely, uplifting comment about
these two fabulous sisters?
And I will randomly pick a winner.
And that winner will receive a gift from Clarity. 

120 thoughts on “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…

  1. You just made me feel Happy, Sad and Happy again in the space of about two minutes. What a fabulous Blog this is Barbara! See the smiles on these ladies faces, they don't care what people think they were just grabbing happiness whenever they could! You do really lovely Tags Barbara, love the backing too. xx

  2. Those two ladies look like real livewires, enjoying life to the full, as we all should. Marian must feel as though half of her has just gone. I hope she can still find fun in her little feel as Vivian would wish. My sisters' in law are identical twins and Geoff was the only one who could reliably tell them apart. They used to play tricks on others. On one occasion, Sheila had lost her school beret for the umpteenth time and was scared to go to the bus depot to retrieve it, so she said to Margaret "you go, they won't recognise you" and wondered why everyone around fell about in hysterics. Thank you for sharing these ladies with us. xxx Maggie

  3. very insparational ladies with such an air about them, yes I did spot the difference Barbara love the mix of plain and patterned I have never done that thanks for the blog xxx

  4. It certainly looks like those lovely ladies had a wonderful close relationship filled with love and fun! And they both certainly had a lot of style! What wonderful sparkle in their eyes. Spotted the difference with the dress. I like it a lot, gives your stamp even more dimension. xxxx

  5. Wow! These two ladies sound as though they've had quite a lot of fun in their life and probably a good few leg pulls as well. It's a wonderful tribute to them Barbara x

  6. What amazing ladies – I bet they could tell some tales. I love the expression 'went on ahead', such a positive way to look at one of life's difficult times. Love your inspirational blog.

  7. A lovely post.i feel sad for the sister left behind though. They look like they've enjoyed life together and never having a sister i can only imagine how much fun that must be!x

  8. Beautiful work as always Barbara and a lovely tribute. Having done a quick search, I see these two lovely ladies were celebrity icons in San Fransisco. Really looks like they lived their lives to the full and enjoyed themselves. Marian must really miss her sister as they were so close. It is also very touching to see how the people of San Fransisco helped them when times were hard when Vivian was ill.

  9. These two ladies lived through some scary times but also some wonderful changes in style and fashion. They appear always so well turned out, I wonder what they felt about today's sense of fashion ??

  10. Twin power! What a wonderful tribute to two vibrant ladies who look like they had wonderful times together and memories to look at apart. A lovely thoughtful blog using a very suitable stamp and very typically Gray xxx

  11. Morning Barbara, a fantastic way to share a beautiful true life story on your blog. It's the people we choose to spend time with in everyday life that really make us into the people we are. Claire x

  12. What a lovely tribute. You inspired me to paper piece a few years back when I was struggling with my colouring. I still use it today. It's a lovely technique – simple but always gives fantastic results.

  13. What an amazing pair of ladies these are, they could give the youngsters of today a run for their money I am sure. They look like they lived their lives to the full through some amazing times… What a lovely way to start the day, with a smile….:-)

  14. What a great blog for a Sunday, full of life and celebration. Judging from the smiles on their faces and the twinkles in their eyes I bet they have a story or two to tell! I do hope that Marian Is not missing Vivian too much and that happy memories are helping with the pain of loss. A lovely tribute to them, it makes me wish I had known them they look like such fun people. 🙂

  15. I think only you Barbara can open a post that makes the reader have so many emotions fly past in seconds. Admiration for your work, thankful for your tutorial, happiness at the humour, thoughtful for the topic, sadness at the story, reflection for the outcome, hope for the future and grateful for what we have. Truly amazing, really love the diversity of topics on your blog, it is such a pleasure to open it in the morning, sets you up for the day. Thank you. Michelle xx

  16. The bond that sisters share is so very special. I'm not a twin but my sister means the world to me & we're always there for each other. These two ladies look as though they would be a barrel of laughs in their heyday – thanks for sharing their story with us. Pat x

  17. Sisters, best friends and style icons.! Wow they look amazing! I bet they had a good tale to tell and look like they have enjoyed their lives together, so sad that Marian has been left alone. I hope she is coping. Really lovely blog Barb, love the tag too. Joan x

  18. Loved your story Barb and it really came to life with the photos of the real Vivian and Marian. There's nothing 'brown' about this pair – they look full of fun and mischief! How wonderful. Thanks for sharing xx

  19. I have no twin sister but if I did I would love to be so full of life and beans as these two look! incredible, elegant and, I bet, good company! How devastating for the twin left behind though, it must be like losing half of yourself. RIP Vivian.

  20. Oh Barbara – there I was expecting another "continue the story" blog, and you bring in a real, but larger than life set of twins! What a lovely tribute and sentiment about Vivian going on ahead. It brings to mind a friend (coincidentally called Vivienne) who lost her twin brother to cancer at New Year 2 years ago – I know she still feels his loss acutely. Thinking of all those who have lost someone close to them, with love Susan x

  21. Hello Barb, well firstly your step by steps of the tags, got me thinking and wondering if you were writing another chapter for your future book, until I saw the awesome photos. How amazing that for so many years they could share so much, and look like they went through life with amazing joy and fun. I bet they took great delight in confusing people, they have a decidedly mischievous twinkle in their eyes. Bx

  22. Where did you find these two darlings? Wonderful and they were so obviously full of life, sad that with the passing of time people like this disappear. Thank you once again for the inspiration….xxx

  23. What a great tribute to these two ladies. So identical in looks I am not surprised these twins had such fun swapping clothes with each other and confusing everybody around them. I hope Marian has many happy memories of her sister and isn't to lonely.

  24. What fabulous photos of Marian and Vivian, what a pair,love their smiles, going to read a bit more about them.

    Lovely artwork Barb, very fitting for the two sisters xx

  25. Great Tag but these two ladies look fabulous such a shame that one is left alone. You can tell from their faces that they have amazing stories to tell..I wonder how much mischief they got up to in their younger days?

  26. What an amazing life these two must have had together! It's sad that Vivian has died but Marian must have so many good memories of her twin sister!
    You post today Barb is a lovely tribute to both of them. I love what you have done with the tags!
    Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  27. Such a lovely tribute to two lovely ladies. As one of twins ,[ Non identical ] I have to say I really feel for Marian. It lovely to be able to share life with someone so close,
    Thank you for sharing this its lovely.

  28. What lovely ladies and I hope that Marian is beginning to get her beautiful smile back. So hard to lose someone close to you. Must be even harder for twins who are as close as this.. In hope her memories will help her to enjoy her life until it is time to be with her sister once more.

  29. Hi Barb,
    What a wonderful blog today. These two ladies look as though they had lots of fun together and I can imagine them playing tricks on people! However, I do feel really sorry for Marian being left on her own -she must be so lonely. Alison xx

  30. Gorgeous tags and what a fantastic tribute to two wonderful ladies. I can imagine them having lots of fun leading everyone a merry dance pretending to be each other.
    Jackie x

  31. OMG they are fabulous… They remind me a bit of Bette Davis… Which reminds me of my gorgeous mum who passed away in 2009 … not because she looked like Bette but because she loved her films. If there was ever one of her films on, mum would be watching..no matter how many times she had already seen it. Miss her like mad. X

  32. Looks like they really enjoyed life and each others company. I wonder if they were ever caught without without a smile on those lovely faces.
    Beryl xx

  33. Hi Barbara. Fantastic blog today. What a beautiful tribute to two wonderful ladies, you can tell from their faces that they are/were great characters! I always feel it is a privelage to know people like Marian and Vivian and wish there were more like them. Fantastic story leading up to the beautiful finished tags Barbara 🙂 Take care.

  34. We need more people like them to colour our world and stand out from the crowd. It was also great to hear that the locals rallied to help them out when Vivian became ill. X

  35. we need more people like these two lovely ladies full of fun and life, and shows us all we all need to have fun and keep your family near to you at all times, god bless them both which ever life they are in. x

  36. Wow, they were show stoppers – often identical twins begin to look different as they age- these two didn't. What a shame one has gone, the other must find it very hard. Loved your card though.

  37. They look like the life and soul of any party! I bet it was great to be part of their lives when they were together. What a lovely tribute to them both xx

  38. What a lovely pair of ladies, so sad about Vivienne passing I do hope t?he remaining twin is coping she must be heart broken…. I love the demo what a great idea you have inspired me to have a go, thanks Barbara and good morning x

  39. Lovely tribute to these twins, what a special bond they must have had… being sisters can be very special.. but twin sisters how lovely… Marian must have been devastated when Vivienne died but I'm sure her memories will help her through. where on earth do you get such lovely ideas for your blog, Barbara xxxAnnie

  40. Barbara when I woke this morning I was feeling really sad, it is my Mum's birthday today but sadly she went on ahead 6years ago on the 25th and it doesn't seem to get any easier but your blog with Marian was so lovely and uplifting and she reminds me of my Dad coping with the loss of someone that was his world for nearly 60 years! He is amazing just like Marian! So Happy Birthday Marian for the 25th and your pictures are fantastic what a pair you must have been!!!

    Love Lorna D

  41. What a lovely 'twist' to your blog today. (I love your paper piecing tutorial). The twins were quite unique weren't they? Most sisters like to create their own 'identity' as they grow older but not these two – they embraced each other and Marian must be devastated (and lost). My heart goes out to her. Thanks so much for sharing Barbara.
    Heather W

  42. What an imaginative blog post, you put us all to shame, hun. And what a fabulous pair of smiles – I'm sure the twins would brighten many a dull day, sad to read that Vivien has gone on to pastures new.

    Thanx for the chance to win some Clarity candy – you are far too generous to us.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  43. lovely story, I'm sure they are still together in spirit. I'm loving the shadow effect, defo gonna add that to the got to try list. cheers Julie
    (wow, my first comment, took me a while to work out how by signing up google etc, but it worked!!)

  44. Wow what amazing ladies, and so stylish too. They look as if they would really brighten up your day. Vivian must be greatly missed.
    Lovely ladies on your project too, such a novel way to do your tutorial.
    Happy Sunday Aileen xx

  45. We spend most of our lives trying to be different don't we, being different by standing out from the crowd either by the way we look or our individual talent, we are rewarded through life accordingly so how inspiring to see two people (who I'd never heard of before this blog) celebrating the fact they are the same and doing it in style

    Marilyn x

  46. Your card today is lovely and is something I will be attempting. I have identical twin girls but never dressed them alike and despite facially being identical their personalities are very different. Marian and Vivien obviously embraced and enjoyed their twin status. Lets hope Marian has found some happiness since her sister passed away.

  47. Hope Vivian isn't missing Marian too much. She'll have planned all the matching gowns, wings and halos ready for when Marian arrives. What a joy to see them enjoying life x

  48. What a clever way to introduce us to two amazing people. Sorry to hear that they are no longer together physically, though I'm sure spiritually they are as close as they ever were. Happy birthday Marian for the 25th. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story whilst sharing some crafty techniques. xx

  49. What a beautiful yet sad story. I hope that Marian has a good support network in family and friends since she lost her best friend and sister. Another lovely piece of inspirational work as ever Barbara xx

  50. What stylish and happy ladies they look. So sad that Vivian has passed on. Hope that Marian is in good health and that she has a Happy Birthday on the 25th. I'm sure she will be thinking of all the happy memories she has shared with her sister. xxxx

  51. How wonderful to have someone in your life so very special to each other.
    So very sad that they are now physically separated but is it best to have loved and lost (and hurt so very bad when they are gone) or to have never have loved at all (and not to have all the wonderful shared memories xx) ???? Me thinks loved and lost xxxxx
    Loved how you told the story with your stamps, very inspiring and touching x

  52. What a lovely story, I myself have two sisters and I found a quote by Margaret Mead a while ago now that I scrapped for them both which I loved 'Sisters: Probably the most competitive relationship in the family, but once grown it becomes the strongest.' I couldn't imagine not having my two best friends in my life so my heart goes out to Marian. XX

  53. Thank you for sharing these lovely ladies story with us Barb. They must have had a ball throughout their lives, enjoying it to the full. So sad that they were parted at the end. Always love reading your blog – informative, funny, thought-provoking and sometimes unexpected! xx

  54. Just saw your blog today……..it made me smile and think how much time we spend conforming to other peoples ideals when we should be wearing red hats and having a great time. Thats my new years resolution sorted, to bring out a little of the Marian and Vivian in me! x

  55. Hi Barbara,
    How wonderful to see two sisters who loved each other so much and celebrated their life journey together.
    I have a much loved sister -not twin-but we have been mistaken for twins as we look and sound alike.
    We have lots of laughs and I can't imagine life without her in it.
    Sad these two had to say farewell -in this world at least.
    Yours is not just a craft blog and it doesn't do "what it says on the tin"!
    It does much more-it unites kindred spirits.
    Mind you -it's a darn good craft blog !!
    Have a wonderful year Barbara and all who share your passion

  56. What a lovely blog – I looked up the sisters and watched some of the youtube clips. What well turned out ladies they/were are! I just about managed to spot the difference with your ladies! Reminded me of twins I used to see – always dressed the same and so smart, I always hoped I 'd get a glimpse of them to see what they were wearing 'today' . Hadn't thought about them in years until today and am now trying to refresh my memories of them – used to see them in town on occasions. You could see everyone looking at them as they went by. Another great blog!

  57. I would love to have been a twin imagine or the tricks you could get up to. These two obviously enjoyed life to the full. Seeing the care those two took of themselves makes me what to go and put a bit of lippy on. You can't imagine how much I look forward to reading your blog it may be presumptuous but I think of you as a very dear friend and I bet thousands of others do too. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.

  58. Well there I was carefully studying your stamps and the paper piecing also the wonderful shadow effect, when up popped those two wonderful sisters. The smile on their faces just says it all, they obviously enjoyed life to the full, wish I was brave enough to be so extrovert in the way I dress. So sad that one has to go ahead. I had twin aunt and uncle and they died within hours of one another , hard for all of us but better for them probably. Thankyou for this lovely story, going to find out a little more about them now. Lynne xx

  59. This reminds me of the following poem:

    The Gift
    I want both of us
    to sit singing like two
    traveling minstrels
    about this extaordinary
    existance we share.

    As if
    You,I and God were
    all married
    and living in
    a tiny

    Hafiz (The Gift)

  60. Two lovely ladies who I'm sure got up to many a trick, had fun and enjoyed life, sorry to hear one went ahead hope Marion isn't too lonely, thanks for sharing Barbara, loving your elegant lady too

  61. how lovely Barbara, these two ladies look like they loved life and laughed lots. Very well dressed too, God bless them. Lovely tribute and love the project too x

  62. Scrolling down, I thought it was a sweet little story to go along with your tut, then I found out they were real gals, who looked like they squeezed evey ounce of fun from life. What a great story, and a fantastic tribute. I doubt I'll be able to use any of my elegant lady stamps without thinking of these stylish women. Thanks, Barbara xx

  63. Yes what wonderful ladies. They made me think of two dear friends, sisters but not twins, they dressed in identical clothes and people had trouble telling them apart. Unfortunately the younger sister was taken by cancer four years ago, but her sister, a brilliant designer and dress maker, still makes two of every outfit.

  64. What a fantastic pair!! My mum is 93 and this generation so often have a joy in living each day to the full that is sadly missing in we 'youngsters'.
    Janet (in Kent)

  65. Oh Barb I bet they had some fun over the years! They both looked so happy and have smiles that would brighten the dullest day. You certainly got me, I didn't see that twist coming!
    I can only hope that my beautiful twin granddaughters (and twin grandsons) live their lives as happily together as Vivien and Marion. Such a lovely blog-liked the samples too.
    Hugs, Theresa. X

  66. what lovely smiles enough to cheer anyone, what a wonderful couple of ladies, thanks for sharing Barbara you always write the most interesting things, i just have to read them x

  67. This is the first 'lady' stamp I purchased from you so many years ago, lol, and I love her. She is wonderful to stamp and colour and paper pieces beautifully. I love your card and tag – stunning stamping, beautiful papers and I bet those ladies love this too – what fab twins – so very, very stylish too. As always thanks for sharing with us, got to catch up on what I have missed this week so off to have a nosy xx

  68. I always wanted to be a twin. In fact when I was a child my imagination was as vivid as it is now and I always thought I WAS a twin and my mum had sold the other one to the Circus. I think I've been looking for my sole mate ever since.
    What two wonderful ladies and I bet they have broken a few hearts in their time.
    Thank you for this lovely story.
    Love Valx

  69. Hi Barbara, it's me again…having read some of the other posts left, i've been away to read about the sisters. They lived an amazing life to the full, and the people of San Fransico loved them & looked after them as their own. A truely amazing story. Lisa x

  70. I have twin friends in Wales I love them both dearly, they are….2 in a million, there is never a dull moment when they are around. I have moved to Devon now, but I still keep in touch I look forward to seeing them later in the Year. They were so so kind to me when I had to leave work because of my health, as I was recovering they would take me out to lunch, or just a ride & an ice cream. They were always about for a giggle, but my goodness don't sit on the sofa with one either side. One starts the conversation the other ends it, my poor neck. I used to make cards for them too always very presice instruction as to what was required.

    Not quite so flamboyant as these twins, but don't try ignore them it is impossible.

    Thank for reminding me how much they mean to me. xxxx

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